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Desi Radio - Indian Stations 31.0
Desi Radio has largest & variouscollection of Indian radio stations with ability to Record, Pause,Timer etc.. We try to do frequent updates to the radio channels foruninterrupted listening. Your Rating & Feedback made us toimprove the App and provide new features.- Indian Languages Stations- Play/Pause Radio Station- Record Live Radio for later listening- Fall Asleep with the included Timer feature that stops the Radioautomatically.- Search for a Radio Station to find quickly- Stop - Pause Radio from Notification Bar- Favorites and History feature with listening timeLanguages:- Hindi- Tamil- Malayalam- Telugu- Kannada- English- Punjabi- Devotional & Carnatic- Gujarati- Bengali- Pakistan, UAE, Dubai Stations- Urdu- Nepali- Sports- NewsIf you need any additional languages, stations, features or haveany ideas to improve App, please send an email to us from"Settings" tab".For FAQ's & Comments, Visit our website:http://www.cellsplashtech.comTo report feedback & bugs, please contact usadmin@cellsplashtech.com