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EasyFit - Cellularline 1.9
Cellularline- EasyFit supports a bracelet equipped with a 3D sensorand Bluetooth 4.0 that allows it to connect with Smart Phones.Trackyour activity + your sleep through bracelet, and get it displayedin this app.Enjoy Phone Call & SMS notification throughbracelet.Pedometer function: steps, distance & caloriescalculation.Self-timer, find phone function.alarm clock function.
Interphone Catalogue 1.4
The Interphone App allows you to get previews of any newsconcerning Interphone products and services.You can easily watchcontent when your device is offline. So you can get any info ofevery product in our range without using your precious cellulardata. The App will automatically download fresh content when itreaches an internet connection.Interphone App is compatible withAndroid tablets from 4.4 to newer versions. Help us improve theApp. Send us your feedback at interphone.com.AboutInterphone.Interphone is a brand of Cellular Italia Spa committedto design, develop and deliver accessories dedicated tomotorcyclist. Interphone is a leading global manufacturer ofBluetooth® Communication Systems. Recognized and respected for thequality of its intercom wireless systems, it is constantly lookingfor better solutions that make the ride experience more fun,exciting and safe.Follow us on:YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/user/InterphoneChannel Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Interphone-893269997389720/ OfficialWebsite: http://www.interphone.com
Interphone 1.31.00
APP NEEDS LATEST FIRMWARE AVAILABLE ON YOUR INTERPHONE UNIT.Smartphone App for Interphone Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset.Interphone App is compatible with: Interphone Tour, Sport, Urbanand Link since version 1.29 Interphone App is NOT COMPATIBLE WITHOTHER MODELS. Just install the App on your smartphone, connect itto your Interphone unit via Bluetooth and access to all yourIntephone settings. You can also operate all the features of yourunit, using the smartphone as a remote control. Use one of oursmartphone holders at http://www.interphone.com/products/protection, to get an easy and safe access to your smartphone. NOTE: Beforeusing this App, make sure your unit is updated with the latestfirmware, visit http://www.interphone.com/en/downloads to downloadthe Software Updater. Follow us on our pages: Facebook:facebook.com/pages/Interphone/893269997389720 Youtube:youtube.com/user/InterphoneChannel Twitter:twitter.com/InterphoneEng
EasyFit HR 1.0.4
EasyFit HR is the new Cellularline’s fitness tracker with HeartRate monitoring. Enjoy your sport activities with dynamic heartrate monitoring. Interact with main third-party applicationnotification directly on EasyFit HR screen. Listen to yourfavourite music track simply skipping by display tap to musiccontrol.
EasyFit Plus 1.1.10
Track your activity + your sleep through bracelet, and get itdisplayed in this app. Enjoy Phone Call & SMS notificationthrough bracelet. Pedometer ,self-timer , find phone ,alarm clockfunction. Track your activity + sleep through your bracelet, andget it displayed in this app. Enjoy Phone Call & SMSnotification through bracelet. Pedometer, self-timer, find phone,alarm clock function.
easysmart HR
easysmart HR is an elegant and smart watch collection offering thelatest connected features. Used with the easysmart HR, it keeps youactive, informed and in Style. It tracks your daily activity,monitors your sleep, alerts you to phone notifications, takesdistance photos and reminds you of events with a silent alarm.
Easyfit 4.0.0
Monitor your daily physical activity thanks to the new CellularlineEasyfit application. A new interface and a lot of new features willdrive you in your healthy lifestyle.With Easyfit you can monitoryour physical activity thanks to Live track, a brand new functionallows you to record the workouts after having them completed, in asimple and intuitive way thanks to our fitness trackers embeddedsensors. An advanced sleep monitoring will give you a clear andcomplete picture of your sleep quality, everyday, in the simplestway.If you have purchased a device with heart rate monitoring, youwill be able to monitor your heart rate at rest and during physicalactivity. We thought of all the activities of the day, evennutritional behavior. You will have a dedicated section where youcan add all your favorite foods and monitor the daily intake ofnutrients. We have not forgotten even the monitoring of hydration,we know how important it is for a healthy lifestyle.Find ourfitness tracker range on www.cellularline.comCellularline. More ofyou.
Eureka 1.0.5
Eureka is a small electronic device which helps you find and locateall your valuables. Attach Eureka to your keys, wallet, bag, leaveit into your car or motorbike and retrieve it quickly. Can't findyour valuables? Check their last seen position on the App. WithEureka you'll be able to retrieve your smartphone quickly. How?Just press Eureka's button to make your iPhone ring even if it ison silent mode. Activate the Comfort Zone and receive anotification before you leave your valuables behind. NB: Bluetooth4.0 Low Energy: Range up to 80 meters, depending on the morphologyof the environment, REPLACEABLE Battery: CR2016 estimated life 4-10months Dimensions: 38 x 38 x 6 mm - CE Certification - BluetoothSmart - Warranty 24 months Continuous use of GPS running inbackground can significantly decrease battery life.
Interphone GPSANGEL app, together with Interphone GPSANGEL deviceallow to locate your motorcycle on google maps, control its status,direction, speed. Get notifications and alerts on your smartphonein case of your motorcycle is moved, falls, get stolen and also ifbattery is low.