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Voxel Fly VR 2.4.1
Cenda Games
Beat the record in this impossible, endless game. Avoid all of theenemies or simply destroy them. You can choose from six modes:Explorer - Slow speed with many enemies. Madness - Mad race withfast speed and less enemies. Destroyer - Crash them all! Yourenemies has no chance. Attacker - Destroy enemies and objects byfire! Cannoneer - Just fire! Horizon - Super speed with left/rightturn Become best player of the week! You can set difficulty for allplay modes. WARNING: If you have any problem with VR mode, try VRSAFE MODE (buttons below). This is compatible with all devices.Features: - Google VR (Cardboard) or similar Virtual Reality (VR)supported (no buttons, one button) - 2D mode - Gamepad and nVidiaShield supported - Android TV - Leaderboards - Achievements - Voxelgraphics - Endless Supports Cardboard players: Google Cardboard VRDaydream with controller Orange VR1 Mattel ViewMaster DodoCase VRTXOne ANTVR Fibrum VR VR Smartview VRTRIA Merge VR Nibiru !!! NOTE!!! If your device is not compatible, it is due to absence ofgyroscope. Even without gyroscope you can play this game in 2D mode(without VR). This game will not change your device to HTC Vive orsimilar.
Voxel Fly: Merge VR 1.3
Cenda Games
Beat the record in this impossible, endlessgame. Avoid all of the cars to fly further than your friends. Thisis special version for Merge VR.To enjoy this virtual reality experience, insert your smartphoneinto the Merge VR Goggles! The Merge VR Goggles are rugged &comfortable virtual reality Goggles powered by your smartphone. Youcan learn more about Merge VR at www.mergevr.com
Froggie Jump 2.8.2
Cenda Games
Cute platformer game for players with nerves of steel. Find yourfroggie girl in each of the 12 unique levels in the shorterspossible time. Play on your mobile device or Android TV. You canalso activate augmented reality mode with the AR technology ARCore! Lead your frog hero on his oddyssey to save the froggie girl.Double jump using your air powered fan-cap and slow your falls.Fill your belly with flies on your journey for maximumsatisfaction.
Zombie Show 0.9
Cenda Games
Choose your car, reload your guns, get rid of zombies and take yourcity back! Best looking "zombie / car" game on the store is here.At the beginning of the 21st century, the television used to onlybroadcast telenovelas, reality shows and singing competitions.People became fully addicted to these shows. In 2036 there was ablackout in Eastern Europe and for the most people the world camecrumbling down. They became aggressive, wandered through thestreets killing innocent little kittens and in the end becamezombies. The best brains in the world, scientists, TV moguls, andproducers of soft drinks have put their heads together to resolvethe situation. And so they started to broadcast a whole new realityshow for the rest of the world. Choose one of the legendary cars,like a Trabi and anothers. Features: - Google VR (Cardboard) orsimilar Virtual Reality (VR) supported (no buttons, one button, twobuttons) - 2D mode - Gamepads and nVidia Shield supported - AndroidTV - Endless Supports Cardboard players: Google Cardboard VR OrangeVR1 Mattel ViewMaster DodoCase VRTX One ANTVR Fibrum VR VRSmartview VRTRIA Merge VR Nibiru = DEVELOPMENT ROADMAP = - Moremissions - Richer environment - More vehicles - Local multiplayermode for Android TV (2 players on one device) - Local multiplayermode for any devices with connected gamepad