Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Apps

Ladder Safety 2.0
The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)is dedicated to ensure the safety of portable ladder users bydeveloping and disseminating an easy-to-use interactive laddersafety application for smart phones. The NIOSH Ladder Safetyapplication features a multimodal indicator, which uses visual,sound, and vibration signals to assist the user in positioning aladder at an optimal angle. Furthermore, the application providesgraphic-oriented interactive reference materials, safety guidelinesand checklists for extension and step ladders selection,inspection, accessorizing, and use. The application is intended tohelp a wide range of ladder users, employers, and safetyprofessionals, with their ladder-related safety needs. The laddersafety app is also 508 compliant.
gov.cdc.general 2.6.3
NOW AVAILABLE ON YOUR SMARTPHONE OR TABLET Get the official CDCMobile application for your tablet and/or smartphone and access themost up to date health information. FILTERING OPTIONS Organize yourhome page so that the information that’s most important to youappears first! Turn off the content you don’t want with just a flipof a switch and reset it all with the tap of a button. CONTENT Theapp ensures that you’re getting the most up to date healthinformation. The home screen lets you see all your information inone place and updates whenever your device is connected to WI-FI.Enjoy a greater variety of content such as stories, videos,podcasts, and features to give you the most current healthinformation from CDC. Browse Featured Articles, stay on top ofhealth news in the Newsroom section, and view CDC Images of theWeek. If you’re a journal reader, view the latest Morbidity &Mortality Weekly Report, Emerging and Infectious Disease journal,or the latest on Preventing Chronic Diseases. You can even searchCDC’s web content from the app. We'd love to hear your thoughtsabout the app! Rate the CDC Mobile App in the App Store or leave acomment to let us know how we're doing. You can even send us anemail through the app if you have suggestions for improvements!DISCLAIMER THE MATERIALS EMBODIED IN THIS SOFTWARE ARE PROVIDED TOYOU "AS-IS" AND WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESSED, IMPLIED OROTHERWISE, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY WARRANTY OF FITNESSFOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE CENTERS FOR DISEASECONTROL AND PREVENTION (CDC) OR THE UNITED STATES (U.S.) GOVERNMENTBE LIABLE TO YOU OR ANYONE ELSE FOR ANY DIRECT, SPECIAL,INCIDENTAL, INDIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY KIND, OR ANYDAMAGES WHATSOEVER, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, LOSS OF PROFIT,LOSS OF USE, SAVINGS OR REVENUE, OR THE CLAIMS OF THIRD PARTIES,WHETHER OR NOT CDC OR THE U.S. GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THEPOSSIBILITY OF SUCH LOSS, HOWEVER CAUSED AND ON ANY THEORY OFLIABILITY, ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE POSSESSION, USEOR PERFORMANCE OF THIS SOFTWARE.
This is the Prevent Group B Strep App created by the Centers forDisease Control and Prevention (CDC) with the American Academy ofPediatrics (AAP), American College of Obstetricians andGynecologists (ACOG), American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP),and the American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM). With thisapplication, you can: 1. Obtain customized, evidence-basedrecommendations to prevent neonatal GBS disease based on a maternaland neonatal clinical information. 2. Obtain optimal antibioticrecommendations for GBS prevention. Optimized for tablet. For moreinformation, please visit:
CDC LTBI 2.1.3
The Latent TB Infection (LTBI): Guide for Diagnosis and Treatmentapplication is intended for health care providers who care forindividuals and populations who may be at risk for infection withTB bacteria. Identifying and treating those at highest risk fordeveloping TB disease will help move toward elimination of thedisease. Health care providers play a key role in achieving thegoal of TB elimination because of their access to high-riskpopulations.This application serves as a ready and useful reference thathighlights the main points of key guidelines for diagnosis andtreatment of latent TB infection, and includes resources and sampletools.When your device is connected, the content is updatedautomatically so you always have the most up-to-date information.You can personalize your experience with features likehighlighting, annotations, and bookmarks to suit your own needs.Share the content with others through social media such as Facebookand Twitter.
CDC TravWell 2.1
CDC’s TravWell app helps you plan for safe and healthyinternational travel. Build a trip to get destination-specificvaccine recommendations, a checklist of what you need to do toprepare for travel, and a customizable healthy travel packing list.The app also lets you store travel documents, keep a record of yourmedications and immunizations, and set reminders to get vaccinebooster doses or take medicines while you’re traveling. KeyFeatures • Authoritative recommendations from the Centers forDisease Control and Prevention • During-travel features availableoffline (no data connection needed) • Fully customizable to do listand packing list • Emergency services phone numbers for everydestination • Easy to use and fun
CDC, Can I Eat This? 2.0
Montezuma’s revenge, Delhi belly, or travelers’ diarrhea—whateveryou call it, an illness from unclean food or water can ruin yourinternational trip. Help prevent travelers’ diarrhea and otherillnesses by using CDC’s Can I Eat This? app. Select the countryyou’re in and answer a few simple questions about what you’rethinking about eating or drinking, and Can I Eat This? will tellyou whether it’s likely to be safe. With Can I Eat This?, you canbe more confident that your food and drink choices won’t make youspend your international trip in the bathroom. Key Features •Authoritative recommendations from the Centers for Disease Controland Prevention • Access recommendations offline (no data connectionneeded) • Easy to use and fun
CDC Vaccine Schedules 7.0.1
Quick access from CDC to ACIP-recommended immunization schedules,complete with footnotes. Intended for healthcare professionalsrecommending and administering vaccines to infants, children,adolescents, and adults. This app is one of an expanding collectionof applications from CDC on a variety of specific topics, eachoptimized for your mobile device. When your device is connected,content is automatically updated so you have the most up-to-dateinformation. This tool provides: • Child and adolescent schedules,with immunization recommendations from birth through age 18 • Adultschedule, listing recommended vaccines for adults by age group andby medical conditions • Contraindications and precautions table,with footnotes applying to schedules Features include • Colorcoding coordinates with printed schedules • Hyperlinked vaccinename opens pop-up with dose specifics • Catch-up schedule forchildren 4 months through 18 years shows minimum dosing interval •Related vaccine resources and websites Automatic updates
Every Dose, Every Day 2.1
Every Dose Every Day (E2D2) is a free, easy-to-use app created bytheCenters for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for peopleliving withHIV. The app allows you to set up medication reminderseasily, and keeptrack of your appointments, laboratory results, andrefills. This app issimple and secure. It will keep any informationyou enter confidential andstored only on your phone.The E2D2 appfeatures:• Daily Dose Reminders and Drug Details: Know when youtook or missedeach medication dose. Customize and set reminders totake yourmedication. Automatically calculate refills to remind youwhen it’s time tohave your prescriptions refilled.• AppointmentReminders: Easily add doctor appointments.• Viral Load/CD4Tracking: Track lab values and monitor your adherenceover time.•Resources: Easily access additional resources you may need fromyourappYour privacy is important to us. No data entered will bestored externally orused for any other purpose other than your ownpersonal use.
Preventing Chronic Disease-PCD 2.1.3
Preventing Chronic Disease (PCD) is nowavailable as a free app on your mobile device, bringing you thelatest and most relevant peer-reviewed research on public healthefforts to prevent chronic disease. Established by CDC’s NationalCenter for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, PCDpublishes articles that cut across sectors and disciplines toaddress at-risk populations, health disparities, policy andlegislation, and technical innovations and interventions thataddress major public health crises.Now you can have topical CDC content wherever you go. When yourdevice is connected, the content is updated automatically so youalways have the most up-to-date information. You can personalizeyour experience with features like highlighting, annotations, andbookmarks to suit your own needs. Share the content with othersthrough social media such as Facebook and Twitter.Whether you are a researcher, health practitioner, student, orpolicy maker, PCD provides an open exchange on the very latest inchronic disease prevention, research findings, public healthinterventions, and the exploration of new theories and concepts.PERSONALIZE YOUR PCD APP FOR QUICK, EASY ACCESS- Read the most recent articles published- Browse more easily using topic keywords such as obesity,diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and more- Share articles with colleagues on Facebook and Twitter- Search and browse saved articles- Highlight important content- Add your own notes to articles- Bookmark articles for future reference
CDC Widget 1.1
CDC’s widget provides feeds on a variety of current health topics.It has been designed as a way for users to quickly stay up to dateon public health information. Multiple feeds display within thewidget and fit perfectly on your mobile screen. As a user you canchange the feeds displaying within the widget to best meet yourneeds. Also you can share interesting articles with your friendsand family using social media or email.
Solve the Outbreak 2.4.3
Your mission, if you choose to accept, is to get clues and analyzedata to solve the outbreak and save lives! In this fun app, you getto be a Disease Detective. Do you quarantine the village? Interviewpeople who are sick? Run more lab tests? The better your answers,the higher your score - and the quicker you’ll climb the ranks tobecome a decorated Disease Detective. In level 1, you’ll start as aTrainee and earn badges by solving scenarios — with the goal ofearning the top rank: Disease Detective. Unlock Level 2 bymastering all the 12 outbreaks of Level 1. Then earn honors bysolving new and more challenging scenarios. Earn recognitions likeSurveillance and Treatment Honors. New outbreaks happen every dayand CDC's Disease Detectives are on the front lines — working 24/7to save lives and protect people. When a new outbreak occurs,Disease Detectives are sent in to figure out how the outbreakstarted before it spreads further. In this app, you'll also: •Learn about diseases and outbreaks in an engaging way. • See howCDC's Disease Detectives save lives around the world. • Have theoption to post your scores on Facebook or Twitter and challengeyour friends to play! -Only available on 7" tablets or larger-Requires Android OS version 4.0 or higher
CDC FASD 2.1.3
This application provides the latestinformation related to the use of alcohol during pregnancy andfetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs). From women planning apregnancy to health care providers to families and educators, thisapplication allows users to easily find and share the latest in theprevention, recognition, and treatment of FASDs. The application isone of an expanding collection of applications from CDC on avariety of specific topics, each optimized for your mobile device.Now you can have topical CDC content wherever you go. When yourdevice is connected, the content is updated automatically so youalways have the most up-to-date information. You can personalizeyour experience with features like highlighting, annotations, andbookmarks to suit your own needs. Share the content with othersthrough social media such as Facebook and Twitter.CHECK OUT THESE FEATURES:* Alcohol consumption data by state* Easy-to-read information on diagnosis and treatments for childrenwith FASDs* Individualized pages for different users – women, families,health care providers, educators, and partners* Training and education resources* Access to free materials on alcohol use and pregnancy andFASDs* Information on what CDC is doing in this area
Epi Info
Epi Info™ Companion for Android Epi Info™ is a public domain suiteof software tools designed for the global community of publichealth practitioners and researchers. The Companion for Androidbrings many of Epi Info's features onto the Android mobileplatform. Epidemiologists can calculate sample sizes, collect data,and perform analysis using their smartphones or inexpensive tabletsto investigate outbreaks, respond to emergencies, or conduct publichealth research in locations lacking IT infrastructure. Limitationof Liability. The materials embodied in the Epi Info™ MobileApplication are "as-is" and without warranty of any kind, express,implied or otherwise, including without limitation, any warranty offitness for a particular purpose. In no event shall the Centers forDisease Control and Prevention (CDC) or the United States (U.S.)Government be liable to the user or to anyone else for any direct,special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages of any kind,or any damages whatsoever, including without limitation, loss ofprofit, loss of use, savings or revenue, loss of data or the claimsof third parties, whether or not CDC or the U.S. Government hasbeen advised of the possibility of such loss, however caused and onany theory of liability, arising out of or in connection with thepossession, use or performance of this software.
Tickborne Diseases 2.3
The Tickborne Diseases of the United Statesapp serves as a quick reference guide for doctors and other healthcare providers who may diagnose and treat tickborne diseases.Whether you treat tickborne diseases frequently or only rarely,this guide will help you.This app will tell you about:• Identify ticks and the pathogens that each species cantransmit• Determine which tickborne diseases are most common in yourarea• Identify signs and symptoms of tickborne disease and order theappropriate lab tests• Properly treat the most common tickborne diseasesWhen your device is connected, the content is updatedautomatically so you always have the most up-to-date information.You can personalize your experience with features likehighlighting, annotations, and bookmarks to suit your own needs.Share the content with others through social media such as Facebookand Twitter.
STD Tx Guide
The STD Tx Guide app is a quick reference guide for healthcareprofessionals and related parties on the identification of andtreatment for sexually transmitted diseases. With the STD Tx Guideapp you get: • Fast access to recommended treatment regimens • Listof common Terms and Abbreviations • Includes CDC’s guide to Takinga Sexual History • Push notifications for guideline updates The appis a collaboration between CDC's Division of STD Prevention and theInformatics Innovation Unit (IIU) within CDC's Division of PublicHealth Information Dissemination (DPHID) - Center for Surveillance,Epidemiology and Laboratory Services (CSELS). These guidelines forthe treatment of persons who have or are at risk for sexuallytransmitted diseases (STDs) were updated by CDC after consultationwith a group of professionals knowledgeable in the field of STDswho met in Atlanta on April 30–May 2, 2013. The information in thisreport updates the Sexually Transmitted Diseases TreatmentGuidelines, 2010 (MMWR Recomm Rep 2010;59 [No. RR–12]). Theseupdated guidelines discuss 1) alternative treatment regimens forNeisseria gonorrhoeae; 2) the use of nucleic acid amplificationtests for the diagnosis of trichomoniasis; 3) alternative treatmentoptions for genital warts; 4) the role of Mycoplasma genitalium inurethritis/cervicitis and treatment-related implications; 5)updated HPV vaccine recommendations and counseling messages; 6) themanagement of persons who are transgender; 7) annual testing forhepatitis C in persons with HIV infection; 8) updatedrecommendations for diagnostic evaluation of urethritis; and 9)retesting to detect repeat infection. Physicians and otherhealth-care providers can use these guidelines to assist in theprevention and treatment of STDs.
MMWR Express
The Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) Series is preparedby the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Oftencalled “the voice of CDC,” the MMWR Series is the agency’s primaryvehicle for scientific publication of timely, reliable,authoritative, accurate, objective, and useful public healthinformation and recommendations. Summaries are searchable byspecific MMWR report or by specific subject (e.g., salmonella).This application is a result of collaboration between theInformatics Innovation Unite and MMWR within the Division of PublicHealth Information Dissemination, Center for Surveillance,Epidemiology, and Laboratory Sciences. Features: - Allows user tosearch for summaries by either specific MMWR report or by specificsubject (e.g., salmonella). - Rapidly loads new unread articleswhen user swipes down on the main list of articles. - Automaticallymarks each unread article with a blue dot, which disappears oncethe summary blue box has been viewed. - Enables the sharing ofarticles via email, text message, Facebook, and Twitter. - Provideseasy access to full articles on the main MWWR site, if the userwants more information. DISCLAIMER THE MATERIAL EMBODIED IN THISSOFTWARE IS PROVIDED TO YOU "AS-IS" AND WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANYKIND, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR OTHERWISE, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION,ANY WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. IN NO EVENT SHALLTHE CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION (CDC) OR THE UNITEDSTATES (U.S.) GOVERNMENT BE LIABLE TO YOU OR ANYONE ELSE FOR ANYDIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, INDIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OFANY KIND, OR ANY DAMAGES WHATSOEVER, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION,LOSS OF PROFIT, LOSE OF USE, SAVINGS OR REVENUE, OR THE CLAIMS OFTHIRD PARTIES, WHETHER OR NOT CDC OR THE U.S. GOVERNMENT HAS BEENADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH LOSS, HOWEVER CAUSED AND ON ANYTHEORY OF LIABILITY, ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THEPOSSESSION, USE OR PERFORMANCE OF THIS SOFTWARE.
CDC Influenza (flu) 2.1.4
The CDC Influenza application forcliniciansand other health care professionals makes it easier thanever tofind CDC’s latest recommendations and influenza activityupdates onyour device. The application is one of an expandingcollection ofapplications from CDC on a variety of specific topics,eachoptimized for your mobile device. Now you can have topicalCDCcontent wherever you go. When your device is connected, thecontentis updated automatically so you always have the mostup-to-dateinformation. You can personalize your experience withfeatures likehighlighting, annotations, and bookmarks to suit yourown needs.Share the content with others through social media suchas Facebookand Twitter.CHECK OUT THESE FEATURES:- View updated information on national flu activity- Find influenza vaccination recommendations endorsed by CDC andtheAdvisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP)- Obtain information on diagnosis and treatment ofinfluenza,including antiviral treatment recommendations by CDC andtheACIP- Obtain information on laboratory testing for influenza- Find CDC recommendations on influenza infection control- View videos of CDC subject matter experts discussinginfluenzatopics- Order official CDC designed print products for posting intheworkplace or distributing to patients.
Contraception 2.0.1
The U.S. Medical Eligibility CriteriaforContraceptive Use comprises recommendations for the use ofspecificcontraceptive methods by patients who have certaincharacteristicsor medical conditions. The U.S. Selected PracticeRecommendationsfor Contraceptive Use addresses a select group ofcommon, yetsometimes controversial or complex, issues regardinginitiation anduse of specific contraceptive methods. The app isdevelopeddirectly from the CDC Morbidity and Mortality WeeklyReport (MMWR)by the Division of Reproductive Health and covers morethan 60characteristics or medical conditions (U.S. MEC) andnumerousclinical situations (U.S. SPR). These recommendations areintendedto assist healthcare providers when they counsel women,men, andcouples about contraceptive method choice and use. Althoughtheserecommendations are meant to serve as a source orclinicalguidance, healthcare providers should always considertheindividual clinical circumstances of each person seekingfamilyplanning services.
CDC FastStats 2.3
FastStats is an official application fromtheCenters for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) NationalCenterfor Health Statistics (NCHS) and puts access totopic-specificstatistics at your fingertips. Topics includediseases andconditions, family life, health care and insurance,health statusand risk factors, injuries, life stages andpopulations andreproductive health. Content is updatedautomatically when thedevice is connected to the internet, givingthe user the mostup-to-date health statistics available.With this application, you can:- View updated statistics on more than 100 publichealthtopics- Highlight, annotate, and bookmark important data withintheapp- Share your data discoveries with colleagues through socialmediasuch as Facebook and Twitter
CDC Health IQ 2.1.3
Challenge your Health IQ in this fun and educational health triviaapp. Do you know the minimum SPF needed to protect yourself fromthe sun’s harmful rays? Or how many seconds you should wash yourhands to kill germs? Test your Health IQ to see how your healthskills stack up. Let our game show scientist lead you through anexciting selection of trivia questions and word scrambles. Choosefrom three levels of difficulty, Easy, Medium, or Hard…or besurprised by selecting a Random mix. Race against the clock to earnmore points or use hints when you are stumped. Each quiz delivers amix of 10 questions. Answer as many of the 10 questions correctlyand as quickly as possible with the hopes of earning bonuses likeA+ Student, Public Health Nerd, and Einstein! Play again and againand challenge yourself to beat your highest score!! Come back tosee new questions and challenge yourself as new trivia is added. *Optimized for phones/handsets
CDC HEADS UP Concussion Safety 1.0
The CDC HEADS UP Concussion and Helmet Safety app will help youlearn how to spot and what to do if you think your child or teenhas a concussion or other serious brain injury. The applicationincludes a helmet fit feature that teaches about proper helmet fit,safety and care as well as providing other tools and materials foryouth and high school sports coaches, parents, athletes, and schooland health care professionals that provide important information onpreventing, recognizing, and responding to concussion.
ErgoMine 1.0.2603
ErgoMine provides ergonomics audits for three types of operationsin the mining industry (bagging operations, maintenance and repairoperations, and haul truck operations). Each of the three auditshas modules, and the user can choose to complete all or some of themodules. The audit results can be emailed to multiple addresses,and recommendations to address each identified ergonomics andsafety problem are provided within the results.ErgoMine wasdeveloped by Pittsburgh Mining Research Division researchers withinthe National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Theaudits and recommendations are based on information from sourcesincluding laboratory studies, field studies, injury and fatalitydata, consensus standards, regulations, and best practices. Theaudits were designed to be conducted by mine personnel responsiblefor safety and does not require any ergonomics expertise.The appsupports all screen sizes; however, it is recommend for use on a7-inch screen or larger tablet. For the best performance ofErgoMine it is recommended that a PDF viewing application beinstalled on your device. This will optimize viewing of theadditional PDF resources linked to in ErgoMine. There are severalfree PDF viewer applications available for download from the GooglePlay store.
CDC Opioid Guideline 1.1.1
The CDC Opioid Prescribing Guideline Mobile Application (App)serves as a quick reference guide for healthcare professionals tohelp apply the recommendations of the CDC Guideline for PrescribingOpioids for Chronic Pain in clinical practice. The tool is intendedto educate providers about the prescription opioid overdoseepidemic and to inform clinical decision-making related toinitiation, titration, and dosage safety when prescribing opioids.
Homecare Safety 1.0.0
The CDC/NIOSH Caring for Yourself While Caring for Others HomecareSafety app serves as an electronic resource for trainers indelivering a free online seven-module safety and health trainingfor homecare workers. This tool includes course preparation tips,lesson plans, supplies checklists, links to free course materialsincluding slide presentations and participant handouts, anddetailed delivery instructions for each of seven safety and healthmodules. Designed to be flexible, trainers may choose to deliverthe entire seven modules of the curriculum or select individualmodules to supplement existing training programs.
OSHA NIOSH Heat Safety Tool 3.1
Take precautions against outdoor heat while at work with theOSHA-NIOSH Heat Safety Tool. Featuring real-time heat index andhourly forecasts, specific to your location, as well asoccupational safety and health recommendations from OSHA and NIOSH.The OSHA-NIOSH Heat Safety Tool is a useful resource for planningoutdoor work activities based on how hot it feels throughout theday. The OSHA-NIOSH Heat Safety Tool features:• A visual indicatorof the current heat index and associated risk levels specific toyour current geographical location• Precautionary recommendationsspecific to heat index-associated risk levels• An interactive,hourly forecast of heat index values, risk level, andrecommendations for planning outdoor work activities in advance•Editable location, temperature, and humidity controls forcalculation of variable conditions• Signs and symptoms ofheat-related illnesses including: heat stroke, heat exhaustion,rhabdomyolysis, heat cramps, and heat rash• First aid informationfor heat-related illnesses Take steps to work safely in the heat.Download this valuable tool today!
CDC BAM! Dining Decisions 1.1
Learn to make smart food choices with Kendra from CDC’s BAM! Bodyand Mind. In each level you’ll sort foods coming down a conveyorbelt into three categories: Go, Slow, or Whoa. Earn points byputting foods into the correct category.Presented by BAM! Body andMind, an online resource giving kids information they need to makehealthy lifestyle choices. BAM! Body and Mind was created by theCenters for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the USDepartment of Health and Human Services (HHS). more about food and nutrition and other health topics forkids including diseases, physical activity, your body, and more.
Positive Health Check 1.1
Positive Health Check (PHC) is a product of the Centers for DiseaseControl and Prevention (CDC), a branch of the Department of Healthand Human Services. PHC was developed for people living with HIV(PLWH) to supplement their HIV primary care provider visits. Itaims to improve health outcomes of PLWH, by promoting treatmentinitiation, medication adherence, retention in care, sexual riskreduction, and reducing injection drug use behavior. Theintervention also provides information about the prevention ofmother-to-child transmission. An interactive tool, PHC providespatients tailored information based on their responses to questionsand topic selections. It was developed for patients that would liketo receive additional information and strategies to support theirmedical care and treatment, regardless of length of time sincediagnosis.
NLE Calc 1.0.0
The NIOSH lifting equation calculator (NLE Calc) is based on theApplications Manual for the Revised NIOSH Lifting Equation (Pub No.94-110) and can be used to calculate the recommended weight limit(RWL) and lifting index (LI) for single or multiple lifting tasks.The LI is an index of the relative physical stress for performing aparticular lifting task, while the composite LI or CLI is an indexof the overall physical stress for performing multiple liftingtasks. NIOSH recommends an LI and CLI of 1 or less for protectingworkers from physical stress related to development of low backdisorders. Please refer to the Applications Manual for the RevisedNIOSH Lifting Equation publication for examples and details on howcalculations are performed and what the results imply.
WISQARS Mobile for Phone 1.0
WISQARS (Web-based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System) isan interactive database that provides customized reports ofinjury-related data. The WISQARS Mobile App allows for sharinginjury-related information on a phone. The app dynamically-displaysselected leading causes of injury death data using maps and chartsof national and state-level death counts and rates. The app alsoenhances the user-friendliness of WISQARS and ready access toinjury-related death data.
Contraception 2.0.8
The U.S. Medical Eligibility Criteria for Contraceptive Usecomprises recommendations for the use of specific contraceptivemethods by patients who have certain characteristics or medicalconditions. The U.S. Selected Practice Recommendations forContraceptive Use addresses a select group of common, yet sometimescontroversial or complex, issues regarding initiation and use ofspecific contraceptive methods. The app is developed directly fromthe CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) by theDivision of Reproductive Health and covers more than 60characteristics or medical conditions (U.S. MEC) and numerousclinical situations (U.S. SPR). These recommendations are intendedto assist healthcare providers when they counsel women, men, andcouples about contraceptive method choice and use. Although theserecommendations are meant to serve as a source or clinicalguidance, healthcare providers should always consider theindividual clinical circumstances of each person seeking familyplanning services.
CDC Milestone Tracker 1.3.42
Milestones matter! Track your child’s milestones at keydevelopmental stages from 2 months to 5 years with CDC’seasy-to-use illustrated checklists; get tips from CDC forencouraging your child’s development; and find out what to do ifyou are ever concerned about how your child is developing. Frombirth to age 5, your child should reach milestones in how he or sheplays, learns, speaks, acts and moves. Photos and videos in thisapp illustrate each milestone and make tracking them for your childeasy and fun! Features: • Add a Child -- enter personalizedinformation about your child or multiple children • MilestoneTracker -- track your child’s developmental progress by looking forimportant milestones using an interactive, illustrated checklist •Milestone Photos and Videos -- know what each milestone looks likeso that you can better identify them in your own child • Tips andActivities -- support your child’s development at every age • Whento Act Early – know when it’s time to “act early” and talk withyour child’s doctor about developmental concerns • Appointments --keep track of your child’s doctors’ appointments and get remindersabout recommended developmental screenings • Milestone Results –get a summary of your child’s milestones to view, and share with oremail to your child’s doctor and other important care providers Formore information and free tools to help you track your child’smilestones, visit This app was developed bythe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s “Learn the Signs.Act Early.” program with contribution from Dr. Rosa Arriaga andstudents from the Computing for Good program at the GeorgiaInstitute of Technology, Atlanta, GA. The use of this app is not asubstitute for the use of validated, standardized developmentalscreening tools as recommended by the American Academy ofPediatrics. CDC does not collect or share any personal informationthat can be used to identify you or your child.
gov.cdc.epiinfo_ento 1.0.4
Are you an entomologist, vector control technician, or organizationinterested in vector surveillance? If so, this app can savecritical time in the field, improve data quality, and standardizedata for better operational decision-making. Features of the EpiInfo™ Vector Surveillance app include: • Data entry modules for: 1)trapping, 2) household surveys, 3) bottle/tube bioassays, 4) conebioassays and 5) vector control activities • Automatic calculationof important indices such as container index, Breteau index andtrap density • Automatic capture of GPS coordinates, accuracy,elevation, dates and times • A barcode-based indexing system forsampling locations • Multiple languages (English, Spanish, French,Portuguese) • Instruction manuals and email support • Collaborativedata collection with real-time or near real-time analysis(depending on your connectivity status) • Store your data on yourdevice or sync to your organization's preferred cloud service TheEpi Info™ Vector Surveillance app was designed for surveillance ofall types of mosquito vectors: it facilitates collection of data onAedes aegypti (the mosquito that transmits Zika, dengue, yellowfever, and chikungunya viruses); Culex mosquitoes (which transmitFilariasis and West Nile Virus), and Anopheles mosquitoes (whichtransmit malaria). Once entomologists and vector surveillance techsenter surveillance data into the app, the data are uploaded to theCloud, where they are then sent to an analysis dashboard. Thedashboard automatically generates summaries, surveillance maps,visualizations and analysis of entomological indicators sodecision-makers can quickly and in near real-time review their dataand plan their appropriate responses about when, where, and how tobegin vector control measures. By automating the analysis anddisplay, users can focus on the more important issue of focusing ondetermining the right control method at the right place and timefor maximum public health impact. Visit user manuals, barcode generator, and other support. Limitationof Liability The materials embodied in the Epi Info™ MobileApplication are "as-is" and without warranty of any kind, express,implied or otherwise, including without limitation, any warranty offitness for a particular purpose. In no event shall the Centers forDisease Control and Prevention (CDC) or the United States (U.S.)Government be liable to the user or to anyone else for any direct,special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages of any kind,or any damages whatsoever, including without limitation, loss ofprofit, loss of use, savings or revenue, loss of data or the claimsof third parties, whether or not CDC or the U.S. Government hasbeen advised of the possibility of such loss, however caused and onany theory of liability, arising out of or in connection with thepossession, use or performance of this software. Disclaimer Linkslocated at this site to nonfederal organizations are providedsolely as a service to our users. These links do not constitute anendorsement of these organizations nor their programs by theCenters for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or the federalgovernment, and none should be inferred. CDC is not responsible forthe content contained at these sites. Use of trade names andcommercial sources is for identification only and does not implyendorsement by the Division Parasitic Diseases and Malaria, Centerfor Global Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, thePublic Health Service, or the U.S. Department of Health and HumanServices.
WISQARS Mobile for Tablet 1.1
WISQARS (Web-based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System) isan interactive database that provides customized reports ofinjury-related data. The WISQARS Mobile App allows for sharinginjury-related information on a tablet. The appdynamically-displays selected leading causes of injury death datausing maps and charts of national and state-level death counts andrates. The app also enhances the user-friendliness of WISQARS andready access to injury-related death data.
CDC DentalCheck 1.0.2
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) evidence-basedrecommendations guide infection control practices in dental officesnationally and globally; provide direction for the public, dentalhealth care personnel (DHCP) and policymakers; and affecttechnology development in the dental industry. CDC DentalCheck isdeveloped directly from the Infection Prevention Checklist forDental Settings. DHCP can use this app to periodically assesspractices in their facility and ensure they are meeting the minimumexpectations for safe care. The infection prevention coordinatorand other staff trained in infection prevention are encouraged touse this app at least annually to assess the status of theiradministrative policies and practices, and engage in directobservation of personnel and patient-care practices. While theinformation included in this app reflects existing evidence-basedguidelines produced by the CDC, it is not intended as a replacementfor more extensive guidelines.Key Features• Check Yes/No toacknowledge compliance with a list of administrative policies orobserved practices• Summary of basic infection preventionprinciples and recommendations for dental health care settings•Ability to export results for records management Provides links tofull guidelines and source documents that users can reference formore detailed background and recommendations.
gov.cdc.ondieh.ncipc.rocketblades 1.1
ABOUT Rocket Blades-- The Brain Safety Game CDC HEADS UP RocketBlades is first-ever, mobile game app developed by the CDC, thatteaches concussion safety to children ages 6 to 8. Through afuturistic world of galactic racing adventures, the game aims tohelp children learn the benefits of playing it safe and smart!Children must keep their players safe by avoiding obstacles thatcould lead to a concussion and make smart choices about restingplayers who have a concussion. When players are injured the gamesimulates concussion symptoms, making the screen blurry and playmore challenging. At the end of each level, a doctor checks out allthe players to make sure they are healthy to race, and their brainsare rested and recharged. As children skate through levels theycollect power gems. Power gems fuel up a spaceship that will blastoff to Galactic City for a winner’s all-star dance party that isout of this world! As an added bonus, children can take a selfieand insert themselves into the dance party. BRAIN SAFETY EDUCATIONAND CONCUSSION PREVENTION FEATURES CDC HEADS UP Rocket Blades helpschildren understand the following learning points: •hitting yourhead can cause brain injury (concussion); •you should tell yourcoach, parent, or another adult if you hit your head; •you shouldrest before returning to play and see a doctor if you hit yourhead; and •helmets alone cannot prevent concussions. ABOUT CDCHEADS UP The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC)HEADS UP campaign is a series of educational initiatives that allhave a common goal: Protect kids and teens by raising awareness andinforming action to improve prevention, recognition, and responseto concussion and other serious brain injuries. CDC HEADS UP workswith parents, coaches, health care providers, school professionalsand others to develop and disseminate educational materials thatare designed help support individuals and organizations with theirconcussion efforts. PRIVACY Parents please note that CDC does notcollect any personally identifiable information (PII) from you oryour child during use of this app unless you choose to provide thatinformation to us or give your child permission to do so. Anyphotos taken within the app will be taken on a voluntary basis withyour consent. Please be aware that such photos are not stored orshared for use by any third party sites. Please see the link belowfor additional information regarding CDC's mobile privacy policies CONNECT WITH US Please for additional information about concussionsafety and how to get involved in your community. You can find uson Facebook at, and on Twitter @CDC_Injury.If you have any support requests, comments, or questions please donot hesitate to contact us at We want to hear fromyou!
Field Facts 1.0
Field Facts gives first-responders crucial information to use inthe first few moments and hours of a response to a potentialbioterrorism incident. Access descriptions of safety measures andprotective clothing to protect yourself from exposure. Learn how torecognize signs and symptoms of disease associated with eightpotential bioterrorism agents. And find additional expert helpquickly with the contact details for the Centers for DiseaseControl and Prevention’s Emergency Operations Center, FBI FieldOffices, and state public health laboratories. The biologicalagents covered are:• Ricin• Botulism toxin• Bacillus anthracis(anthrax)• Yersinia pestis ( plague)• Francisella tularensis(tularemia, also known as rabbit-fever)• Brucella (brucellosis)•Smallpox virus• Burkholderia (melioidosis and glanders)
Cause of Death Quick Reference Guide
This quick guide application is designed to acquaint physicians,medical students, and others with the vital registration system inthe United States and to provide instructions for completing deathcertificates. Emphasis is directed toward the certification ofmedical information, the primary responsibility of the physician,and a critical piece of information on the death certificate.
CDC Toolbox Talks 1.0
The CDC/NIOSH Toolbox Talks are designed to provideinformationrelated to workplace hazards and risks to workers atStone, Sand,Gravel, and Aggregates (SSGA) operations. Thisinformation can beused to increase workers’ health and safety. Thisseries of ToolboxTalks was created using data from two sources:interviews with SSGAmine workers about hazards and risks at theirworksite, andnonfatal and fatal injury data reported to the MineSafety andHealth Administration (MSHA) during the years 2009-2014.EachToolbox Talk includes a quote from a mine worker to demonstrateafirst person experience with a hazard or risk. This firstpersonexperience is then linked to MSHA injury data to show thattheseexperiences are consistent with the realities ofaccidents,injuries, and fatalities. Finally, several questions areincludedthat can be used to start a discussion about a specificToolboxTalk topic - for instance, questions for the slips and fallstopicare focused on having mine workers identify where slips andfallsare likely to occur at their mine site and ways mine workerscanprotect themselves from slip and fall injuries. Altogetherthereare 13 talks included in this series.
PneumoRecs VaxAdvisor 1.2
This is the PneumoRecs VaxAdvisor App created by the Centers forDisease Control and Prevention (CDC) in collaboration with theGeorgia Tech Research Institute. PneumoRecs VaxAdvisor providespatient-specific pneumococcal vaccination guidance consistent withthe pneumococcal vaccination recommendations of the AdvisoryCommittee on Immunization Practices. Vaccination providers enter apatient’s age and respond to prompts about the patient’spneumococcal vaccination history and underlying medical conditions.The app then displays patient-specific pneumococcal vaccinationrecommendations consistent with the recommended U.S. immunizationschedule. Optimized for tablet. For more information, please visit:
NIOSH Mobile Pocket Guide 1.0
The NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards is intended as a sourceof general industrial hygiene information for workers, employers,and occupational health professionals. The Pocket Guide presentskey information and data in abbreviated tabular form for 677chemicals or substance groupings (e.g., manganese compounds,tellurium compounds, inorganic tin compounds, etc.) that are foundin the work environment. The industrial hygiene information foundin the Pocket Guide should help users recognize and controloccupational chemical hazards. The chemicals or substancescontained in this revision include all substances for which theNational Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) hasrecommended exposure limits (RELs) and those with permissibleexposure limits (PELs) as found in the Occupational Safety andHealth Administration (OSHA) General Industry Air ContaminantsStandard (29 CFR 1910.1000). • 677 chemical entries and appendices.• Links to IDLH, as well as NIOSH and OSHA Methods (requires a dataconnection). • Search chemical by name and synonym, DOT number, CASnumber, RTECS number. • Preferences settings to select informationto be displayed. • Bookmark commonly used chemicals • Chronologicalhistory of chemicals viewed • Long press chemical entries to copyinformation being displayed to other apps
FSAP-LET 1.0.1
The Federal Select Agent Program Laboratory ExaminationTool(FSAP-LET) was designed to provide laboratory managersandbiosafety personnel with a tool to assist with performinginternallaboratory inspections. The tool contains checklists thatare basedon federal regulations and biosafety standards used byFederalSelect Agent Program (FSAP) inspectors. The checklists coveravariety of areas such as biosafety, security, training,andincident response. The tool allows the user to print a singlePDFdocument summarizing the recorded findings. The tool alsoallowsthe user to record any corrective actions taken in responsetoidentified findings. The resulting PDF document can bestoredlocally, saved to a facility’s computer, or emailed tosomeoneusing the default client of the system. FSAP-LET allows forsimilarchecklists to be used for multiple rooms or buildings, or atfuturepoints in time. FSAP-LET also allows for facility informationto besaved so that it does not have to be input each time achecklist isused. However, the information can be edited as needed.All data inthe system, including findings, comments and correctiveactions,are encrypted so that it is only available to the user.Thesoftware will not run on a device that does not have securityofsome type (e.g., biometrics, password/phrase). While the toolisintended to assist laboratories in meeting federal regulationsandbiosafety standards, it is not all-inclusive. The responsibilitytofully adhere to applicable federal regulations remains withtheentity using the tool. Any available updates to theapplicationwill be communicated to users.