Centre for Ecology and Hydrology Apps

iRecord Grasshoppers 1.0.1
The sound of Grasshoppers and Crickets (Orthoptera) singingepitomises warm summer days. However, Orthoptera and relatedinsects are not well recorded in the UK and so scientists havelittle information about their distribution and abundance. Thisinformation is vital for us to discern changes in population ordistribution due to changes in the environment such as land use andclimate change.This guide will make it easy for you to identify andrecord the grasshoppers and crickets you find. The app featureslots of information about each species, high quality imagegalleries and also sound files of each vocal species so that youcan identify them by call.The app also features associated insectssuch as the earwigs, stick insects and cockroaches.
iRecord App 3.1.3
iRecord App enables you to get involved with biological recording.Contribute your species sightings with GPS acquired coordinates,descriptions and other information, thus providing scientists withimportant new biodiversity information that contributes to natureconservation, planning, research and education.Your data will bekept secure and will be regularly backed up. Automatic checks willbe applied to your observations to help spot potential errors, andexperts can review your sightings. All wildlife sightings fornon-sensitive species are shared with other users and will be madeavailable to National Recording Schemes, Local Record Centres andVice County Recorders (VCRs).• Works fully offline• Record all thewildlife you see - supports all UK species• Add new records withminimal effort• Benefit from automatic data checks and review byexperts• Share your sightings with the recording community•Contribute to science and conservation
iRecord Crops (Unreleased)
The iRecord Crops app helps to record UKcropsightings with GPS acquired coordinates, descriptions andotherinformation this way contributing to science.All the records are stored on the iRecord website, where youcanfind more tools to analyse and manage your data.* Works fully offline* Add new records with minimal effort* Benefit from automatic data checks and review by experts* Share your sightings with the recording community* Contribute to science and conservation
BSBI New Year Plant Hunt
Join volunteers across the country who aretaking part in the 6th annual BSBI New Year Plant.The aim is to find and record as many wild species in bloom as youcan in up to three hours over the New Year period (1st to 4thJanuary).This year for the first time we've created a mobile app to help yourecord and send in your records quickly. We hope to have hundredsof lists that we'll publish live on our website as they comein.Please take part and tell us what's blooming in your area.Good luck.
Asian Hornet Watch 1.1.1
Asian Hornet Watch is an app designed to record and help the earlydetection of Asian Hornet in the UK following the first confirmedrecord in September 2016. Asian Hornet is a non-native specieswithin the UK and could have a serious impact on our insectsincluding honeybees so early detection is important. There are anumber of native insects in the UK that look very similar to theAsian Hornet, and are common and widespread. Asian Hornet Watchprovides an identification guide to help check which species youhave seen and an opportunity to record your sightings. Insectidentification can be difficult and so please do include aphotograph with your record to help us confirm the identity of thespecies you have seen.
Rare Arable Flowers 1.0.1
Rare arable flower records are vital in order to accuratelydetermine their distribution and numbers, and to help adviseconservation for the species that need it.Any records you submitusing the Rare Arable Flowers app will be reviewed and verified byan expert before being added to our database.Thank you for takingpart!
Bloomin' Algae 1.0.0
Blue-green algae naturally occur in lakes, ponds, canals, riversand reservoirs around the world. However they can produce toxinsthat are harmful to the health of people and animals. These algaeare most commonly seen during the summer months, particularly incalm warm conditions. They are microscopic but clump together invisible colonies up to a few millimetres in size that can rise tothe surface and form thin wispy blooms or thick paint-like scums ifthe numbers are very large. Both the Environment Agency (EA) andthe Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) provide ablue-green algae analytical service and advice to localauthorities, water body owners, managers etc. However there is noroutine national algal bloom monitoring system, and so records ofpast bloom events are patchy. By recording blue-green algal bloomsthrough this app, we hope to get a better overall picture of thetiming and location of algal blooms across the UK, to help informlocal authorities and relevant health agencies of potential publichealth risks and aid the EA & SEPA in bloom management andprevention in the future. The app also asks you for details of whatactivities you are carrying out in or around the water, asblue-green algal blooms pose a greater risk to water-basedactivities, such as swimming or windsurfing, compared tonon-contact activities such as walking. By gathering details ofactivities undertaken we hope to gain a better understanding of howalgal blooms are impacting recreational use of freshwaters in theUK.
LERC Wales 1.0.0
Biological recording in Wales has never been easier. With thisapp,you can quickly enter your sightings either using your device'sGPSor the interactive mapping facilities, add photos, descriptionsandother information to help the local experts make the most ofyourwildlife sightings.The data that you provide will be keptsecureand will be regularly backed up. Automatic checks will beappliedto your observations to help spot potential errors, andexperts canreview your sightings. All wildlife sightings fornon-sensitivespecies are shared with other users and will be madeavailable toNational Recording Schemes, Local Environmental RecordCentres andVice County Recorders (VCRs).The Local EnvironmentalRecord Centresin Wales will ensure that your wildlife sightings areavailable tothose that need them whether it is for natureconservation,planning, research or education.• Works fully offline•Record allthe wildlife you see - supports all UK species• Add newrecordswith minimal effort• Benefit from automatic data checks andreviewby experts• Share your sightings with the recordingcommunity•Contribute to science and conservation• Fully bilingual
Ozone Injury 1.0.5
With the Ozone Injury app you can - learn to recognise symptomsofozone injury, - see examples of injury on common plants, -submitrecords of ozone injury to the database at the Centre forEcology& Hydrology, - contribute to pollution monitoringandscientific research. To send records you need to registerthroughthe app and confirm your email address. The records youenter areattributed to you and may be used in, anonymised form, tosupportscientific research or for display on our website. Eachrecord cancontain details of - location, - date, - recorder, - theaffectedspecies, - details of the injury, - recent weatherconditions, -recent pollution levels, - a photograph The locationis acquiredautomatically from GPS. Records may be marked assensitive if youdo not wish the exact location to be made publiclyavailable.
NPMS 1.0.0
The National Plant Monitoring Scheme (NPMS) is a newhabitat-basedplant monitoring scheme designed by BSBI, CEH,Plantlife and JNCC.The aim is to collect data to provide an annualindication ofchanges in plant abundance and diversity.
European Ladybirds 1.0.1
The European Ladybird Survey aims to encourage the recording ofladybirds across Europe. Over the coming years we hope to extendthe app and associated website to include all European countries.We are excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with you allin mapping the distribution of ladybirds at this large scale. Overtime the information gathered will be used in many different waysto assess the status and trends of European ladybirds.