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UTS 14.0.33
UTS on mobile app is an Indian Railways official android mobileticketing app to book unreserved train tickets. Who can useutsonmobile application? The service is not available to a personunder the age of Seventeen or previously suspended or removed fromthe services by Indian Railway. By accepting the Terms &Conditions or by otherwise using the Service or the website, itwould be deemed that the concerned person is at least Seventeenyears of age and have not been previously suspended or removed fromthe Services by Indian Railway. The Person represents and warrantsthat he has the right, authority, and capacity to enter into thisAgreement and to abide by all of the terms and conditions of thisAgreement. The person shall not impersonate any other person orentity, or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent identity, age oraffiliation with any other person or entity. Pre-requisites toavail the utsonmobile app service:  Presently, utsonmobile app isavailable in Android, Windows & iOS versions.  The Smartphoneshould have good GPRS connectivity.  In order to avail paperlessmode of tickets, the Smartphone should be GPS enabled. RegistrationProcess: User Registration for availing the above services can bedone through the utsonmobile app or the website(https://www.utsonmobile.indianrail.gov.in). The passenger needs toprovide information like Mobile Number, Name, Password, Gender,Date of Birth for the one time registration process. The mobileapplication would send an OTP to the mobile number specifiedagainst the USER ID field to ensure the validity of the mobilenumber. After successful registration, an SMS will be sentinforming the user about the successful registration. Azero-balance R-Wallet account would be activated. Login Process:After the registration, the passenger needs to enter thecredentials in the login page for entering into the utsonmobileapp. Services offered by utsonmobile app: 1. Book Ticket: NormalBooking(Journey and Return tickets) Quick Booking (Journey andReturn tickets)  Platform Ticket  Season Ticket  QR Booking(Platform Tickets, Journey and Return Tickets) 2. Cancellation ofTicket :- Paper Ticket with booking amount greater thencancellation charges can be cancelled using utsonmobile app beforeprinting of ticket. Cancellation of Paperless Ticket is notallowed. 3. Booking History 4. R-Wallet: R-Wallet Balance Recharge R-Wallet History  Surrender R-Wallet 5. Profile: Changecity  Change Frequent travel Route  Change Journey Details Change Password  Change Handset Request  Change Personal Details Sync Ticket 6. Show Booked Ticket: Using 'show ticket' featurethe ticket can be showed to the TTE(Travelling Ticket Examiner) orTC. Off-line mode is also available to show the paperless ticket ifInternet connection not available in the mobile. Note:- Paperlessticket booking(Book and Travel) is not allowed inside train orwithin station premises to avoid ticket booking just by seeingTTE(Travelling Ticket Examiner) or TC. For booking of paperlessticket user should be away from Station premises/Railway track. ForPaper Ticket(Book and Print) mode of booking, It is mandatory totake printout of the ticket from ATVM/CoTVM kiosks or GeneralBooking counters at station before boarding the Train.
COMS 1.1
Indian Railways Official App for Complaint Registration.ComplaintManagement System (COMS).Designed by Centre For Railway InformationSystems (CRIS).
NTES 13.4
National Train Enquiry System Android App Indian Railways Officialapp for travelers using railways for taking holiday vacation trips,official trips, tours, and daily commute. Site providestrain-running related and real-time status queries for all trainsof India. Features- • Spot Your Train with diversion information •Live Station • Train Schedule with save feature • Trains betweenStations • Cancelled Trains • Rescheduled Trains • Diverted Trains• Manage favourite trains, stations and train schedules
IR Parcel pms
Shows status of Parcel booked at stationofIndian Railways and also have option to calculate approximatefarebased on weight and class of train
ICMS 1.2
ICMS Mobile App is available for Indian Railways internal use onlyto see few important reports from Integrated Coaching ManagementSystems.
*** This app is only for Indian Railways internal users***Theauthorized user of “Railsaver” mobile app can enter Energyconsumption any time anywhere. Various graphical and tabularreports are visible to all the officials at Divisional, Zonal andRailway Board level.“Railsaver” mobile app will help officials totrack their Divisions and Substation’s Energy consumption &Energy trends which will further help them to develop strategiesfor Energy conservation.The “Railsaver” mobile app will bebeneficial to Railway Officials for doing effective EnergyManagement.This is step towards the Digital India.
Railways Parcel Application 7.0
Indian Railway Parcel offices are computerized through ParcelManagement System, to facilitate customers, Android applicationdeveloped for knowing current status of parcel,calculate approxfare based on weight and scale of train, trains at station andtrains between stations
Single window interface for Indian Railway Mobile Applications.Currently there are multiple mobile applications by Indian Railwaysto cater various passenger requirements Including on boardcleaning. Most of the app cater to one service. To use differentservices , users need to search and download each applicationseparately. In order to provide better customer experience, thereis a need for integrated application which will give a singlewindow interface for these services. This app integrates variousapps and provide additional features and fulfills Railwayscommitment towards providing better services. It provides end toend solution to our esteemed passenger from planning of journey togiving their feedback after completion of journey.
IRCTC Rail Connect - for RAIL SAARTHI 4.0.15
App should be download in combination with RAIL SAARTHI appavailable at google play storehttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cris.uima Welcometo IRCTC Rail Connect App for Android. IRCTC Rail ticketing nowmade simpler just by SWIPE and SHUFFLE, SELECT and BOOK. Installthe newly launched "IRCTC RAIL CONNECT" android app and book arailway ticket anywhere in India at your fingertips. Preview thelatest features in addition to existing ticketing services: :: NewUsers, register and activate from App directly. :: Advancedsecurity features of self-assigned PIN to login without enteringusername and password on each login. :: Supports Ladies,Tatkal& Premium-Tatkal quota booking. :: Current reservationfacility. :: Integrated with IRCTC e-wallet for faster and hasslefree transactions. :: Boarding point change facility. :: Syncing ofIRCTC's NGeT Web Site and NGeT Mobile App tickets. Now users canview, cancel or file TDR of e-tickets booked through officialwebsite (www.irctc.co.in) and vice-versa. :: Users can view thestatus of e-tickets booked through our authorized Online TravelAgents (OTA). :: Users can view and cancel old mobile app ticketsalso. Give early feedback: Let us know what you think and helpimprovements in IRCTC Rail Connect Android App. Enjoy the neverbefore experience of online ticketing with all new IRCTC RailConnect Mobile App.
App should be download in combination with SAARTHI app available atgoogle play storehttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cris.uima
UTS - for RAIL SAARTHI 5.1.6
App should be download in combination with SAARTHI app available atgoogle play storehttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cris.uimaPaperless ticket has been enabled in entire Chennai , Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Secunderabad in continuation of Paperless ticket nowSeason and Platform Tickets are introduced. Using 'show ticket'feature the ticket can be showed to the TTE (Travelling TicketExaminer) or TC. Off-line mode is available to show the paperlessticket if Internet connection not available in the mobile.
App should be download in combination with SAARTHI app available atgoogle play storehttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cris.uima**National Train Enquiry System Android App** Indian RailwaysOfficial app for travelers using railways for taking holidayvacation trips, official trips, tours, and daily commute. Siteprovides train-running related and real-time status queries for alltrains of India. Features- • Spot Your Train with map feature •Live Station • Train Schedule with save feature • Trains betweenStations • Cancelled Trains • Rescheduled Trains • Diverted Trains• Manage favourite trains, stations and train schedules
CHALAK DAL ( चालक दल ) 1.0.37
CHALAK DAL App Features: ○ Indian Railway Crew Information SystemAndroid App : ○ Indian Railways Official app for Crews, LocoInspectors and the Management of Crew Working. ○ Features for CrewManagement- - Crew Strength - Lobby Count (CMS/NCMS) - MonthlyUtilisation - Fortnightly Utilisation - Energy Consumption(ELECTRIC/DIESEL) - Energy REGENERATION - SEC (Energy/fuel) -Abnormality Filled - Abnormality Closed - Current Crew Position -Vigilance Control Device Status Report - Irregular CREW - NOT ACK(After Called)> 24 HOURS (1 DAY) - NOT SIGN (After Booked)>24 HOURS (1 DAY) - OS REST > 72 HOURS (3 DAYS) - ON TRAIN >24 HOURS (1 DAY) - SYSTEM NONRUN > 24 HOURS (1 DAY) - NONRUN> 7 DAYS - CREW IN REST(After Availability) > 36 HOURS -SIGNON/SIGNOFF APPROVAL PENDING > 8 HOURS - MISSED DUTY AS PERCOACHING LINK IN LAST 48 HOURS - MISSED DUTY AS PER SHUNTING ROSTERIN LAST 48 HRS - UNPLANNED (DUAL STATUS, NON TRACEABLE, BUG) -Booking With All Rule/With Minimum Rule - Average Rest ○ Featuresfor Loco Inspector: - List of the Crew Monitored by LI withClickable on Crew - Monitoring/Grading data of Crew (as in Li Loginin CMS Crew Console) - On Click on the Crew Id Can go to the CrewPage ○ Features for Crew: - Personal Data of Crew - PersonalMileage/Overtime Data of given period - Road Learning Done/DueDates - Training Done/Due dates
RESS 1.1.8
अब रेलकर्मी ऑनलाइन देख सकते है अपना Bio-Data, Salary Details,Income Tax, PF/NPS ledger, Loans & Advances and many more.Railway Employee Self Service (RESS) – An online system for IndianRailway employees (Staff and Officers) has been developed by Centrefor Railway Information Systems (CRIS). Now Railway employees canuse this application to view their Personal Bio-data, Service andPay related particular, Salary details, Provident fund/NPS details,Salary related loans & advances, income tax details (includingmonthly deductible amount) ,Leave and Family details, PensionBenefits (for retired employee only) etc. Download of Payslip inPDF format is also available. Registration Process:- 1. ForRegistering with RESS, an employee should ensure following 2points:- i. Date of Birth and Mobile No are updated in IPAS.Permission to update Date of Birth and Mobile No is available withPay Bill Clerks. ii. Since initial password is sent on employee’smobile, consent is required to be sent to SMS Server by sending anSMS to a designated Number. This is mandatory as per TRAIguidelines. This is one time exercise and subscriber has to send anSMS with content as below to 08860622020. SMS START 2. Link for“New Registration” has been provided in the Application. Touch thelink. 3. Enter Employee Number, Mobile Number and Date of Birth 4.Verification code will be sent on the mobile number. 5. Enterverification code. 6. Registration is complete. Verification codeis your Password. A registered railway employee can viewfollowing:- 1. Bio-data (Personal details, Job related, Payrelated) 2. Salary details (Monthly and Yearly Summary) 3. DownloadPayslip in PDF 4. Financial Year wise Supplementary payments 5.Provident Fund (PF) ledger along with Status of last PF withdrawalApplication 6. NPS recoveries during a financial year 7. Loans andAdvances details 8. Income Tax projections and cumulativedeductions 9. Leave Balances (LAP & LHAP) 10. Family Details11. Details of OT, TA, NDA, NHA, KMA, Child Education Allowance Ifyou Forget password:- 1. Touch on link “Forgot Password” 2. EnterUser Id (Employee Number or Aadhaar if registered through Aadhaarusing Desktop Version of RESS) , Mobile Number and Date of Birth 3.Password will be sent on your mobile number. RESS system is easilyaccessible on Android based Mobile Phones. Currently RESS is underbeta version. Some details may not be shown properly. Desktopversion of RESS is also available athttps://aims.indianrailways.gov.in
IREPS - आपूर्ति 3.4.2
Aapoorti is official mobile app of IREPS application(www.ireps.gov.in). IREPS Mobile app provides information availableon IREPS. IREPS application provide services related to procurementof Goods, Works and Services, Sale of Materials through process ofE-tendering, E-Auction or Reverse Auction._____________________________________________ Main Featuresavailable - Before Login : - Search Purchase Order - Tender ClosingToday - Search Tender - Tender Status Search - Reverse Auction -Live Auction - Upcoming Auction - Auction Schedules - Search Lot -AAC - Banned Firms ______________________________________ Featuresavailable - After Login (Vendors) : - My Pending Bills - My ClosedBills - My Payments - My Live Tenders - My Closed Tenders - MyReverse Auction - My Contracts______________________________________ Few reports are alsoavailable after Login for Railway users.______________________________________ Permissions In addition tobasic permissions, this app needs access to other permissions onyour device for better experience- • Local storage : To save PDFsfiles on phone. ________________________________________ You cancontact EPS helpdesk support for any clarification. Contact detailsare available on the ‘Aapoorti App'.
CoachMitra 1.0
CoachMitra provides facility to the onboard passengers toraiseservice requests by just entering PNR number and mobilenumber. TheCoachMitra services include Toilet cleaning, CoachCleaning,Watering, Linen/Bedrolls, Disinfectants, Electrical andPrettyRepairs. Coachmitra will forward the request to mobile phoneof theonboard staff or the concerned control office of theparticulartrain directly. The Railway Administration will alsosimultaneouslyreceive an intimation of such requests for follow up.