com.funplus.familyfarm 6.0.000
Get Ready for the Holidays with Google Play’s Festive UpdatesBeautiful and fun farming simulation game. Raise cute farm animalsand harvest diverse crops to make your farm a success! It's up toyou to make your dream farm by the seaside. Start building yourdream farm now. ■■ Game Features ■■ ✓ Played by over 60 millionpeople all around the world! ✓ Tired of upgrading the Barn? Enjoyunlimited Barn space. ✓ Prepare more than 400+ dishes in thekitchen. ✓ Plant, harvest and produce over 200+ unique products! ✓Compete with other farmers in the new Farm Beauty Contest! ✓ Dailyorders and new missions added regularly for more fun! ✓ 500+unique, cute, and well-designed decorations! ✓ Adopt pets andcostume them with pet apparel and equipment. Now you can breed petsto make new baby pets! ✓ Exotic Island Farm: Explore a Mine,Garden! ✓ Marine Sea Resort: You are now the owner of the SeaResort! Complete resort orders and build the best resort forvisitors to come to! ✓ Visit neighbors' farms and sample theirnewest dishes to earn prizes, help clean decorations, and trade forneeded farm products! Family Farm Seaside supports 21 languagesincluding; English, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian,Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian Bokmål, Persian, Polish,Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese,Turkish ※ Product Usage Details - Recommended Specifications: CPUQuad core 2.3GHz, Ram 2GB - Minimum Specifications: CPU Quad core1.5GHz, Ram 1GB ※ Access permission notice for gameplay STORAGE:The permission is required to store game data and will not accesspersonal files such as photos. PHONE: The permission is required toproceed with in-game events and rewards and will not affect calls.CONTACTS: The permission is required to sync your friend list andGoogle Account. ※ App Notes - This app requires an active internetconnection to play. Please make sure your device is connected whileplaying. - Family Farm Seaside is completely free to download andfree to play. However, some items in the game can be purchased withreal money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disablein-app purchases in your device's settings. ※ Contact Us! - FamilyFarm Seaside Custmer Support:https://funplus.helpshift.com/a/family-farm-seaside/ - PrivacyPolicy: http://www.funplusgame.com/privacy_policy/
com.funplus.familyfarmtango 6.0.000
Play the best farming simulation game! Create your own unique farmin Family Farm Seaside and compete with your friends to be the topfarmer! Family Farm Seaside is a beautiful and fun farmingsimulation game. There’s a bunch of tasks to do on the farm, so youwill never feel bored! Take care of cute animals on your farm, likeMary the cow. Grow crops and sell them on the market for a niceprofit. Design your own boat at the seaside and show it off to yourneighbors. Win the farm beauty contest and prove to everyone thatyou have the most beautiful farm in the world! Family Farm Seasidefeatures: ★ FREE to play Farming Game ★ Played by over 80 millionpeople all around the world ★ Cute animals ★ Unlimited barn space ★Build your farm at the seaside and on an exotic island ★ Preparemore than 400+ dishes in the kitchen ★ Plant, harvest and processover 200+ unique products ★ More than 150+ achievements to complete★ Fulfill daily orders and quests with your farm products ★ Newmissions added regularly with fun new features ★ Compete with otherfarmers in the new farm beauty contest! ★ Grow special plants inthe farm laboratory! ★ Dig for precious ores and diamonds in theMine ★ Adopt pets and watch them explore your farm! ★ Decorationscan now be cleaned while in the warehouse ★ Guests can visit thefarm and interact with your pets! App Notes: • This app requires anactive internet connection to play. Please make sure your device isconnected while playing. • Family Farm Seaside is completely freeto download and free to play. However, some items in the game canbe purchased with real money. If you don't want to use thisfeature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.​• Please note that this is a standalone version of Family Farm,and will not sync or connect to your Facebook farm. Contact Us!: •Having any problem in game? Click here! >>>https://funplus.helpshift.com/a/family-farm-seaside/ • Need moreneighbors and want to get game news and tips? >>>https://www.facebook.com/familybarntango • Privacy Policy>>> http://www.funplusgame.com/privacy_policy/
King of Avalon: Dragon War | Multiplayer Strategy 6.7.1
King Arthur fell in battle, victim of the betrayal of his nephewMordred. Now his body lies in a fortress on the sacred Isle ofAvalon next to his powerful sword, Excalibur. Only when Excaliburraises again a new king will be crowned and the kingdom will beunified again. The whole empire has been splitted into citiesfighting each other. Many desire the power and magic of Excaliburbut there is only place for one in the throne... King of Avalon isset in a fantasy medieval England bringing back the legend of KingArthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Build a mighty city,raise a greater army, master war strategy skills for an intelligentstrategy to go to battle, train your magic dragon and wage waragainst your medieval enemy! Join an alliance with other players tosurvive every enemy assault and increase your chances to succeed!The great war between kings is about to begin! Build the mostpowerful empire ever! Grab your armor, king treasure and weapons,the hottest free real-time strategy MMO of 2019 is here! Raise yourdragon and build your army in the PvP quest to lift Excalibur andbecome King. Taste power and victory while making friends andenemies along the way. Chat, help, trade and wage war with playersaround the globe in a multiplayer adventure. King Arthur’s deathhas left an empty throne... Get ready to get medieval! The epicbattle to conquer the kingdom has started! ◆ War! Everywhere. Youand your army allies need to be prepared. Build up and upgrade yourbases and bulk up epic armies with a war strategy - you're not theonly ones with your eyes on the throne of the Empire! ◆ Multiplayerkingdom alliances! No man is an island. Whether you’re rallyingagainst a GvE Barbarian Leader or marching at a PvP bully, you’llneed allies you can trust. ◆ Send a spy to your enemies with yourtroops before waging war against the enemy castle! ◆ Dragons! Alegendary weapon of mass destruction. How will you train alegendary dragon to battle in your fantasy army? ◆ Chat & play!Easy-translation feature brings thousands of players from aroundthe world together in this real time multiplayer war. ◆ Strategy!Research and master army attack and defense skills to ensure youhave the edge over your magic enemies. Know when to be invisibleand when to order an invasion in this PvP adventure! ◆ Building!Build the foundations of an Empire strong enough to survive in adragon-fire war zone! ◆ Experience a realist gameplay in everymission. Manage and produce resources to build your army, conquerthe kingdom and win the throne! ◆ Epic free MMO fantasy adventure!The Legend of Camelot lives. Awesome monsters and dragons! Makestrategy your ally and build the greatest army of all times in thisRTS! Be one of the heroes of Avalon and become a myth! SUPPORT:https://funplus.aihelp.net/elva/FAQ/FAQList.aspx?l=en&SectionID=0&pf_app_id=993Privacy Policy: http://www.kingsgroup.cn/privacy_policy/diandian/enFacebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/koadw PLEASE NOTE: Kingof Avalon is completely free MMO to download and play, however someitems can also be purchased for real money. If you do not want touse this feature, please select password protection for purchasesin your Google Play Store app. A network connection is alsorequired. Do you want to be the hero of the kingdom army, the Kingof Avalon and become yourself the leader of an empire?
Guns of Glory: Build an Epic Army for the Kingdom 3.9.0
The cardinal has seized power and is blaming the king's death onthe musketeers! Fight to get your name cleaned! The musketeerscannot do it alone, you will need to build your own army andstrategy to achieve glory. Prepare your guns and swords, andtriumph in this RPG! For the king! Get ready for the next stage ofthis MMO war with the free Guns of Glory! GoG’s thrillingmultiplayer and RTS gameplay allow you to build your own powerfularmy and team up with friends from around the globe to shoot downenemies. Take your guns, prepare your strategy and army for battle,fight against the enemy and improve your castle! In Guns of Glory,you take the lead as a rising Lord in a Kingdom thrown into war! Tobecome supreme ruler and seize the Crown of Destiny from thedevious Cardinal, you’ll ally with the famous Three Musketeers,slay ferocious beasts (infernal bull, king rat or a zombie farmer)build your own magnificent Castle, engineer an unstoppable Airship,rally with friends to destroy enemies in this guns game! This gameis settled during the industrial revolution, the origin of thefirst pistols of powder and more deadly weapons. Be a legend on thebattlefield and get the winning shots. Create soldiers and upgradethem to complete the missions. Get gold and improve the stables foryour horses to be faster, it's all about time! This game is forkids, also girls, of all ages. Learn team resource management andcomplete each mission. Manage resources to create a strong soldierand improve your zeppelin. It is a real time battle, build yourarmy quickly and dominate the war field. You are the last guardianof the castle. Build a safe camp with different buildings to getbetter soldiers and beat the beasts. The castle must be thepriority, build a fortress to protect the throne. FEATURES:Strategy Warfare! Train an army of loyal Musketeers, manage yourresources, construct devious traps and raid your enemies intooblivion, all in order to claim the crown and turn your Allianceinto an unbeatable empire in the best of the kingdom games!Powerful Airships! In an era of emerging progress and science,shoot down enemies and lead the attack with deadly advancedaircraft for a new level of RTS warfare. How will you customizeyour own flying warship? World War! Seamless chat translationfeatures make GoG’s multiplayer RTS and RPG gameplay richer thanever before. Build your empire and a strong army. Immersive MMOWorld! Guns of Glory brings the world of the Three Musketeers tolife like you’ve never seen it before! Gorgeously rendered HDgraphics and vivid, beautiful empire make all the action in thisfree strategy MMORPG! Advanced RTS Combat! Set your own strategy toattack enemies and aid allies! Guns of Glory’s MMORPG gameplay letsyou customize your Airship, Estate, troops, buildings, equipment,tactics and more. Develop a MMO game strategy to fit your own armyin GoG and claim victory! Protect the throne now, in the best ofkingdom games! Empire Building! Construct a glorious fortifiedempire, master a range of devastating skills and arm yourself withindestructible weapons to ensure your survival and success in thisworld of MMO strategy war! SUPPORT Are you having problems?https://funplus.aihelp.net/elva/FAQ/FAQList.aspx?pf_app_id=996Privacy Policy: http://www.funplus.com/privacy_policy/ Facebookfanpage: www.facebook.com/gunsofglorygame PLEASE NOTE: Guns ofGlory is completely free to download and play, however, some gameitems can also be purchased for real money. If you do not want touse this feature, please select password protection for purchasesin your Google Play Store app. A network connection is alsorequired. Will you be able to claim Glory with the right strategy?
com.funplus.townkins.global 1.8.193
FREE 3D simulation game to farm, craft, build, dress, home, fish,cook and chat! Townkins: Wonderland Village is a 3D free to playsimulation game with beautiful graphics and an immersive, onlineworld that will capture your imagination and heart. Nurtureanimals, cultivate crops, cook dishes, and fish with your friends!Real-time interaction means you can invite friends to yourcustomized Town to chat and interact with your character! Alwayswanted to laugh at your friend's ridiculous outfit, while showingoff your own? Now you can, using real-time emotes! Bored? Host aparty, invite friends, and show off your stylish home! Countlesscustomization options means that no two Avatars or Towns look thesame; with a myriad of outfits, faces, hairstyles, and decorationsto choose from! Furnish your very own home with an endless varietyof wallpapers, flooring, and furniture! Get to know the quirkyTownkins as they send you on exciting adventures, and progressthrough the main storyline to unlock more mysterious townfolk! Playnow for free, and experience these fun, specialized features: •Farm and cook to complete orders and gain rewards! • Challenge yourfriends and compete in various competitions for prizes! • Completequests to unlock fascinating characters in an immersive world! •Specialize your skills by researching varied technologies! •Personalize your Avatar with dozens of hairstyles, clothes, anddifferent facial expressions! • Make your home sweet home with tonsof furniture, wallpaper, and flooring to choose from! • Design yourTown to your liking with your choice of decorations, paths, andbuildings! • Be inspired to cook tasty dishes and impress yourfriends! • Laugh, cry, and congratulate your friends with real-timeemotes! • Play plenty of mini-games to enjoy with your friends! AppNotes: • This app requires an active internet connection to play.Please make sure your device is connected while playing. •Townkins: Wonderland Village is completely free to download andfree to play. However, some items in the game may be purchased withreal money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disablein-app purchases in your device's settings. Contact Us: • Townkins:Wonderland Village Customer Support: contact_townkins@funplus.com •Need more Friends and want to receive game news and tips? Like 👍our official Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/Townkins/ • PrivacyPolicy: https://www.funplus.com/privacy_policy/ • Terms of Service:https://www.funplus.com/tos/
맨트라 1.17
라바 in 맨트라! 맨트라의 첫 특급 콜라보레이션 프로젝트! 레드와 옐로우 그리고 그 친구들을 지금 바로확인하세요!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------취향저격힐링 판타지MMORPG, 맨트라! 친구들과 천공의 성 루미아로 떠나는 유쾌한 바캉스! 밝은 톤과 세련된 컬러의조합!즐거운 모험과 에너지 넘치는 여행! 당신의 기억에 각인될 인생 최고의 판타지가 찾아옵니다! ▣ 해피 바캉스,여행을떠나요! 화려한 볼거리와 유쾌한 에너지가 가득찬 바캉스! MMORPG만의 광활한 필드와 스펙타클한 컨텐츠! ▣꿈꿔왔던판타지 세상! 귀염폭발! 아기자기한 캐릭터의 매력넘치는 모션과 사랑스러운 탈것들! 동화 같은 세계, 아름다운루미아월드가손안에 펼쳐진다! ▣ 강력한 반전매력! 다양한 직업! 사랑스러운 외모뒤에 숨겨진 8개의 강력한 직업과 특성!파티에 따라자유롭게 바꿀 수 있는 탱딜힐 포지션! ▣ 스릴 넘치는 던전과 레이드원정대 평화롭기만 하지 않은 루미아월드!파티원과 함께던전과 보스 레이드를 즐기세요! ▣ 전략이 필요한 PVP와 단체전 실시간으로 즐기는 PVP! 손맛살린액션으로 단체전의스타가 되어라! ▣ 레고? 레고레고~ 마이다스의 손! 레고 다루듯 다양한 아이템을 원하는 속성으로조립가능! 같은 아이템도조립에 따라 다양한 외형으로 탄생해요! ▣ 흥폭발, 페스티벌 가즈아! 신나는 댄스파티와 꿀잼터지는 물총놀이! 여유롭게바다낚시를 즐기고 친구에게 요리를 대접해보세요! ▣ 혼자가 아닌 모험! 커뮤니케이션 강화!친구와의 다양한 케미를 쌓자!공략가능한 NPC, 친분을 쌓으면 행운이 뜻밖의 찾아올수도..?! ▣ 커뮤니티공식카페:https://cafe.naver.com/lohonour/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/diandian.Mantra/Lava inMantra! Mantra's First Express Collaboration Project! RedandYellow and check them out rightnow!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Taste Sniper HealingFantasy MMORPG, Mantra! A delightful vacationleaving for friendsand friends in St. Lucia! Combination of brightcolors and stylishcolors! Fun adventure and energetic trip! Thebest fantasy of yourlife will come to you! ▣ Happy vacation, go ona trip! A holidayfilled with spectacular sights and delightfulenergy! MMORPG's vastfield and spectacular content! ▣ Fantasy worldI had dreamed of!Candy explosion! The charming motions of charmingcharacters andlovely ride! Fairy-tale world, beautiful Rumiah worldunfolds inyour hand! ▣ Powerful reversal charm! various jobs! 8powerfuloccupations and attributes hidden behind lovely looks! TangDelilhoposition to change freely according to the party! ▣Thrillingdungeons and raid expeditions Not just peaceful LumiaWorld!Dungeons and boss raids with party members! ▣ Strategic PVPandTeam Exhibition PVP to enjoy in real time! Become the star ofthegroup exhibition with the action that made the taste of thehand! ▣Lego? LEGO Lego ~ Midas hand! LEGO can be assembled withtheattributes you want to handle a variety of items! The sameitemalso comes in various shapes depending on the assembly! ▣HeungBum, a festival, Gauze! Exciting dance party and honey jampoppingwater gun play! Enjoy the sea fishing and treat your friendswithease! ▣ Adventure not alone! Enhanced communication! Let's haveavariety of chemi with friends! If you can acquire NPC, acquireagood fortune may come unexpected ..?! ▣ Community OfficialCafe:https://cafe.naver.com/lohonour/Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/diandian.Mantra/
com.diandian.legendofhonoursea 1.26
The very first 3D open-world MMORPG mobile game with the cutestart-style ever! An outbreak of cuteness! Free-to-build personalizedequipment! Embark on a free-exploring open world with friends ▣Powerful Abilities & Multiple Classes 8 kinds of ultimateclasses and attributes Switch between classes based on the needs ofyour team ▣ Adventurous instances with the raid expedition teamTurbulent, lush world of Lumia Challenge the instance & WorldBoss with your teammates ▣ Strategical PvP & Massive BattlesReal-time PVP Precise hit feedback & gameplay. Become the starof your team in battle. ▣ Let's go~ Turn stone into gold Assembleattributes and shape your items at will! ▣ An adventure meant for agroup of people Make various friends NPCs can be your friends aswell! The increase in positive feelings may bring about unexpectedsurprises! Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/LumiaSagaSEA/ Officialwebsite: http://lumiasaga.centurygame.com/