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Germinate: Protect Bod The Antibody From Viruses😉 1.9
In Germinate you must splat viruses and Grow, About The GameGerminate is a high score chaser where you have one goal to splatgerms! Each time you splat a virus and Bod the antibody will grow,try to stop viruses from hitting Bod as you will lose health andthat would be sad ☹️ How To Play ▪ Tap,Tap,Tap to Splat,Splat,Splat▪ Pick up hearts to regen health 💚 ▪ Pick up pills to decreasebod's size to keep him away from the viruses 💊 So what are youwaiting for? Download Now 😉
Dot Detective : The Dot Popping Memory Game 2
Dot Detective is all about memorising and popping dots! Aboutthegame In Dot Detective you will have until the timer runs outtomemorise the colored dots that appear on the grid. Make yourwaythrough 3 challenging stages each consisting of 10randomisedlevels. Stage 1 The game will give you a number of dotsto rememberand then when the time runs out you have to pop thecorrect dotsStage 2 In the same vein as the classic Simon Saysgames, the gamewill show you a sequence of one color in which youthen have tocopy in the order in which they appear Stage 3 similarto stage 2,but while in stage 2 the game will show you one coloreddot stage 3will have two colors only one of which you have toremember DotDetective has two modes, take your time with the casualmode orrace against the clock in the timed mode. The game hasslowprogression making it ideal for memory training So whether youlikethe classic Simon games or you're looking for something newDotDetective has something for everyone :) Features ▪Poppingdots▪Dark mode(black background) ▪Light mode( white background)▪Colorblind Setting ▪30 randomized levels ▪Three Stages▪Tenunlockable dot shapes ▪Ten unlockable achievements ▪Timedmode▪Casual mode So what are you waiting for Download Now
Paddle Match : pong inspired color matching game 2
About Paddle Match Paddle Match is a casual color matching gamewithone very simple goal to match the paddle color with thebouncingball color this may sound like a simple task but as youmove throughthe game more colors get thrown into the mix meaningyou’ll need thefastest reactions to achieve a high score. How ToPlay ▪ Tilt yourphone left and right to move the paddle ▪ Tap,Tap, Tap to changethe color of the paddle ▪ bounce the ball offthe paddle with theright color selected to score points Features ▪Fast-paced game-play▪ Crazy bouncing ball ▪ Six skins to unlock ▪High scoreleader-board ▪ Achievements to unlock ▪ Color bindsetting So whatare you waiting for? Download Now 😉 And have funmatching colors 😉