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crafting for minecraft 1.0
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crafting for minecraft
Craft Exploration Survival
Chajdiak LLC
Craft Exploration Survival is a block game ina 3G open world, which allow you to build everything in a 3Denvironment.In this incredible and totally free game you can destroy all theblocks, collect resources, survive and build a very beautifulbuildings.Easily place the building blocks you wish to place and buildanything you can imagine.This game contains a large number of different blocks with whichyou can mine and craft your own world.-Very nice texture in high resolution.-Very convenient and thoughtful game control.-High FPS, without compromise.-Great interface.Any complains or feedback please email us.
Exploration Craft Lite
Chajdiak LLC
Plunge into a mysterious forest, inspect allof the island, Manage to conquer all the mountain tops and swim allthe rivers and the sea! Learn to fly above the beautiful cubicworld! Advanced colorful graphics, even more gaming opportunities,more interesting and more fun! Come into the role of a bravetraveler, hunter, builder, architect, researcher, expert insurvival!This game will reveal your creativity, and contribute to thedevelopment of your creativity!Benefits:- Very nice texture in high resolution- Unsurpassed interface- Very handy and convenient game controls- High FPS, without compromise- Even more options for creativity without limits- For children and adultsAny complains or feedback please email us.