Chan Wai Shing Apps

HK Rain 2.1.0
Planning for an outdoor activity but worry about the weather? Doyou want to know the possibility of rain on a particular day? Noproblem! Our app can provide you reference information andprediction of rain, temperature and humidity in the future twoyears by analyzing the past weather data from Hong Kong Observatorysince 1900. The prediction help you decide the outdoor activitydate and avoid the rain. Try it out right now! (The prediction isfor reference only)
Find Cat Save Dog 2.5.1
Purpose: When a stray or lost cat or dog is found on the street,you can quickly contact a nearby volunteer helper to do the rescue.At the same time, the pet owners can easily locate their lost pet.Supported Region: Hong Kong Usage: (1) When you discover cats anddogs on the street, you can immediately upload their photos to“Find Cat and Save Dog” by mobile phone, (or repost the informationfrom the website/facebook), enter the time and location ofdiscovery, characteristics, etc., so that surrounding volunteerscan immediately get to the place for the rescue. (2) Theowners/volunteers can input the characteristics, time and place ofthe lost pet, and “Find Cat Save Dog” will match with its databaseand notify the post authors. Advantages: (1) Wide Territoriality:no longer limited to a certain area, or individual volunteergroups, so as to condense more manpower. (2) Feature matching: noneed to find a needle in a haystack, group by group, or even postby post. Just enter the screening features/conditions, and “FindCat Save Dog” will make a match, making it easier for the owners tofind their pets and for the pet founder to contact nearbyvolunteers. (3) Push notification: You can choose to receive pushnotification from your preferred setting. When there are stray/lostpets in your selected area, it sends out push notification to youso that you don’t have to receive irrelevant information. (4)Initiative: Volunteers don't have to spend time on browsingfacebook/groups/websites but “Find Cat Save Dog” will notify you.(5) Immediacy: No longer spending time on posting on the website orfacebook group but fearing that others will miss it. By the use ofthis app, you can promptly release information whilst thevolunteers receive it at once to avoid missing any rescue time.
HK Travel Info 1.1.0
​If you are planning a trip to Hong Kong or traveling in HongKongright now, this app should be a best choice for you. "HKTravelInfo" lists out the information and tips for you to prepareyourtrip in Hong Kong! Classified into: Transport DiningWeatherAccommodation Shopping Entertainment Utility Each categorycontainsa number of tips to let you know more about Hong Kong.There arealso some recommended apps with editor's comments so thatyou canmake use of the desirable apps to have the mostconvenientexperience in Hong Kong. Most of the tips are very usefuland moreare coming soon. Do not miss it, download it now!