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Snowdown Clash - Fun Run Crush 1.1.5
An epic clash between boys and girls, no zombies or monstersinvolved. Surf through fancy costumes and characters of allfashions – even a relative of Iron Man’s is there for the taking –dress up, fight and make up, all in a dash of snowballs. Get angry,gather fast your trigger happy minions or the slow shooters and doyour best to go out in a blaze of glory, because your enemies willbe dead serious about it. Any lesser effort could spell disasterfor your team and despicable things will come your way. Trust yourteammates, your skill, determination and don’t count out dumb luck.Crash the party, run over the city and win the real heroic race tothe top before you hit the hay. Join the free, multiplayer, online,blitz competition. Let yourself drift into this little gem of agame and become a star! - Beautiful Artwork and Graphics- Inviteyour friends, train together and customize your character withawesome gear. Your enemies will be green with envy- Use power-upsand special snowballs to smash your enemies and become the top dog-Snowball fighting has never been as easy and as fun. Join thewinter frenzy now.
Towers of Chaos- Demon Defense 1.2.0
The best strategy and arcade tower defense TDGAME in a fantasy kingdom giving you an epic adventure.In search for revenge, ages ago, soul thirsty demons have risenupon the human kind to destroy everything in their path. Takecommand of towers with special abilities to build your defenseagainst endless waves of invading demons and protect your kingdom!Defend your Castle clash from despicable monsters that want todestroy your tower.Towers of Chaos: Demon Defense HD is the best FREE tower defensegame combining social gaming with addictive fast-paced gameplay andquick strategy. Build your arsenal with the help of your friendsand defeat the trolls demons lair dungeon.Unlock more towers as you play and upgrade them with the use ofmythical Gems and Scrolls hidden within the demons themselves.Monsters will want to com2us and crush your castle because it isthe most wanted by the demons, and you have to use your Towerdefense TD strategy to defend it.Use the Workshop to view your tiny items, get new Scrolls orWeapons and send gifts to your friends.Play across 20 unique maps with vibrant hand-crafted graphicsillustrating environments from 4 forgotten worlds including WinterTrouble, Inferno Playground, Eden Fields and Fantasy Mountains.Play on multiple devices with seamless Facebook synchronizationand always be up to date with your friends' game progress.You can add traps and drag racing monsters to your town. You candefend your team when zombies will ate your friends. Gems will helpyou finish the robo defense journey faster.Monsters will run to your temple to destroy it and you have todefend your empire and win the battle.Unleash the true Towers Commander within you and be the first ofyour friends! This game is HD and does not contain any jelly toy orcandy style graphics.GAME FEATURES- 20 Addictive Levels with epic soundtracks- 15 Magical Scrolls to upgrade your Towers- 10 Hidden scrolls waiting to be found- 8 Demons to unleash as you play trough the game- 4 Different Towers with magic abilities- 4 Unique Mythical World Themes- 3 Special Deadly Weapons- 3 Levels of Difficulty- 3 In game power levels for each tower- Custom Workshop to trade gems and upgrade your TowersSOCIAL FEATURES- Facebook Login and seamless synchronization- Invite friends and receive bonuses- Ask friends for free items like weapons, scrolls or gems- Send and receive all kinds of free gifts to your friends- Facebook Leaderboards and ActionsAdded HD graphics 1080p and above for tablets and FULL HD phonesfor FREE.
Zon - Fill the Space 1.0
Zon - Fill the Space is an reverse mechanicofthe oldskool game Volfied, a puzzle game in which the timeofreaction and attention span is vital.In Zon - Fill the Space you have to fill up the area withspatialcells without getting caught by enemies or bosses, win thegame whenhe space is filled with zon's.Tap on the area, inflate a cell(zon) release to drop in intothearena, if an enemy touches the zon while inflating , the zonislost.From time to time you will receive power-ups, that canbecollected by inflating a zon on them. You have power-upslikedestroy, freeze, absorb, add time or split the zon.Features:- simple, fun and challenging gameplay- cool power ups- 80 levels- tricky bosses- optimized for older devices and toilet gamingShow some love; support and share:Facebook:
Outsiders Pro 1.0
Charge Studios
Prepare for one of the most intense andfastdefending game ever!Use the orb you control to push out of the arena and destroythehigh-speed enemy balls.Be careful though not to let the ball you protect leaveitssurrounding boundary.Defend with fast reflexes and reactions throughout 40levels,featuring 4 beautifully drawn arenas. Enjoy the carefullydrawnartwork as you progress through the game.Thinking the game might be too easy? Embrace yourself as youface4 unique, both in art and mechanics wise, bosses. Thesespecialencounters are guaranteed to keep you on the edge and canonly bewon by lightning fast reflexes and gaining an understandingfortheir unique patterns.To aid you in this game are 4 types of upgrades rangingfrommodifying the size of your own ball, to expanding the boundaryinwhich the defending objective must remain. Gather pointsandacquire upgrades by pushing the invaders out of the arenas;andremember, the faster you drive them out, the more pointsyouget.Think you got what it takes to defeat the final boss?What's New:- Fast and entertaining gameplay- 40 unique levels to go through- 4 worlds with 4 different arenas- 4 bosses to defeat along the wayShow some love; support and share:Facebook: