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Chat to learn English 4.7.0
Chat to learn English (Hellolingo) - A social platform and languageexchange - chatting with native people are simple!Features:• Voicechat and type chat in English with real partner.• Sample sentenceswill help you speak fluently.• Translate tools with over 50languages.• Add friend to connect longer.• Save your history toreview for conversation.• It’s fast, easy and fun way to improveyour english skills.With Hello lingo - For improving your EnglishSkills, nothing can replace face-to-face talking.
Easy Listening English 1.8
Easy Listening English is useful for improvinglistening and reading skill with simple sentences. It makes youcheerful while learning.☆ There are 3 levels.☆ Over 400 brief articles in English and standard voice.☆ Easy to learn, remember and easy to use.☆ Very useful for beginner.☆ 100% free.
English Korean Dictionary 영어사전 1.1901.0
English – Korean dictionary – a multi-lingual complied anddeveloped with the non-profit purpose by an enthusiast of foreignlanguages and ICT. English – Korean dictionary consists of thefollowing database Korean – English, English – Korean with EnglishTalking databases. The English – Korean and Korean – English oneshave approximately more than 150.000 entries respectively includingnot only commons words and phrases but also terms of various areassuch as business, finance, technology, natural sciences, etc.Typically, the dictionary has a database with more than 3000English – Korean common words, which is update everyday can helpusers research for words easily. This app works offline and doesnot include any pieces of adware Save history and favoritewords/phrases is a key feature of English – Korean dictionary.Support to note important words in database of dictionary. Pop-uphelp you research words easily, even not open this app. Does notstore its database on device’s internal memory. Instead, thedatabases are all kept on SD Card. Dictionary English – Korean hasgraphical user interface, completely in English with cleardefinitions and tidy layout of definition page.
English French Dictionary 1.0.4
English – French dictionary – amulti-lingualcomplied and developed with the non-profit purpose byan enthusiastof foreign languages and ICT.English – French dictionary consists of the followingdatabaseFrench – English, English – French with EnglishTalkingdatabases.The English – French and French – English ones haveapproximatelymore than 150.000 entries respectively including notonly commonswords and phrases but also terms of various areas suchas business,finance, technology, natural sciences, etc.Typically, the dictionary has a database with more than 3000English– French common words, which is update everyday can helpusersresearch for words easily.This app works offline and does not include any piecesofadwareSave history and favorite words/phrases is a key feature ofEnglish– French dictionary.Support to note important words in database of dictionary.Pop-up help you research words easily, even not open thisapp.Does not store its database on device’s internal memory.Instead,the databases are all kept on SD Card.Dictionary English – French has graphical user interface,completelyin English with clear definitions and tidy layout ofdefinitionpage.
Kids TV : Baby songs 1.0.5
Kids TV : Baby songs is a collection consistoffavorite and popular songs on YouTube such as:☆ Wheels on the Bus☆ Ants Go Marching☆ Five Little Monkeys☆ Five Little Ducks☆ The Alphabet Song☆ . . .Kids TV : Baby songs is designed for ages 2+ to helps babylearnpopular songs in a fun and creative way.☆ Wheels on the BusSing with the happy bus and its passengers as it travels aroundthetown. This bus has it all: wipers, horn, mom, baby, andmore.☆ Ants Go MarchingHurrah! Ten busy ants march down the path to get out of therain.The little ant leads the way and performs the action ofeachverse.☆ Five Little MonkeysThis counting song features five unique monkeys that love tojump.Each time a monkey bumps his head, mom calls the doctor untilthereare no monkeys left.Keywords: baby songs, kids TV, kids songs, rhythm for kids,songsfor kids, songs for preschool.
Exame - Mini toeic 1.2
Exame (Mini toeic) – The best method to increase your EnglishSkills.Improve your English skills with Exame – English TestPreparation Application, especially for English contestants.Usefulfor person who is preparing for English examination.The mainfeatures: - Listening and reading comprehension exams. - NoInternet connection is required. - Diverse lessons and topicupdated monthly. - Statistics feature tracking your learningprogress. - User-friendly design. - All text, photo, and audio arecontained within the application. - English Certificate ofAchievement. - Easy to use.Exame is divided into threecategories:Listening Comprehension: consist of photographs,question-response, conversations and short talks.ReadingComprehension: include: Incomplete sentences, error recognition(text completion) and reading comprehension.Full Test: 20 EnglishSimulation Tests for test takers to try!The English is the key toyour career. To get a score as high as possible, let’s download theapplication “Exame” and try to improve your score every day!
English Listen & Write 1.1806.3
Would you like to improve your English skills, especially listeningand writing skills? With “ Basic English Listening”, you can trainyour English pronunciation, Speaking and Listening skills.If youare looking for an application to improve your English skills andhelp you speak English more fluently, “ Basic English Listening” issuitable for you. This app also contains various example sentencesof English daily life.You can also practice with your friends, oryour partner. This app trains your speaking skills anywhere – athome, on the go, on the couch, at your desk, in bed, on a businesstrip or on holiday. Learn in your own comfort and at your ownspeed.Key Features:☆ 6 sections from basic to advanced level foryou to choose☆ 60 lessons with more than 200 English sentences foryou to practice☆ Useful for English learner and free 100%☆ Onlineand offline mode are available☆ User – friendly design ☆ Easy touse☆ Statistics feature tracking your learning progress“BasicEnglish Listening” is an app helps you to improve your Writing andSpeaking skills naturally and easily. Learning English will beeasier.
Ice5 (i5) - Learn 5 words everyday (in English) 3.4.0
Ice5 - Learn 5 words everyday- Ice5 is a new method of learningEnglish vocabulary app for starter.- Ice5 is a very interesting andeasy app to use.✔ How to learn English? What we've got in thisapp?- This English app use Leitner system as the key method withthe technique of repeating vocabulary, which make learning hasnever been more effective than ever! - Vocabularies are dividedinto daily life subjects to learn. Your mission is just completelearning all 5 new English words everyday. - After enduring periodtime of using Ice5, you will see how surprised you are about yourvocabulary, it will be increased so impressively in the mosteffective and easiest way that you can use them regularly in yourlife! » In the end, all you have to do is just open this app andlearn EVERYDAY!✔ What would you receive?- Approximately 4000 wordsand phrases are carefully collecting from Oxford Dictionary with astandard native English speaker’s voices! Besides that, all thewords are translated into many other languages. You can select oneto learn!- Various vocabulary with 55 subjects from beginner toadvanced! Ice5 helps you to track your progress every moment!✔ IsIce5 fun?- Learning through play with some fun games. Especially,Ice5 can help you to improve speaking skills like a native Englishspeaker.- The words are repeated smartly basing on Leitner studymethod making vocabulary never be boring anymore. It also helps uto improve reading skills- Ice5 is suitable for your needs andhobbies to learn through choosing your favorite subjects! (yeah!it's fun)- Hot! Hot! hot 8 days learning English with Ice5 and youwill get an amazing result.Ice 5 - English vocabulary beginer. Wishucan master your english with Ice5!✔ ContactFanpage: [email protected]