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儿童宝贝认动物 1.1
儿童宝贝认动物是一款专门为儿童和宝宝打造的一款动物认知类的应用,游戏中有数十种常见的动物供小朋友认识。游戏分为“认动物”“动物点名”“动物诊所”“动物农场”等四个横块,以生动有趣的小游戏的方式教小朋友认识动物。Children Baby Animals isa recognized specifically for children and baby animals to createan awareness class applications, dozens of games for children tounderstand the common animals. Games are divided into "recognizeanimals," "Animal naming" "Animal Clinic," "Animal Farm" and fourhorizontal blocks to interesting little game to teach children tounderstand the way animals.
儿童宝贝数学乐园 1.2
儿童宝贝数学乐园是儿童宝贝系列的创新儿童早教应用,通过游戏中嵌入数学知识(包括加法、减法、数数、比较大小等),游戏的内容生动有趣,教学知识形象容易接受,是陪伴孩子成长的精品应用,让你的孩子轻松愉快的学到数学知识。Children are childrenBaby Baby Math park early childhood series of innovativeapplications, embedded mathematical knowledge (including addition,subtraction, counting, comparing size, etc.) through the game, thecontent of the game interesting, easy to accept the image ofteaching knowledge, is to accompany children to grow boutiqueapplication, let your child learn math pleasant.
儿童宝宝学数字 1.0.16
儿童宝宝早教乐园系列儿童教育应用是根据教育部最新颁布的《3-6岁儿童学习与发展指南》,充分研究了3-6岁幼儿学习与发展的基本规律和特点,激发孩子的学习兴趣,同时又防止学前教育小学化,让你的孩子在娱乐中学到知识。精美的画面配合生动的动画,让你的宝宝学得开心,家长放心,让您的孩子赢在起跑线上。贝贝学数字能让您的孩子在轻松愉快的游戏中逐渐学会100以内的数字。游戏内容分为:1、数字0-9的学习2、0-100的数数学习。3、数一数树上有几个水果。4、切水果小游戏。5、连线游戏Children Baby EarlyLearning educational applications for children park series is basedon "learning and development of children aged 3-6 Guide" issued bythe Ministry of Education newest, fully investigated andcharacteristics of the basic laws of 3-6 years old children'slearning and development, stimulate children's interest inlearning, while preventing pre-primary school of, let your childlearn knowledge in entertainment. Beautiful picture with vividanimation, make your baby happy to learn that parents be assuredthat your child win at the starting line.    Babe figures allow your child to learn in arelaxed gradually learn the game within the number 100.    Game content is divided into:    1, 0-9 learning    2,0-100 the count to learn.    3, count a few fruit trees.    4, cut fruit game.    5, line games
儿童宝宝学唐诗 1.9
“熟读唐诗三百首,不会作诗也会吟”,用唐诗陶冶宝宝的情操,对宝宝的进行传统文化培养,培养宝宝的语言韵律感,提高孩子的情商。采用了专业的配音朗读,对诗词进行了解释,配以诗的内容相符的场景动画帮助宝宝理解诗的内容。"Familiar with the ThreeHundred Tang Poems, a poem will chant", with Tang cultivate baby'ssentiments, the traditional culture of the baby train, develop yourbaby's language of rhythm, to improve the child's emotionalintelligence. Using a professional voice reading of poetryexplained, consistent with the content of poetry scene animation tohelp your baby understand the content of the poem.
Kids Game:Baby Learn ABC 1.6
The game combines the letters go kart (babycan help koala control kart way to eat a letter letter score),Lianliankan, alphabet song, letters and drag Le (letters puzzle),learn the words test module and other small game, high qualitypicture and cartoon animation, lovely game screen, sweet babynursery rhymes. Through playing games for kids know 26 letters oflearning in the puzzle game, teach children the sounds of theletters, and some simple words, eyes, hands, brain move together,the cultivation of comprehensive ability of small friends fromchildhood. In the process of learning and entertainment can beparent-child interaction, good fun, entertaining, training oflogical thinking, enlightenment education.
儿童宝宝早教乐园 1.12
《儿童宝宝早教乐园》是贝乐游公司最新出品的儿童早教游戏平台,应用根据教育部最新颁布的《3-6岁儿童学习与发展指南》进行策划,充分研究了3-6岁幼儿学习与发展的基本规律和特点,激发孩子的学习兴趣,同时又防止学前教育小学化,让你的孩子在娱乐中学到知识。精美的画面配合生动的动画,让你的宝宝学得开心,家长放心,让您的孩子赢在起跑线上。应用包括了“启蒙教育”、“益智游戏”、“快乐农场”、“艺术天堂”、“早教认知”等五大模块,涵盖了认知、娱乐、学习等多方面的内容,后续会一直更新内容,大家快来下载吧。"Baby PreschoolChildren's Paradise" is Tony Le Tour's newly published children'searly education gaming platform, applications based on "learningand development of children aged 3-6 Guide" issued by the Ministryof Education, the latest plan, fully studied the 3-6 year-oldchildren to learn and The basic rules and characteristics ofdevelopment, stimulate children's interest in learning, whilepreventing pre-primary school of, let your child learn knowledge inentertainment. Beautiful picture with vivid animation, make yourbaby happy to learn that parents be assured that your child win atthe starting line.    Applications include the "elementaryeducation", "puzzle game", "Happy Farm", "art heaven", "earlychildhood cognitive" and other five modules, covering a wide rangeof content knowledge, entertainment, learning, follow-up would havebeen updates, we come to download it.
儿童宝贝认交通工具 1.0.0
儿童宝宝幼儿园 1.1
不知道宝宝在小的时候该如何培养么?没关系《儿童宝宝幼儿园》,是一个可爱的小老师!让小宝宝聪明健康成长.精美的画面配合生动的音效,让小宝宝在玩耍中学到知识,游戏中融合了数学,音乐,美术,英语,逻辑思维等全方位的早教内容。1 .【拖拖乐】拖动上方物品到下方匹配位置找到物品之间的匹配关系。2.【加减乘除】学会100以内的数字,以及简单的加减乘除法,让小孩的学习数学知识3.【弹钢琴】10首好听的儿歌曲谱,宝宝可以跟着曲谱的指引弹奏歌曲,也可以让手机自动演奏儿歌。4【小画家】促进儿童对颜色,形状的认知。5【字母儿歌】让小朋友认识26个英文字母,会唱abc字母歌.I do not know when thebaby is in a small how to cultivate it? Okay "baby nursery forchildren" is a cute little teacher! Make smart healthy growth ofthe baby. Exquisite picture with vivid sound, so that small babyplaying secondary to knowledge, game combines mathematics, music,art, English, logical thinking, such as a full range of earlychildhood content.1 [music] drag mop top to bottom to match the location to finditems matching relationship between items. [2] learn addition,subtraction number 100 within, as well as simple addition andsubtraction multiplication and division, let the children learn toplay the piano mathematical knowledge [3] 10 songs nice scores,scores baby can follow the guidelines of playing songs, also allowsthe phone to automatically play songs. 4 [Paint] promote awarenessof children of color and shape. 5 [songs] to enable children torecognize letters 26 letters of the alphabet, abc will sing thealphabet song.
儿童宝贝智慧拼图 1.0.1
儿童宝宝智慧拼图是一款益智类的娱乐游戏,让小朋友在快乐趣味的拼图游戏中认识世界,活跃思维,开拓视野!只要按住某一块拼图,拖动到正确位置的附近,则拼图会自动调整到正确位置,如果位置不正确则会摆动几下,只要将所有拼图都拖到正确的位置则游戏过关,过关后则获得一颗红心,让各种交通工具都动起来。让小朋友在益智游戏中,眼、手、脑一起动,从小培养小朋友的综合能力,锻炼敏捷的思维,活跃思路,开阔眼界。Children baby wisdompuzzle is a puzzle arcade game, let the children understand theworld in a happy fun puzzle in active thinking, broaden theirhorizons! Just hold down a piece of the puzzle, drag it to thecorrect location nearby, the puzzle will automatically adjust tothe correct position, if the position is not correct swing a fewtimes, as long as all the puzzles have dragged the game the rightposition to cross the border, after clearance then get a red heart,let the various modes of transport are moving up. Let the childrenin the puzzle game, eyes, hands, brain move together, are youngchildren in the comprehensive ability, exercise quick thinking,active thinking, broaden their horizons.
儿童宝宝教育故事 1.7
儿童宝宝教育故事是最新推出的儿童宝宝系列教育游戏,游戏以一系列生动有趣的故事为主线,在故事中穿插着各种知识(包括学前教育内容,生活常识,生活好习惯等),对宝宝进行潜移默化的教育,让您的宝宝在轻松愉快的过程中又能学到许多知识,从小养成良好的生活习惯。Children's story is thelatest baby education baby series of educational games forchildren, games, a series of interesting stories to the main line,interspersed with a variety of knowledge (including pre-schoolcontent, knowledge of life, living the good habits, etc.) in thestory of the baby be subtle education, so that your baby in arelaxed and enjoyable process and can learn a lot of knowledge, todevelop good habits from an early age.
Kids Game:Hit Mole-Mole Killer 1.0.14
Whac-a-mole is a full and interesting of theleisure game. Training children reaction ability. Be absorbed in,and around the eye, both hands are responsible for their own sidewill be more effective. Requires not only fast, but also should beaccurate, because sometimes impatient, may hit the wrong, becareful oh! Exquisite picture of the game, you do not like to playexperience. Destroy the hamster. The game also into the duck huntgame module. Advise parents to accompany children play the game, togive guidance and education in the course of the game.
儿童宝宝认交通工具 1.0.2
儿童宝宝学颜色 1.2
贝贝乐园系列儿童教育应用是根据教育部最新颁布的《3-6岁儿童学习与发展指南》,充分研究了3-6岁幼儿学习与发展的基本规律和特点,激发孩子的学习兴趣,同时又防止学前教育小学化,让你的孩子在娱乐中学到知识。精美的画面配合生动的动画,让你的宝宝学得开心,家长放心,让您的孩子赢在起跑线上。贝贝学颜色是针对儿童对颜色认知学习精心设计的一款好玩的游戏,画面精美色彩丰富,5个不同的可配色场景动物园、公路、海底世界、沙滩、游乐园,宝宝可以对游戏场景中的每个部件进行单独配色创造出属于自己的作品。研究表明在早期教育中,颜色的教育非常有利于发展宝宝的辨别力、欣赏力、美的感受力,以及想象力、绘画能力。另外,通过辨认颜色让宝宝更容易养成好的观察的能力和习惯。建议父母陪同孩子玩该游戏,在游戏过程中给予指导与教育Babe Paradise series ofchildren's educational applications are based on "learning anddevelopment of children aged 3-6 Guide" issued by the Ministry ofEducation's latest fully investigated and characteristics of thebasic laws of 3-6 years old children's learning and development,stimulate children's interest in learning, while preschool andprimary prevention of, let your child learn the knowledge andentertainment. Beautiful picture with vivid animation, let yourbaby learn fun, parents assured that your kids win at the startingline.    Babe school for children of color is thecolor of a well-designed cognitive learning fun game, richbeautiful color screen, five different scenarios can color the zoo,highways, Underwater World, beaches, amusement parks, the baby cangame scenes Each individual color components to create their ownworks. Studies show that early education, the color is veryconducive to the development of educational baby discernment,appreciation of the U.S. sensibility and imagination, drawingability. In addition, by identifying the color of your baby easierto develop good observation skills and habits. Recommend thatparents accompany children to play the game, to give guidance andeducation in the course of the game
儿童宝宝认水果 1.0.2
儿童宝宝学汉字 1.0.1
《儿童宝宝学汉字》是一款针对2至6岁学前儿童成长的特点,精心打造幼儿专属产品,其中设计的六个游戏模块学一学、写一写、认一认、翻翻乐、点点乐、汉字连线拥有精美鲜艳生动的画质,配有甜美标准的真人发音,以达到教育的目的和效果,让你的宝宝在轻松愉快的过程中学习和成长。整个游戏从学到写以及测验,使宝宝能真正记牢掌握。学一学提供生动有趣的汉字图片,诠释汉字的意义,并通过对每个汉字的拼音,发音进行有效学习。认一认对之前学习过的汉字进行测试,简单易操作,让孩子在游戏掌握知识。写一写对汉字的临摹,做到真正掌握学会书写的目的。翻翻乐翻出相同的汉字可以对小朋友的记忆进行锻炼。点点乐和汉字连线用不同的游戏方式对孩子的学习成果进行测试。"Children learn Chinesecharacters Baby" is a children's growth characteristics for 2-6year-old former school, well-built young children proprietaryproducts, including six game design module learn a science, towrite about, know now, looking through the music, little music,characters connections beautifully vivid picture quality, with asweet standard human voice, to achieve the purpose and effect ofeducation, let your baby to learn and grow in a relaxed andenjoyable process. From the entire game and learn to write tests,so that the baby can really remember the simplicity grasp. Learn ascience offers interesting characters picture, the interpretationof the meaning of Chinese characters, and through each character'spinyin pronunciation for effective learning. Know now learnedChinese characters before the test, easy to operate, so thatchildren acquire knowledge in the game. Write a written copy ofChinese characters, learn to truly grasp the purpose of writing.Looking through the music pulls the same characters can exercisechildren's memories. Little music and characters to connect withdifferent ways to play the child's learning outcomes to betested.
儿童宝宝爱钓鱼 1.0
儿童宝宝爱钓鱼是一款非常火爆的儿童钓鱼游戏,在茫茫的大海里,有各种各样的怪鱼等作你的宝宝来钓。本游戏将儿童数学、加减法、学字母、学汉字容入到了游戏中,让你的孩子边玩游戏边学知识,学知识再也不枯燥了。游戏的玩法也很多哦,有钓鱼、捕鱼、叉鱼等。Children baby lovefishing is a very popular fishing game for children, in the vastsea, there are a variety of Hawaii, etc. for your baby to catch.This game will be children's math, addition and subtraction,learning letters, learning Chinese characters Yung into the game,let your child while playing knowledge, knowledge no longer boring.Gameplay is also a lot of oh, fishing, fishing, fish fork.
儿童宝宝爱找茬 1.0.0
儿童宝宝爱找茬是一款颇具游戏乐趣又不失教育意义的儿童早教游戏,提高宝宝观察能力,宝爸宝妈们赶快来跟宝宝一起找茬吧,看看谁家宝宝找的又快又准!游戏有40个不同的场景供宝宝找茬。宝宝们快擦亮你的眼睛比比谁找的最多,获得的星星最多。Children baby lovefinding fault is a fairly fun game yet educational early childhoodgame, improve the ability to observe the baby, who treasure dadBaoma hurry to find fault with the baby together, and see someonelooking for quick and accurate baby!    The game has 40 different scenes for babyfinding fault.    Babies fast polish your eyes looking upthan anyone else, the stars get up to.
儿童宝宝数字游戏 1.0.2
儿童宝宝早教系列儿童教育应用是根据教育部最新颁布的《3-6岁儿童学习与发展指南》,充分研究了3-6岁幼儿学习与发展的基本规律和特点,激发孩子的学习兴趣,同时又防止学前教育小学化,让你的孩子在娱乐中学到知识。精美的画面配合生动的动画,让你的宝宝学得开心,家长放心,让您的孩子赢在起跑线上。儿童宝宝数字游戏能让您的孩子在轻松愉快的游戏中慢慢学会100以内的数字。游戏包含了四个分类:1、0-9的数字学习,通过把0-9的数字比喻成生活中常见的事物来加深孩子对数字的理解。2、数一数树上有几个水果来考研孩子的数数能力,树上会随机出现1-10个水果,只有数对了水果个数,才能进入下一题。3、0-100的数字数数,教会孩子数100以内的数字。4、在学习之余还能通过玩切水果的游戏来放松一下,劳逸结合才能达到最好的学习效率。Children Baby EarlyLearning Series childhood education application is based on"learning and development of children aged 3-6 Guide" issued by theMinistry of Education, the latest, fully investigated andcharacteristics of the basic laws of 3-6 years old children'slearning and development, stimulate children's interest inlearning, while preschool and elementary school-based prevention,let your child learn knowledge in entertainment. Beautiful picturewith vivid animation, make your baby happy to learn that parents beassured that your child win at the starting line.    Children Baby numbers game allows yourchild in a relaxed game slowly learn numbers 100 or less.    Game contains four categories: digitallearning 1,0-9 through 0-9 likened the common things in life todeepen children's understanding of numbers. 2, count a few fruittrees to PubMed child's ability to count the number of trees willrandomly appear 1-10 fruits, only a few of a number of fruits, inorder to proceed to the next question. Digital count 3,0-100, thedigital number 100 children within the church. 4, In the study butalso by playing a game cut fruit to relax and rest in order toachieve the best learning efficiency.
Kids Game:Baby Game Park 1.11.0
A game for children below 6 years old , letyour child to knowledge in entertainment, can effectively promotethe children of color, shape recognition, basic mathematicalability raise children, inspiration children's imagination andcreativity. Beautiful picture with vivid game music and soundeffects as well as the sweet sound of a human voice, let your babylearn happy, have fun. Advise parents to accompany play, giveguidance and education.9 different games:1 [To Tuo] Drag the above items to find itemsbelow between matching position.2 [Math] Click the right answer,let the children learn mathematics. 3[Memory] Click test memoryappeared to digital. 4 [Link] Click two pictures of the samepicture, the picture is not too many obstacles. 5 [Piano] the first10 songs music, the baby can follow the guidelines for playingsongs, also can let a mobile phone automatic playing songs. 6[Farm]animal farm to help children understand the little animal. 7[Wipe]let the child understand effective 12 zodiac scratch. 8 [painter]promote the children of color, shape recognition. 9 [letter] let'ssmall friends 26 English letters, ABC would sing the alphabetsong.
儿童宝宝认动物 1.0.3
儿童宝宝学拼音 1.0.6
儿童宝宝学拼音》是一款针对2至6岁学前儿童成长的特点,精心打造幼儿专属产品,其中设计的8个游戏模块:1、声母学习(认识和学习声母的发音)2、韵母学习(认识和学习韵母的发音)3、整体认读音节(认识和学习声母韵母一起发音)4、学写字母(练习每个字母的写法)5、字母表(可以方便查看所有声母、韵母及整体读音)6、卡片记忆(考验孩子的记忆力)7、字母点击(根据右边提示点击正确的气球)8、字母射击游戏(让宝宝驾驶飞机通过点击飞机前方出现的字母气球来发射导弹击落气球)每个模块都采用精美鲜艳生动的画质再配上甜美标准的真人发音,以达到更好的教学成果,让你的宝宝在轻松愉快的游戏中学习和成长。Children learn Pinyinbaby "is a child development characteristics for 2-6 year-oldformer school, well-built young children proprietary products,including the design of eight games modules:1, initials learning (knowledge and learning consonantpronunciation)2, vowels learning (knowledge and learning vowelpronunciation)3, to recognize and read the whole syllable (consonant vowelpronunciation understanding and learning together)4, learn to write letters (to practice writing each letter)5, alphabet (you can easily view all consonants, vowels and overallpronunciation)6, card memory (memory test kids)7, letters click (based on the right of the prompt click on thecorrect balloon)8, letters shooter (let the baby in front of the aircraft to fly aplane by clicking on the letters appeared to launch a missile toshoot down a balloon balloons)Each module uses beautiful vivid picture quality matched with asweet standard pronunciation live, in order to achieve betterteaching results, let your baby to learn and grow in a relaxed andenjoyable game.
Kids Game:Baby Learn Math 2.0.2
This is an educational math game for yourchildren and why not, maybe for everyone(this is a good brain testand you can improve your math calculations speed). After playingthis cool math game, your kids definitely will calculatefaster.This educational game is a unique one, becauseIMPORTANT NOTE: This game does not use any Notification Bar Ads. Inour kids games, we have turned off any Gambling, Politics, Religionand Age Appropriate Ads.#1)The questions(math equations) are generated dynamically, so youwill get new questions each time you play the game.In this game you will find many different types of mathoperations+,-,/,*,finding the greatest number, finding the smallestnumber.This is a perfect and cool math workout for your kids and a perfectchallenge for you! One of the best and cool games for kids.Baby learn math will definitely help your kid to make more progressin school math.
Kids Game:Baby Puzzle Game 1.0.8
"Kids Baby Puzzle Game" is designedspecifically for children of a scene to identify the object puzzlegame, 1 years old baby can start to use. In the course of the gamein the scene, not only improve children's practical ability,general ability, cultivate a child's pronunciation.The game features:The 4 Scene (numbers, letters, plane geometry, solid geometry), 54kinds of basic cognitiveEasy to use game processImage mosaic objects beautiful beautifulTo adapt to a variety of high resolution screen resolution, supportplatePlay:First of all, in the main game interface click start to get intothe game, and select an object to puzzle, spell success, not onlythe object.Shows the name of the picture, will be accompanied bypronunciation.Specific classification:Digital series:0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9Series of letters:A, B, C, D, e, F, G, h, I, J, K, l, m, N, O, P, Q, R, s, t, u, V,W, x, y, ZShape series:A square, round, ellipse, rectangle, triangle, polygon,trapezoidal, heart-shaped, five pointed star, diamondThe three-dimensional graphics series:Cylinder, cone, sphere, cube, ellipsoid, cuboid, prism,pyramid
儿童宝贝左右脑开发 1.0.1
儿童宝贝左右脑开发是一款非常有创意的智力训练游戏,游戏中充分培养了小朋友的认知、逻辑思维、排列组合、数学、数字、图形、空间识别等能力,使得宝宝的左右脑得到全面均衡的发展。 对宝宝左右脑开发妈妈应该怎么做?如今的父母都希望自己的孩子聪明,比人高人一等。为了让孩子赢在起跑线上,就从小开发宝宝的左右脑吧。
儿童宝宝认蔬菜 1.0.2
儿童数字游戏 1.0.3
Kids Game:Baby Painting 1.0.9
Kid's Baby Painting is a completely free Appfor children learn painting. Dear baby, do you like drawingpictures? Like copy? Like bright colors? Super love paintinggraffiti function, have 5 different color scene, zoo can road, seaworld, beaches, amusement park, can be performed individually foreach component matching game scene to create their own works.Research shows that in the early education, the color of theeducation is conducive to the development of your baby'sdiscernment, appreciation, aesthetic sensibility, imagination, andpainting ability. In addition, by identifying the color baby easierto develop the ability and habit of good. Advise parents toaccompany children play the game, to give guidance and education inthe course of the game. To let the baby to draw first paintingtheir own hands!
儿童宝贝数字乐园 1.0.3
儿童宝贝早教系列是专门为2-10岁小朋友开发的儿童学习乐园。软件从宝宝的兴趣入手,寓教于乐,玩游戏的过程中学数学,比传统的教学效果快3-10倍,是儿童早教的好帮手,让您的孩子赢在起跑线上。数字乐园中儿童可以认识数字的形状,了解数字的读音。通过各种好玩儿有趣的游戏,让孩子深入的认识了解数字。软件内容:1、认数字(根据发音点击正确的数字,根据形状类似点击对应的数字,根据数字点击形状相似的物品)2、打地鼠(根据播放的数字点击对应的地鼠)3、数西瓜(数一数地里面有多少个西瓜呢)4、找数字(找出隐藏在画面中1-20的数字)Children Baby EarlyLearning Series is designed for children 2-10 years old childrendevelop learning park. Software from the baby's interest to start,entertaining, game play high school mathematics, faster thantraditional teaching effectiveness 3-10 times, early childhood is agood helper, let your child win at the starting line.Digital Paradise Children can recognize the shape of figures,Understanding Digital pronunciation. Through a variety of fun fungames, let the children understand the depth of understanding ofnumbers.Software content:1, recognize numbers (based on the number of correct pronunciationclick, depending on the shape similar to clicking the correspondingnumber, according to the figures click on the shape similaritems)2, playing hamster (based on the number of click on thecorresponding player hamster)3, the number of watermelon (count how many places there arewatermelons it)4, looking for numbers (find hidden figures of 1-20 in thepicture)
听儿歌故事 1.0
听儿歌故事是一款非常适合小孩子的游戏,它能给孩子带来快乐,让孩子没在游戏中学习知识,认识故事中的寓言意思。儿歌可以让小孩更加爱上音乐,故事可以让孩子爱上文学。孩子们在学习中得到满足,在游戏里寻找知识。这款游戏里面有许多有意义的故事,能教孩子们许多道理。儿歌可以让孩子们更加的天真纯真的玩耍下去。Listen to songs story isa very suitable for children's games, it can bring joy to thechildren, so that children do not learn in the game, understandingthe meaning of the story of the fable. Songs can make children morein love with music, stories can make children fall in love withliterature. The children in the study were met in the game to findknowledge. The game which has many interesting stories to teachchildren many things. Songs can let the kids play more naiveinnocence to it.
Kids Game:Hit Duck-Duck Hunter 1.0.6
A very classic casual shooting game,exquisitepicture of the game, the operation simple and fun trainingchildrenreaction ability. Click the screen shot, the different duckhavedifferent attributes, wrong to the point oh! The game also intoaWhac-a-mole game module. Advise parents to accompany childrenplaythe game, to give guidance and education in the course ofthegame.
Kids Game:Baby Catch Toy 1.0.8
" Baby Catch Toy" is a specializedforchildren's boutique children's games, fine quality, musicsounds.The game contains a grasping toys and toys, grasping toyssimulatedanimation City catch doll machine, the children canoperatemechanical arm caught themselves want toys, there are somany kindsof dolls and adorable pet oh. Catch the doll, kids gettoys award,this time can play all kinds of fun playing , a plane, atoy gun,cars, ships etc....
Kids Game: Baby Happy Game 1.0.8
Kids Game: Baby Happy Game integrates"catchtoy", "toys", "duck hunter", "hit mole" a small number offriendsplaying quality game, behind also will update more fun andgamesfor children. All games are carefully planned after thedevelopmentof the fine, the game interface cartoon is gorgeous, themusicsounds beautiful. In order to cultivate not friendsability,reaction ability, intellectual development, but also canlearn someknowledge, let your children continue to progress in theprocess ofplaying the game. As long as there is a children's game,you don'thave to go looking for other games, give your baby todownloadit.