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Cherinbo: Slideshow Maker 1.0.30
Cherinbo Slideshow: an app which is a powerful Slideshow Maker.It's for you to create amazing slideshows containing collagephotos, stickers, backgrounds, text with layout and frames. Pickfun slideshow effects and share your photo stories privately or tothe social networks to impress friends and fans. It can provideon-line images and videos in the field of current events, news,lifestyle, culture, politics, sports, entertainment, gaming,photos. Add emoticons to your photos and popular Emojis. We’relooking for creative, high-quality photo story and slideshow to getfeatured, make you get noticed, famous and become a star. Gainfans, get likes, climb the leaderboard!! Feedback? If you would like to know more news aboutSlideshow Maker Photo Collage, please: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Subscribe us on YouTube: Follow uson Twitter: Follow us on More information: * No private datais collected - see privacy policy and terms below Terms of Data Cherinbo, is aprofessional mobile video show and photo video studio companyserving global users to edit amazing video shows on mobile phonesand PC website online. Cherinbo was founded in 2017 in Hong Kong by10 mobile Xmen. Our team specialists nearly all have 10+ yearsmobile experiences. Cherinbo, - Best Video Editorwith Music, Photo Editor, Slideshow Maker with Music, Video ShowStudio, Visual Effects Creator, Designs Creator, HTML5 Show MakerCherinbo, is a photo video show related company builtfor editing video animations, visual effects, motion graphics,slideshows and creating image designs for Web or print, like bloggraphics, presentations, flyers, posters, invitations and sharingdigital works in its own and the mainstream communities.
Call Recorder ACR: Record voice clearly, Backup 1.2.29
IMPORTANT NOTE: Google restricts the global developer to read thephone number during a call. This rule is the latest privacy policy.We must follow the instruction and otherwise, the application willbe removed from Google Play. Some features like blacklist blockingmight not work correctly anymore, and we might also need you to tageach call to find the records quickly later. Sorry for theinconvenience and we will inform you when we have updates. Not allphones support call recording, please don't give us bad rating ifyour phone doesn't support it. If you have any questions, pleasefeel free to contact, we will try our best toserve you. Cherinbo® Call Recorder, the world's best call recordingtool. - Automatically record all incoming & outgoing calls,whenever and wherever - High quality of audio effect: ProprietaryAmazify® voice engine - Easy to use - The most compatible tool withnearly all devices - Better support Pixel \ Galaxy S7 (Edge, Note7)\ Galaxy S8 (S8+) \ Newer version 【Main features】 ► Call RecorderAutomatically record calls to mp3 audio file format. ► CloudBackup Easily migrate to different devices. Data never get lost.Allows to back up call conversation information. A typical itemincludes recorded audio file (what), call’s date and time (when)and call’s phone number (who). ► Wifi Transfer Easily transferaudio files with Mac and PC under the same Wifi. No USB! No datausage! No internet needed! ► Voice Notes Speak a voice memo andhave it automatically transcribed. 【About Cherinbo® and STAYCONNECTED】 ►Email: ►Terms of Service: ►Privacy Policy: ►About Cherinbo( Cherinbo® is focusing on the fundamentals:data, video, and graphics. Our mission is to enable individuals andbusinesses to leverage the power of digital energy. Cherinbospecialists nearly all have 10+ years internet & mobileexperiences. Samsung has confirmed that Galaxy S9/S9+ don't allowcall recording in Europe / Korea / India / Singapore / UK markets.It's said that update to the latest firmware would solve thisproblem. However, we cannot guarantee. We do seriously apologize.If we have the new solution, we will inform you immediately. How toupdate the mobile phone firmware? Go to Settings > Softwareupdate > Download updates manually User Agreement Compliant withEU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) This Agreement isabout Cherinbo® cloud service, which we call the “Cherinbo®cloud service” or “Services.” Cherinbo® cloud service login offersseveral types of authentication: email/password and third-partyintegration with Facebook, and Google. The user can backup andrestore the local data within the app: call records in mp3 audioformats, structured data concerned with recorded items such as dateand duration, and blacklist, etc. If click synchronize button, thecloud and the local status will be synced. For example, 1) phone Abacks up 100 items to the cloud, then phone B can restore 100items. 2) Back up 100 items to the cloud and delete 30 itemslocally in the same phone, then sync feature will cause 30 items inthe cloud to be removed. Personal data had been protected by stricttechnical protection measures, effectively limiting the likelihoodof identity fraud or other forms of misuse. The data could beaccessed only by the user himself or herself. We provide the userwith the right to erasure (Right to be forgotten). That means theuser has the right to obtain from us the erasure of personal dataconcerning him or her without undue delay. The user can remove allthe data synced to cloud by him or her, including the registeredaccount.