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Chicken Fly 1.0.3
Chicken Lab.
Your mission is to save chickens which are meant to be fried. Thisis a Getaway action game using trampolines and is the first releaseof a casual game series presented by the Chicken Lab, a team ofchicken loving maniacs. The game is played out at a fried chickenshop. Chickens are caught up in the shop and planned to flee fromthe shop to save their lives. You will be a savior of their liveshelping them to successfully flee from the shop by drawingtrampolines to help them get pass various traps. ■How to play -Swipe the screen to draw a trampoline to let the chicken bounce up!- Trampolines are shorter the better; a chicken would bounce higherwhen it hits the middle of a trampoline. - There are gimmicks suchas fans, cannons, and bombs during the escape. Use or dodge them tofly up high. - To get a new companion or skin, you can gather coinsto open the loot box or collect an egg trapped in a gage. - Whenyou break the roof of the shop, you complete the stage. Go on tomove up to the next stage. - Gather all the coins and eggs in astage to make a perfect game. No need to worry about failing. Youcan keep tying until you succeed. ■You will love this game if you -are a big fan of action games, - like playing simple and easygames, - want to play casual games, - want to feel refreshed, -want to break something, - want to fly away. - like to collectskins, - like chickens, or - do not like chickens but love friedchicken. ■ Message from the Chicken Lab Chicken Fry is free todownload and play. This is a casual action game. Write a review toshare your thoughts on this game. Every feedback is welcome andhelpful for us to release a lot more fun chicken games down theroad.
Chicken Run 1.0.1
Chicken Lab.
Choose the best gate, go through it, collect a lot of birds andhitthem against obstacles. Become a master of the crowd andproceeduntil the bird reaches the goal.