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Chicken Shooter: Galaxy Attack 2.8
This is a classic Shoot'em Up. Your goal will be quite challengingas you will have to save the Universe from its intergalacticchickens. In this game the chickens want to attack the earth and wemust defend ourselves. In this "bullet hell" shooter game, you willbe faced with an increasingly large number of projectiles andenemies. As the game progresses, you will earn the right to upgradeyour spacecraft to bring it to full lethal capacity. If you likespace shooting and survival games and like to simulate sky shootingin for glory and duty, then alien shooter is the one you should beshooter playing. Start your spaceship engines and join to thisultimate galactic war game. HOW TO PLAY: - Touch screen to move andkill all enemies. - Use your skills and agility to fly through thedeadly enemy territory, defeat all the alien shooter and rescueyour falcon squad Features: - Multiplayer mode - Easy to play, Hardto master - Fast smooth action on phone or tablet - IncludesPower-ups and Bosses! - Great sound effects and soundtrack TheSpace's future is now in your hands. Download Chicken Shootertoday!