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Cricket Captain 2018 0.32
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Cricket Captain returns for 2018 with an updated matchengine,extensive additions to the records and statistics (includingstatsof every historical international player), Ireland&Afghanistan as playable test nations, improved internetgame,improved coaching, and much more. Put your tactical expertisetothe test in the number one cricket management game. Developedinassociation with Jimmy Anderson, Cricket Captain 2018 alsofeaturesa full database update (over 6500 players), with improvedplayergeneration, and greater accuracy in limited over playerabilities.The latest changes to all domestic structures have beenincluded.Cricket Captain is unrivalled in cricket managementsimulation, andCricket Captain 2018 improves the series once againwith all theattention to detail that is the trademark of theseries. Keyfeatures for 2018 include: • Updates to all domesticsystems and 20over leagues: play updated domestic leagues in India,England,Australia, West Indies, Pakistan, South Africa, Bangladesh,and NewZealand. • Afghanistan & Ireland career modes: play asone ofthe two newest test nations in full international careermodes. •New captaincy offers: receive offers from other teamswithin yourdomestic system in your current save. • All time-greats:fullcareer records for every player that has even playedinternationalcricket, all playable in historical scenarios.•International/domestic ground records: individual, team,andpartnership records for over 130 grounds, now splitintointernational and domestic for First Class, One Day and 20over. •Competition/series records: historical competition andseriesplayer records for the last two competitions/series.•International vs. records: individual, team, andpartnershiprecords for all 12 test-playing nations in Test Match,ODI andInternational 20 Over. • Domestic vs. records: individual,team,and partnership records for every domestic team (thousands ofnewrecords) in FC, OD, and 20 Over. • Historical scenarios:replayfive historical scenarios for India or Pakistan in England.•International only mode: includes domestic fixtures. •Newdatabase: full database update with over 6500 players,includingimproved player generation for limited over ability. •Updatedtournament modes: including the new OD World Cup format. •Improvedmatch engine: with updates to aggressive batting in ODmatches andbatting reaction to field settings. • New coachingoptions:including opener training, OD bowler technique trainingandseparate fielding coaching. • Added player stats: preferredbattingposition, percentage of 4s and 6s scored; career S/R forall-timegreat players; maidens bowled. • New achievements:includingIreland and Afghanistan achievements. • Internet game:improvedreliability and more teams to play on-line.
Cricket Captain 2020 1.0
Cricket Captain 2020 is the perfect companion if you aremissinglive matches, as the hugely anticipated season is disrupted.Withthe incredibly exciting 2019 World Cup and the fiercelyfoughtAustralia tour of England, a legion of fans have beenattracted tothe sport. The inaugural 100 ball competition promisedto providegreat entertainment for those new converts, and thefirsttest-match championship was well under way. After canvassingourplayers, we have decided to create the 2020 season as itwasoriginally intended, in all its glory. Rain delays in one-dayand20 over matches have been introduced, includingtheDuckworth-Lewis-Stern system to calculate run-chase targets.Thereare also extensive additions to the database, includingadditionalseason by season player records. The new 100 ballcompetition inEngland has been added, including updates to thematch engine, AIand stats systems to accommodate the new format.Updates todomestic systems around the world have also beenincorporated,including major changes to the competitions inAustralia, SouthAfrica, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India. Captainswill also be ableto switch between domestic teams in differentcountries for thefirst time. Cricket Captain 2020 also features afull databaseupdate (over 7,000 players, including everyhistoricalinternational player), with improved player abilitygeneration,using data from every form of cricket and with inputfrom a team ofresearchers around the world. The database providesthe attentionto detail that the series is famed for. CricketCaptain isunrivalled in cricket management simulation, and CricketCaptain2020 improves the series once again. Put your tacticalexpertise tothe test in the number one cricket management game. Keyfeaturesfor 2020 include: • Rain delays in one-day and 20 Overmatches:introducing the Duckworth-Lewis-Stern method for the firsttime inCricket Captain. • Improved weather simulation for all matchtypes:including more realistic weather patterns, and extra timetorecover lost overs. • The new 100 ball competition in England:abrand-new format, played between eight city-based teams. •Updatesto all domestic systems and 20 over leagues: play updateddomesticleagues in South Africa, India, England, Australia, WestIndies,Pakistan, Bangladesh, and New Zealand. • Ability to switchteamsbetween countries: play a full career mode, switch betweenteamsacross domestic systems. • Improved player generation system:usingdata from every form of cricket combined with input from ateam ofresearchers around the world. • Improved match engine: withupdatesto bowler AI, spin bowler ability in limited over matches,andbatsman scoring rates. • Current/last competition stats:seedetails of current and last competition stats for all formats.•Historical scenarios: Play in Classic England test series vsWestIndies or Pakistan. • Tournament Modes: Play in stand-alone OneDayor 20 Over World Cups. Create your own World XIs, All-TimeGreatsand Custom Match Series. • New database: full database updatewithover 7,000 players. • Internet game: improved reliability andmoreteams to play on-line.
Cricket Captain 2019 1.0
Cricket Captain 2019 is the perfect companion for ahugelyanticipated cricket season. With the World Cup and AustraliainEngland, and the inaugural test-match championship, oldrivalrieswill be put to the test and new ones created. New tacticalelementshave been added, including an additional battingaggressionsetting, target run-rate indicator, re-balanced one-daymatchengine, and left-handed wrist-spin bowler type. There areextensiveadditions to the database, including additional playerrecordsbroken down by domestic team played for. Put yourtacticalexpertise to the test in the number one cricket managementgame.The latest changes to all domestic structures have beenadded,including the addition of the new South African 20 overleague andadditional Indian domestic teams. Cricket Captain isunrivalled incricket management simulation, and Cricket Captain2019 improvesthe series once again with all the attention to detailthat is thetrademark of the series. Key features for 2019 include:• Updatesto all domestic systems and 20 over leagues: play updateddomesticleagues in India, England, Australia, West Indies,Pakistan, SouthAfrica, Bangladesh, and New Zealand. • PlayerRecords for eachdomestic team: full career records for every team aplayer hasplayed for. • Improved match engine: with updates toaggressivebatting in OD matches and an additional battingaggression leveland target run rate indicator. • Test Championship:take part inthe new test-match championship. • New South African 20overleague: play as one of the six 20 over teams. • World XITeams:pick any players from history and pit them against eachother. •Domestic Stats Addition: see every player’s domestic recordfor all3 match types. • Historical scenarios: World Cup andAustralia vsEngland scenarios. • New database: full database updatewith over7,000 players, including improved player generation,balancinglimited over ability and test match abilities. • Updatedtournamentmodes: including the new OD World Cup format. • Addedplayer stats:added records of ducks and career spans for eachformat. • AddedSLW bowler type: slow-left-arm wrist spinners addedto playertypes. • Improved contracts: added percentage availablefor countyselection. • New achievements: including career runs andwicketsrecords for teams and on-line play. • Internet game:improvedreliability and more teams to play on-line.
Cricket Captain 2021 1.0
Cricket Captain 2021 takes to the field for a new season.Anexciting year includes the final of the inaugural TestMatchChampionship, and the new ODI World Championship, which givesteamsthe chance to qualify for the 2023 World Cup. The 100Ballcompetition will run for the first time, introducing a newshortformat game. Cricket Captain 2021 gives you the change to playinthese, and many more, competitions and formats. 20 Overmatchsimulation has been improved for Cricket Captain 2021, witharebalanced match engine and updated batting aggressionbar,providing greater control of scoring rate. We have alsoincreasedoutfield catches when batsmen are attacking. The targetRPO (T.RPO)indicator has been replaced with estimated RPO (E.RPO)whenbatting, taking changing bowler tactics into account, togivegreater scoring rate accuracy. Dot ball percentage hasreplacedmaidens in 20 Over matches to provide further informationabout thebowling strengths and performance of your bowlers. Theexcitingatmosphere of the Super Over makes its debut in CricketCaptain.The English domestic system has been updated with thelatest rulesfor competitions and overseas players. We have alsoupdated theSouth African domestic system, with 15 new teams.Cricket Captain2021 features a full database update, including newstats forfastest 50s and 100s for team, ground and versus records.CricketCaptain takes cricket management simulation another stepforward,giving you more options than ever to manage your team toglory. Keyfeatures for 2021 include: • ODI and Test WorldChampionships:compete in the new ODI World Championship. • SuperOver: excitingone over shootouts for tied matches. • 20 OverSimulation: improvedengine, with new controls and stats. • EnglishDomestic System:with the latest competitions and overseas playerrules. • English100 Ball Competition: updated squads as thecompetition starts thissummer. • Change International Team: receivejob offers from aroundthe world. • South Africa Domestic System:updated to match the newformats. • Fastest 50s and 100s: thousandsof new records to break.• Improved Batting Controls: new battingaggression bar allowsgreater control. • Improved Bowling Controls:greater control inlimited over matches. • New Kits: updates forEnglish domestic andinternational teams. • Match Engine: rebalancedruns and wicketsengine, improved outfield catches for aggressivebatsman, E.RPOtaking in to account bowler tactics, reduced caughtand bowledchance. • Internet Game: improved reliability and cheatdetection.• ATGs Online: All-Time Great teams can now be played inonlinefriendlies. • Historical Scenarios: play in classic Englandtestseries vs India or New Zealand. • Tournament Modes: playinstand-alone One Day or 20 Over World Cups. Create your ownWorldXIs, All-Time Greats and Custom Match Series. •ImprovedAvailability Indicator in Contracts: including indicationof100-ball and 20 over competition participation for domesticteamcontracts. Complete Stats Update: • Updated player databasewithover 7,000 players. • Updated versus, ground and team records.•Updated domestic squads for all 150 playable domestic teams.•Updated recent series stats for all players. • New dotballpercentage replaces maidens for 20 over stats.