ChimpWorks Apps

Jelly Blitz 1.2.0
Connect colorful jellies in this 60-secondaction packed match-3 arcade game! Pop and splash jellies, usepower-ups to boost your score and beat your friends in the weeklyFacebook tournament rush. Can you get the highest score?- ACTION PACKED 60-second mania to get the highest score.- AMAZINGLY FUN power-ups and special jellies. Unlock themall!- BEAT YOUR FRIENDS in the weekly Facebook tournament dash.- PLAY ANYWHERE on mobile or tablet, with everything insync.Download now!
Chubby Tubbies 1.2.2
Meet the Chubby Tubbies! Join these wacky characters in theirground-digging and water-flowing frenzy in this new excitingmatch-3 game! Make lines of matching Tubbies to dig through layersof ground and flow the water! Use the power of the Super Tubbies tocreate spectaculair chain-reactions. Will you help the cute Tubbieswith your super puzzling skills? Play through tons of fun andchallenging levels and become the Chubby King! Download ChubbyTubbies now!
Heroes Battle: Auto-battler RPG 1.2.2
Are you ready to choose your heroes and fight against evil in anarena battle game? Set out on a quest to fight enemies and makesure to assemble the best team to do so. Win battles in differentworlds and use your strategy to defeat your opponents in war. Thenew idle RPG turn-based fighting game is one of the best merge andupgrade games available online. -Heroes Collection Form up yourteam by choosing your heroes from variety of battle arena legends.You can choose between medieval heroes, modern heroes and evensuperheroes to place in the battle arena. The turn-based fightinggame offers you a choice of more than 30 different characters touse. -Conquer Different Worlds Explore new epic worlds and realmsfor your heroes to fight. You must fight the evil with the help ofheroes in different worlds and save the different realms fromgetting corrupt with evil and malice. Play one-on-one turn basedfighting or Auto chess fighting mode in every new epic battleworld. -Different Game Modes The turn-based fighting game featuresdifferent gaming modes in which you are required to take downdifferent types of enemies and bosses in campaign mode or defeatother players in unforgettable PvP battles to reach the top of theArena.
Shoot n Loot – Action RPG Battle 1.19.2
Grab your gun and enter the action adventure loot games gunshootingarena! This Target shooting game is designed to beplayable with onethumb. Get your non-stop dose of intense bulletshooting, enemykilling and bounty collection in action adventureloot games. Simplypick your phone, launch the bullet dodge gameand run and shoot tokill all enemies. Be a Loot Games Hero! Switchto your hero mode andplay the role of a leader, armed to the teethin this exciting runand shoot game. Use your active reaction speedand skill to overcomeall obstacles, shoot em up in a single go,exhibit bullet dodgemastery and defeat enemies in action adventuregame. Unlock GameBoosters Are you someone who gets bored ofmonotonous targetshooting? We get you. The latest target shootingis designed whilekeeping the principles of fun in mind. As youbullet dodge, youcollect points and increase your chances ofsurvival. You will growstronger by finding upgrades like homingmissiles, mines, bulletwaves, health restorer and shields. ChangeYour Looks Now you canunlock new clothing items and completeoutfits in the run and shootgame. Collect all the cute outfits andplay different levels ofvarious worlds in different gun shootingoutfits. Defeat DeadlyBosses Enter Gun shooting boss levels andfight against different,deadly bosses. Shoot em up by using yourbest gun shooting skills.Keep an eye on the boss life meter andshoot the boss until he runsout of life. When you are finally donewith defeating the smallerenemies surviving sudden waves ofbullets in easy stages, a finalboss will challenge you in thefinal stage. Play as quickly as youcan to weaken and defeat theboss eventually. Enter New Loot WorldsClearing one actionadventure boss level will take you into anothertarget shootingworld. Play against different enemies in everyaction adventureworld. Run and shoot to survive a world and enternew challenges.Every world offers new enemies and you will berequired to adoptnew target shooting loot games strategies in orderto win. What'snew in this epic Shoot n Loot – Action RPG BattleArena: • Simpleand easy action adventure game UI/UX • AppealingTarget shootinggraphics and new exciting worlds • Fast paced, thumbplayable Shootem up experience on the go • Unlock new bullet dodgeboosters tohelp you power up strategically • Various enemies andmonsters inevery gun shooting world • Challenging new worlds thatawait youevery time you defeat a boss! • Auto-aim shootingmechanism forsuper intuitive control. • Stunning graphics andengaging soundeffects for immersive gaming • Loot games outfitcollection –unlock all and try a new look daily • Collect pointbonuses bykilling multiple enemies in a single shooting • Deadly,monstrousbosses that await you at the final stage of every world •Unlocknew boosters like bullet multiplier, piercing, shield andhealthEnjoy creating countless combinations of unique skills alldesignedto help you survive in loot games. Explore all the worldsand proveyou are a true hero! Download and play Shoot n Loot –Action RPGBattle today!
Car Merger 1.8.9
Merge, manage, race! Take control of your very own parking lot andrace track. Buy, merge and manage your cars so you can make themrace to earn money! Start your racing empire today!
Power Painter - Merge Tower Defense Game 1.17.2
Shoot, Merge and Paint! Defend your towers! ChimpWorks presents anepic monster merge painting battle – Power Painter The gamecombines the most popular features: splash paint, balloon towerdefence, shooting, coloring, bubble quest and more. Fight bosses inpower and show them who is the best in paintball! They say goodstrategy wins wars – it’s the same in Power Painter! Indulge yourgaming senses in countless levels of super-fun merge and strategytower defense challenges. HOW TO PLAY: Merge all towers, shoot yourpaintball bubbles, build a base and paint the whole screen! Makesure the bubbles do not reach the end of the trail and beware, youneed a strategy to fight those bosses. The bosses’ attacks make thetd strategy even more exciting since you’ll need more paintingpower. Use your funds wisely and merge fast when the going getstough! HOW LONG CAN YOU GO? Splashes, merging, nail-biting towerdefense battles – it’s really hard to stay on top of allchallenges. All you need to do is try to get as far as you can.This exciting merge defense battle puts you on a real painting andtower defense strategy quest. Tons of exciting levels get harderand harder as you go. They’ll require the very best of you. But, inthe end, you’ll love every second of it. And... beware, this matchstrategy game can be highly addictive ;) WHY YOU’LL LOVE PowerPainter: - Countless epic levels with increasing difficulty and newsetups to discover - - Stunning graphic effects, colorful ballpaint and ambient music and soundtrack - Collect differentpaintball guns to help you defeat the bosses - Crazy cool lootboxes to help you win this merge battle - Hours of free merge gamesfun, and a Premium Membership to uncover cool helpful featuresEnjoying bloons or tycoon games? Power Painter is definitely goingto impress you! Now it’s time to pump your needs for exquisitemobile gaming. Try the ultimate mix of tower defence, blaster andmerger games. Get a new toy today, download Power Painter now forFREE!