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Track Racing Simulator 1.0
Chimpi Games
Do you love Track races ? A must try titleforyou.Simple yet accurate car racing simulator makes you play thegameover and overYou must have played lots of arcade car races and you mighthavemissed the real fun of car racing with real physics andrealgraphics. This game fill the void. Play all the race typestocomplete the game.Compete with master AI cars with brilliant driving skills.Improve your track skills as you play with smart AI.Available race types :Circuit - Circuit races have multiple laps and you have tofinishfirst to win. You're racing against Pro (black vehicles) andBasic(yellow vehicles) AI.Sprint : Sprint races has no laps and you have to finish firsttowin. You're racing against Pro (black vehicles) and Basic(yellowvehicles) AI.Time Attack : In Time Attack (aka Time Trial) races youraceagainst time. In this demo there are 4 checkpoints andeachcheckpoint gives you some bonus time to make it to finish.Noopponents but time is limited!lap Knockout : Lap Knockout (aka Elimination) is multiplelapraces that end of the every lap, last racer getting kicked outfromrace. You're against Pro and Basic AI. Watch out and do not belastone...Speed Trap : In Speed Trap games your speed captured oncameras.And based the speed trap type your highest speed or totalspeeddefines your position. In this race, your highest speed willbeused. Drive fast as you can!Basic AI race : Basic AI for more simpler games and no braininit at all. It aim to finish game and avoid to collisionsbysteering. But if they even going to collide you, they don'tbrake!Watch your back!Pro AI Race : Pro AI is more state controller AI type. Itgetstressed when vehicles around by its skill level. Itavoidcollisions by steering and decision making by collisionprediction.Also tries overtake if its possible.Choose Your Car:You can choose a best car among 3 carsFeatures:Different CamerasBoostDifferent Game modesGraphics quality settingsGame supports ads*
Drift Maniac 1.0
Chimpi Games
֍► You think you can drift any careasily?֍► You want to challenge your drifting skills ?֍► You think drifting is easy ?Try Drift Maniac. One of the best realistic and smooth driftinggameto test your abilities. Try to take sharp elevated cornerswhiledrifting.Try to earn drift points as much as possible in giventime.Earn Drift points use them to unlock 14 cars and 5 tracksThis will surely take lot of drifting points so try to earneasycoins by watching Ads. That will help us improve the game infutureas well.Each unlocked cars are better from previous cars so try tounlockall cars to get the best driving experience.And also new unlocked tracks challenge your drifting abilities.Prove you are a Drift Maniac by unlocking all cars andtracksTry to beat your previous best score in each track.▒ Features ▒► Realistic Drift Controls► 14 Cars To unlock► 5 different tracks to unlock► Time based Goal system► Reward system
Freecell Solitaire 1.1
Chimpi Games
Solitaire by Chimpi Games is the BestFreecellSolitaire card game you can find on Android!If you like Solitaire game, you're going to love this app! Thisisthe same Solitaire game played by millions and the onlySolitaireapp that includes unique difficulty levels.Solitaire is a fun and classic one player card game. Thecleandesign and big cards make playing this game a breeze. Thistwist onthe classic game of Solitaire will keep you entertainedforhoursIntuitive controls and fresh clean graphics make this gamethebest Solitare of the market. Drag & drop your card, orsimplydouble tap on it, playing has never been so easy!Each Solitaire game mode challenges your skill level.We've always strived to stay true to the classic Solitairecardgame, the most popular version of Solitaire! A trulysolitaryexperience!Bored of Solitaire apps that always seem to have the samebadgameplay and bad graphics? Try this completely custom versionofSolitaire tailored for Android devices, from the small screenallthe way up to the large screen tablet. Chimpi Games Solitairehasthe best game play of any Solitaire in the market. PleasetakeSolitaire for a spin and we think you'll see thedifference.Play Solitaire to Test your abilities in problem solvingGame Mode : FreeCellSolitaire teaches you patienceFEATURES:- Solitaire lets you play three different modes- Retro style Solitaire Cards- Good music to enhance Solitaire gameplay- Landscape Mode- Statistics- Tablet supportSolitaire is ad-supported.
Alien Hunter 1.1
Chimpi Games
Survive the alien invasion alone inthisendless alien waves Enjoy the realistic graphics Easy controlsmakethis game unique
Finger Soccer Multiplayer 1.0
Chimpi Games
You play against AI or your soccerbuddy.Whether you're a soccer fan or not you should definitely playthisgame as this game so fun and addictive when you play withyourfriend.If you have played Button football then you will really lovethisgameFinger soccer also known as Button, Slide and Pocket Soccer.You can set your players formation before you start the gameIn multiplayer mode both players get the option to set theplayerformationChoose the time duration for each match before startingthegameYou play in turns player 2 waits for player 1's turn andviseversa.When its your turn flick the nearest player to ball to kick theballto goal.Earn more goals then opponent to win the game. very simple.
Bingo Classic 1.0
Chimpi Games
Bingo Classic is an award-winning classicbingogame mixed with Fast-Paced action and Retro touch.Choose your tickets first. You can choose up to 4 ticketstoplayA bingo ticket is a card with a 5x5 grid. 5 columns on thecardcorrespond to 5 letters of the name of the game "B-I-N-G-O".24numbers per each card are random from the limits of 1 to 75.Thecenter of the card is an empty space. After that the gamebegins,and the caller selects numbers at a random and calls them.As soonas the caller calls one number, all the players mark it ontheirtickets. The winner is determined when one or several oftheplayers complete the winning bingo pattern.When playing your bingo cards are randomly selected for you.Think before you call bingo. Calling bingo stops the flow ofthegame.The name Bingo normally refers to a lottery game in whicheachplayer has a card marked up as a grid with numbers. A callercallsnumbers chosen by drawing numbered balls or tokens from asupply,or by an electronic randomiser. Players mark any numbers ontheircards that are called, and the first player to mark a completerowwins a prize.