China Life (Overseas) Apps

中國人壽強積金 (China Life MPF)
透過智能手機程式「ChinaLifeMPF」, 成員可輕鬆地管理強積金帳戶,並享用以下服務: - 查閱最新帳戶詳情,包括帳戶概覧、自成立帳戶的收益/虧損、帳戶結餘、成分基金結餘、供款記錄、投資選擇、成員資料及累算權益轉移狀態 - 查閱每日及過去成分基金價格 -提交指示,包括更改將來供款及轉入資產投資指示、重整現有累算權益及更改成員資料指示 - 閱覧最新計劃消息 Through smartphone program "ChinaLifeMPF" MPF members can easily manage youraccount and enjoy the following services: - Check out the latestaccount information, including account overview you see, since theestablishment of the account gains / losses, account balance,composition and fund balances, contribution records, investmentoptions, members of the accrued benefits of information andtransfer of state - Check daily fund prices and last ingredient -Submission instructions, including changes in future contributionsand transferred asset investment instructions, reforming existingaccrued benefits and changes to member profile indicates - Read thelatest plan you see news
Chinalife Macau PF 1.2.0
With the smartphone App "Chinalife Macau PF", members can easilymanage provident fund account under China Life Macau Branch DefinedContribution Retirement Scheme (the "Scheme") and enjoy the belowservices: - Check the latest account information, including accountoverview, gain/(loss) of account since inception, account balance,constituent fund balance, contribution history, investment choice.-Access daily and historical constituent fund prices.- Submitinstruction including change of investment choice for futurecontribution and rebalance of existing accumulated unit holdings.-View the latest news of the scheme.
樂易助 1.5
樂易助是中國人壽保險(海外)股份有限公司開發的移動應用客戶端,旨為客戶提供優質、便捷的移動服務。用戶可通過楽易助自助管理所持有的保單,亦可通過app瀏覽國壽(海外)的產品信息和促銷信息。Musicis easy to help China Life Insurance (Overseas) Co., Ltd. developedthe mobile application client, aims to provide customers withquality and convenient mobile services. Users can easily managethrough self-help policy holders yue, information can also browsethrough the app China Life Insurance (Overseas) product informationand promotions.
健未來 1.3.3
【健未來】 -健未來是中國人壽海外保險公司旗下的一款健康運動手機應用。-為所有熱愛戶外運動,關注健康的人而設。-培養健康的生活習慣和運動習慣,降低疾病風險。 【每日運動任務】-完成每日健步或戶外跑步任務領取積分。 【行山挑戰】-包括香港,澳門兩地多條行山線路。 -隨手拍攝照片存於挑戰記錄內。-完成行山任務,更有積分獎賞。 【健未来】-健未来是中国人寿海外保险公司旗下的一款健康运动手机应用。-为所有热爱户外运动,关注健康的人而设。-培养健康的生活习惯和运动习惯,降低疾病风险。 【每日运动任务】-完成每日健步或户外跑步任务领取积分。 【爬山挑战】-包括香港,澳门两地多条爬山线路。 -随手拍摄照片存于挑战记录内。-完成行山任务,更有积分奖赏。 【Fiture】 -Fitureis a mobile app for health andsports under China Life InsuranceOverseas Company. -This mobile appis developed for all people wholove outdoor activities and who carehealth. -This mobile app helppeople form a good living habit anddecrease the disease risk.【Daily Mission】 -Complete walking orrunning to gain theperformance scores. 【Hiking Challenge】 -Thismobile app providelots of hiking trails in Hong Kong and Macao.-User can take apicture when do hiking and store it in the hikingrecord. -Completehiking tasks to gain the performance scores.