Chinchilla Technology LLC Apps

Gummy Shark 1.0.8
Gummy Shark must keep eating fish tokeepswimming. Guide him through the depths of the sea to chomp onfishwhile avoiding dangerous obstacles and collecting awesomestarfishpowerups. Choose from 3 difficulty levels and see how faryou cankeep Gummy Shark swimming!★OBLIGATORY CAPSLOCK AND STARS★Key Features:• An ocean• A gummy shark• Yummy fish• Yucky fish• Mines• Torpedos• Explosives• Graphics• Gameplay• Fun
Rocky Road 1.0.7
Play as Rocky, a miner trapped in a caveandavoid falling debris as you make your way to the exit.Grabdynamite to clear out debris and collect gems to unlock theexits.Survive as long as you can to get the top score!★OBLIGATORY CAPSLOCK AND STARS★Key Features:• A Cave• Rocky the Miner• Falling Rocks• Falling Crates• Falling Gems• Falling Dynamite• Explosions• Graphics• Gameplay• Fun