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Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 1.2
Features gameplay akin in which playersbattleeach other in 3D arenas.Returning to this game from previous instalments is the"WallRunning" feature where two shinobi are able to fight whileclimbingthe walls of the selected stage. Unlike previousinstalmentshowever, where if one player ran up the wall the otherplayer wasforced to fight on the wall as well, in this game it isimpliedthat if one character runs up the wall the other charactercanstill fight on the ground.A new feature was introduced in the game called "Leader Swap",whereyou can switch out the main character you're fighting as tofightagainst your opponent with your support characters. To addbalance,the character switched in will share the same life bar asthe maincharacter, as well as still maintaining an Awakeningstate.The option to select one of the three fighting types from Stormisremoved. Just like its other predecessors, the player can useallthree types at once during a single and/or team battle.Beforestarting a battle, you are able to choose between multiplejutsusand Ultimate Jutsus to use in battle, a feature that has beeninprevious entries of the Ultimate Ninja series, but now makesitsreturn.The game is more realistic than its predecessors where an outfitcanbe damaged if it is hit and even worn off. Jutsu will havelong-termeffects on the outfits. For example, if a fireball hitsthecharacter, it will remain ignited for a while, but water canreversethat effect. Stage destruction will take place as well inbossbattles and free battle, and there will be more detailsshowingparticles as they get worn off from an attack
Goku War Tenkaichi Xenoverse 5 1.2
The game features 65 playable characters withatotal of 140 playable forms from Tenkaichi 5This is the sequel to tenkaichi 5 it will have the exact modeloftenkaichi 5 but be an high definition graphics and it will havethegameplay of raging blast 2 the fast pace action and thesameoriginal tenkaichi cut scenes it will feature a big rosterjustlike as bt3 but even greater amount of z characters and itwillhave a fun, exciting story mode and it will feel like youractuallyin the game in fact in other fighting games it also saysthat butthis is actually the real dealCharacter Story Mode - when you enter this mode, the user chooseacharacter that they already have unlock in the character andgothrought that character personal life story. Each time theyfinisha stage the user unlock new stages in the character storymode andthe character can level up in the quest mode. Thecharacterleveling up in the quest mode only affects the characterin questmode. The characters are normal in the rest of thegame.Tournament Mode - Characters only in quest mode can enter. Whenyouenter this mode, the user choose a character from quest modeandenters a tournament. As a character enters this mode, the userscanuse this as a way to level up their character like if acharacterat level 7 and they enter this mode and they win thetournament theuser can level up to level 10,11, or even 12depandingTraining Mode - When you enter this mode, the user chooseacharacter from quest mode and battles a cpu character. This modeisuse to level-up characters from quest mode or even tryoutcharacter's moves. When the users is done with this mode theuser'scharacter could level up even if the battles are win(s) orlose(s).A character can level up from level 7 to level 11,12, oreven 13dependUltimate Battle - This new mode pits whichever fighter theplayerchooses against 100 characters. There are winning points andranksin this mode. Depending on how the battle went, playersgetpositive or negative winning points. However, if the player endsupwith no winning points, the game is over and the player muststartback at Rank 100. Occasionally, a different fighter will"breakin". Players get more winning points for defeating them, butlosemore than usual if they do not defeat them. Also, if theplayerwins five straight normal fights, someone five ranks aheadwilloffer a challenge. Completion of this challenge moves theplayerfive ranks up.Evolution Z - 7 slots for Z-items, but the stronger characterscanhave as little as 3 slots. There are Z-items that will increaseaplayers Z-item slots, but the number of slots cannot exceed 7.SomeZ-Items can be fused together to make new abilities andevencharacters.[Battle Stages]- Earth Wastelands- Earth Rocky Area- Namek- World Tournament Stage- City (Ruins)- Mountain Road- Islands- Cell Games Arena- Kami's Lookout- Hyperbolic Time Chamber- Supreme Kai's World
Heat the Soul: Ichigo Fighting 1.2
Heat The Soul: Ichigo Fighting has 84differentcharacters in the game and many are new to the Heat theSoul series,you can now fight giant characters, you can now takepart in versusbattles with four characters, you can trigger TagSpecial attacks,can have single or tag team battles, there aremultiple difficultyoptions and Soul Codes can improve characters/Can unlockcharacters, Soul Codes, character art and voices.There are Story Mode, Hueco Mundo Conquest, Arcade Style, VSCPU,Soul VS and Training game modes. You can upload your ArcadeModeranking to the website. Covers the Hueco Mundo, ZanpakutoandKarakura Town rescue storylines.It is a good fighting game that is visually impressive,representsthe Bleach series well and is fun to play, it doesn’tmake the samestride. It starts by covering the very end of Arrancarvs.Shinigama arc, where the fighting in Hueco Mundo ends. Itthencovers the entire Arrancar: Decisive Battle of Karakura Townarcand has one brief segment that covers the anime-onlyZanpakutouRebellion arc.So in short, here’s what happens. Ichigo, his friends and anumberof high ranking Soul Reapers went into Hueco Mundo, both tofaceAizen and his Arrancar and Espada minions and rescue Orihime,whowas taken hostage by Aizen. While the Soul Reaper CaptainsandIchigo did manage to deal with some of the Espada, Aizen andsomeof his top ranking Espada followers took the fight to KarakuraTownto destroy it. Everyone follows and, once Ichigo and hiscohortsreach Karakura Town, they’re joined by the Vizards, SoulReaperswho went through the hollowfication process, who also wantto helpsave the town. There is also a complementary story modecalledHueco Mundo Conquest which goes through pretty much the samestory,only with a different viewpoint.Heat The Soul: Ichigo Fighting is a 3D, cel-shaded fighter.Youcontrol one or two of the 84 characters in either a single, teamortag team battle. Of course, saying 84 is actually a bitgenerous,since a few of the characters are actually differentversions ofthe same character. But still, it sounds impressive andit’d be apain to go through that many characters, so let’s leave itas is.You can use various characters’ spirit pressure to unleashspecialmoves. It isn’t terribly difficult to play or usecombos