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Heroes Rise: The Hero Project 1.2.0
It's America's #1 reality show for heroes! Asa contestant on "The Hero Project," you'll battle villains andheroes alike with your newly discovered "Infini" powers. Will youvote to eliminate your rivals, or betray your alliance to curryfavor with the celebrity judges?"Heroes Rise: The Hero Project" is the sequel to last year's hit"Heroes Rise: The Prodigy," the epic interactive novel by ZacharySergi, where your choices determine how the story proceeds. Thegame is entirely text-based--without graphics or sound effects--anddriven by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.Play as male or female, gay or straight; you can even start a"showmance" with the other contestants. What will you sacrifice tobecome the nation's next top hero?
Treasure Seekers of Lady Luck 1.3.0
Jump to hyperspace aboard the Lady Luck, the fastest starship inthe galaxy! Join her ragtag crew of space pirates, or infiltratetheir ranks, working undercover for the Galactic Police.Treasure Seekers of Lady Luck is an interactive sci-fi novel byChristopher Brendel, where your choices determine how the storyproceeds. The game is entirely text-based—without graphics or soundeffects—but driven by the vast, unstoppable power of yourimagination.The fate of the ship rests in your hands! Will you play as maleor female? Gay or straight? Will you return to Earth as anintergalactic hero, or a wealthy pirate? Will you steal the shipfrom Captain Isan, or stand with the Captain to protect the ship'smysterious secret? The choice is yours.
Ratings War 1.1.0
Implant cameras in your eyes to win the newswars of 2061! Record your way through dystopian New Angeles,solving multiple murders and conquering the airwaves as yougo!"Ratings War" is a thrilling 80,000-word interactive novel by EddyWebb, where your choices control the story. It's entirelytext-based--without graphics or sound effects--and fueled by thevast, unstoppable power of your imagination.Outwit your rivals at the biggest news network in the industry towin market share and dominate the ratings. As one of the firstreporters with a pair of cybernetic eyes, you’ll break storieswhile you live them—and become a celebrity when you uncover a vastcriminal conspiracy.When you blow the whistle on a human trafficking operation, willyou focus on facts or on fame? Will you strike out as anindependent, or follow the guidelines of your network? You canescape from an underground organ farm—but can you get your footageon the air and win the Ratings War?
The Hero of Kendrickstone 1.1.0
Can a wanna-be hero like you rescue the cityof Kendrickstone, held hostage by an evil wizard and his troop ofblack-clad soldiers? Face down fierce foes with spell, sword, orsilver tongue. Outwit cunning rivals, cement your fledglingreputation, and maybe, just maybe, make enough money to pay yourrent!“The Hero of Kendrickstone” is an epic 240,000-word interactivefantasy novel by Paul Wang, where your choices control the story.It's entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—andfueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.Step into the shoes of a fledgling adventurer in a world full ofmagic and mystery! Master physical combat, magic, stealth, ordiplomacy. Choose to befriend–or betray–sorcerers and knights,bandits and baronesses.Will you spend the last of your silver on a bed for the night, orpotions for your next adventure? Will you spend your eveningsstudying ancient secrets, or prize-fighting for extra coin? Willyou seek a mentor to help hone your skills, or strike out on yourown? Will you prove to be a paragon of compassion, or a callousmercenary? Will you die forgotten and un-mourned, or will youbecome the Hero of Kendrickstone?
The Fleet 1.1.0
Take back your home world from alien invaders!Forge an Intergalactic Alliance (with untrustworthy allies) toreclaim your planet; blast your way to victory with anever-expanding arsenal. Will you sacrifice civilian lives to exactvengeance on your enemies?"The Fleet" is an interactive novel where you control the maincharacter. In each chapter, your choices determine how the storyproceeds.Will you return home as a military dictator, a prisoner of war,or the president of a puppet state? Will you even recognize homewhen you get there?
The ORPHEUS Ruse 1.2.0
Infiltrate the enemy as a psychic spy, leapingfrom body to body by touch! But when your own body is stolen,you'll race against time to find it before your minddisintegrates.The ORPHEUS Ruse is the thrilling interactive spy novel by PaulGresty, where your choices determine how the story proceeds. Thegame is entirely text-based–without graphics or sound effects–butdriven by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.What secrets have your mentors been keeping from you? Can you trustyour friends when you don't know whose face they're wearing? Whatwill you sacrifice to hide your powers from the world?
Thieves' Gambit: Black Cat 1.1.2
You're the world's greatest jewel thief! Well,second greatest. But if you and your team of talented crooks cansteal the Black Cat, the world's unluckiest diamond, you'll belegendary!“Thieves’ Gambit: The Curse of the Black Cat” is an interactiveheist caper by Dana Duffield, where your choices control the story.It's entirely text-based--without graphics or sound effects--andfueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.The Black Cat has never been stolen, its previous owners allhaving died under improbably unfortunate circumstances. Break intothe palace of San Castellano, pinch the gem, evade the relentlessInspector Leclerc and get away before you succumb to the Curse ofthe Black Cat!Play as male or female; gay, straight, or bi. Choose yourmethods and your motives. Will you be an honorable thief or aruthless criminal? A technical genius or a master of disguise? Whocan you trust, and who will you double-cross?100,000-word tale of adventure and intrigueFast carsHigh fashionState-of-the-art spy gadgetsDouble-cross or be double-crossed
It's Killing Time 1.1.0
Travel the world, meet interesting new people,and assassinate them for money!"It's Killing Time" is an ultra-violent 140,000-word interactivenovel by Eric Bonholtzer, where your choices control the story.It's entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—andfueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.Earn respect, reputation, and wealth as a hired assassin. You'll bedressed to kill, driving an exotic car with outlandish weapons inthe trunk.But in the glamorous, fast-paced world of murder-for-hire, you cannever know who to trust and who's gunning to take you out. Who willbetray you? Whom will you betray?Will you be a spiritual hitman or hitwoman, a ruthless assassin, atotal psychopath, or a righteous killer? The choice is yours.
To the City of the Clouds 1.2.0
Search for the lost Incan city known as LaCiudad de las Nubes in the mountains of Colombia. Your fledglingarchaeologist will battle venomous pit vipers, tropical diseases,and the FARC guerrilla army to secure fame, fortune, and tenure ata prestigious university. Alcohol, lustful young students, andIncan spirits delight and bedevil you along the way."To the City of the Clouds" is a thrilling interactive adventurenovel where your choices determine how the story proceeds. The gameis entirely text-based--without graphics or sound effects--butpowered by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.Choose your persona, your sexual orientation, and your propensityto wear khaki native huipiles...then let the adventure begin!
NOLA Is Burning 1.1.2
Your boss, The Bull, the most dangerousgangster in New Orleans, has a job for you. Rescue your kidnappedlover--officially The Bull’s lover, but unofficially yours--beforedawn. Slaughter everyone who stands in your way, including othergangsters, cops, and the Triad, as you slink across the underbellyof New Orleans."NOLA Is Burning" is a blood-soaked interactive noir thrillerwhere your choices control the story. The game is entirelytext-based--without graphics or sound effects--and powered by thevast, unstoppable power of your imagination.Will you outwit your enemies or take it to the mattresses withyour trusty sawtooth? Will you earn respect as NOLA’s most infamousheadcrusher, or will you retire to Mexico on a huge pile of cash?To be honest, you'll probably die. But in NOLA, death is just thebeginning.• Your character, your choice: play as a man or a woman,straight or gay.• Make deals with the cops, a Voodoo priestess, the leader of thelocal Triad, a fallen priest, or the Devil himself.• Mix old world magic and advanced technology in a fight to thedeath, and beyond.• More than 70,000 words of interactive fiction, 15,000 words onevery run through the game.
The Sea Eternal 1.1.4
In the enchanted underwater City of Glass, what will you sacrificefor immortality? Love, memories, freedom? Will you take freedomfrom others to win your heart's desire? Dive into a world ofmermaids, mermen, and other merfolk, where every character hassecrets, and nothing is what it seems! "The Sea Eternal" is an epicinteractive fantasy novel by Lynnea Glasser, author of "CreaturesSuch as We" and "Coloratura," winner of the 2013 InteractiveFiction Competition and numerous XYZZY awards. Your choices controlthe story. It's entirely text-based--283,000 words, withoutgraphics or sound effects--and fueled by the vast, unstoppablepower of your imagination. The whales have granted the merfolketernal life, and asked you for so little in return. Defenseagainst the giant squid. Secrecy from humans. But when a roguemermaid tries to destroy the gift of immortality, ancient secretsrise from the depths, and the delicate balance of society rests inyour hands. Will you fight to protect your immortality, orsurrender it for a higher cause? Will you choose sides in theneverending war between the whales and the giant squid? Will yourundying love save the City of Glass, or destroy it? • Decide whatbeing a hero means to you, with over 10 unique endings • Chooseyour own mer-self, with multiple gender and orientation optionsavailable • Play alongside similarly diverse characters • Romancehuman visitors to the underwater city • Earn the trust of nuancedcharacters • Break their trust • Pick up the pieces of yourshattered relationships
Choice of the Pirate 1.1.6
Plunder ghost ships for cursed treasure! Battle the Crown Navy, seamonsters, and other bloodthirsty pirates on a quest to rival thePirate King himself! "Choice of the Pirate" is a fast-pacedswashbuckler of an interactive novel by Alana Joli Abbott, authorof "Choice of Kung Fu" and "Showdown at Willow Creek." Your choicescontrol the story. It's entirely text-based—165,000 words, withoutgraphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable powerof your imagination. Rise from a deck-swabbing sailor to fleetcommander over five years of piracy in the tropical paradise of theLucayan Sea. Command the winds with magic, or board enemy shipswith your cutlass in your teeth. Will you play as male, female, ornonbinary? Find romance as gay, straight, bi, or poly, or pursuefriendships and alliances instead? Will you join the Crown as aprivateer and bring pirates to heel? Will you parley with thePirate King to protect the Lucayan from the navy's rule? Or willyou duel the Pirate King and claim his power for yourself? Buckleyer swash and set sail for adventure! • Develop your skills as aswashbuckler, sailor, diplomat, scoundrel, or weather-mage. •Explore a chain of tropical islands where buried treasure andsecret pirate camps are hidden. • Face pirate curses, hauntedships, terrifying monsters, and the wrath of the sea herself. • Spyfor the Crown or become a double agent to support the Pirate King.• Become a celebrated hero or a ruthless villain. • Play as male,female, or nonbinary; gay, straight, bi, poly, or asexual.
Sorcery Is for Saps 1.1.2
As an apprentice sorcerer, you should never steal your master'sidentity. But what if that's the only way to save the kingdom?"Sorcery Is for Saps" is a 200,000-word interactive fantasy novelby Hilari Bell and Anna-Maria Crum, where your choices control thestory. It's entirely text-based—without graphics or soundeffects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of yourimagination. Will your powers save the cursed king--or will youturn traitor and seize the throne yourself? You can probably breaka simple kindness curse, but there are dark forces at work and youmay be in over your head before you can say “Abracadabra.” Throw inyour lot with scheming councilors, the attractive heir, or even goto work for the invaders. But whether you choose to save the kingor your own neck, one thing is clear—this is your big chance!‪Magic, power, or true love—which will you choose? In "Sorcery Isfor Saps," you'll find it's easier than waving a wand. • ‪Be a heroor turn traitor, seduced by a sexy spy. • ‪Play as male or female,gay, straight, or bi. • ‪Steal a rival wizard's inventions. •‪Fight the maniacal, mechanical, magical monkey. • Power up forpolitics, succeed at sorcery, or just get really, really rich. •‪Trade barbs with your snarky familiar. Or will you kow-tow to asarcastic ferret? • End up as a sorcerer, a royal councilor, avillain, or a mouse. (Literally. You can be turned into a mouse.)
Saga of the North Wind 1.1.2
The gods have chosen you to lead your tribe on a deadly pilgrimageto the Valley of the North Wind! When future generations reciteyour saga, will they sing of your glory or your downfall? "Saga ofthe North Wind" is a 300,000-word interactive fantasy novel by TomKnights, where your choices control the story. It's entirelytext-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by thevast, unstoppable power of your imagination. Your people roam theGreat Steppe, chased and challenged by the fearsome Tribe of theBlack Wolf. Their leader, the shaman Zhan-Ukhel, calls forth savagemagic from Chernobog, the god who rules their tribe. Your tribemust have a leader who can call down protection from the gods. Thatleader is you, and this is your saga. Rule your tribe as aniron-fisted chieftain or as a benevolent guardian. Will your alliessupport you on the field of battle? Will the gods come when youneed them most? Do you even need the gods to smite your enemies, orwill you seize divine power for yourself? An eerie glow dancesacross the stars tonight, stars that bear your name. Listen, now,to the Saga of the North Wind! • Play as male or female, gay, orstraight • Become a shaman of the spirit world • Fight the ancient,powerful force, Chernobog who rules your enemies • Battle in thearena or make a daring escape from captivity • Call upon thespirits for aid in your struggle against the Black Wolves' sorceror
Cannonfire Concerto 1.0.7
In an 18th century symphony of intrigue, your supernatural virtuosoperformance begins an overture to war! "Cannonfire Concerto" is a190,000-word interactive novel by Caleb Wilson, where your choicescontrol the story. It's entirely text-based--without graphics orsound effects--and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of yourimagination. You are the finest musician of the 18th century.Behind fans and opera glasses, audiences whisper that you are abearer of Genius, a mysterious supernatural power to master yourchosen instrument. At the brink of war, spies, generals, androyalty vie for control of the continent. Will you play them alllike a fiddle? Who truly holds the strings? Play as male, female ornon-binary; gay, straight, bi, or asexual. For some, romance is ameans to an end. For some, it's a sonata duet of love and sex.Perhaps both. Will you and your Genius achieve immortality, or willthe poisoned pens of critics slaughter your career? Will youoverthrow the church, bringing forth a new era of enlightenment, ordefend your kingdom from a secular invasion? The concert hall issilent. The Cannonfire Concerto is about to begin. • Play as male,female or non-binary; gay, straight, bi, or asexual. • Confound thecompetition with your musical talent on the violin, guitar, orzither. • Do you give a private concert, or are you really there togather intelligence? • Join Bonaventure Fox on his conquest forMeropa, or fight him on the side of Rienzi. • Romance royalty, orrekindle your relationship with a childhood sweetheart. • Rebuildthe nation, or leave it behind to begin anew.
A Midsummer Night's Choice 1.1.7
In this Shakespearean comedy adventure, can forbidden love conqueradorable fairy outlaws? "A Midsummer Night's Choice" is a190,000-word interactive fantasy novel by Kreg Segall, where yourchoices control the story. It's entirely text-based--withoutgraphics or sound effects--and fueled by the vast, unstoppablepower of your imagination. "Love looks not with the eyes, but withthe mind, And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind" When yourfather, the Duke, tries to force you to marry, you'll leavecivilization behind as you flee in disguise, cross-dressed, intothe enchanted forest. Mistaken identities, inexplicable bears, andtiny but fearsome fairies await! (Seriously, they wear littlewalnut shells for helmets, and ride armored baby bunnies intobattle.) Will you fall into the mysterious Faerie Queene'sclutches? Will you (or your identical doppelganger) find true love?Or will your father's spies find you first? Hold on to your heart!The course of true love never did run smooth. • Play as male orfemale, gay, straight, or bi. • Inspire the world with your nobledeeds, or play everything for laughs. • Star in a play within aplay. (Er, within a game...that you are playing.) • Become ajester, a diplomat, a knight, a poet, a shepherd--or leave theworld behind and join the fairy court. • Why is there a bear?!
Congresswolf 1.1.3
Is the next member of Congress a werewolf? Can you survive alycanthrope's bite? There’s no silver bullet for winning anelection! "Congresswolf" is an interactive novel by Ellen Cooper,where your choices control the story. It's entirelytext-based--140,000 words, without graphics or sound effects--andfueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination."Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheepvoting on what to have for dinner." -- James Bovard When a werewolfmurders your boss, you must step up to run a Congressional campaignall on your own. While werewolves, protestors, and worse--themedia--lurk around every corner, you'll use everything you can toget your candidate elected. Email servers? Tax returns? Who cares.Election-season secrets and October surprises are nothing comparedto the possibility that your candidate might be a werewolf...orthat you might become one yourself. • Play as any gender, play asgay or straight • Set the right tone with your TV ads • Prep yourcandidate for debates • Impress big donors • Get out the vote •Find out who killed your predecessor • Decide where your candidatewill stand on werewolf rights
VERSUS: The Elite Trials 1.0.7
Choice of Games LLC
Will you infiltrate the gods' Elite Courte, stealing theirsuperpowers, or turn double agent and join them, taking your placeamong the divine? "VERSUS: The Elite Trials" is a thrilling140,000-word interactive novel by Zachary Sergi, author of ourbest-selling "Heroes Rise" trilogy. Your choices control the story.It's entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—andfueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination. In thissequel to "VERSUS: The Lost Ones," as one of the prisoners trappedon planet Versus, you must vote for who will fight in deadlygladiatorial battles. Thirteen prisoners have formed a voting bloc,the Elite Courte, to ensure that they choose who lives and whodies. But one of their so-called "gods" has a plan for revolution.Your power to steal superpowers and memories makes you the perfectspy--or the perfect double agent. MemoryTravel through time andspace--keeping one step ahead of the enforcer agents who want youdead. Play the gods against each other in games within games.Design your own planet in the halls of the gods. On Versus, nothingand no one is as they seem, perhaps not even you. • Play as male,female, or non-binary • Create a planet and culture in your ownimage • Romance one (or more!) of ten different characters •Subvert the corrupt Elite Courte, or join them to suppressrebellion • Learn the shocking truth about your home planet, Prisca• Rejoin Lady Venuma, Grog, and Breeze; meet a new cast of aliencharacters
Runt of the Litter 1.2.8
Choice of Games LLC
Steal and raise a baby war gryphon! Will you fight dragons togetherto save the empire, or defy the empire and lead your people tofreedom? "Runt of the Litter" is a 150,000 word interactive fantasynovel by Kelly Sandoval, where your choices control the story. It'sentirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled bythe vast, unstoppable power of your imagination. The gryphonkeepers hold all the power in the Empire of Vaengrea. They make thelaws, patrol the borders, and only give gryphon eggs to theirchosen heirs. As a poor stable hand, a "thrall," you know you'llnever have a chance to prove yourself. But then, you find the egg.Small, neglected, nudged out of the nest by a disapproving mother.But you can feel warmth growing inside. Now your gryphon is interrible danger, both from the other gryphon keepers and from adeadly plague that's wiping out the Empire's gryphons. Can you keepyour gryphon safe? Where will you hide your new hatchling? Are youskilled enough to hunt its food or clever enough to steal it? Whichof the gryphon keepers can you trust? How will you shape the younggryphon's mind? Wyrm riders invade from the north on theirfire-breathing dragons, the natural enemy of the gryphons. Will youand your gryphon fight in the war, seizing your place among theelite? Or will you defy the empire and lead your fellow thralls torevolution? Can you keep a runt gryphon safe with the whole worldagainst you? The life of your gryphon, and the fate of an empire,is in your hands. • Play as any gender and as gay, straight, orasexual • Choose from a variety of unusual gryphon breeds • Raiseyour gryphon with a gentle hand or demand obedience • Find romanceamong your fellow thralls or steal the heart of a gryphon keeper •Rise to the rank of gryphon keeper or lead your fellow thralls tofreedom • Battle fire-breathing wyrms to protect your empire • Finda cure for the devastating gryphon plague
Welcome to Moreytown 1.0.8
Claw your way to the top of Moreytown, a furry slum forhuman-animal hybrids. Will you take down the gangs who rule thetown, or take them over instead? "Welcome to Moreytown" is a150,000-word interactive novel by S. Andrew Swann. It's entirelytext-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by thevast, unstoppable power of your imagination. You’re a moreau: agenetically engineered human-animal hybrid, a remnant of mankind’slast war. Surviving life in a Moreytown hasn't been easy, but now,someone is out to kill you and your fellow "moreys"—unexplainedfires, explosions, and the gangs swirling around the neighborhoodadd up to big trouble. It's up to you to save your pelt, and maybetake over town. Play as one of thirteen different species,including tiger, capybara, bear, or wolf. Infiltrate a sinistercult, or ally yourself with a gang of moreys. Choose a side and letthe fur fly! • Play as male, female, or non-binary, gay, straight,bi, or ace • Fight the police or help them to bring down aterrifying enemy • Save your neighborhood from utter destruction •Take over a street gang, or even run your own cult • Exploremultiple potential romantic relationships
DinoKnights 1.0.3
Saddle up to defend the realm on dino-back! Once a humblefarmer’schild, you’ve been accepted into Queen Isobel's Rangers:braveknights who patrol the kingdom of Pascalia on scaly beasts.Butjust as you receive your own dino and begin your career asaknight-ranger, you discover evil forces are converging todestroythe Queen, and Pascalia itself. "DinoKnights" is a177,000-wordinteractive fantasy novel by K.T. Bryski, where yourchoicescontrol the story. It's entirely text-based—without graphicsorsound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power ofyourimagination. Enemies and terrifying foes surround you: butwhomshould you fear most? The Dread Wizard Sargossa, raising anarmy ofun-dead dragons, or an enemy much closer to the court—theQueen'sown sister, Ermessen? And what about your burgeoning talentformagic? Will you hone your powers to save your village andfightSargossa? With a dinosaur at your side and sword inhand—therealm’s fate rests on you! • Play as male, female, ornon-binary;gay, straight, or ace. • Choose one of six differentdinosaurs asyour steed, including allosaurus, triceratops, andvelociraptor! •Foil a palace coup—or join it, instead! • Hit thetraining yardwith your dino, or spend your time cozying up tonobles and mages.• Find love with the royal heir, a charming bard,or a powerfulmage! • Discover your secret, magical heritage. •Fight to saveyour own home village from destruction. • Defend thepoorestpeasants, or win fame in Royal Tournaments. Evil is waking,andPascalia needs you. Will you and your dinosaur answer the call?
The Road to Canterbury 1.0.6
May the best story win! Enter the medieval world ofChaucer's"Canterbury Tales," where your journey, and the storiesyou tell,will change history. "The Road to Canterbury" is a175,000-wordinteractive medieval adventure novel, and 2018 NebulaAward forGame Writing Finalist, by Kate Heartfield, where yourchoicescontrol the story. It's entirely text-based--withoutgraphics orsound effects--and fueled by the vast, unstoppable powerof yourimagination. London, 1375. The Black Prince of England isdying,and peace with France hangs in the balance. You are a youngpauperon a secret mission. Join a pilgrimage to Canterbury withthepowerful noblewoman Philippa de Roet, co-sister-in-law to theBlackPrince, and Philippa's husband, Geoffrey Chaucer himself,thecustoms agent, spy, and occasional poet. Your mission istopersuade Philippa to change the course of history. You'llfightraiders and knights, aid or foil an assassin, fire up apeasants'revolt, and change your luck for the better or worse. Andofcourse, there's a storytelling contest with a big prize--oneyouintend to win. • Play as male, female or non-binary, and asgay,straight, bi, asexual and/or aromantic • Travel the ancientrouteof Watling Street from Southwark to Canterbury • Win a prizein thestorytelling contest • A quest, a joust, a trial by combat?All ina week's work • Persuade an influential noblewoman to changeherpolitics • Find love with a knight, a squire, or a travelerfromdistant lands • Become a knight, or the head of an abbey, orapowerful player in London's merchant guilds • Solve themysterythat haunts your family • Declare your loyalty to England ortoFrance and determine the outcome of the Hundred Years' WarTheHundred Years' war is heating up: will you stoke the flames ontheRoad to Canterbury?
The Hero Unmasked! 1.0.9
Impersonate your identical twin as the Swashbuckler, maskedchampionof justice! You have two weeks to rescue the REALSwashbuckler andmarry the mayor before superpowered criminals takeover the city.The Hero Unmasked is a 300,000 word interactivenovel by ChristopherHuang. It's entirely text-based, withoutgraphics or sound effects,and fueled by the vast, unstoppablepower of your imagination. Asour story begins, you have everythingyou've ever wanted. Your TVnews show is the highest rated in thecity, and you're engaged tothe mayor, with two weeks until thewedding. But when superpoweredcriminals kidnap the Swashbuckler,you realize the awful truth: theperson in the ransom video is youridentical twin, and everyonethinks it's you! Now, you must drawthe Swashbuckler's laser swordand wear the Swashbuckler's mask tobring down three of the city'smost wanted super criminals beforetime runs out. How is this goingto work? Can you keep up thecharade? Do you want to? When you meetthe Swashbuckler'ssweetheart, will you remain faithful? To whom?!Who is reallybehind the mask? • Play as male or female, gay orstraight •Infiltrate high society events and root out criminalhideouts •Uncover the true identities of Caledon City'ssuperpoweredcriminals • Disarm a bomb and save the city's finestfromdestruction • Maintain the masquerade as you learn abouttheSwashbuckler's secret hero life • Find romance with ajournalist, apyromaniac, or a vampire • Become a powered hero inyour own right
The Superlatives: Aetherfall 1.1.8
Lead a superpowered team of "Superlatives" to defend19th-centuryVictorian London! Battle a Martian warship, clockworkmonsters, andnefarious inventors. "The Superlatives: Aetherfall" isa260,000-word interactive novel by Alice Ripley. It’sentirelytext-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fueledby thevast, unstoppable power of your imagination. TheprestigiousSociety for the Advancement of Individuals ofSuperlative Talentand the Protection of the Queen has invited youto become theirnewest member! But on the very day the Society plansto initiateyou, unknown Villains destroy the Society headquartersand kidnapyour colleagues! As the sole remaining full member oftheSuperlative Society, you must initiate new recruits toinvestigatethe abduction. Meet your team: Nimble—faster thanlightning;Wailer—a "banshee" with sharp blades and sonic shriekattacks;Arturek—the gruff Martian warrior; Tua—a Venusian whocommands thepower of plants; and Black Orchid—a strangely familiarnew recruit.Your efforts are bolstered by your faithful Clockworkassistant,Gatsby, and your always-butting-in rival, Hallow. Willyour gainyour team’s trust and convince them to work together, orwill theyfall apart under the pressure? Will you cut a deal withLondon’sVillains, or even turn the Society into Villains yourself?Will youtrust the mysterious Dusk and Mr. Ink, who offer you help,or willyou uncover their many secrets? • Play as male, female,ornonbinary; gay, straight, bisexual, asexual, or aromantic •Drawpower from your preternatural nature, alien heritage, orgeniusgadgets • Protect the Earth from torrential aetherfalls •Keep youridentity secret from your nosy landlady, Mrs. Rathbone •Negotiatewith minute Mercurian monarchs (Mercurians stand only fourinchestall) • Push your teammates to transcend their origins orpursuetheir destiny • Foil the Nefarious Clockwork Contraptions ofDr.Eisengeist and discover his origins Don your mask, take totheskies, and God save the Queen!
Ironheart 1.7.4
Pilot and customize a giant iron war mech in this alternatemedieval history! In 1182 AD, the Papacy, the Caliphate, and theMongols are at war, and they all have mechs--hulking war robots,powered by energy from mysterious "skystone" meteorites. Ironheartis a 250,000-word interactive novel by Lee Williams. It’s entirelytext-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by thevast, unstoppable power of your imagination. Our story begins inthe far future, on a space mission to intercept a comet that canopen wormholes through space and time. When your ship and the creware sucked in and thrown backward through time, you awake fromcryogenic suspension in 1182--at the height of the Third Crusade.Trapped in the past, you must choose sides in the mech war betweenSaladin's Caliphate, the Catholic Papacy, and Genghis Khan'sMongolian Golden Horde. Will you search doggedly for the rest ofyour crew or focus your energies on helping one of the factions inthe war that rages around you? Do you seek to unite a divided land?Or use your advanced knowledge to gain wealth and power foryourself? Along the way, you may meet historical figures such asSaladin, fight off attacks from the notorious order of Assassinsand the secretive Knights Templar, or even take part in a grandtournament of mechs! • Play as male, female or non-binary; gay,straight, bi or asexual. • Pilot a giant medieval war machine!Choose how to equip, customise and decorate your machine. • Takesides in the Third Crusade as a knight or emir. Rise through theranks of your chosen faction or strike out alone. • Hone yourability in a wide range of skills including warfare, diplomacy,medicine and engineering. • Manage your own fiefdom. Decide how togovern, what to build and who to recruit. • Entangle yourself witha wide supporting cast of characters, from fools and bandits topriests and princesses. • Seek revenge, strive to build a betterworld or just live it up in the 12th century! What new future willyou forge now that the old one is gone?
Choice of Magics 1.0.13
Your magic can change the world, but at what cost? Battledragons,skyships, and evil Inquisitors, as you protect yourhomeland,conquer it, or destroy it forever. "Choice of Magics" isa550,000-word interactive, post-apocalyptic fantasy novel byKevinGold, author of our best-selling game, "Choice of Robots."It'sentirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects, andfueledby the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination. Thousandsofyears ago, the ancients destroyed civilization with five schoolsofmagic. Each spell comes at a terrible price. Glamor charmsyouradversaries, rotting your body from the inside. Divinationrevealsfaraway secrets, exposing your own secrets to others.Automationgives objects the spark of life, destabilizing theclimate.Vivomancy can heal or change living things, with bizarresideeffects. Blast your enemies with Negation energy, formingpermanentclouds of deadly fallout. As a young scrounger ofantiquities, youhope to build your ruined world anew with theserediscoveredspells. Now you must decide which of these magics cantransformyour post-apocalyptic society, and what you'll risk tobring hopeand light to your kinsmen. • Play as male, female, ornon-binary;straight, gay, bi, or ace. • Design your own pet, hatcha babydragon, and build your own golems. • Win a war, win thecrown, orwin your best friend's heart. • Transform an evilInquisitor into atalking tortoise, out for revenge. (Eventually.) •Collect magicitems: rings of power, an alchemy set, a “light sword”(wink, wink)• Romance your village's geeky mayor, a goofyswordfighter, or eventhe queen. • Help a stuffed monkey to repaintall of the murals inthe Cathedral dungeon. • Test out the mayor'snew board game. •With over 30 different endings, and 100achievements, there willalways be another secret to uncover. Canyou bring the world backfrom ruin and shape a new society? Use yourmagics well, and youcould become as a god; use your magics poorlyand destroy the worldall over again.
Trials of the Thief-Taker 1.0.7
In London, 1729, before they had police, they had you:thief-takers,hunting criminals for cash! Fire a flintlock and sipgin in the ageof powdered wigs. Will you grow rich catchingsmugglers andhighwaymen, show mercy, or become a crime bossyourself? "Trials ofthe Thief-Taker" is a 140,000-word interactivehistorical adventurenovel by Joey Jones, where your choicescontrol the story. It'sentirely text-based, without graphics orsound effects, and fueledby the vast, unstoppable power of yourimagination. As athief-taker, paid by the court or hired by thevictims of crime torecover property and, for an extra price, bringthe culprit tojustice, you'll stalk your prey across the mistycommons and narrowrookeries of 18th-century London. Lead a gang ofunwashed ruffians(or stalk the streets alone) as you apprehendhighwaymen on lonelyroads, and root out crooks and counterfeitersin inns andcoffeehouses. Through cunning, force, or suspiciousconnections, youwill find your mark. You may strike a blow forjustice, making aname for yourself and bringing good people toyour cause. Or you cancreate the crimes you intend to solve,stealing the goods you'll bepaid to recover, bribing prison guardsto let your associates go,building your criminal empire whileeveryone lauds you as a hero. Bequick or cautious, proper ordisreputable, generous's all in a day's work fora thief-taker. Load yourflintlock! There are thieves to take. •Play as male, female, or asa woman disguised as a man; gay orstraight. • Make your way througha world ruled by manners, harshlaws, and lurking treachery. • Runan empire of crime or establishthe first police force...or both atthe same time! • Capture,befriend, or romance corrupt officials,escape artists, courtiers,highwaymen, smugglers and grave-robbers.• Immerse yourself inGeorgian lingo: learn the difference between acove and a swell, ablue pigeon and an ark ruffian. • Play thehigh-stakes dice gameHazard in the gaming houses of Covent Garden.• Make your way withyour silver tongue, a good horse, your streetsmarts or with twofists flying.
In the Service of Mrs. Claus 1.0.4
25% off until December 31st! New Christmas 2020 Update andExpansion! An additional 20,000 words of content, includingExpanded Customization: • First chapter expanded by 60% andreorganized to make timeline clearer • More options to increasestats and customize your character • Fixed a few situations wherecharacters with certain stat choices could never succeed • Addedmore depth and usefulness to the trickery skill and the temperatetrait • Expanded the ending where you are a fugitive ImprovedRomantic Options • Two romantic partners (Candid and Flame) nowhave selectable gender, as does the player • A new unique date foreach RO • Flickering Flame made a more sympathetic villain and acompletely faithful romantic partner • Happier endings for allromances. • Players now have the option to have kids with their ROsMore active player options • Players have more agency in the worldand more freedom at how to react to events • Players can now savethe List in Chapter 6 and the mysterious toy in Chapter 4 • Playersnow experience less existential despair (unless they want to) Letme tell you the true secret of Christmas: Santa Claus diedcenturies ago. You see, in ancient times, as the Gods began to die,Santa Claus married a goddess. She was worshiped as Bast in Egypt,as Artemis in Greece, Diana in Rome. She's been called a witch, ahero, an assassin. You call her Mrs. Claus. In the Service of Mrs.Claus is a 188,000-word interactive fantasy thriller by BrianRushton, where your choices control the story. It's entirelytext-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by thevast, unstoppable power of your imagination. When Santa died, Mrs.Claus invested the power of Christmas in Santa's Heart, which sheburied with Santa in a top-security tomb beneath Claus Castle. Butnow, someone has stolen the Heart. As Mrs. Claus' top secretagent--her most trusted elf--you must go undercover to recover theHeart and take back Christmas from the forces of darkness. As youunveil the dark secrets of the Fae, you’ll magic up giantmarshmallows and deadly candy canes, romance sweet friends androguish villains, and vie with the mysterious Krinkle Corporationto save Christmas from ruin. But in the final battles you mustdecide whether to blast the armies of darkness with your winter elfmagic, or join them and betray your mistress. • Play as ashape-shifting elf who flows between gender, species, and form atwill. • Clash with cults, gods, and giant corporations as theystrive to overthrow Mrs. Claus's empire. • Use magic to completeclandestine missions as Mrs. Claus's secret agent. • Visit earthlychildren to determine their naughty or nice designations...andpresents, if any. • Decide the fate of Christmas and the Fae worlditself. • Discover the truth about Santa's death. • Play nice withyour enemies or put them on your naughty list. • Restore Mrs. Clausto power, betray her, or marry her. Christmas is coming. You'dbetter watch out.
180 Files: The Aegis Project 1.0.4
Uncover a web of evil as an elite superspy! You might break afewrules—or a few hearts—but you won’t break cover. As Agent 180,astar secret agent, you've never found a problem you couldn'tsolvewith guns, gadgets, or a devastating quip. But after apersonaltragedy sends your life off course, your next mission willtest youto your very limits. 180 Files: The Aegis Project is a184,000 wordinteractive spy thriller by Karelia Hall, where yourchoicescontrol the story. It's entirely text-based—without graphicsorsound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power ofyourimagination. An ex-informant is dead—and you’re sent to findoutwhy. As you go undercover at the sinister company he workedfor,dangerous secrets begin to emerge, along with shadows from yourownpast. Can you infiltrate the company in time to stop a deadlyplot?And with your career in the balance, will you follow orders tothebitter end—or be tempted into a deal with the devil? • Playasmale, female, or non-binary; as gay, straight, bisexual,demisexualor asexual. • First place winner of the Choice of GamesContest forInteractive Novels • What lurks in Agent 180’s past?Choose thebackground that led you here. • Use tech knowledge,charm,strategy, brute force, or sheer nerve to achieve your goals.•Choose from an assortment of gadgets to help you. • Decidewhat'smore important to you – the mission, or yourself. •Participate ina cover-up to please your employers, or expose thetruth to getjustice. • Try to build genuine relationships – ormanipulatepeople for your own ends. • Romance an intrepid reporter,acharming executive, or a brilliant scientist – or piquetheinterest of a dangerous enemy agent.
The Martian Job 1.0.6
Rob the first Martian casino and find out who really rulestheplanet! Crack a safe, break some hearts, start a revolution, orgetrich beyond the stars! "The Martian Job" is a155,000-wordinteractive novel, and 2018 Nebula Award for GameWriting Finalist,by M. Darusha Wehm. It’s entirely text-based,without graphics orsound effects, and fueled by the vast,unstoppable power of yourimagination. Welcome to Mars, where onelast safecracking job couldnab you enough platinum to last alifetime. But how will you pulloff your heist? Do you hack into thevault, blast your way in, orfinesse the locks? Can you trust yourmisfit team of grifters andcon artists? Can they trust you? Succeedin your mission and winpower, love, and money—or fail and spend therest of your lifetending bar on another planet. Pay enoughattention, and you’lllearn about the corrupt Martian government asyou go—along with therebels who oppose it and the corporationtrying to take it over.Will you choose to save the planet’stroubled colonists, or use theinformation for your own gain? You’llalso encounter opportunitiesto avenge an old comrade, thwart themachinations of a power-hungrytycoon, or start a revolution. Decidewhere your loyalty lies: withyour team, with Mars, or only withyourself. Can you shape thedestiny of humanity’s firstinterplanetary colony—and walk awaywith a trunk full of platinum? •Play as non-binary, female, ormale, as ace/aro or as monogamous orpoly, and find romance withpeople of all genders. • Raid the firstcasino on Mars. • Masterreal casino games like blackjack androulette. • Lead a crack teamof expert thieves, or sell out anyonefor a shard of platinum. •Infiltrate the center of Martian power tocontrol, destroy, or joinforces with the planet’s rulers. • Start arevolution to topple thegovernment, or defeat the rebels fromwithin. • Dominate thecorporate world with an elite interplanetaryindustrialist, forcehim out of business, or execute a hostiletakeover. • Control thefuture of humanity on another planet!
Grand Academy for Future Villains 1.0.11
Congratulations! We are delighted to welcome you to theGrandAcademy for Future Villains, the world's finest evilpreparatoryschool, where unimaginable power begins with aworld-classeducation! "The Grand Academy for Future Villains" is ahilarious200,000-word interactive novel by Katherine Nehring, whereyourchoices control the story. It's entirely text-based,withoutgraphics or sound effects, and fueled by the vast,unstoppablepower of your imagination. Looking for a career as aneviloverlord? A mad scientist? A megavillain, a wicked witch, afinalboss? You’re not going to get there without hard work,dedication,and thorough education. In the space between worlds,betweengenres, beyond time and space itself, the Grand Academy forFutureVillains trains the bad guys that every good story needs.You, ourhero--or our villain, rather--will arrive at the Academyready tolearn, but you'll quickly discover that there’s so muchmore tovillain school than getting good grades. As you navigate theschoolyear, you’ll have the opportunity to: • Secure an internshipwith aprestigious heartless corporation or megalomaniacal dictator•Seduce a hero to the dark side (Attention students: do NOTallowyourself to be seduced by the forces of good!) • Put in theextrahours at the lab to become an actual monster. • Pledgeyourfamily’s secret society and become worthy of--or defy--thegranddestiny your family has mapped out for you. • Pay off yourstudentloans (in the blood of your enemies, if necessary). • Findtruelove, deadly rivalry, or both at the same time with yourfellowstudents. • Save your alma mater, take it over, betray it, ordropout in a blaze of glory. Our alumni have gone on todominateworlds, conquer galaxies, break hearts, and succumb to thecreepingdarkness in their souls. The choices that you make at ourschoolwill determine whether you join their illustrious company.
Heart of the House 1.0.9
Destroy the evil at the heart of a haunted manor! As an orphan,youdiscovered your ability to commune with the spirit worldandghosts. When your uncle Kent mysteriously disappears, you'llembarkon a journey to find out what really happened. With yourtrustycompanion Devanand at your side, you make your way toDarnecroyManor, where Kent was last seen. It is...The House. "Heartof theHouse" is 360,000-word interactive Gothic novel by NissaCampbell.It's entirely text-based—without graphics or soundeffects—andfueled by the vast, unstoppable power of yourimagination. Withinthe manor, you'll encounter the master, LordBastian Reaves; hismysterious servants, Oriana and Loren; and thethousands of spiritsteeming around and in this haunted mansion. Butwill you shatterthe power that binds the ghosts to the House, orclaim it foryourself? Can love bloom in a haunted house? Mostimportantly, howwill you escape when the House comes for you? •Play as male,female, or non-binary; gay, straight, bi, ace, or poly• Explorethe halls of the House, even as they seem to shift beforeyour eyes• Encounter ghosts, spirits, and echoes, as you search foryourlost Uncle Kent • Fight against an ancient evil or embraceitsdemonic gifts • Indulge in steamy, chaste, sweet, orprovocativeromances, or go it alone • Exploit the secrets you findforself-serving ends or use them to help your friends • Defeatyourgreatest fears in bone-chilling moments of terror...if you can•Choose whom you can save, if anyone, from the horrors theHousecontains For some, there may be no escape from The Heart oftheHouse.
Heroes of Myth 1.0.2
Everyone thinks you saved the world three years ago. It was allalie. The truth is, the "dark lord" you and your friendssupposedlyslew never existed; you used magical illusions to fake aprophecy.But now, as you relax into a life of fame and luxury, theomensfrom your false prophecy are happening again, and this time,youhad nothing to do with it. "Heroes of Myth" is a560,000-wordinteractive novel by Abigail C. Trevor, where yourchoices controlthe story. It's entirely text-based, withoutgraphics or soundeffects, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable powerof yourimagination. Naturally, everyone expects you to save theworldagain, but you're just an illusionist, and your friendshavescattered to the winds. Will you become the hero all the songssayyou are, or find new ways to fool them all again? How far willyougo to protect your friends' secrets--or are therestrongeralliances to be made by betraying their trust? This is thetroublewith pretending you're a hero: occasionally you have tobecome one.Craft clever illusions, charm suspicious royals, andface shadowydemons from beyond your realm. In the end, is the storyyou toldworth more to you, or to the legions of people who believedit? •Play as male, female, or non-binary; gay, straight orbisexual;monogamous or poly; asexual, and/or aromantic • Interceptmessages,stage scandals, and guide your preferred ruler to thethrone •Romance a prince, a bard, a long-lost friend, a falseprophet, or avisitor from realms beyond • Defend castles, villages,and your ownmind from demonic assault • Help your friends protecttheirpositions, or sacrifice them in the name of the truth •Triumph ina tournament of the greatest mages from across the land •Slay acenturies-old monster—or swear yourself to his cause Are youahero, a liar, or both?
Kidnapped! A Royal Birthday 1.2
Escape your captors…and endure your rescuers, but don't be latetothe ball! When you are kidnapped, you must take charge ofyourrescue, and reclaim your rightful throne. Kidnapped! ARoyalBirthday is a 158,000-word interactive comedy by CharlesBattersby,where your choices control the story. It's entirelytext-based,without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by thevast,unstoppable power of your imagination. Conspirators haveimprisonedyou in a tower, and are plotting to usurp your throne.And it'syour birthday! Take command of the inept but well-intendedcrewsent to rescue you from your tower–a brazen knight, asnarkyamazon, a cursed enchantress, and a humble peasant. Worktogetherto escape your captors, outwitting your foes to make itback to thecastle and regain your power as royal Heir. But first:fight thethree-headed chimera, the two-eyed biclops, and a hordeofinsatiable gnomes!(They're surprisingly dangerous after afewdrinks). Wield swords, magic, or fight with your wits and grace.Ifall else fails, pummel your enemies with a chamberpot tied toastick. *Play as male, female, or nonbinary, gay,straight,bisexual, or asexual *Act like a damsel in distress (oranimperiled person) and let your rescuers do the work, or grabasword and fight your own battles. * Unravel the conspiracybehindyour abduction and thwart your scheming siblings. *Side withthearistocrats, or join a peasant rebellion. *Gain stature toprovethat you are the one true Heir. *Harness fairy magic tobewilderand defeat your foes! *Disguise yourself as an ElderVampire, staredown a giant, and take a nap in a glass coffin! *Findlove with anyor your rescuers...or marry a goblin (you know you'recurious).*Bring peace to the kingdom, or revel in the chaos ofcivil war.
Broadway: 1849 1.0.7
Fight your way to box office glory, while fending off the gangsofNew York! Manage a theatre in a game of high-stakesbusiness,dangerous romance, and risky alliances set in therough-and-tumbleworld of 19th century New York. You'll brave riots,fires, andpolitical spies as you take on a city of jealous rivals,brilliantartists, and stalwart politicians. "Broadway: 1849" isa150,000-word interactive historical adventure novel byRobertDavis. It's entirely text-based, without graphics or soundeffects,and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of yourimagination. Willyou succeed by your smart business sense or enlistthe city’s gangsto push your competition out of business? Can youmanage the divapersonalities of your actors? What about a ghosthaunting yourtheatre's stage? Are you a flashy producer playing toplease thecrowd with circus acts? Do you try to earn the respect ofthecity's leaders with fine art? Can you wrangle the pressintowriting the best reviews? • Play as male, female, ornon-binary;gay, straight, bi, or asexual. • Compete with rivals tostage thebiggest shows and gain the largest audience! • Choose acast fromthe city's brightest talent. • Investigate the hiddensecrets ofyour theatre. • Rush to defuse a deadly bomb, or let itexplode andplunge the city into chaos. • Nurture young talent orfeed your ownambition for the spotlight. • Rub shoulders with thecity's mostnotorious criminals, or bring their misdeeds to light. •Help adeserving friend escape the clutches of anunscrupulousbusinessman. • Join forces with a criminal gang or sidewith themayor’s push for order. When forced to choose you'll decidewhetherto fight for peace or let the city burn.
Grand Academy II: Attack of the Sequel 1.0.8
Congratulations! We are delighted to welcome you back to theGrandAcademy for Future Villains, the world's finest evilpreparatoryschool. It's sophomore year, and everyone's back for adeliciouslymeta sequel. "Grand Academy II: Attack of the Sequel" isahilarious 215,000-word interactive novel and sequel to"GrandAcademy for Future Villains," by Katherine Nehring, whereyourchoices control the story. It's entirely text-based,withoutgraphics or sound effects, and fueled by the vast,unstoppablepower of your imagination. In the space between worlds,betweenstories, beyond time and space itself, the Grand Academy forFutureVillains trains the bad guys that every epic saga needs.Behold ourdormitories, each befitting their narrative genre:horror, fantasy,sci-fi, or thriller. This year holds terrifying newchallenges: aroommate, a pet, and the ominous Board of Visitors andOverlords,who have come to review the Academy's accreditation.Under theBoard's steely gaze, you may be eligible to receive adestiny,which every true villain craves. They have also set eachgenreagainst one another in the house tournament. Will you leadyourhouse to victory, betray your comrades, or perhaps both? Andofcourse your "friends" are back, too. Aurion, Kinistra, Phil.Why,even your maleficent mother, Maedryn the Terror of ThreeWorlds, ishere. Or shall I call her…Professor Maedryn? • Play asmale,female, or nonbinary (or unhuman), gay, straight, bi, or ace.•Play the game as a standalone, or import a saved characterfromGrand Academy for Future Villains. • As Science Fiction,Fantasy,Horror, and Thriller battle each other, use yourgenre-savvy tolead your genre to victory -- or to seize a destinyfor yourself. •Raise an illicit monstrous pet in your dorm room! •Support yourmother's plans for school domination -- or break freeand steal herclone army. • As a TA, help your favorite professorget tenure - orsabotage their chances, and as the RA of Sci-Fi,Horror, Thriller,or Fantasy, figure out what's best for your evillittle charges. •Discover the Academy's fatal weakness! • Acquirethe metafictionaltools you'll need to win the game of genre againstgenre! What canyou do with a plot-hole digger or a flashback gun? •Defeat yournemesis! Or save them! Or smooch them! And when thingslook bleakjust remember: it's a trap! But you should know. You setit.
I, Cyborg 1.0.8
Outfly, outshoot, and outwit your enemies as an outlaw cyborg ontherun! You're a cyborg copy of Ypsilanti Rowe, theinterstellaroutlaw, whose enemies (and exes) are gunning for you.Can youupgrade your brain and pull one last heist? "I, Cyborg" isa300,000-word interactive science-fiction novel by TracyCanfield.It's entirely text-based, without graphics or soundeffects, andfueled by the vast, unstoppable power of yourimagination. Being acyborg copy of the famous outlaw Ypsilanti Rowecomes with plentyof advantages. But when your cybernetic brainbegins to fail only arare and obsolete part can make your systemsfunction again.Journey across the galaxy as you hunt down themissing piece. Alongthe way you'll shoot down enemy ships, or jamtheir sensors so theynever know you're there; seduce Ypsilanti'sold flames—or just stayout of their gunsights; dogfight beneathhigh-gravity stormcloudsand race pirates through a mined-outasteroid's rocky tunnels. WhenYpsilanti turns up in the originalflesh, will the two of you makethe perfect team? Or is there onlyroom in this galaxy for one ofyou? • Play as male or female; gay,straight, bisexual, or asexual.• Boost your skills with cyberneticupgrades: you're a cyborg! •Ambush a weapons shipment above a gasgiant's rings. • Smugglealien pets, penetrate the walls of a cometprison, and befriend anintelligent starship. • Work for the localcrime lords, set them ateach others' throats, or rat them out tothe Intersolar Police. •Infiltrate the halls of power and stealtop-secret data with atouch of your augmented fingertips. • Chooseto favor your humaninstincts, your custom software, or a balancebetween the two.
Psy High 2: High Summer 1.0.8
What if summer could last forever? With your psychic powers and alittle time magic, it can! "Psy High 2: High Summer" is a 270,000interactive teen supernatural mystery novel by Rebecca Slitt, andthe sequel to her 2014 smash hit, Psy High. It’s entirelytext-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by thevast, unstoppable power of your imagination. One year after savingKingsport High at the junior prom, you’ve graduated, and you’reworking as a counselor at a sleepaway camp before heading off tocollege. Your power to read minds certainly comes in handy whenyou're in charge of a cabin full of nine- and ten-year-olds! You'reresponsible for taking care of them and teaching them everythingyou know. But you’re also enjoying a summer of freedom: you’re awayfrom your parents and on your own. Camp Cedarcrest has its share ofmysteries. Why do the people in the camp’s photos look like theynever age? Why is the groundskeeper always lurking on the edges ofthe camp? Why can’t your friends remember what happened lastsummer? And what about the ghost stories? Generations of camperstell stories about seeing “the White Lady” floating through thewoods. All your friends from Kingsport High (and their powers) arejust a text away: you can always look to your best friend forsupport, ask the editor of the school newspaper to help withresearch, or sneak a date with your hometown sweetheart. But inorder to make it through the summer, you’ll have to find the truthabout Camp Cedarcrest. And when you discover a powerful source oftime magic, you also learn that it comes with a high price. How farare you willing to go to preserve or destroy it? • Play as male,female, or nonbinary; gay, straight, or bi. • Find summer love withyour co-counselor or a mysterious stranger; or deepen yourrelationship with your high school sweetheart. • Sing songs aroundthe campfire, eat s’mores, make friendships that will last forever.• Learn magic from a powerful mentor, and teach magic to a newgeneration. • Earn your campers’ love – or just ignore them andhave your own fun. • Win Colorwars! • Save Camp Cedarcrest – orshut it down for good • Explore a secretive society and itspowerful magic. • Be a good influence on your campers, or teachthem to be troublemakers, just like you.
The Magician's Workshop 1.0.6
When your master is murdered, you must uncover the magicalsecretsof Renaissance Italy, before your rival apprentices exposethemfirst! The Magician’s Workshop is a 190,000-wordinteractivehistorical fantasy novel by Kate Heartfield, where yourchoicescontrol the story. It's entirely text-based—without graphicsorsound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power ofyourimagination. In 1512, Florence is known for ruthless politics,art,and magic. Now that the infamous Medici banking family is backinpower, the city is full of dangerous secrets. What wouldthetreacherous Machiavelli do in a situation like this? Just askhimin person! When your master's body washes up in the Arno river,youmust take over his Maria Novella workshop—the designs,thepaintings, the marvelous machines and inventions, andmostimportantly, his book of spells, written in various ciphersandmagical invisible inks. You have inherited a roster ofdangerousclients who are losing patience, and two rival apprenticeswhocould prove allies or even lovers, if they don't turn on youtowrest the workshop from your hands. Can you use your skills inthearts or sciences to gain allies and buy time? Are you quickenoughwith a blade to keep yourself safe in the streets? Are youcleverenough to decode the master's instructions to build aterrible newmachine, and are you ruthless enough to sell it to thehighestbidder? Or will you work together with your fellowapprentices tobuild the machine in secret and use it to bringstability to thecity, and to all of Italy? • Play as male, female,or non-binary;gay, straight, bi, asexual, or poly. • Use alchemy,animation andsoothsaying to create magical entertainments, winstreet fights andimpress your clients • Design and build a flyingmachine, anunbreakable vault, a wall-breaking weapon, an enchantedpen and inkfor a philosopher, or a refillable gold purse for bribes• Uncoverthe secrets of Florence and rise to power in your ownworkshop,leading your own team of magicians and artists • Meetfamoushistorical figures such as Niccolo Machiavelli and the futurePopeLeo X • Paint a fresco in the public square, escape yourenemies ina boat chase on the Arno River, or just play cards andtalkpolitics in the taverns of Florence The master made darksacrificesto learn what he knew. Are you prepared to do the same?
Asteroid Run: No Questions Asked 1.0.5
Captain! You have limited resources, a desperate crew, strangecargoand a company man is aboard to spy on you. Will you deliveryoursecret cargo to the Asteroid Belt on time? You and your crewwillget rich or die trying! Asteroid Run: No Questions Asked isa325,000-word interactive science-fiction novel by Fay Ikin,whereyour choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based,withoutgraphics or sound effects, and fueled by the vast,unstoppablepower of your imagination. Cargo runs between Earth,Mars and theAsteroid Belt are commonplace, but deadly. You're thecaptain of amerchant vessel, but this time, your contract has atwist: don'topen the cargo, don't get in the way of its handler,and don't askquestions. Deliver to Vesta Station. What kind ofcaptain will yoube? Will you get your hands dirty in the engine, bean aspiringscientist, or a master negotiator? Will you focus on thehealth ofyour crew or the state of your ship? Will you put yourcrew indanger to protect the mysterious cargo, or will you joinforceswith vicious anarchists to fight against corporate wealthandcorruption? • Play as non-binary, female, or male, andfindromance—asexual or otherwise—with people of all genders. •Discoveryour crew's secrets, or secure their well-being: theirlives are inyour hands. • Abandon your position to join forces withtheanarchists and their charismatic leader, and even turndoubleagent. • Balance your ship's resources, delivering the cargoontime, and your influence with groups in the solar system. •Getrich being a bootlicker for the law-bringers orthemegacorporations, or use their own corruption againstthem.Whatever alliances you make, the Big Black is vast andunforgiving,and your corporate guest is watching for any mistakes.You've gotsix months to Vesta Station: make them count.
Tower Behind the Moon 1.0.3
You are the greatest magician in the Sublunar World. It isnotenough. As a rare Conjunction approaches, immortality iswithinreach. But the gods have noticed you trying to unlock thedoors ofheaven. Some demand you ascend–or else–while others plotyourdestruction. There are only two paths for you now,archmage:immortality or annihilation. "Tower Behind the Moon" isa400,000-word interactive epic fantasy novel by Kyle Marquis,whereyour choices control the story. It's entirelytext-based—withoutgraphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast,unstoppable powerof your imagination. You have a once-in-a-lifetimeopportunity totranscend your mortal state one month from now, inthe tower whereyour magic is strongest. Miss this celestialconjunction and youwill die. As you prepare for your ascension,however, you battleincreasing dangers. Your tower is your sanctum,but also a targetfor enemies you've made over a lifetime oftreasure hunting,sorcery, and war. Angels and demons haunt yourworkshop whilemortal princes demand favors and concessions.Yourservants–themselves half-gods or more–fight for your attentionandscheme to claim the tower for themselves. And the wretched shadeofyour mentor, who failed to ascend, hints that something out ofyourpast plans to destroy your future. You hold the keys toheaven,hell, and the outer darkness. You just need to find thedoor. •Play as male, female, or nonbinary, gay, straight, bi, orace. •Choose from five different magical paths, each with uniqueservantsand spells. • Travel from the forgotten castles of theunderworldto heaven’s crooked back-alleys. • Face mad dragons,ruthlessangels, cultists, and whole kingdoms of the dead. • Bedreadful andmonstrous, or subtle and ruthless. • Uncover the truehistory ofyour tower, your mentor, and your long-lost adventuringcompanions.• Maintain your humanity or abandon the fetters ofreason. •Comfort the afflicted or vaporize the annoying. • Dare toseek loveat the end of your mortal existence. • Become a demon, agod, anundead lich, a shining immortal, or a living continent–ifyousucceed. Your weapon: magic. Your enemy: the gods. Yourgoal:immortality.
Chronicon Apocalyptica 1.0.5
Battle Norse raiders, ghosts, and changelings to savemedievalEngland! But beware, if the elves can capture the Book youhold,the world will end. "Chronicon Apocalyptica" is a250,000-wordinteractive medieval fantasy novel by Robert Davis.It's entirelytext-based, without graphics or sound effects, andfueled by thevast, unstoppable power of your imagination. You arean Anglo-Saxonscribe in the year 1000. You hold a Book of secretswrittengenerations ago, including this prophecy: "When Æthelred IIisKing, he shall not be King, but there shall be an elvenchangelingin his stead. Should it gain this book and its ink, theworld heshall rend asunder." The witan advisors to Æthelred havetasked youwith a secret mission to research whether the Book istrue. Buildan unlikely party of adventurers: a nun, a holy warrior,a bard, abeekeeper, and his bee, each with a mysterious past. Judgea witchtrial, infiltrate the magical land of the elves, and eventravelthrough time on your quest to extract fact from fiction.Lovers ofEngland's mythic history will delight as you meetExcalibur, theGreen Children of Woolpit, and the Tremulous Hand, acreepydisembodied hand with a predilection for parchment. Putyouranalytical, investigative, and storytelling skills to the testasyou decide where your loyalties lie: to the church, the crown,orthe people of England. Will you uncover the secret at the heartofEnglish history, or succumb to the evil of the most deadlybookever created? • Play as male, female, or non-binary; gay,straight,bi, or asexual. • Discover rare sources, excavate ruins,andcollect local legends. • Fight the forces of darkness, oroutwitthem with your sharp intelligence. • Explore decayingstrongholds,funeral barrows, and even time itself. • Choose romanceor rivalrywith your greatest foe. • Determine who sits on theEnglish throne.
The Superlatives: Shattered Worlds 1.0.2
Conquer assassins and alien invaders in Superlative London!DefendEarth and negotiate interplanetary peace as you race torescueQueen Victoria in this thrilling sequel to “TheSuperlatives:Aetherfall.” "The Superlatives: Shattered Worlds" is a218,000-wordinteractive novel by Alice Ripley. It's entirelytext-based,without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by thevast,unstoppable power of your imagination. You are the Arbiter,aplanet-hopping operative assigned to stabilize a peacesummitbetween Mars, Venus, and Earth. But when Queen Victoria istargetedfor assassination, you must find her killer, unmask theMysteriousOfficer he serves, and stop an otherworldly invasionbefore it'stoo late! Armed with powerful aetheric artifacts andyour own witand skill, you'll fight alongside your allies tounravel themystery of this new threat, defend your home planet, andface afinal foe both strange and strangely familiar. Youremployers, theshadowy body known as the Divergent Conclave, arededicated tomaintaining peace between the planets. Impress theConclave and itsmembers might help you protect Earth—or recruit youto serve theirpersonal agendas. Will you manipulate them to gaintheir support?If the peace summit falters, will you placate theparties, orchoose a faction? How will you stop the impendinginvasion? And whowill you romance? What started as a job ofpolitics and diplomacycould end in murderous chaos. Face aliens,automata, and whole newworlds on a quest to save the solar system!• Play as male, female,or non-binary; gay, straight, bi, oraromantic • Import aSuperlative character from The Superlatives:Aetherfall, or createa new Arbiter character from scratch • Wieldyour very owninvisibility cloak • Uncover a double agent within theQueen'sSuperlative Service • Charm a menagerie of aliens, frommultiform,jellyfish Jovians to miniature Mercurians to furrySaturnians •Play as a battle-loving brawler or persuasive pacifist• Romance adriven detective, stylish secret agent, or your violentMartiansecretary • Solve murders, negotiate with pirates, anduncoverinterplanetary conspiracies • Cultivate your reputationamongcats...or is it just one cat?
Werewolves: Haven Rising 1.1.0
Rise up, werewolves! Throw off the shackles of a tyrannicalmilitarypolice state. Fight for your pack! Fight for your honor!Fight foryour freedom! "Werewolves: Haven Rising" is a285,000-wordinteractive novel by Jeffrey Dean, where your choicescontrol thestory. It's entirely text-based—without graphics orsoundeffects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power ofyourimagination. You are one of fifteen pups born in Haven,agovernment internment camp where werewolves are forced to liveandwork. Raised in this refuge since birth, you've never knownthefreedom of the wilds. You soon discover the elders haveselectedyou for a mission that will put you directly into thecross-hairsof both the military and werewolf radicals alike! You'rea newbreed of lupine explorer, your hunting grounds an urban jungleofsteel and concrete. When your expedition to a forbiddenmilitarybase goes wrong, a startling discovery sparks an escalationofviolence and tragedy that will lead your pack to the hungry mawofwar. • Play as male, female, or nonbinary; gay, straight,orbisexual. • Rise to power in opposition to a war monger or joinhimin the fight for werewolf supremacy! • Train in the path ofthewarrior, the shadow, or the sage. • Fight your enemies withclawand fang, or take a non-lethal approach. • Uncover thetruemotivations of a powerful anti-werewolf zealot. • Exploreseveralpotential romances, finding love in an increasingly chaoticworld.Once hunted and imprisoned, the werewolves rise again!
The Fog Knows Your Name 1.0.4
Step into the fog to confront your terror: the evil thathideswithin. The Fog Knows Your Name is a 300,000 word interactiveteenhorror novel by Clio Yun-su Davis, where your choices controlthestory. It's entirely text-based, without graphics or soundeffects,and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of yourimagination. It'ssenior year of high school. Your classmate RexKeller was founddead six months ago, and you were the last personto see him alive.Half the town thinks you murdered him, includinghis sister, Ennis.The other half believes it was the fog. In yourtown, ever sinceanyone can remember, people die when the fog rollsin. No one knowsexactly how or why. Some say the land didn't wantthe colonizers,so it sends the fog as an agent of vengeance. Somesay the Devilhimself lurks in the fog, collecting souls. Othersbelieve the fogsimply drives people mad, causing them to enactviolence onto eachother and onto themselves. There is one elementof the tale thatremains the same in every telling: those who perishin the fog areguilty of wronging another without confessing to it.Those whoadmit to causing harm can walk in the fog untouched. Theliars die.Their ghosts haunt the town. They're haunting you,they're hauntingEnnis Keller, and they're haunting your friends atschool. If youand your friends can't unravel the fog's mysteries intime, thoseghosts are going to kill you, one way or another. • Playas female,male, or non-binary; gay, straight, bi, ace, aromantic,or poly. •Stop the thing in the fog and exorcise the ghosts whohaunt yourtown. • Enter the fog and die. • Solve murders. The cluesare justwaiting in the fog. • Entangle yourself in romances withyourfriends and enemies. • Protect the town that despises you ortakevengeance against them. When the dead speak, will you givethemwhat they want or put an end to them? Clear the past, clearyourname, clear the fog.
Choice of the Cat 1.0.9
Knock things over. Take a nap. Enslave humanity. Power, fame,andcatnip are yours for the licking! "Choice of the Cat" isahilarious 600,000-word interactive novel by Jordan Reyne,whereyour choices control the story. It's entirely text-based,withoutgraphics or sound effects, and fueled by the vast,unstoppablepower of your imagination. It's the biggest text-basedcatsimulator ever written; play it many times as different kindsofcat! As a rescue cat, looking for a family to love and obeyyouforever, you find yourself sharing a home with a family onthebrink of divorce. You'll learn to manipulate your owners,theirneighbors, and even their other pets to get what you want.(Thehumans think they're in charge! Aren't they cute?) Show yournewfamily the meaning of unconditional love, rule by fear alone,orplay them against one another for your amusement. Become aYouTubesensation when videos of your lovable antics go viral, ormeddlefrom behind the throne as your owner family begins to takeover thegovernment. Who's an adorable, tyrannical kitty? YOU ARE.Will yousharpen your claws and mete out feline justice, or melttheirhearts with purrs, meows, and cuddles? • Play as male orfemale, ordispense with gender constructs • Enjoy over half amillion wordscovering cat lore, how to rule the planet, and what todo with adead fish • Save your owners' marriage with kindness, orrip themapart with your tiny little claws • Delve deep into thepsyche ofman's second best friend, or become their first bestfriend, ifPete the dog lets you. • Take revenge on those who crossyou oryour allies, or rescue the innocent using clever, quietertricks •Become a hero among cats, or pick on humans, and ruthlesslydestroya troubled marriage • Enjoy luxurious carpets, curtains ripeforshredding, and belly rubs from your owners • Shred andstealthings, mark your territory stinkily, and cause fires • Messwithvital political phone calls--or opt for clever calming tacticssoyour humans reach their goals • Help your owner earn arecordingcontract from the music mogul next door, with the help ofhis cat
Exile of the Gods 1.1.0
In the great war between the gods, will you wield the chainsofdestiny, or shatter them forever? "Exile of the Gods" is a460,000word interactive epic fantasy novel by Jonathan Valuckas,whereyour choices control the story. It's entirelytext-based—withoutgraphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast,unstoppable powerof your imagination. Our story begins twenty yearsafter the actionof the first game, 2015's "Champion of the Gods".Which ending didyou get? Start this game as the Champion, a warriorborn to servethe gods, and follow the holy destiny the Weavers havecrafted foryou. Or start this game as the Exile, enemy of the gods,and forgea new life for yourself in the faraway land ofKhovros--wheremortals are free to choose their own fates. Championand Exilealike must unravel a deadly conspiracy, and confront thebrewingwar upon their gods. Will you vanquish this invading force,or useits power to free your realm from its ruthless creatorsforever?Take revenge on the gods who exiled you, or steal thischance toprove your worth to the pantheon, and seize your destinyof glory?The gods made you what you are. Now, you will show themwhat youare made of. • Play as male, female, or nonbinary; gay,straight,bi, or ace • Take the role of your realm's beloved savior,or thatof a vengeful warrior living in exile • Explore a worldinspired bythe myths of Ancient Greece • Fight land and sea battlesinspiredby the military campaigns of antiquity • Unravel adivineconspiracy that spans two realms, complete with shockingtwists •Use the power of Inspiration to endow your companionswithunearthly prowess, or wield Rapture to stun your enemies withbliss• Move the hearts of your foes with your sincerity, or harnessthepower of deception to spin a lie that suits your fancy • Playthegame in standalone mode, or import your skills and backstoryfrom"Champion of the Gods" to unlock new storylines--and aterrifyingbonus power • Confront golems, fire-wielding mystics, andthearmies of the dead • Receive a horoscope for your character,basedon their virtues and humors
Werewolves 2: Pack Mentality 1.0.6
It's a war between your werewolf pack and the HumanSovereigntyMovement! Lead the pack to victory before extremiststurn yourpackmates against each other. "Werewolves 2: PackMentality" is a360,000 word interactive novel in Jeffrey Dean'sacclaimed 'Claw,Shadow, and Sage' series, where your choicescontrol the story.It's entirely text-based—without graphics orsound effects—andfueled by the vast, unstoppable power of yourimagination. Thisthrilling sequel to "Werewolves: Haven Rising"seamlesslyintegrates your choices and experiences into a new taleof survivaland loyalty, desperation and betrayal. After escapingthe Havenwerewolf detention camp and tasting freedom for the firsttime inyour life, you and your pack must infiltrate "The Nail,"atop-secret underground military prison for werewolves, andliberatethe prisoners. But integrating these new wolves into thegreaterpack will prove difficult, testing bonds and strainingleadershipto the breaking point. In your fight for freedom, you'llconfrontthe phantom of your father and his legacy of self-hatred,as wellas the opposing fanaticism of werewolf supremacists moreinterestedin domination than peace. In the end, the greatest threatto yourpack's survival may be what you fear most, as yourinescapableferal nature threatens to tear your newly-forged packapart! • Playas male, female, or non-binary; gay, straight, orbisexual. •Infiltrate a top-secret military prison deep below theEarth,risking it all to save your species! • Overcome a deadlyoutbreakof feral madness that pits members of your new pack againsteachother. • Either stand in solidarity with a bloodthirstynewpackleader, or work to undermine them at every turn. •Interactwith a diverse cast of new characters alongside your oldfavorites!• Explore two new potential romances, continue yourrelationshipsfrom Haven Rising, or go it alone in an increasinglychaotic world.
Blood Money 1.0.5
By the power of your blood, you and your ghosts will take overyourcrime family! "Blood Money" is a 290,000-word interactive novelbyHannah Powell-Smith. It's entirely text-based, without graphicsorsound effects, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power ofyourimagination. When your cousin murders the city's mostnotoriouscrime boss--your mother--a power struggle erupts acrossthecriminal underworld. As your sisters Octavia and Fuschia vieforcontrol, you alone in the family possess the blood magician'spowerto summon and command ghosts. They hunger for your blood; ifit'sblood they want, then blood they'll have. Will you take overthefamily business? Remain loyal, go it alone, or defect to arivalgang? • Play as male, female, or non-binary; gay, straight,bi, orace. • Embrace your unearthly gifts and build connectionswith thedead, or banish ghosts to the underworld to protect theliving •Look for love, or manipulate your friends and allies;Betray thosewho trust you, or maintain family loyalty no matter thecost •Fight a gang war for your family, defect to your rivals, orrejecta life of crime • Negotiate volatile family relations:resolvesquabbles, fall in line as a loyal lieutenant, or sharpenyourknife for backstabbing • Influence citywide politics: exploittheMayor’s office for your own ends, or use your connections foragreater cause What will you sacrifice for freedom, and who willyousacrifice for power?
Creme de la Creme 1.0.17
WINNER of the 2019 XYZZY Awards (Best Game, Best Writing, BestStory) Climb to the very top of the class at your exclusive privateschool for socialites! Will you study hard, find a perfect match,or embrace scandal? Crème de la Crème is a 440,000-word interactivenovel by Hannah Powell-Smith, where your choices control the story.It's entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects, andfueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination. GallatinCollege is a "finishing school" where young people must learnsocial graces, surrounded by their high-class peers. When yourparents fall into disgrace, the rest of high society rejects them.It's up to you to enroll at Gallatin, to secure your future andrestore the family's good name. At Gallatin, you'll dance withroyalty, impress decorated officers, and perfect your etiquette.What will you prioritize: a spotless reputation, a prestigioussocial network, or a pristine report card–and who will you backstabto achieve it? Your year in this sparkling, brittle world is aboutto begin. But are you a rake soaked in scandal, or a perfectlyproper socialite? Sneaking out of class or polishing your ballroomdancing, either way: the road to high society starts here! • Playas male, female, or nonbinary; gay, straight, or bisexual;monogamous or polyamorous; asexual and/or aromantic. • Make a matchwith an aristocrat or royalty, develop a romantic connection with afellow student, or fall for someone below your social standing. •Enjoy a no-strings-attached fling, or propose a marriage ofconvenience with a friend. • Join a clique - officially sanctionedby the college or decidedly not - and build its strength andstanding. • Distinguish yourself by achieving a place at universityor on a competitive internship. • Sabotage your classmates, orbuild friendships. • Repair your family's reputation, or grind itinto the dust. • Uncover Gallatin College's dark secrets and revealthem to the world - or keep them under wraps. Will you be the crèmede la crème?