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com.chrawfish.scrambler 1.95
Push your skills to the edge with this free retro arcade gameScrambler. Great game-play that’s typical of old games. A sidescrolling shooter game where you navigate your ship through 6different stages packed with menacing enemies, on the way todestroy the final Enemy Base. KEY FEATURES - Classic arcade coin-opexperience; graphics, sounds, gameplay – everything is there! - Twotouchscreen player control methods, plus Bluetooth GamepadController support - Google Play Games: Global Leaderboards &24 Achievements - 100% playable without in-app purchases! - Playoffline: no WiFi / no internet required - Save your game: Foron-the-go gaming – continue whenever you want to Tip: Download to alarge tablet and sit back with a Bluetooth wireless gamepad! GAMEINFO Pause/Quit: Use your device’s Back ButtonHi-Scores/Leaderboards: Two types: 1: Local to your device: Seen inattract/demo mode 2: Global: Google Play Games: Sign-in/view frompre-game options Novice Mode (Easier): Auto set ON at install,& auto turns OFF forever when you’re familiar with the controlsDifficulty “Normal: Android Mode”: Terrain Avoidance System helpsto stop you crashing into the ground Easier Stage 5 (Maze) map Nolosing lives on the final End Base stage Difficulty “Brutal:GamePad a must!”: None of the above! Tip: Use a BluetoothController GamePad! PLAYER CONTROL TIPS Tip 1: Learn to quicklylift your left thumb & then touch again to “reset” the distancebetween your thumb & ship. E.g. push your ship forward thenlift + retouch behind & above to fly near the ground, etc. Tip2: You can very quickly fire both your Lasers + Bombs by slidingyour right thumb up & down over the buttons. You don’t need tolift your thumb (& both buttons are auto-fire). PERMISSIONSEXPLAINED Note: Since Scrambler is free to play, it is supported by(optional) Video Ads, & helped by Analytics. Read/modify/deletecontents of SD card / USB storage: Your SD card is only used forVideo ads, which are cached to avoid delays/stuttering withplayback. Scrambler does NOT access any other data. View networkconnections / Full network access: Video Ads & Analytics needaccess to the internet to function. - Send bugs or suggestions - You are allowed (and encouraged!) to putfootage of Scrambler on YouTube or any other website ***This gameis an unofficial clone of an old original game and is not endorsedby the registered trademark and copyright owners.
Loco Run: Train Arcade Game - new games 2019 1.102
Control trains: operate & drive trains through differentlandscapes, earning coins to spend on Driver Training runs whereyou qualify to upgrade your license to drive later, faster,locomotives. Start with Britain’s 1928 steam train Morayshire, thenupgrade to diesels e.g. U.S.’s Santa Fe, Britain’s Freightliner +Class 460 (Gatwick Express), & Australia’s S class (SouthernAurora). Peak with Japan’s Bullet Train! Then there’s 2 mysterylocos to unlock. You can play offline – no WiFi / no internetrequired – you will just miss out on Rewarded Videos offers.FEATURES - Addictive gameplay: simple controls, well gradeddifficulty, one-hand play possible - 6 famous Locos to unlock:diesels from U.S., U.K., & Australia, & Japan’s BulletTrain! - Two mystery locos to unlock! Hint: Steam train, & amovie-inspired one - Realistic train sounds - For mobile gaming:SaveGame your progress so you can play for a few minutes at a time- Compete worldwide with Google Play Leaderboards &Achievements GAME OVERVIEW - Play Long Haul first, collecting Frees& earning Coins from pickups & reaching stations. Yourlocomotive can only travel a max of 10 stations due to the trackchanging size (gauge). To advance into the next 10-station map,play Time Challenge to upgrade your locomotive to a newer/fasterone. - Time Challenge: Replay each of the 8 tracks as fast as youcan (swipe up+down to change your speed) to keep beating your besttimes. You need to lower the Total Time of all 8 tracks to upgradeyour locomotive. INSTRUCTIONS CONTROLS BRIEF - Prevent crashing bytapping left/right of screen to change the tracks ahead, & inTime Challenge swipe up/down to change your speed - For Pause/QuitGame: use your device’s Back Key LONG HAUL - How far can you go? -Keep train on correct track by changing the points: tap left/rightof screen. Your speed is fixed - A Dead-Man's-Switch appearstop-left: tap it before 0 to avoid an emergency stop - Earn coinsfor Time Challenge & MultiPlayer by completing levels &picking up coins - Pickup FREEs for free-runs in Time Challenge -Tap all 3 AutoPoints pickups – 10 secs of speed & Auto Points!- Upgrade your Loco in Time Challenge. Each Loco starts at laterstations (& higher score) & faster Tip: Use the FREEs youpickup in TimeChallenge before they overflow, by quitting LongHauloften (your game is saved) TIME CHALLENGE - Unlock new Locos bylowering the Total Overall Time of the 8 tracks - Choose each track& beat your best track time - Upgraded Locos have faster topspeeds, so re-run all the tracks after you upgrade! - Speedcontrol: Swipe screen UP/DOWN. Since tracks change too, remember toswipe on the side of screen of required track's directionMULTIPLAYER - Coming shortly! It’s in Alpha Test – it’s working...- Sneak preview: Race head-to-head with players worldwide, usingyour current Loco PERMISSIONS EXPLAINED Loco Run is supported byAds, & helped by Analytics Read/modify/delete contents of SDcard / USB storage: Your SD card is ONLY used to cache ads, NOother data is accessed View network connections / Full networkaccess: Ads & Analytics need access to the internet to functionKEEP UPDATED / GET IN TOUCH! TWITTER: @ChrawfishGames EMAIL:Feedback/bugs: You are allowed (&encouraged!) to put footage of Loco Run on YouTube or any otherwebsite