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versus tournament 3.8.3
The perfect app to organize casual tournaments, with up to 256participants.PLEASE checkout the free version (versus free - linkedsomewhere on this page) before you consider to purchase versus!With the free version you have all the features available, exceptthat you are limited to 8 participants for a tournament!Supportedtournament types:* Single Elimination (Knockout) - up to 256participants* Double Elimination - up to 256 participants* RoundRobin (League Mode) - up to 80 participants* King of the Hill - upto 100 participants* Team Elimination - up to 100participantsHIGHLIGHTS:* versus is a generic tournament generator /organizer / manager. Use it to organize any kind of sportscompetition, cup, bracket, tourney, joust, championship, playoffs,grandslam, league etc. …* Create, generate or import players. Oncecreated, you can use them in every future tournament. * Just selectthe tournament type and the players to participate. Once started,you can switch between the tournament overview and the currentmatch(es).* Highly flexible seeding mechanisms (random, fair,manual, etc.)* Simple and intuitive, easy-to-use interface: Move(drag with one finger) or zoom (pinch with two fingers) thebracket. Double-tap or long-press the match screen for furtheroptions.* Enter scores and decide a match at the match screen oruse Quick-Decide at the tournament overview to pick a winner.*Store or share your tournament (as a png-picture-file) using otherapps like Mail, Facebook or Twitter (and many more) at any time!*Set a date, time, location and description for each match.*Organize your players in groups and filter them when starting atournament, e.g. so your video-game competitions don't get mixed upwith your other tournaments!* versus works completely offline*Tournament archive: Run as many tournaments as you like. You canswitch between them whenever you want!* Players also have a"value"-attribute that indicates the Skill/Points/Level/etc. of aplayer. It can be used for seeding or in the team-builder.* TeamsBuilder - Join your selected players into teams, and have the teamsparticipate in the tournament. Teams can be assigned manually orgenerated randomly or based on their "value“.* Statistics: Selectplayers and tournaments to create a table containing variousstatistics like: matches won/lost/draw, average scores and more.*Theme Editor (available via in-app-purchase): Change the entirelook of the tournament overview and match screen with the abilityto customize all the colors and icons. Save and manage as manythemes as you want.
versus tournament (free) 3.8.3
The perfect app to organize your casual tournaments.The FREEedition of versus supports tournaments with up to 8 participants*No Ads!* If you like it, checkout the full edition which supportsup to 256 players for a tournament.Supported tournament types:*Single Elimination (Knockout)* Double Elimination* Round Robin(League Mode)* King of the Hill* Team EliminationHIGHLIGHTS:*versus is a generic tournament generator / organizer / manager. Useit to organize any kind of sports competition, cup, bracket,tourney, joust, championship, playoffs, grandslam, league etc. …*Create, generate or import players. Once created, you can use themin every future tournament. * Just select the tournament type andthe players to participate. Once started, you can switch betweenthe tournament overview and the current match(es).* Highly flexibleseeding mechanisms (random, fair, manual, etc.)* Simple andintuitive, easy-to-use interface: Move (drag with one finger) orzoom (pinch with two fingers) the bracket. Double-tap or long-pressthe match screen for further options.* Enter scores and decide amatch at the match screen or use Quick-Decide at the tournamentoverview to pick a winner.* Store or share your tournament (as apng-picture-file) using other apps like Mail, Facebook or Twitter(and many more) at any time!* Set a date, time, location anddescription for each match.* Organize your players in groups andfilter them when starting a tournament, e.g. so your video-gamecompetitions don't get mixed up with your other tournaments!*versus works completely offline* Tournament archive: Run as manytournaments as you like. You can switch between them whenever youwant!* Players also have a "value"-attribute that indicates theSkill/Points/Level/etc. of a player. It can be used for seeding orin the team-builder.* Teams Builder - Join your selected playersinto teams, and have the teams participate in the tournament. Teamscan be assigned manually or generated randomly or based on their"value“.* Statistics: Select players and tournaments to create atable containing various statistics like: matches won/lost/draw,average scores and more.* Theme Editor (available viain-app-purchase): Change the entire look of the tournament overviewand match screen with the ability to customize all the colors andicons. Save and manage as many themes as you want. 1.3
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