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My Days X - Ovulation Calendar & Period Tracking
The best Ovulation Calendar and Period Tracker is here: My Days X.-- I ❤ it — Really! Congratulations! Out of 100,000+ apps, MyDays Xhas been selected by leading doctors as a top health ovulationcalendar app. Based on its medical accuracy, its utility insupporting health or healthy living goals, and usability, MyDays Xhas received the award from HealthTap AppRx Top Health and MedicalApps reports. *** MyDays X predicts your fertile days and your nextperiods *** ✔ ""Intelligent Notifications"" based on your Locationand Time ✔ Great Community Chat to share your Experience with otherUsers ✔ Pregnancy Mode ✔ Track more than 20 Symptoms and rememberyour Breast Self examination ✔ Optional manual entry of yourOvulation days and next period prediction ✔ Track when you had sex(how often, protected/unprotected) ✔ Keep an eye on your blood flowand mood. ✔ embedded eMail support for your cycle History to yourdoctor ✔ Backup/Restore via MyDays Cloud Backup, Email or WiFiMyDays X - Period & Ovulation Calendar is the simplest way totrack your female data. ✔ NuvaRing and any other birth Controlbased on Insert/Remove after x Days ✔ Partneremail, email yourPartner how u felt in the last days and whats coming next ✔ DisableDaily Options, for example for kids or when you don't like to comepregnant Simpler, Better, More Features and the best Community ✔See the possible gender your baby may be ✔ Track your Cervixposition, openness, firmness & feeling ✔ Track OPK Results(negative, fertile, peak/ovulation) ✔ Visualize Moon-phases The newMyDays Period Tracker ROCKS! More innovative features than ever! ✔Password Lock for your Security ✔ Add the actual cycle day to thecalendar days ✔ Disable the predictions for period or ovulation onthe calendar ✔ Filter what you like to see in your History List(eg. only Data from 2014) ✔ Multi User (track yourself, yourdaughter or close friend) 
 ✔ Create your own Calendar Themes! 
 ✔Add text notes - remember if you took your pill ✔ Overwrite thepredicted ovulation with your manual set day ✔ Adjustable Lutealphase ✔ Option to see old predictions 
 ✔ Reset preferences anddata should you lost overview ✔ Rename Symptoms Fields for yourNeeds ✔ Get an overview by Chart for your temperature (BMT) andweight measures ✔ Choose the start day of the week ✔ Cycle andPeriod Length can be calculated automatically ✔ Unit Measures inKg/Lbs/Stone Celsius/Fahrenheit 
 ✔ More than 20 Languages---------------------------------------- MyDays, the easy tracking& prediction calendar for your period, ovulation and fertility.-------- 
MyDays does pinpoint the 'high fertile' days.However, you can become pregnant also on other days! Usage is yourown responsibility. For more Help & Hint, see Preferences ->About -> Visit MyDays - Homepage -------- ✔ It's FREE ! -without any hidden in-app purchases * "MyDays X Free" includesadvertising. Get "MyDays X Pro" without ads here:
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Talking Fred 1.0
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