Christian Schildt Apps

10 Fails - Free 2D Game 1.3.2
10 Fails is a free and ad-free 2D casual minigame!Introduction:-Drop a bomb with touching your display.- Try to hit the enemieswith the bombs.- If you let an enemy pass, it counts as a failure.-After 10 failures the game is over.- Then try to beat yourhighscore.- That’s all ;)
Strange Autumn
Strange Autumn is a completely free adventurous 3D horror game! Canyou escape this world? New: Now with Virtual Reality support(playable without controller)! Features: - Four creepy horrorlevels are available! More free levels coming soon! - OptionalVirtual Reality mode: Play this game with a Cardboard headset andexperience the ultimate 360° 3D VR Horror! No Controller needed! -Three different difficulty levels! - Fair deal: No annoying adswhile playing a level! - Possibility to adjust the graphics qualityfor older devices! - Collect achievements and earn XP for yourGamer ID! - Many quest items spawns randomly and some scary momentsare somewhat hidden. So you may find some new scares, if you playthe game again (e.g. for collecting achievements). - In additionyou can play a short tutorial to get comfortable with the controlsin a secure zone. The other functions you need to find out byyourself, because in horror games it reduces the charm if you knowtoo much about them! ;-) Warning: Occasional jumpscares! For more“Strange Autumn” action visit the free VR horror game „StrangeAutumn 360° VR Shooter“! Changelog: You can find an overview of allchanges in the „Google Play Games” app.
Open Router Settings 1.0.3
Known issues:◉ It seems that the app crashes on some devicesinstead of showing a warning message, if wireless is enabled butthe device isn’t connected to a wireless router.Features: ◉ Openrouter settings in an included browser.◉ Open router settings in anexternal browser.◉ View network information.
Neon Ball 1.1
Introduction:- Tap anywhere on the display to give a thrust to theball- Try to control the ball through the barriers.- If you touch abarrier with the ball, the round is over.-----------Features:-Random level generating!- Various barriers with random speed!- Yourhighscore will be saved!How high will be your highscore?
Kick it - Soccer Juggle 1.1.4
How it works:- Touch the ball to kick it upwards.- Try to keep theball long as possible above.- If the ball touches the ground, theround is over.Features:- Play two different game modes! As wellthere is a free mode where you can add so many balls as you want!-Unlock different backgrounds for free!- Unlock different balls fromdifferent sports for free. Each ball has a different physicalbehavior!- Your highscore will be saved!
uSimpleWorkout - Trainingsplan App 1.3.1
uSimpleWorkout - kostenlose Trainingsplan App----Hilfe-----Erstelle dir zuerst unter "Trainingspläne bearbeiten" einenTrainingsplan. Dort werden alle festen Werte (Übungsnamen undGeräteeinstellungen) eingetragen.- Spalten, die du nicht benötigst,kannst du durch das Entfernen des Häkchens später ausblendenlassen.- Auf der Startseite kannst du deinen Trainingsplan sehen.Dort trägst du alle wechselnden Werte (Gewicht, Wiederholungen undSätze) ein.- Es kann auch mehrzeilig geschrieben werden, falls duz.B. für jeden Satz ein anderes Gewicht oder eine andereWiederholungszahl benutzt.- Mit einem Klick auf das Info Symbol,neben der Übung, kannst du schnell deine gespeichertenGeräteeinstellungen abrufen.uSimpleWorkout - free training scheduleapp----Help----- Create you first "Training plans edit" a trainingplan. There, all fixed values ​​(Exercise name and device settings)can be entered.- Columns that you do not need, you can later chooseto hide by removing the check mark.- On the home page you can seeyour training plan. That page enter all changing values ​​(weight,reps and sets).- It can be written on several lines if you as foreach set using a different weight or a different number ofrepetitions.- By clicking on the info icon on the practice, you canquickly retrieve your saved device settings.
BMI Rechner - Kinder und Erwachsene 1.0.3
BMI Rechner für Kinder und Erwachsene! Komplett kostenlos und inDeutsch!Lasse mit diesem BMI Rechner deinen BMI errechnen undautomatisch auswerten! Dabei wird dein Alter sowie dein Geschlechtmit einbezogen.Durch die Berücksichtigung des Alters bei derAuswertung eignet sich dieser deutsche BMI Rechner für Kinder,Jugendliche und Erwachsene!Die Daten, für diegeschlechtsspezifische Einstufung des Body-Mass-Index bei Kinderund Erwachsenen, sind 2016 den Seiten und bmi.bizentnommen worden.BMI calculator for children and adults! Completelyfree and in German!Lasse calculate with this BMI calculator yourBMI and automatically evaluate! Here your age and your gender isincluded.Through the use of age when evaluating this German BMIcalculator for children, adolescents and adults is!The data for thegender classification of body mass index in children and adults,2016 pages and been taken
VR Maze Game 1.0.3
“VR Maze Game” is a 3D VR (Virtual Reality) maze game for Cardboardheadsets.Features:- Experience the friendly game atmosphere infirst person view!- Play normal mazes in random order!- Challengeyourself in a hardcore maze!- Adjust the graphics for the bestexperience on your smartphone!
Jurassic Roller Coaster VR 1.0.4
This little virtual reality (Cardboard) simulation offers you theopportunity to ride a roller coaster for free!This 360° and 3Drollercoaster contains …-> a looping!-> steep slopes!->dinosaurs!Furthermore you can …-> choose between twoenvironments.-> adjust the graphics to increase theperformance.With every round the game gets faster and faster andmore extreme! There is no speed limit!
Flappy Parrot VR 1.1
Features:-> Just 17 MB download size and beautiful 3Dgraphics!-> Play this game for free on a smartphone, tablet orVirtual Reality headset!-> Choose between three different cameramodes: Classic, Third Person and First Person!-> 360° view in VRmode!-> Unlock 8 different birds!-> Play in two differentenvironments!-> Earn coins while playing and buy usefulitems!-> Collect achievements and earn XP with your GamerID!-> Compete with other players in an online highscore!->Bluetooth controller support (useful for the VR mode)!For theoptional VR mode a Google Cardboard or compatible Virtual Realityheadset is required. Furthermore a powerful smartphone with aGyroScope sensor and an accelerometer sensor is required.
Strange Autumn 360° VR Shooter 1.1
„Strange Autumn 360° VR Shooter“ is a free virtual reality gamewith the atmosphere from the Android horror game “StrangeAutumn”.This VR horror game is for adults with powerfulsmartphones.Features:- Kill various enemies in this wave-basedgame!- Unlock free weapons and play on different maps!- If in thelong run the 360° becomes too strenuous, you can play on a 180°map!- Compete with other players in an online highscore! The bestplayers will be honored in the menu!- You can collect achievementsand earn XP with your Gamer ID!- Bluetooth controller support!
T-Runner 1.0.1
How to play the game:– Tap on the left side of your display torotate an obstacle counterclockwise.– And tap on the right side ofyour display to rotate an obstacle clockwise.– That’s it!Features:–Collect coins and unlock up 15 different characters!– Get rewardedwith periodic gifts of coins!– Climb the online leaderboard! Thebest players will be honored in the menu!– Collect achievements andearn XP for your Gamer ID!– The performant game design provides asmooth gaming experience. Even on older devices!– Furthermore youcan adjust the graphic settings!Information for Tablet users:–It isrecommended to enable “anti aliasing” in the “settings” menu.
AppForCat 1.0.1
In this game you can chose between 6 toys for your pet:- Mouse-Spider- Ladybug- Small bug- Ball of wool- Laser pointerFurthermoreyou can adjust the background as well as the size and speed of thetoys for your cat! To increase the chance that your pet react tothis app you can enable additional cat sounds!