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Ninja PUPU 2.0.6
How to play:1 Swipe left and right to move blocks2 Drag downward to speed up the fall!3 Swipe downward to drop the blocks!4 Tap the screen to rotate the blocksThree Attack Art,Each Art has different specialty, tryitout!5 blocks in each roll, fill it up to cancel out the rollandattack at the same time. If there are 3 of a kind in one roll,ittrigers powerful attack. The more of a same kind, the powerfultheattack is. "Combo" is the key to defeat the enemy, the moreserialcombo attack, the more multiplied power is.Zeros the lifebar of the enemy to defeat him。Some Enemies have defense tools, mind the symbols. Mind yourownlife heart. Everytime you settle the blocks without taking outaroll, you lose a heart, eventually it leads to extra rock blocksonthe bottom.1 Fire blocks can burn your weapons!2 Attention! Broken Heart blocks is dangerous.3 Lightening blocks is the most powerful defense, it destroysallkinds of blocks.The enemies have more evil blocks waiting for you to challengethem,are you ready?Ninja scrolls can help you1 Doubling the attack time2 Last strike to revive3 Shiled bomb: to pierce the shields of enemyUse the Ninja coins to enter the grand prize drawing