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Hunter Legacy
Hunter Legacy: Loot, Gather and Survive, a casual pixel art indiegame. You inherited a plot of land from you ancestors. Now you needto rebuild it! Go on adventures to gather loot, hunt and findresources. Go through forests, mountains, caves and plains to findepic weapon blueprints and building materials. Defeat animals,orcs, goblins, undead (for loot) and become an awesome hunterworthy of the family legacy. And when not fighting, tend to yourfarm, harvest and gather ingredients to prepare for battle, or justrebuild your house. As a player you give orders on what yourcharacter needs to do. Equip the right kind of weapons and armourfor the quest at hand. You can choose out of 36 different attacksto guarantee you survival and victories! But beware that everyattack has its pros and cons. If thing get to though, use somepotions. Beware though, since this game has perma-death. If yourcharacter loses all his health-points, doesn’t eat or drink(evenwhen idle), he will die. Make sure you have enough food and waterleft so your character survives when you are idle. If yourcharacter dies, the next generation will continue their quest andlegacy. - Rebuild your settlement from scratch - go on quests togather loot and resources - find many new blueprints for weaponsand armours - smith and craft items. - feed yourself while doingit, survive! - farm and harvest around the house for extra food -use many different attacks - brew your potions - explore distantland - pixel art graphics - 29 level to complete and master - 44items to equip and combine - rebuild your equipment to craft betteritems. - be worthy of the legacy, or just build a new one.(currently only available in English)
Tiny Space Program
This game is in a early release and is updated constantly. Almostevery week more content is added. Everything in-game is free. Ifyou like the genre and are willing to help and give some feedbackabout this game, feel free to try it out! What would you do if youare a billionaire? owning your own space program, researching andbuilding new space ships, mining on planets and moons, bringingtourist into space for a space walk or just sending researchers toexplore what is out there. How far would you go? Would you go toMars, stay in our solar system, or go interstellar in this littlemobile pixel art game. features: - Building of off-world outposts -Building of unique space ships - Research ships - Elaborate techtree - Character progression of astronauts - Mining of planets