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Rage Fight of Streets - Beat Em Up Game
Rage Fight Of Streets - Beat Em Up Game is fast-paced actionfighting in classic arcade games style! This nostalgia game withrealistic physics and bright 3D graphics wouldn't leave youdisappointed! GO TO STREETSThe modern and peaceful city changes itsface at night.In night time, Urban gangster is ruling the streetswith their mafia and thugs.Take part in gang wars in dark crimestreets as a retired police officer.This city in turmoil of streetbrawl.Clash rival gangster in hand to hand combat in thisfast-paced brawling action! UNLEASH YOUR FURY IN KUNG FU STREETBRAWLGet rid of mobs using your street fighting skills andabilities. Combine kung fu, boxing and karate skills in this streetfighting arcade game to stop crime in city! Become best fighter ofstreet with use of proper combos and abilities.Use punches andkicks with combination of devastating weapons to defeat every enemyon your way!Rage Fight Of Streets - Beat Em Up Game Features:-Fast-paced brawling action Beat 'em up game!- Unique brutal ragecombo strikes!- Great visual and sound fighting effects!-Devastating weapons: baseball bat, knife and pistol!- Trueatmosphere of crime city night streets and hardcore gameplay!GET AFLASHBACK TO CLASSIC GAMESFeel the atmosphere of retro arcade gamesand plunge into your childhood memories playing as a fight masterpunishing every opponent in the city of gangsters!
Soccer Games – Football Fighting 2018 Russia Cup
This football game with underworld rules – fight withfootballers,agents of football players and even a manager of asoccer teamusing various devastating weapons like baseball bats andsoccerballs! World tournament cup of 2018 with:- Wide range ofnationalteams;- Various enemies to fight against;- Fast-pacedaction ofside scrolling beat em up;- Unique multiple combos ofdifferentfighting styles!BE A FOOTBALL FIGHTERProfessional footballgameslovers will be appreciated by the variety of players andstreetsoccer fans will realize that this crazy football fight gameis amasterpiece that they waited for a long time. Dominate inafootball game league with brutal and mighty soccerfighterscollected from the whole world! Don’t afraid of fouls orred cards,you’ll never be penaltied by the referee and have enoughfreedom inthis masterpiece of crazy fighting soccer gamesevolution. Footballvolley and free kicks in soccer are aimed notfor a score but todamage and to make a critical annihilation forevery enemy infighting football game!THE TOUGHEST SOCCER FIGHT GAMEEVERThesoccer pitch turned to the fighting arena so choose a onestar ofsoccer national teams, wear a soccer jersey and join the oneof thecraziest football games league of a dream, where you’ll havetonothing but every football star of national teams. Legs withspikedshoes, tough knuckles and demolishing heads of soccer playersarewill be helpful in a brutal clash of football teams! Like inbestfootball free kick games you can launch a soccer ball but...rightinto the face of the enemy!VARIOUS OPPONENTS ON YOR WAYTOGLORYEnter the roughest of football games where mad soccerplayersare fighting with ultimate combos and powerful strikes.Fight withthe great variety of teams and heroes of footballfighting game andmeet a chairman of football national team at theend of the level.Make a dash kick to football player of an opponentteam, beat allmanagers of soccer stars, their guardians and havestreet fightswith national team fans outside the stadium.ENJOY THESOCCERPHYSICS OF FIGHTINGEnter the football clash arena andhaveunlimited soccer fights with other players, hordes of theirfansand even with a director of a football team! Various combos inthefootball game to strike enemies, martial arts, dozens ofvarioustricks would be the best helpers in the challenge.Thesecombinations of punches and kicks, as well as air strikes,will beyour helpers in the football game fight. Clash all footballstarsand other soccer boys and unleash the astonishing strike ofyourfootball player to everyone!VARIOUS FIGHTING STYLES ANDMARTIALARTSTo defend yourself from enemy attack in a clash offootballteams use soccer kick, boxer punch and wrestling throw.Fightagainst enemies using various fighting styles likeboxing,wrestling and karate. Perform football kicks like a kung fumaster,learn tricks and martial arts, how to fight hand to hand anduseyour fighting skills in a best of football fighting games.Usefighting tactics of the football player to become the best heroofsoccer fighting game.DON”T HESITATE, DOWLNOAD THIS FOOTBALLGAMEWinthe world tournament cup in the most aggressive combat ofallsoccer fighting games where you must knock out every enemy onyourway. Conquer the soccer league of dream and be the championofworld stars cup! Be the unbeatable warrior hero offootballnational team and rush into the arena of one of thecraziestfootball players fighting games.
Ninja Games - Fighting Club Legacy
NINJA WARRIOR CHALLENGE The warrior defense of mortal war began!Fighting people like Japanese ninjas and Chinese monks are readyfor the new challenge. Plunge into the action-packed fightingadventure of this warrior game with brutal and unforgettablebrawlers. Save the world playing as a fighting hero of the mortalage. Like in other warrior battle games you’ll have to play as acombat ninja who is fighting for freedom and glory. FIGHTING KINGOF RING Join the fighting club of warrior legends and battlingmasters to be an enemy nightmare in epic fight against ninjawarriors and Shaolin monks! Make a warrior rush with combo strikein a fighting arena! Roar a battle cry and harden warrior spirit ofthe soul to get fighting fames of a battle tournament. Brawlingwith another ninja masters will force you to use tactics of amortal clash, devastating weapons and battle magic in the fightingchallenge. FIGHTING CHAMPS OF TOURNAMENT Choose a warrior and fightwith rivals to become an unbeatable combatant in this fast-pacedaction fighting game! Make decisive blow, mortal strike andcritical annihilation against every fighting ninja warrior in afighting list to be the champion of the brutal fighting game! THEREAL FIGHTING MADNESS Act like a mortal warrior shadow to defeatall of the opponents on a combat arena. Burst in the fighting feverof combat heroes of the mortal tournament playing as a fighting manor warrior girl. Prove your skills in Chinese warrior vs warriorninja hero duels and leave a legacy as a combat legend of warriortales! Show off powerful street fighting skills in the story modeand knockout opponents from your list to fight. Join the battlearena with famous characters and be the most skilled fighting manin a warrior game. MASTER YOUR SKILLS TO BE HIGHER Study all thesecret fighting techniques in the training mode. Master new combosof melee attacks and sword techniques to crush opponents in therevolution of the best fighting games. Improve and upgrade combatkarate skills in the liberal fighting ring. Earn points to get theelite pack of brutal warriors of the fighting club. Upgrade yourwarrior with special powers to transform him into a real superhero!This groundbreaking fighting game will thrill you by stunning combohits of ghost fight masters in warrior king battles. SWORD WARRIORFIGHT SIMULATOR Join the club of mortal legends: get close to thefighting edge, pull out samurai blade of a mighty magic sword andparticipate in the fighting tournament of ninja warrior clan! Be asword master of ninja fighting game! Transform the fighter utopiainto the realm and become the fighting champion playing as a bravewarrior! Enjoy ultimate lethal and heavy weapon sounds of ninjawarriors and Shaolin fight masters in the battle simulator! FIGHTLIKE A GOD TO GET FIGHTING GLORY Stand in front of the enemyfighting list that totally consists of battling masters fromvarious nations. Duel with warrior bots using combo fighting forceand unlimited weapon attacks in a mortal battle! Keep fighting inthe combat battle challenge to meet the great warrior king. Unlockthe fatal warrior duel with the boss and win the valuable fightingcup of a slash arena! Resist demon warrior rage attacks and showhim a ninja fighting fury to be the champion of the tournament.Enjoy this revolution of the classic fighting ninja games where youcan get the experience of ultimate kung fu fight between the realsuperheroes.
Scary Games: Nightmare Haunted House Puzzle Escape
HORROR QUEST IN SPOOKY HOUSE Feel the atmosphere of truly scaryandchallenging first-person horror game adventure. The game is fullofpuzzles in a scary atmosphere. Solve the puzzle in time or itwilllead to some tragic consequences. Victims are chained by evilghostto some creepy mechanisms that slowly destroys them. HEAREERIESCREAM? YOUR NIGHTMARE IS BEGIN Otherworldly creature – thespiritis the biggest evil. You should explore locations, lookforscattered notes on it, shedding light on the secrets of theplot,and by all means try not to come in sight of evil spirit’seyes.The main character is helpless in front of the eerie creature,sowhen meeting with him it remains only to run away, which makesthegame very scary and tense. Stay in a mysterious house untildawn,running from room to room, solving puzzles. This scary gamehas apretty picture and intrigues with a mysterious story. ONE OFTHEBEST HORROR INDIE GAMES This escape game will bring you to aspookyhouse. Something with evil eye of ghost are followingyoueverywhere and your realize that horror quest just begun.Hauntedhouse full of secrets and omissions, it has ownauthenticenvironment with scary enemy. You woke up in a locked darkroom ofan spooky house of jumpscares: doors are closed, and thewindowsare boarded up, only incomprehensible and fearfulmechanismssurround you... Far away you can hear horrific screamsand crying,you began to realize that horrible horrific rumorsbecame realityand you got into the insidious trap of a eerie ghost!AWESOMEADVENTURES IN SCARY HOUSE ESCARE After you get out of thefirstroom countdown timer triggres... A dark corridor with a bunchofclosed doors and mysterious puzzles on them are waiting foryou.The otherworldly sounds of a scary house bring wild terrorandfear. Be fast and attentive: solve puzzles, look for cluesandhidden objects. Turn off the traps in each room to save preysofspooky creature and get out alive! FEATURES OF GAMEPLAY Spookygameis constantly drastically changing its gameplay, alternatingthesolving puzzles and intense horror. Addictive and scaryadventuregame will make you feel scared! It has elements of horrorfindingthings games: seeking spooky hidden objects that locatedinsurrealistic scenes, will make you feel oppressive atmosphereandfrighten by screamers. Doors of spooky jumpscare mansiondisappearand appear right before your eyes, and a horrible ghostwalksthrough the corridors. Beautiful graphics and good handlingoffirst-person horror game make adventure unforgettable.SPOOKYESCAPE GAMES WERE NEVER BEEN SO EXCITING Plunge into thehorrorquest of eerie neighborhood house! Tension gives way to realhorrorwhen the ghost notices a careless player, and theprotagonist’sconfused breathing is muffled by the beat of his ownheart. Thisexperience of spooky games would be remembered for along time.