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Dodgers - Online spaceshooter 1.0.6
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Dodgers is an online 3D spaceshooter where you battle playersaroundthe world in 1vs1 matches. - Collect trophies and climb theladderfrom Bronze, Silver, Gold to Platinum and Diamond. - Sendunits toyour ennemy and destroy the ones he sends you back. -Upgrade yourunits to make them stronger and make your way tovictory - Getawesome weapons and powerups to block your enemyunits from reachingthe bottom of the screen - Navigate in a 3Dworld, from earth tospace - Dash to dodge ennemies bullets - Buyawesome spaceships andcustom them by collecting coins Welcome toDodgers ! Support Recommended Specs: -2.5Ghz processor - 4GoRam - GLES3 Compatible phone