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Pinball Flipper Classic 12 in 1: Arcade Breakout 14.0
Pinball arcade flipper free classic is a type of balls arcade gamewith 11 different tables and machines wizard free for play: Mainpinball machine, Light, Brick Breaker (Breakout) Pinball, DragonsPinball, Space cadet, Jackpot Casino slot 777, Metal 2048, Musictable, Merry christmas, Rainbow pinball, steam table and 2018 Timeboard SPACE PINBALL GAMES MAIN FEATURE - Pinball game with Veryprecise physics. - Flipper with Good graphics hd. - Pinball 3d with10 Slot High Score saved offline - Pinball flipper arcade with 16google social leader Board - Pinball machine hd with 33Achievements. - Main table with smash hit Invaders mode game likestar space wars pinball and Lucky Stone Mode (Can on/off inSettings) - Flipper classic with Effect add Score when bumper andeffect ball, Very Style ball - Full tilt table with Lucky StringMode: Completed Pinball String will x4 Score or Flipper String withx2 Score - Pinball free with 10 table for Play: main table, lighttable, Brick Breaker (Breakout) Pinball table, Dragon Pinball tablewith Catch and Evolution Pinball Monsters, Jackpot table play withCasino slot 777 (bingo), Space cadet Table, metal 2048 table, Musictable, Merry chrismast table and Rainbow table - Space CadetPinball table support multi score plus to 10x and very muchmission. - Pin ball 2048 metal table use rule 2048 game for addScore. it is cool for scoring. - Breakout table Support plus x2,x4, x6, x8 times score when completed some achievement during addictive by bonus items - Pachinko or Pinball windows supportextra ball when completed missions. - Pinball wizard with supportOn/Off Control setting adventure - Pinball online with Multiplayermode. - Ping pong pinball coming soon... Please for us some reviewthat support develop Pinball flipper Classic game better, thank forenjoy. For feedback about Bugs, Optimizations and ideas for newtable. Please Contact to me at:
Super Smash World of Bros 1.0
Super Smash World: Jump and run with Brosinthis award-winning platformer through 80 exciting levels.
Super World is a classic platform game that combines old schoolgameplay with modern playability.In the super world, super smash boy must pass so much threats torunto target super world.Super Bros runs and jumps across platforms and atop enemiesinthemed levels. Super Smash have simple plots, typically withsupersmash boy rescuing the kidnapped Princess from theprimaryantagonist. These include a multitude of power-ups and itemsthatgive Bros special magic powers such as fireball-throwingandsize-changing into giant and miniature sizes
Smash Bros World stands out with:
• Wonderful high-resolution graphics
• Jumpman Easy, intuitive controls
• 80 levels
• 5 items and abilities 
• 8 boss.• 4 different Maps• 7 Leader Board• 26 Achievements• Classic platform game style
Brick Breaker: Super Breakout 2.2
Brick Breaker: Super Breakout begins with eight rows of bricks,with each two rows a different color. The color order from thebottom up is yellow, green, orange and red. Using a single ball,the player must knock down as many bricks as possible by using thewalls and/or the paddle below to ricochet the ball against thebricks and eliminate them. If the player's paddle misses the ball'srebound, he or she will lose a turn. The player has three turns totry to clear two screens of bricks. Yellow bricks earn one pointeach, green bricks earn three points, orange bricks earn fivepoints and the top-level red bricks score seven points each. Thepaddle shrinks to one-half its size after the ball has brokenthrough the red row and hit the upper wall. Ball speed increases atspecific intervals: after four hits, after twelve hits, and aftermaking contact with the orange and red rows. Super Breakout is anaddictive free game with great graphics and music that includesmany items, bonuses and power-ups such as multiball, expand paddle,laser and much more! HOW TO PLAY: - Touch the screen to release theball and move the paddle (like Ping Pong game). - You can controlthe trajectory of the ball making it bounce on different parts ofthe paddle. - Prevent the ball from falling through the bottom ofthe screen and remove all the bricks to pass to the next level. -Try to get the highest score! - Press the Back or Menu button onyour phone or tablet to pause the game. GAME ITEMS AND BONUSES -Breakout with expand the paddle. - Brick Buster with shrink thepaddle. - Block Destruction with Reduce the speed of the balls. -Smash Brick with Increase the speed of the balls. - Brick BustingGive the player an extra life. - Brick Breaking with Split eachball into three balls (multiball). - Add to the score the number ofpoints inside the item. - Subtract to the score the number ofpoints inside the item. - Temporarily obscure the level. -Temporarily make the balls do not bounce when destroying blocks. -Temporarily create a wall of indestructible blocks at the bottom. -Temporarily stick the balls to the paddle until the player touchesand releases the screen. - Temporarily make the paddle shoots twolasers. If you enjoy other brick breaking games Pong you will lovethis cool game!
Mr Super Fish: Star Hero Fill Build Blocks 2.2
Mr Super Xon is an addictive board arcade game about a world inthesea. This place appears a super star fish hero man with theabilityto build bricks quickly. He is trapping other pac monsterstryingto attack him. On the trap line, the brother hero can getpower upitems to move faster, so that he can attack and eatmonsters...##### Game features ##### - 4 Enemies (monsters fish): +Ms jellyfish: Just move around the empty space. + Pac crab: Justmovearound the block space. + Sea Snails Xon: move around thewalls. +Ball Fish Man: move around the empty space but they can eatblockof walls. - 4 Power-up Items: + Blue Fish: Enemies will stopmovefor a while. + Green Leaf: Enemies move slower. + Pinkfemoral:Player can eat enemies. + Pill: Player move faster. -Other: + 10offline high score. + 20 levels: endless mode and levelmode. +Google Leaderboard and Achievenment. + Good sound andgraphic withglow style. + 3 ways for controller. ##### How to play##### -Swipe right, left, up, down to control player. - Move playerintothe empty area and back to the wall to capture the area. Do notletthe monsters touch super hero Fish or the wall that follows him.-Try to grab the power-ups when they appear, they will help youtomove faster or will slow down/freeze the monsters. - Once MrSuperfilled more than 80% of the area, you can advance to thenext,harder, level. - The number of remaining lives appears onthetop-left side of the screen. You can also view the game'sprogresson the top-right. Please for us some review that supportdevelop MrSuper Fish: Star Hero Fill Build Blocks better, thank forenjoy.For feedback about Bugs, Optimizations and ideas. PleaseContact tous at:
Galaxy Raiden Fighter - Squadron Galactic War 3.1
Space Cadet Raiden fighter is a simulation space shooter gameclassic of history world wars took place in the sky, spaced andGalaxy. Players will use the War Plane or Aircraft to fight withenemies invaders in Space. Use Squadron for force attack with Bosslike Apache, Air Assault, spaceships... in sky of World War II 1945Squadron Galactic war is a shooter game consists of eight verticalscrolling missions where the player maneuvers the Raiden craftdodging and destroying enemy robots, buildings, ground targets, andaircraft. There are bombs and missile powerups as well ascollectable medals which add to the score. When player dies, thefighter's fragments become projectiles that damage enemies. ★ Howto play WW2★ 1. Finger click on the screen to control the fightersto move, to avoid the enemy's barrage and aircraft; 2. Click thebomb button to release the bomb to destroy all enemies (notincluding the Boss body); 3. defeated Zabing (including a varietyof air force and ground tanks) and each level Boss body, to win; 4.The fighting process can eat a variety of props to help enhance thebody capacity, but also help to improve the ACE after the clearanceof air combat evaluation. Note: After the clearance ACE combatevaluation of the higher air, the higher the score received ★Striker game features ★ 1. The game have 9 main level with 9different combat environments and 8 Boss of world war: - MongooseAction - Crusader Action - Avalanche Action - Cannibal Program -Eskimos Action - Eagle Plans - Overlord - Secret Land (Alien Boss)- Endless Mode ... Maybe more coming soon 2. 7 different planes,aircraft or squadrons for use with ascending powers: + Thunder Bolt(also known as Thunder Dragon fighters): the player has the firstmachine, barrage and armor in general, but a wingman in the case ofgreat power; + Hurricane (also known as Sky war force fighters): awide range of barrage, armor is very strong; + Spike (also known assorcery fighters, laser fighter): Barrage with tracking missiles,the most effective against ground tank forces; + Hawkeye (alsoknown as Warhawk Ninja): moving speed on the fast, give you thefeeling of hawk hit the sky, the launch of the barrage is gorgeousninja hand sword; + King Kong (also known as Dragon Fighters):hidden body Thunder Dragon fighters, this is the only helicopterfighter, the use of Apache appearance, with a shotgun and trackingmissiles two weapons; + Titan (also known as Choi Jing fighter):the most solid fighter, with high armor, against the enemy Bosswarship of the weapon; + Wraith (also known as Ghost fighter)- 1special plane with special skill: here into a sci-fi with ahigh-tech machines, with the ability to effectively enlarge themove, in order to go to this fighter, the conditions are quiteharsh Oh! 3. 9 items to get when playing to increase power strikefighter of planes and squadron: + HP + Life + Fire Ball + Bulletupgrade + Invincible + Side bullet + Super gun + Wingman + TrackRocket (missile) 4. 3 attributes for aircraft upgrade: - Defense -Fire bullet - Special weapon (bomp) 5. Good graphic and sound 6.Support Shop for buy star, bomp, life 7. 10 Achievements and 10Leaderboards Please for us some review that support develop SpaceRaiden fighter: Squadron Galactic War better, thank for enjoy. Forfeedback about Bugs, Optimizations and ideas. Please Contact to usat:
Chopper Drop: Helicopter And Bomb Classic Arcade 1.2
Chopper Drop is a classic arcade game with idea of the helicopterasa bomber has likely been around since helicopters first cameintomilitary service. In the game. Player will control 1helicopter todrop bombs at the building below in city, you have toplan where todrop the bomb or you'll hit them soon! Yourhelicopter graduallyapproaches the ground every time it movesacross the screen. Dropbombs on the buildings before you crashinto them. Bombs can only bedropped one at a time. HOW TO Play -Touch any where on screen todrop bombs and clear buildings beforeyou hit them. - Every uplevel, speed move of helicopter willincrease and you will needtactic for drop bombs better. You willrandom get power up thatsupport more for destroy buildings. ITEMSAND POWER UP: - Quik assquadron man bomber item: Increase speedmove of helicopter. - Slowplane item: Decrease speed move ofhelicopter. - Up fly filghter: Upheigh fly of helicopter. - Oneshooting bomb: Destroy a building fornext bomb. - Nuclear bomber:Destroy all buildings. - Power spacebonus: Add power destroy ofbomb. - Survival in galactic more: Add 1life for helicopter. -Score more: Multiply 2 times score. - Powerof god raiden item:Destroy all top floor of building. FEATURE OFGAME: - Good soundand music - Good style and graphic. - On/offvibration, shake,sound, music, sleep - 10 offline the best score. -10 achievementand 2 leaderboard google. Thank player for enjoy thisgame. Pleasefeedback to me for more ideas and performance. Contactto
Street Punch Ball Fight 1.1
In this game you will have to hit the ball on street ofcircleworld. Just use all tips and win the game! Help this ninja tobethe real champion. Train to be the greatest dodge ball ninja.Twomighty ninjas are training in a game of ninja dodge ball! Hittheball back and forth or jump over it to confuse your opponent!Hitthe ball as many times as you can while not getting hit bytheball. Each hit the ball gets faster and faster! Watch as theworldspins after each round trading places with the other ninja.EachNinja will have 5 lives and you can only win if you keep atleast 1life while the your opponent has no life. After each victoryyouwill be level up and your opponents will also be fasterandstronger according to the level in the next match. Good LuckandHave Fun. ** How to Play: - Touch on half left screen tocontrolJump Player. - Touch on half Right screen to control PunchPlayer.** Feature: - Great graphic and sound. - Leader boardandachievement. - Easy setting wake up screen, vibration andmusic,sound.
Seven Ships Battle - Pirates of Sea 1.8
Seven ships battle - Pirates of sea is a top-down strategicalarcade puzzle game with a pirate theme, a turn-based game, set onan ocean board of 11x11 squares. Players control a white galleon,boat and need to eliminate all pirate ships to complete a level.For each turn the ship can move in any of the eight squaressurrounding the ship, unless blocked by an obstacle. Pirate shipshave the same movement options and an identical speed of one squareper turn. It is also possible not to move and fire the twobroadside cannons to the left and the right of the ship instead,with a maximum reach of three squares. Since the player's galleonis always outnumbered, the pirates can be tricked to move insidethe line of fire. - Black ships also blindly track the player'smovement, meaning they can be lured to collide with island reefs orship wrecks. - Red ships are smarter and avoid obvious obstacles bymoving around them. - Blue ships are similar red ships but they canfire cannon. - Deadly ships are similar red ships but they will tryto avoid your guns. - The sea monsters (serpents) areindestructible! watch out for them. As a last resort the player'sship can also move into a whirlpool, which teleports the ship to arandom location on the map. Players get points for each ship takendown and later levels introduce new opponents such as sea monsters.The player start with three lives. There are two mode play mainlevels and a high score list. Feature: - The shop offers Strongcannons, escape charms,... you can use strong cannon to destroypirates easily. - Bonus coins for purchasing strong cannon when winearch level. - Leaderboards. - Achievements. - Nice graphics, greatsounds.