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Fuel the Ship!!! 1.1
Clayro Games
Keep your ship fueled by collecting theglowing fuel cells, while avoiding asteroid hazards, and build upyour score by destroying the asteroids with your lasercannon.
Fatty Batty 1.0
Clayro Games
Help Fatty Batty hunt for fruit in theforestto keep up his energy through infinite game play! The lessenergyyou have, the harder it is to fly. Watch out for that tree!!Oh,and watch out for that ground too... Don't mind the owlsthough,they're just curious... Through rain or shine, enjoy thedynamicmusic track that controls the weather! What will your highscorebe?Achievements -Bronze Wing - Get 10 points in flight. Rewards 5achievementpoints.Silver Wing - Get 25 points in flight. Rewards 10achievementpoints.Gold Wing - Get 50 points in flight. Rewards 25achievementpoints.Black Wing - Get 100 points in flight. Rewards 50achievementpoints.Frequent Flyer - Fly for 10 minutes total. Rewards 5achievementpoints.Night Flyer - Fly for 10 minutes in the dark. Rewards15achievement points.
Dashin' Dino 1.0
Clayro Games
Tap the jump button for quick jumps, holdforhigher jumps. Tap dash button to charge at crates and dodgetheexplosion. If you hit a crate without dashing, you will beknockedout from the blow. Dash has a 5 second cooldown.Successfullybreaking a crate while dashing will reward 2 points.Collectingeggs rewards 1 point each. If you miss an egg, you willpass outfrom exhaustion.Achievements://Box SmasherBeginner - Destroy 25 boxes in one run.Skilled - Destroy 50 boxes in one run.Epic - Destroy 100 boxes in one run.////Egg CollectorNovice - Collect 25 eggs in one run.Eggsperienced - Collect 50 eggs in one run.Eggspert - Collect 100 eggs in one run.////DashingDashin' Dino - Dash 10 times in one run.Deft Dasher - Dash 25 times in one run.Dash Master - Dash 50 times in one run.