Clevio Coder Camp Apps

Can You Escape This House? 1.0
More information:lintang1612@gmail.commelvern.julian@gmail.comcontact:0818161203contact:085691191079Greetings,GamersHorror fans in will fall in love with this game "Visuallythegame is quite scary."The game is made for fun.The mostimpressive part is the face of the ghost that show on the game.Thisgame is madeby:Lintang(manager),Nabiel(designer)andJulian(programmer) we arestill kids that make our firstgame.Please download and rate it, ifyou want to know the passwordyou should contact us. This game forfree! I hope you willlike our first game.Our game is "Can you escape fromthishouse?".The game is also for studying about math and history.
LOIZ 1.0
How to play :- You have 3 lives,if "life" reaches 0, you'll be sentback to the main menu- There are 3 difficulties : easy,medium andhard- You advance levels by typing the names of the logos in thetextbox- We made this in 2 days with one designer and oneprogrammer, Psyga Gaming as managerNote : This game's still beta,soexpect some bugs!Don't forget to leave your ideas and feedbacks!please send to : camp@clevio.coAnd also..Have Fun! :D
DERATTA : The Sweet Adventure 1.0
Join Deratta to go on a hunt for sweet desserts!.Deratta is alittle creature that only eats desserts, and she is a littlecreature that is VERY scared of bricks. So, in this dessert quest,watch out for bricks!Deratta has a certain distance with the bricksthat can make you lose. Beware of it!..Use the arrow keys providedto move Deratta.But wait, she only has 30 seconds before she goesback home!. So make sure to help her eats all of the desserts under30 seconds. In this game, there are 5 levels of cute game ofsweetness.
Heroes Run 1.0
Password : 1234Created by :1. Daulah2. ArjunaEmail:deanarjuna@gmail.comordaulsuper@yahoo.comThis game about Gobak Sodor,is a traditional game fromIndonesia.We use Modern character in this game. We want all peopleknow theGobak Sodor through this game.
Fun Ways To Go 1.0
If there is any feedback or any complains that anyone has to sayyou can contact me. my phone number is 08170815908 and my email issutanto.patrick@gmail.comThis app is free and it can help everyonealthough it is very simpleThis app is a map it can play music andit can browse the map really fast. This map is very useful and itcan be used anywhere with minimum use of conbnection. This app isreally helpful when your lost or you can't find something. we caneven zoom out to see the world. this app is made using theappinventor 2.
Cat Piano 1.0
a full replication of cat piano that is on app store on appledevices only is finally on android!
Starako-BETA ver 1.0
In this game you need to help starako to reach the finish line.Allyou can do is touch and drag starako to make it move with a uniqueand bizzare movement.Avoid the obstacles and you're rockin.Basiclythis game isn't the full version yet,so sorry for the fewglitch.Enjoy the game :)Please send us your feedback to improve our game.
Guess The Pictures 1.0
This game is about guessing the picture. You have to press theright button to guess the picture. If the answer is true, you'll beget the score and go to next level. This game is protected bypassword. If you want to play, you have to buy the password $1.More info : Nabila :
Maenan 1.0
In this game you have to get the coin until your score become 10 towin this game. And keep attention from The bomb, cause if the bombhit you, it will decrease your life point.
Merk's Multipurpose App 1.0
This is an app that help you when you're lazy to talk, count,tired, ETC. If you don't want to switch apps because you're lazy,You can use this app. and also you can practice your speech onText-To-Speech, And this also make your life easier!
PokeSave 1.0
PokeSave is created by :1. Aletha as a Project Manager andDesigner2. Evans as a Project Programmer
Guess IT 1.0
Updates with more levels is coming soon.....
Brain Zen 1.0
Brain Zen is created by:1. Divakara as a Project Manager2. Williamas a Project Programmer3. Arriza as a Project Designer
Mosquito Hunter 1.0
The purpose of Mosquito Hunter is for educating people to fight thedangerous Mosquito, and we can save people from dengue fever.
Human Health 1.0
This game is about healthy life and how to take care our body fromjunk food, bright screen, and drugs. If you want to unlock thisgame you must buy the password. The price of this game is Rp.20.000or $.1,64. Contact coder Rama Hadyan : orcoder Biru Laut : to buy the password.
Quiz Gaem 1.0
Quiz Gaem is created by :1. Gede as a Project Manager2. Kawani as aProject Designer3. Arya as a Project Programmer
Healthy Maze 1.0
This game is about health. People should choose the healthy foodsto get scores and win this game. If you touch junk food, yourscores will be decrease. And if your score is 50 you are thewinner.
HappyTraveling @KebunRayaBogor 1.0
App ini dapat membantu anda dalam menemukan tempat yang andabutuhkan, terutama di Kebun Raya Bogorapplikasi ini dibuat olehBrigitta M P sebagai designer dan Bintang Dhiya Abiyyusalam sebagaiprogrammer.This app can help you find a place that you need,especially in the Bogor Botanical GardensThis application was madeby Brigitta M P as a designer and as a programmer Abiyyusalam DhiyaStars.
Healthy Food Drops 1.0
Game Food Drop ini memiliki misi untuk menangkap makanan yang sehat(Buah-Buahan) tujuannya adalah mengajarkan kita untuk memakanmakanan yang sehat.Cara bermain game ini adalah, pertama kamu harusklik start dan kamu harus menggerakkan player dengan menyentuhlayar kiri dan kanan. Kamu harus mengumpulkan sebanyak 100 pointdengan waktu kurang dari 60 detik.Game Food Drop mission is tocapture the healthy food (Fruits) goal is to teach us to eathealthy foods.How to play this game is, you first have to clickstart and you have to move the player by touching the screen leftand right.You have to collect as much as 100 points in less than 60seconds.
Ghost Maze Game 1.0
Cara bermain game kami adalah, pertama kamu harus meng-klik tombolPLAY, dan untuk menggerakan player kamu mengklik tombol Up, Right,Left, and Down. Setelah itu kamu harus mengambil semua hantu yangada, dan jangan sampai menyentuh garis hitam, jika kamu menyentuhgaris hitam kamu akan kalah. Dan untuk memenangkan game ini, kamuharus mengumpulkan point sebanyak 60 point.
How Smart Are You (Clevio) 2.0
How Smart Are You (Brain Training Game) is a game that help ourbrain to think more. With only 3 questions, we can say it's easybut tricky. You can challenge your friend or family member(s) toplay this game and count how many try(tries) that they use.
Mencegah Polusi 1.0
Pada suatu hari, Frans pergi ke kota, lalu ia pergi melewati jalanraya ia ke padang rumput dan ia melihat tidak ada polusi tetapisaat di jalan raya dia melihat banyak sekali polusi ,akhirnya iakesal dengan polusi itu dan dia membawa tanaman untuk mencegahpolusi tersebut dan sebelum ia mencegah polusi ia melihat padangrumput terkena polusi,ayo bantu Frans untuk mencegah polusi diIndonesia!!
Trash Dropay 1.0
HAAAAYYY Everybody This Is Your (Not) Dude From Clevio,This is Ourgame Trash DropIf You Live In A Clean Country Such Sweden,Switzerland, Norway, France, SingaporeAnd Others. You Might NotHave Seen A Someone Throwing Trash AroundLike Basketballs. BuuuutIf You Live In A Non Clean Country. You Might Have SeeIt Everyday(I'm Not Racist..) .Our Game Is About Putting Trash It'sPlaceThere's A Player Who Catches The Trash, Don't Catch TheBombs(You KnowWhat Will Happen..) So This Game Might ChangePeople's Minds FromThrowing Trash around Like Basketballs ToSomeone Who Is Really Clean Like..Charlie Brown (Not Really)....
StorageKu 1.0
Dengan aplikasi ini anda dapat:1. mendata barang barang pribadianda2. menulis jumlah stok3. agar memudahkan dalam pengecekanbarang4. dapat juga digunakan untuk mendata buku-buku andaFiturdalam aplikasi ini: 1. memasukan barang dan jumlahnya2. save dataotomatisWith this app you can:1. The record of your personaleffects2. Write the number of stock3. to facilitate the checking ofgoods4. can also be used to record your booksFeatures in thisapplication:1. enter the goods and the amount2. Automatic data save
Remind Maps 1.0
Aplikasi ini dibuat untuk mencari tempat dan mengatur waktu untukmengunjungi tempat tersebut. Aplikasi ini dibuat oleh Fidel sebagaiDesigner & Manager dan Vincent sebagai ProgrammerThisapplication is made to locate and arrange a time to visit the site.This application is made by Fidel as Designer & Manager andVincent as a Programmer
No Smoke 1.0
Game ini menceritakan larangan merokok untuk anak-anak karenamerokok itu tidak baik untuk kesehatan dan pertumbuhan bagianak-anak. Lebih baik anak-anak mengkonsumsi sayuran karena itubaik bagi kesehatan dan pertumbuhan mereka.This game tells thesmoking ban for children because smoking is not good for the healthand growth of children. Better kids eating vegetables because it isgood for their health and growth.
Chloroniar 1.0
Game ini terdapat 2 game dan 2 app, game dan app yang kita buatadalah Tebak Bahasa, Sharp mind - memory game, Korku (Koran -Buku), dan motivator. Di dalam game tebak bahasa kita dapat belajarbahasa yang ditebakkan di dalamnya. Kalau memory game kita dapatmelatih konsentrasi dan daya ingat. Dalam app Korku (Koran - Buku)yang kita buat adalah untuk menemukan informasi-informasi beritadan app Motivator yang kita buat yaitu ata motivasi yang bisamemotivasi kamu untuk giat belajar.This game there are 2 games and2 app, game and app we make is Guess Language, Sharp mind - memorygame, Korku (Koran - Books), and motivator. In the languageguessing game we can learn the language ditebakkan in it. If we cantrain the memory game of concentration and memory. In Korku app(Koran - Books) that we make is to find the news and informationthat we make Motivator app is ata motivation that can motivate youto study hard.
Drive Road 1.0
Game ini mengajar kita tentang rambu lalulintas, manfaatnya bisamembantu orang-orang tentang peraturannya, contohnya adalah janganmabuk, tidur, makan, telepon ,dan lain-lain saat mengemudi. Gameini dibuat oleh Yamato Faza Ambiya ----------- ------- -----------Manager Programmer Designer
Your Smoking Life 1.0
Get this app and you will realize how manydays you wasted on smokingIf you want to unlock this app, pay $5 and send to e-mail
Healthy Life 1.0
Dengan aplikasi ini orang dapatmenghitunglangkah kita dan menentukan banyaknya jumlah cairan yangdibuthkansesuai dengan berat badan masing-masingWith this applicationonecan calculate our steps and determine how much of the amountoffluid weight dibuthkan in accordance with their respective
Kota-kota Indonesia 1.0
Indonesia memiliki 98 kota & 416 kabupaten, tapi apakah andatahu kalau ada kota yang dibangun diatas papan? kalau kota yangditengah-tengah hutan? Download game ini dan dapatkan fakta-faktaunik seperti diatas!Indonesia has 98 cities and 416 districts, butdid you know that there are cities built on top of the board? ifthe city were in the midst of the forest? Download this game andget the unique facts as above!
In The Spot 1.0
This app is about knowledge and music.It has aknowledge about nature and health.In music there are 2 coolsongs.It costs 15.000 IDR. And the contact of us
MTK itu FUN 1.0
Apakah kamu merasa bahwa matematika itu sulit ? Game ini akanmembantu kamu untuk mempelajarinya dengan cara yang lebihmenyenangkan.