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Princess Fashion Dress Design 1.0.0
Frozen prom night is coming soon. Princesses Elysa and Annete willbe there with their dates, Jackie Frost and Christoff. Elysa cannotfind a single dress that she likes for prom in her princess closet.Now is the perfect time to show off her amazing fashion designerskills creating a fab prom dress. Help Frozen Elysa select the top,skirt, sleeves and belt for her new prom dress design. Pick thecolor and pattern for each clothing item. Tailoring is the nextstage in this fantastic fashion designer adventure. Have Elysa tryon the beautiful gown and decide whether it suits her on not.Design lots of glam elegant dresses that Elysa can wear at variedoccasions employing your astonishing fashion designer talent. Havea great time playing Princess Fashion Dress Design!
Pregnant Mom Shopping Games 1.0.1
Our cute Pregnant Mommy is expecting a baby.This is her first birthand she can't wait to give birth to a nice and cute baby.Thisperiod is difficult and she must change her wardrobe morefrequently than before.Help her pick some nice pregnancydresses,clothes and jewelries.The pregnancy period is difficult fora young Mom,but our girl it's trying to do her best to look goodeven if she's pregnant.Have fun trying dresses and pick the perfectdress and shoes for our perfect pregnant Mommy.You can choose from lots of dresses,jewelries,shoes,skirts,thisfashion boutique for pregnant Mommys is the best.
Baby At The Zoo - Animal Games 1.0.2
Baby Emma is a cute girl that likes to play all day long and playwith her toys and dolls.Baby Emma also loves sweets,candys andchocolate.In our new game Baby Emma At The Zoo,our cute baby Emmawill have a great adventure at the Zoo Park.She is visiting the Zooand she will prepare her bag carefully for this trip,she will takewith her different treats and her photo camera.She will take lotsof pictures with the animals and the view.Her adventure starts whenshe first enter in the Zoo,she will buy some ice cream and afterthat she will visit the animals.She feeds the monkeys with somebanana's,rides a cute pony and and visit a fierce wolf.She will tryto win some dolls from a game shop and play with the animals fromthe Zoo.The cute white bunnys likes our cute baby emma and she willhave a great time with them.Join baby Emma in her adventure to theZoo.Have Fun!Instruction:Just click on the button that the arrows point and you will manageto get throught emma's zoo adventure.Features:• Baby games• Animal Games• Baby Emma Games• Educational• Adventure Games• Learning Games• Educatiobn• Awesome design!• Complex and fun gameplay• Many levels and activities• Cool Graphics• Build For Kids
Pumpkin decor-Halloween games 1.0.1
We all love halloween and try to get ready forthis special event of the year.Our cute baby monster is also tryingto get in the halloween spirit and bought some pumpkins to decoratethem for halloween.You can help her decorate the perfect halloweenpumpkin by giving her ideas and help her choose the right pumpkinand sculpt the ideal eyes,nose and mouth.After you pumpkin looksready for halloween you can decorate it with some halloweenoutfits.Let's throw the perfect hat on our pumpkin head and putsome leaves behind our pumpkin to make him look more scary.With your help our baby monster will have the scariest pumpkin forthe halloween and she can brag to her friends.We are sure you will enjoy playing our monster pumpkin decorhalloween game.Have fun!
Pregnant Princess Yoga Dressup 1.0.0
Hey girls! The cute girl Elysa, the princessof Ice Kingdom, is pregnant. She can't wait to have her littlebaby. But before that, she will need to keep healthy and exercise.She has decided to try yoga, which is very calming and good for thebaby. Can you help Elysa create a lovely outfit for her yogalessons? Don't waste time and begin the game called PregnantPrincess Yoga Dressup and use all your skills. One of the firststeps is to choose a great hair do. Try a braided hairstyle, whichis Elysa's favorite and it's perfect for yoga. In Pregnant PrincessYoga Retreat you will also need to choose her yoga mat. Try onewith a pink color and a fun geometrical pattern. Another good ideais to pick a very nice blouse with blue and white colors and a pairof pants with a dark blue color as well. Enjoy Pregnant PrincessYoga Retreat!
Christmas Tree Decoration Game 1.0.1
Christmas is just around the corner and youdidn't decorate your Christmas tree? No problem,you can decoratethe tree of your dreams in our new Christmas game made especialyfor girls.Help our cute baby Emma to choose the perfect Christmastree and decorate it with lots of tinsel, christmas balls and treelights.Under this beautiful tree you can put some of the gifts forthe one's you love.You will never get board in this game,thechristmas tree will look different every time,you are the designerand you decide how the tree will going to look.Have fun decoratingthe Christmas tree and after you finish you can even try to makeyour real Christmas tree look the same like your tree from thegame.Have fun and enjoy playing the best free Christmas games forgirls.
Pregnant Mom Birth Baby Doctor 1.0.2
Marley is a full time mom. She has a beautifulbaby daughter and she is pregnant with the second child as well.She can really use some help around the house. Can you take care ofher baby girl who is sick with the flu? Cook a warm chicken soupfor Marley's daughter and offer her medical treatment recommendedby the doctor. Check the baby's heart beat, blood pressure andtemperature. Give her a flu shot, pills and syrup. The little girlis afraid of injections. Find a cute toy around the place todistract her attention. Continue the doctor care until your kidpatient feels better. Take the pregnant mom to the hospital andprepare her for baby birth. Perform the mandatory doctor tests onJulia and help her deliver her unborn baby. Take the baby's weightand height, dress it up and place it in the mom's arms. Enjoyplaying our brand new baby game!
Ice Cream Decor-Cooking Games 1.0.4
Do you love ice cream? Our cute baby Emma sureloves it.Today she is cooking a delicious ice cream that she wantsto share with her baby friends.Her mother let her all alone in thekitchen to prepare the icecream.She will decorate the ice creamwith lots of candy's,sweets and all that she likes to make hericream look and taste delicious.First she will choose the flavourof the ice cream,the she will add some milk cream and differentcandy's.She will decore the plate with some fruits to look greatand in the end she will put some biscuits on the top of the icecream to make her look wonderful.Have fun cooking with babyEmma.Instruction: Just click on the screen to choose the ingredients youwant to decor the ice creamFeatures:Great GameplayBeautiful graphicsLearn how to decorate and cook.Have fun with baby Emma.
Monster Jump Adventure Games 1.0.1
A fun and addictive game featuring a cute blueMonster.He waked up in a world that is unknown to him and he wantsto escape.He will jump his way up to his world,this is a hardmission,full of obstacles and traps.He found some tree platformsand he thinks that by jumping on them he will reach the top andarrive back to his world.On this adventures he will find some bonuspacks that will boost his jump,you must be careful and find thisbonus packes,because they will make you mission easier.This is thehardest mission that our monster ever had.But you must show skilland try to get as high as you can.Do you think you can get to the top and lead our monster to hishome?Play the game and find out how good you are.Instruction: Just click on the screen to position the monsterfor the jump,or swipe your finger on the scree.Game features:Great GraphicsFun GameplayHighscore featuresHave fun joining our Cute baby Monster in his great jumpingadventure.
Mommy Birth Surgery&Baby Care 1.0.1
This Young and Cute Mommy gives birth to herfirst baby.She is scared,but the doctors advised her to give birththrough cesarean surgery.You will be the surgeon that will help thedoctor perform the caesarian surgery and calm down our mommy.Youwill use lots of medical instrument and perform a realsurgery.After you help our mommy to give birth to her first babyyou will have to take care of our newboarn baby.You will have todressed him in diapers and make him feel cosy and safe.If you willbe a great surgeon and help the doctor the best way you can,ourmommy will give birth to an healthy and very cute newboarnbaby.Have fun playing surgery games and baby care.
Scary Celebrity Dentist Office 1.0.2
Our Cool Boy doesn't have to go to the dentistvery often, but he does have to get his teeth whitened occasionallyso his teeth sparkle onstage, and he needs his cavities filled toensure that his smile stays beautiful! This Boy's charming powercomes from his pretty face and it's all focused around his winningsmile, so make sure it stays white and crystal clear!Enjoy the best dentist games for baby's ,girls and kids.Features:Learning games-learn how to fix the teeth of a baby boy.Educational-learns that eating and not taking care of your teethcan create big problems.Fun gameplayFunIf you enjoy Cool Boy at the dentist,then you may like our othergames,you can play many baby games,cleaning games,cookinggames,adventure games,many games for girls and kids.
Real Surgery on Baby Sofia 1.0.2
Our cute baby princess Sofia has hurt her headwhile she was playing with her friends in the castle.Herparents,the queen and the kind are very worried.Princess Sofia hassome nasty injuries on her face and head.You are a famous doctorand you will perform real surgery on baby sofia the princess.TakeSofia to the hospital and hospitalized her for analysis.After youperform all the test you can take her to surgery,where you will tryto heal her wounds and injuries.The first thing you should do is tosew her head wound and after that you can take care of her otherinjuries.If you ever wanted to become a doctor,then this is your chance tobecome a great surgeon and perform a real surgery on baby princessSofia, the first child bourn in the royal family.Have fun and enjoy playing Real Surgery on Baby Sofia.
Baby Hand Doctor - Kids Games 1.0.1
This little and cute baby fell in the gardenwhile she was playing with her pets.She hurt her hand and she needthe doctor's attention.You can be a real hand doctor and heal ourbaby wounds and injuries.She is scared and you must calm her downand take care of this hand injuried.If you ever wanted to be aDoctor,then this is you chance to become a real hand doctor andheal our baby hand injuries and wounds.Have fun playing a great hand doctor game for kids!
Room Decor - Games for Girls 1.0.2
You girls sure like to decorate new rooms,thisis why we made this game especially for girls.Baby Emma's mom wantsto decorate Emma's room and make her feel cosy and she needs yourdecorating skills to make baby emma's room look great.Just thinkyou are decorating your own room,how would you like the room tolook.Baby Emma's mom trusts you and she thinks you are just perfectfor decorating her baby girl room.We've already given you a helpinghand and buyed different types of furniture,and there are allpink,because all girls like pink and baby Emma also likes this nicecolor.You can choose from different types of furniture like theperfect bed for baby Emma,the perfect closet,some nice chairs andpaint the walls and floor how you like.Room Decor - Games for Girlsis the perfect game where you can practice your decorating skillsand in the same time you can make a girl happy.We are sure thatbaby Emma will like the way you decorated her room,because if youlike it,all the girls will like it.Room Decor - Games for Girls features:♥ Pink is the predominant color in this game for girls♥ Many furniture items to choose from♥ You can paint the walls♥ Change the floor color and design♥ Surprise Baby Emma with the way you decorated the room♥ Play our room decorating girl game with your friends and see whois the most talented in decorating room.Have fun playing Room decoration - Games for Girls.
After Injury Frozen Baby 1.0.4
Our little frozen baby was searching for Elysaand Yanna in the frozen forest.He got lost and he was veryscared.He never been alone in the frozen and scary forest,but nowhis mom Elysa left him to play just for a moment and he run tocatch a butterfly and he tripped and broke his leg. Elysa FrozenBaby has serious injuries to his foot and the most scary injury isthe cut to his foot that will need surgery to sew the wound.We cannow perform real surgery on frozen baby and try to make himbetter.After you complete the surgery and make the frozen baby feelbetter again,you can take him back to him family,back toElysa.Enjoy performing real surgery on frozen baby foot and take him backto his frozen mom after you have healed the wound-injury.
Tattoo Artist-Coloring Games 1.0.1
A fun and educational baby game where you willbe a famous tattoo artist and you will make quality tattoo's tobabies,girls and all kind of people that will visit your tattoostudio.You will have to tattoo the outline and then be very carefulhow you will color the tattoo.You will choose the color for yourtattoo from a pannel with lots of colors and then with the tattoopistol you will apply color over the tattoo you just made.Tattooartists from all over the world will be inspired by your work andyou will become a star.Baby Emma it's very lucky that found you andnow she has the best tattoo artist in the country.Now it time for you to play the game and enjoy tattooing andcoloring people tattoos and make them happy.Game features:Tattoo GameColoring GameDinamic Gameplay-you can color the tattoo in different colors andmake it look different every time.Pony coloring game-you will make your first tattoo for Baby Emmaand you will tattoo a pony on your first client hand.Enjoy Baby Emma Tattoo Studio-Tattoo Artist and Coloring game andcheck all our Baby Games here:
Princess Dress Design Fashion 1.0.0
Sofia the beautiful princess needs a new dressand you can help her in the very fun game called Princess DressDesigner Fashion Studio ! There are lots of steps to do to createthe most amazing dress and I am sure you will do a great job. Youwill need to select a top part first. Try a nice heart shaped topand add a beautiful skirt with a nice design. Next, add a belt onthe waist area and then some sleeves if you like them. For thefabric you can choose amazing and cute purple color and fun polkadots. In Princess Dress Designer Fashion Studio you can now sew thefabric to create the dress. Sew each part of the dress at thesewing machine and make sure the pieces fit perfectly together.Princess sofia will look amazing in her new and amazing dress. Havea great time playing Princess Dress Designer Fashion Studio!
Foot Doctor - Kids Doctor Game 1.0.1
You are an amateur foot doctor that wants tobecome a great surgeon.You have to perform your first foot surgeryon our cute baby girl that sufered an accident.Fix baby Emma'sinjuried and the kids will love you.Do your best to save our babygirl foot and you will become the best foot doctor on theplanet.First you will try to disinfect the wound the remove thesplinter.Then you can wipe off the blood and bandage the footwound.After you can take care of the other minor injuries.Have funbecoming a great foot doctor after you perform your first footsurgery.
Facial Surgery Doctor Games 1.0.1
You are an amateur surgeon and you willperform a real plastic and cosmetic facial surgery.Our cute babyEmma girl suffered some nasty injuries while she was playing in thepark.She fell and injured her face and those injuries look reallybad.Prove that you are an amazing surgeon and be a good doctor bydoing your best to recontruct baby emma's face while you performthe first plastic facial surgery of your life.You can use all themedical surgery instruments,like:Scissors,SurgicalTowels,Instrument Cleaners and Lubricant, bandages and many othersurgical instrument.Enjoy playing Facial Surgery Doctor Games and perform the firstreal surgery of your life.
Wash Bathroom - Cleaning Games 1.0.0
This bathroom is so dirty and messy.Your jobis to clean and wash the bathroom and make it shine.You will uselots of detergents to wash the dirty bathroom.After you will do theheavy work and wosh the dirt off the bathroom toilete,the bathingtub and the other objects from the bathroom you will redecorate thebathroom and change the bathing tub.This game is a casual game thatgirls and kids will love.Just give it a try and wash your way outin this bathroom cleaning game.
Newborn Baby Cooking Ice Cream 1.0.1
This cute newborn baby want to taste a goodice cream for the first time in his life.You need to help him cookand decorate a delicios ice cream.Practice your cooking skill andmake a tasty icecream with different flavours likechocolate,vanilla,strawberry,bananas,kiwi and other deliciousfruits flavours.After you cooked the ice cream,decorate it withdifferent candy's,toppings and fruits.If our newborn baby will likethe ice cream that you cooked then you will be sure that you are agreat chef and your ice cream is delicious.You can cook and decorate your ice cream different every time andthis is why you will never get bored.Have fun cooking ice cream for our newborn baby.
Crazy Dentist Fear Baby Games 1.0.2
Baby Emma is not a fan of the dentist. Shethinks that his sharp and shiny tools are very scary. But if Emmapracticed better dental hygiene, she wouldn't need to worry aboutthe dentist! Eating tons of candy and not brushing her teeth hasdestroyed this lovely little girl's teeth. Help Baby Emma feel morecomfortable by joining her to her upcoming appointment with thedentist. Follow the instructions and help the dentist take care ofthe adorable Baby Emma's teeth. She'll be feeling much better onceher teeth have been restored to their original and healthycondition. Teach her the importance of brushing and flossing herteeth, and then give her a lollipop for being such a good sport inthis fun online dental game for girls! Choose from the selection oftools and get to work on this darling baby girl's mouth until herteeth are sparkly and white!
Dental Baby Care Dentist Games 1.0.2
Baby Sophie loves candy, but unfortunately,she doesn't like brushing her teeth. As a result, her teeth have aton of cavities, and now her gums are feeling sore, too. This younggirl needs a crash course on dental hygiene. Will you teach thiscute baby girl about proper dental hygiene and clean her teeth?Browse the selection of tools and pick up the one you'd like to usefirst. Scrape away and food debris and then extract her rottenteeth to make room for beautiful new teeth. Clean Baby Sophie'steeth so that she feels better and can enjoy showing off her new,sparkling smile in this fun online dentist game for girls!
Mermaid Princess Makeup Room 1.0.0
Please meet our beautiful mermaidprincess,sheis preparing for a special underwater event and she isin ahurry.She wants go get ready for the event and do her hairstyleandmakeup in her very own makeup room.Unfortunately some of hermakeupobjects are hidden all around the room.Try to find all thehiddenobjects and help our mermaid princess to get ready fortheevent.Have fun playing our latest game Mermaid Princess MakeupRoom.
Baby Hand Injury Doctor Games 1.0.1
Become a great surgeon and perform handsurgery on baby Sofia.She tripped and felled while playing with herfriends.Now the life of this baby is in your hands.Do your best toheal baby sofia wounds and make her feel better.You can use realtweezers,surgical scalpel,bandages and many other medical tools.ifthe surgery is a success,you will know quite quickly,because babySofia hand will look better and she will feel much better.Have fun playing the best baby doctor games and perform the firstsurgery of your life.Enjoy Baby Hand Injury Doctor Games!
Build Your Farm - Caring Games 1.0.2
Have you ever wanted to become a farmer ? Nowit's your chance to prove your farming skills and build your ownfarm.Start by buying some animals for your farm,let's say you will startbuying some cows and sheeps,you can choose from five differentanimals from every type and place them on your farm.After you gotyour first animals you can expands your farm by buying new animalsand stalls.You can decor your farm as you like and brag to yourfriends with your well developed farm.After you developed a big andhealthy farm you can start caring about the farm animals and allthe things around the farm.Build Your Farm - Caring Games Features:☺Nice Graphics☺Easy to play☺Free to play☺Farm Care Strategy☺Decorate the farm as you like☺Choose from countless animalsNow,what are you waiting for? Start building your farm right now inour Farm Carring Game ! Enjoy !
Frozen Princess Baby Room Game 1.0.1
Frozen Princess Baby Room Game is a newClick4Games Studios baby game made especially for girls.This game features a cute frozen baby that wants to decorate hernew frozen room with different frozen furniture items.Elly is asweet Frozen Princess that it's very loved in her kingdom,and herMom,the Queen made her very happy today deciding to let the frozenprincess to decorate her own room.She is only a baby princess andneed your help in decorating the frozen room.With your decoratingskills she will succed to create a wonderful and frozen room.Youcan makeover the room as you like,change the bed and otherfurniture elements.If you like room decorating games then you will sure like thisfrozen room game.Have fun playing with Elly the frozenprincess.Enjoy!
Super Girl Bathroom Clean Up 1.0.1
The bathroom of our girl is verydirty,it'squite a mess in there and the bathroom need urgentcleaning.Ourgirl wants to clean up the bathroom with style so shedressed uplike a super hero because you need super powers to cleanthis messybathroom.Once she dresses up the super girl costume shewill gainsuper powers and the dirt and mess from the bathroom willlook easyto clean.She will start by cleaning up the dirt fromthetoilet,sink,and bath tube,using detergent spray and abrush.Aftershe successfully removes the dirt from thetoilet,sink,and bathtube she will clean the bath mirror and makeall the bathroom shinelike new.In the end she thinks that she can redecorate her all bathroomsoshe will try different colors on the walls and change thebathtube.You will have a lot of fun helping our Super Princess Girl tocleanup and decorate her dirty bathroom.Enjoy!
Princess Makeup Hidden Objects 1.0.3
All the girls love to look pretty and beprincesses.Looking good takes a lot of time,you must usemakeup,dress your hair and get the latest princess dresses.Ourbeautiful princess wants to makeup for a special quest,but she willneed your help to find the exact makeup objects hidden around herroom.She have a lot of makeup objects and perfumes in her room andit's hard for her to find the exact hidden objects that sheneeds.With you help she will find the makeup objects and she willbe ready for her quest.Have fun playing Princess Makeup Hidden Objects!
Mermaid Princess Hidden Makeup 1.0.0
Everyone likes princesses,mermaids andhiddenobjects game,so you will find all of this things in thisgame.Enjoyplaying with our beautiful mermaid princess and in thesame timetry to help her find all her missing make up objects thatarehidden in her room.You will have to find all the hiddenmakeupobjects in only 60 seconds or you will lose and fail to helpthisbeautiful mermaid princess to find her makeup objects and getreadyfor the party.If you think it's to hard you find them byyourseftyou can try the hint button that will help you find some oftheobjects.Have fun playing Mermaid Princess Hidden Makeup Objects.
Valentines Blossoms Fever Shop 1.0.1
In this Shopping ,management games you willhave to manage your own blossom flower shop on Valentines Day.Thefever has started and the clients are on shopping fever and youwill have to rush and manage their demands so they will leave yourshop pleased.Try to manage their demaind very fast so you can scorebig and go to the next level.Enjoy up to five levels of fun and different dificultylevels.Try it out and tell us if you liked the game.Have Fun!
Beauty Salon - Makeover Games 1.0.5
We are happy to present to you our newestbabygame featuring baby Emma called Beauty Salon -Makeovergames.If you like baby games and especialy our baby Emma then youwillsurely like this game.Baby Emma it's going to the Beauty Salontotake care of her skin.Here you will take care of her and givehersome natural face treatments with oranges,lime's andkiwifruits.Like in all Makeover Games you will apply face masks onBabyEmma face and clean her up.Baby Emma will enjoy themakeovertreatment that is given to her,she will get three facemasks withnatural ingreadients because in this Beauty Salon we areusing onlynatural ingredients to treat the skin.You will have toplay BeautySalon - Makeover Game to see for yourself how great babyEmma willlook after this treatment.You will completly love it andyou willsurely come to our Beauty Salon to make a makeovertreatment.Beauty Salon - Makeover Games features:☺ A great baby makeover game featuring baby Emma☺ Three different Makeover treatments that baby EmmawillEnjoy☺ Natural face creams with fruits that will make her skinlookgreat☺ Hair Treatments☺ Face Treatments☺ Many accesories - Shower, Towels,natural face creams,pimplesremover tools,☺ Eyebrow Shaping TreatmentsHopefully we have convinced you to try our new game BeautySalon- Makeover Games and we hope you will leave us yourreviewshere.Have fun and play only the best makeover games !
Pizza Shop Party Cooking Game 1.0.0
If you ever wanted to open a pizzashop,nowit's your chance to test your skills and Manage your owncookingpizza shop.In this game Pizza Shop Party Cooking Game youwill haveto serve clients in your restaurant and manage all theclientsorders.You will have to cook and serve the pizza fast ouryourclients will get angry and will leave.You have to please thetovisit your restaurant again and receive tips.Save money andpleaseyou clients to proceed to the next level!With every level youwillcook different types of pizza,you can cook in your ownrestaurantpizza margherita,pizza marinara,pizza pepperoni,pizzaprosciutto efunghi and many other pizza types.Show your skills andmanage therestaurant,cook the best pizza in town and grow yourbusiness!Theorders will be bigger and the time will be shorter asyou advancein level.Enjoy playing Pizza Shop Party Cooking Game andbecome agreat pizza chef!
Princess DressUp Wardrobe Room 1.0.0
You will enjoy dressing up ourbeautifulprincess.In this game Princess Dress Up Wardrobe Room theprincesswill take you into her castle wardrobe room and you willhave thepleasure to choose the best clothes and shoes fortheprincess.Dressing the princess is a great opportunity for youtoshow your fashion skills.Choose from hundreds of items and makeherlook beautiful.After you finish dressing her up you can takecareof her hairstyle and make up.Enjoy playing PrincessDressUpWardrobe Room.
Girl Dress Up Fashion Closet 1.0.0
Help the girl find the style and charm inthisbeautiful dress game!Walk into our girl Fashion Closet anddressher up. Get creative and find your favorite style. There areabouttwo hundred items to choose from the fashion closet intwelvecategories, such as haircuts, color, hairstyle, eye color,glasses,color glasses, dresses, shirts, jeans, clothing, colorsdresses,shoes, color shoes, body color, lip color and nail color.Once youhave created a style, you can go on a steep disco scene,and youcan take a picture of a girl! Enjoy playing Girl Dress UpFashionCloset!
Duck Shooter Hunting Games 1.0.0
The hunting season has started and you cannowgo to hunt ducks.In this fun game Duck Shooter Hunting Gamesyouwill shoot cartoon ducks and get more time to hunt andscorehigh.Every duck you shoot will get you one more second ofhuntingand shooting ducks.You must be quick and try to aim andshoot theducks because they are fast and you must be careful not toshootthe hatching eggs because you will lose.Have fun hunting ducksinthis fun and high quality game Duck Shooter Hunting Games.
Cartoon Candy Crush Match 3 1.0.0
Enjoy a new Candy Crush matching game.Youwillhave to match 3 or more candy's by drawing a line betweenthem.Tryto match as many candy's as you can to get more time andscorehigh.You will love to crush candy's and enjoy all the levelsinsideCartoon Candy Crush Match 3.You can get high scores andcompetewith your friends to see ho score higher.Start now yourCartoonCandy Crush Match 3 adventure and enjoy crushingcandy's.Have lots of fun by playing Cartoon Candy Crush Match 3!
Track Racing HighwayTraffic 1.0.0
In this new game Track RacingHighwayTrafficyou will drive your truck on the highway and try toavoid thetraffic.It's Rush hour and the highway it's full.You willhave tohurry up to take your delivery to destination and you willraceyour way to the finish.Track Racing Highway traffic it's agreatgame to play with your friend and try to beat yourhighscore.Drivefast but be careful not to crush!Have fun!