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CloudGuide Education 1.0.3
CloudGuide Education is the interactive,educative and fun version of CloudGuide, the FREE app you use toget OFFICIAL information and multimedia guides of all museums,monuments, historic houses, parks and art galleries.Specially designed for the younger audiences, it brings all thefeatures of CloudGuide to life with games and treasure huntcircuits from a playful and dynamic interface.Features of the app:• Treasure hunting games leveraging iBeacon technology• Puzzles, quizzes and other games• One app for all the places you visit• Only official, educative content• Small download size• Offline mode• My CloudGuide• Maps• Audio, video and image galleries• Social media integration• Tags, favourites and notes• All other features you love from CloudGuide!CloudGuide Education is available in English, Spanish, German,French, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Polish, Catalan andPortuguese.
CloudGuide - Travel guides 3.0.10
CloudGuide is the perfect app for tourists andculture lovers, looking for a new way to experience travel andleisure. With this FREE app you can access OFFICIAL information andmultimedia guides of all museums, monuments, historic houses, parksand art galleries. When does your next journey start?Features of the app:• One app for all the places you visit• Beautiful and innovating design• Small download size• 100% official content• Offline mode• My CloudGuide sync across devices• Tags, favourites and notes• Maps• Audio, video and image galleries• Gift shop• Ratings and reviews• Social media integration• Agenda and events• Visitors info and opening hoursRated BEST travel and culture app by Time Out Magazine! (July2015)CloudGuide is available in English, Spanish, German, French,Italian, Russian, Dutch, Polish, Catalan and Portuguese.