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Rainbow 1.2
Rainbow Curves Live Wallpaper displays multicolored curves.
Santa Vs Grinch 2.0.9
SWEET! Santa Vs Grinch has arrived and you canenjoy the full adventure for FREE!Its the dawn of Christmas.But..... our dearest Santa has a problem. The Christmas presentsfor you and me is no longer with him.Yap, its again stolen by that bad old Grinch.Be quick, help Santa.... help him run faster, guide him towardsGrinch. Don't let the green monster go away with the presents.Santa Vs Grinch - Brand new running game concept.Starring - Santa as Hero, Grinch as VillainUnique game experience. If you have played Temple Run, ChristmasRun, Santa Run you will definitely love....... Santa Vs GrinchKey Features:• Leaderboard with high score for each City!• Adding more fun with Power ups like magnet, double jump forSanta!• Cool music!• Carefully designed challenging levels!Don’t waste any time - exciting surprises await! Help Santa tocatch Grinch!Santa Vs Grinch supports high resolution for an optimal gamingexperience on both phones and tablets.Already a fan?LIKE US: US: you download this experience, please consider that thisapp contains social media links to connect with others, andadvertising for some third party applications and games.
Balance or Fall: Peraliyan 1.0.4
★★★ HURRY UP! ★★★We are giving away a limited number of ★Full GameUnlock Promo Coupons★ for this Christmas season.Don't miss thischance!Coupon code:742943===========================================================================PERALIYANis a wonderfully simple yet bizarrely addictive arcade game likenone you’ve ever seen before; a game of pure old school arcadebeauty that serves up that ‘just one more go’ factor in spades.Usetwo fingers to rotate the bar left and right whilst making sure thebig ball does not fall. Multi coloured balls flying onto the screenland on the bar making the bar off balance. Sounds easy? Throw inmore balls and increasingly faster speed over time and PERALIYANbecomes a fast-paced game of skill and nerves, urging you tocollect power-ups, rack up massive scores and last as long as youcan whilst your skills are tested to the absolute max!KeyFeatures:★ Beautifully simple controls and design★ Incrediblyaddictive arcade gameplay★ Tons of points to collect★ Live, Growand Die game modes★ Online Leaderboards and AchievementsWe'd loveto hear your suggestions and comments! We've got loads ofimprovements and new features planned, so staytuned!
Greedy Monster
Greedy Monster - Best pencil sketch game everGreedy monster is agame with unique graphics and game play. Its not another boringphysics puzzle like angry birds, wheres my water or even cut therope.Story line of the game is unique itself where a huge monster,trapped underground with no food. You have to help this poor guywith his food and you can do it.Best pencil sketched gameever.Unique game play.50 challenging levels + more.....