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Period Tracker Clue - Ovulation and Cycle Calendar 13.0
Clue is more than a period tracker – it’s an accurate menstrualcalendar, ovulation app and fertility tracker that helps you makesense of your menstrual cycle. Get predictions and set calendarreminders for your period, track and find patterns in yoursymptoms, and manage your menstrual health with an app that isn’tpink or full of ads. This is the Clue approach to period tracking:scientific, straightforward, empowering, and definitely not pink.Clue Period and Ovulation Tracker Top Features: · Free periodtracker, ovulation tracker, and fertility tracker · Periodpredictions for your next three cycles · Log your symptoms, flow,moods and more · Ovulation app to track ovulation tests and yourBBT · Calendar reminders for upcoming periods, ovulation and PMS ·Forecasts for your recurring symptoms, like upcoming cramps, pain,and headaches · A period calendar with your menstruation, ovulationand fertile days · Log and set birth control pill reminders · Acycle analysis of your period lengths to observe trends andirregularities · Menstrual health tips curated for you that explainyour symptoms Period Tracker, Menstrual Calendar & OvulationCalculator: · Period, fertile day and ovulation predictions alwayslet you know what’s coming · A period diary to log your perioddays, flow and the menstrual products you use · Set up calendarreminders before your next period, ovulation and PMS · Ovulationcalculator and fertility friend to help you get pregnant if you’retrying to conceive Cycle Analysis, Menstrual Health Tips &Forecasts for your Symptoms: · An analysis tab to keep track ofyour period lengths and cycle variations · See the symptoms youtracked in relation to your menstrual cycle · Find recurrentpatterns in your symptoms and get forecasts for cramps, pain &more · Bring the Clue Period Tracker app to your healthcareprovider and have your period history available. A progressiveperiod app built for everyone with a menstrual cycle: · Inclusive,gender-neutral language and values that benefit a diverse community· Built by a mission-driven, female-led team · The free period appwith an award-winning, clean design · Helpful for people managingtheir PCOS or irregular cycles · Just started menstruating? TheClue Cycle Tracker is a useful free period tracker for – your honest and edgy menstrual encyclopedia withanswers to all of your period and sex questions. Hormonal – Clue’spopular podcast that dives deep into hormones and the menstrualcycle. Note: CluePeriod Tracker & Ovulation app should not be used as acontraceptive. Clue Period Tracker – the menstrual cycle trackerand period app that’s different! Simplify your period tracking andmenstrual health once and for all—join over 15 million people whoare using Clue as a trusted period and ovulation tracker, periodcalendar and ovulation app.