Cmoar Apps

Cmoar AR RPG 1.2
You’ve never seen anything like that before! We are the first inthe world who augment the reality to an extent that makes playingwith your friends an unforgettable experience.Cmoar ltd presents agame directly dedicated to the fans of classic RPG games. If you donot know what Cmoar is find out here : game then print and you are ready togo!Sit comfortably in your chair and enjoy a fully interactive gamethat is generated on 3D board. Feel free to approach all theelements and take a close look at them from different angles thanksto augmented reality! .Game is dedicated to high-end devices butwe're doing our best so that it could support as many devices aspossible.
Cmoar Roller Coaster VR 1.1
Take a tour to an incredible place. Experience the longest-lastingadventure, in an almost 4-minutes dangerous roller coaster vrjourney. Free version has been limited to 1 minute ride, so if youwish to explore the rest of the adventure, we encourage you topurchase the full version ! :)To start a ride, please look at"Start" sign for 3 seconds :)Please, don’t forget to rate and leavea comment whether you liked the ride! If you decide to purchase thelong version of the app, let everyone know it was worth it! :)
Cmoar VR Cinema PRO 5.5.5
5.5 version is here! (2018)Watching your favorite movies hasneverbeen so immersive as in our Cmoar VR Cinema! Bringingtheatmosphere of your favorite cinema straight to your mobileenablesyou to relive all those exciting moments you had when youfirststepped into the auditorium with PC Quality graphics. Relaxandenjoy those glorious battles, romantic finales, comedicmomentsonce more in the most immersive VR Media PlayeronCardboard!FEATURESDaydream SupportDynamic Lightingeffect4beautiful realistic sceneries [3 NEW!]LAN PLEX support (DLNAserver) [NEW!]LAN shared media (UPnP/DLNA media servers)[NEW!]Disc(DVD) with navigation (inside LAN category) [NEW!]3D 180°&360° movies with options (orientation/zoom/tilt) [NEW!]Seatchangeability [NEW!]Embedded subtitles and audio track support[NEW!]NewVR menu interface [NEW!]Support for 2D & 3DMovies(SBS/Over-Under)Watching Youtube videos (1080p 2D)WatchingYoutubevideos (1080p 3D)Add every video and directorytoFavourites"Last-viewed” optionMany subtitle encoding formatsIfyouencounter any problems feel free to contact [email protected]
Cmoar VR Cinema Demo 5.5.5
5.5 version is here (2018) !Watching your favoritemovieshasneverbeen so immersive as in our Cmoar VRCinema!Bringingtheatmosphere of your favorite cinema straight toyourmobileenablesyou to relive all those exciting moments you hadwhenyoufirststepped into the auditorium with PC Qualitygraphics.Relaxandenjoy those glorious battles, romanticfinales,comedicmomentsonce more in the most immersive VR MediaPlayeronCardboard!DemoVersion is limited by90-secondmoviedisplaylimit.FEATURESDaydream SupportDynamicLightingeffect4beautifulrealistic sceneries [3 NEW!]LAN PLEXsupport (DLNAserver)[NEW!]LAN shared media (UPnP/DLNA mediaservers)[NEW!]Disc(DVD)with navigation (inside LAN category)[NEW!]3D 180°&360°movies with options(orientation/zoom/tilt)[NEW!]Seatchangeability [NEW!]Embeddedsubtitles and audio tracksupport[NEW!]NewVR menu interface[NEW!]Support for 2D &3DMovies(SBS/Over-Under)Watching Youtubevideos (1080p2D)WatchingYoutubevideos (1080p 3D)Add every videoanddirectorytoFavourites"Last-viewed” optionMany subtitleencodingformatsIfyouencounter any problems feel free [email protected]
Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR 1.4
Step into the most realistic Table Tennis experience withDaydream!Using your Daydream Controller, you’re about to face 16uniqueopponents in the 4 challenging Cups. Beware! The higher theCup,the more demanding and troublesome it gets!ADVANCED PHYSICS:Ouraim was to provide the most realistic table tennis experience.Wespent countless hours on developing our own physics fromscratchand tweaking it with professional table tennis players.DAYDREAMCONTROLLER: We spent a lot of time preparing and tweakingthe game,as our goal was to use the Daydream Controller to itsfullpotential. We are proud that we have found a solution to givetheusers the full control over the shots, just like in real life.Atthe same time, we can assure that the game is extermelyfun,challenging and intense! CHALLENGING AI: Thanks to aparticularlyadvanced Artificial Intelligence in singleplayer, everyopponentyou’re going to play against will have their own temper andanutterly unique style of play. MOCAP ANIMATIONS: To deliver themostrealistic characters’ movements, we relied upon motion capturedatafor our animations. The actors participating in the recordingwerein fact professional table tennis players.