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Assistive Easy Touch Tool 2.9.0
Assistive TouchDescription:Assistive Touch is a copy of the IPHONE assistive touchapplication, failure of the cell phone for those buttons, this isabsolutely an artifact level saviour and It is easy touch every keyyou want,Try to use ~There are more and more Android phones, and many are using entitykey, according to many, will naturally appear more or lessproblems, like the return key, power failure or sometimescompletely unable to use, virtual buttons assistant can solve theseproblems, for your mobile phone provides a chance to reborn.Function description:1, Virtual system keys, such as the back, menu, power, home,search, tasks,etc;2, Can be a key to open the system application;3, Virtual point can freely control the size, transparency,animation, etc.4, Low requirement to the mobile phone, memory and powerconsumption is small, some functions need root authority;5, A key screenshots, convenient and quick.6,Display connection speed;7, virtual panel can reset size;8, automatic virtual key transparent;9, virtual keys can customize image;Note:1, Some functions need root authority;2, If your device has a root, and still can't use, please selectthe method two or three in the set;3, New MIUI system and other users of the system in the set, pleaseopen the application of the required permissions, can in thedesktop display window.Historical development:In July 2012, I had just quit my job, because it's free, so withreference to the iphone's virtual assistant to do a simpleapplication,Then the first version released in August 2012, then it will bepublished source code, source code download address: a period of time, back into the worker be in September,then how to manage, let its development, and a year later, foundthat quite many people in use,But also quite many people left behind a message a lot of support,let me very touched, as an application developer, actually morepower is your support.So, in October 2013 will be released it on Google Play, and thenslowly, the user is built up, in the user's suggestion, theadaptation of traditional, English.After is updated occasionally.Now, I resigned in August 2014, in free time a week, a large numberof reconstructed the virtual buttons assistant, make it moreflexible and more quickly.And tomorrow, I will be in again, so the record here.CodeBoy8/24/2014The future development:1, virtual panel screen (slide);2, quick to join some functions, such as wifi, bluetooth, volume,vibration, bookmarks, etc.;Temporarily thought of so many, any Suggestions please emailme!About CodeBoy:CodeBoy team is a team project in his spare time is devoted tothe interest, the slogan is:do something different!Now, only me.Welcome advice, feedback problems.Email: [email protected]
CodeBoy抢红包 3.0.8
微信抢红包是目前功能齐全、广受大众喜爱的全自动抢红包插件。全新的界面,人性化的功能,有着更好的用户体验和稳定性,全面兼容主流的微信、QQ及支付宝红包。迄今已为用户成功抢得上亿次红包,被誉为最勤奋的“红包搬运工”。1、【防封号规则库】独创全网唯一的防封号规则库,有效避开各种封堵、拦截。2、【自动抢红包】开启自动抢红包服务,将严密监控红包消息,妈妈再也不担心你抢不到红包了,现在限时免费哦!3、【加速抢红包】新增强大的加速抢功能,在同等条件下将提高90%的抢包速率,让你决胜于0.0001秒,快人一步,将红包手到擒来。4、【智能红包过滤】灵活定制你的抢包需求,可以指定不抢某个群、某个人或某个内容的红包,更加人性化。5、【自动回复】如果每个人抢了红包就跑,这世界还有人会发红包吗?!为维护世界和平,我们自动帮你说声感谢。6、【红包记录】出来抢总是要还的!这里提供详尽的抢包记录,该给谁发多少红包,你将了然于心!7、【安全可靠】微信抢红包系统辅助工具,绝不含有任何安全漏洞和隐患,并通过腾讯手机管家等安全软件严格检测,安全可靠,请放心使用。Micro-channel grab a redenvelope is a full-featured, widely loved by the public ofautomatic grab red plug.The new interface, user-friendly features, has a better userexperience and stability, is fully compatible with mainstream microletter, QQ and Alipay red envelope.So far it has been successful for the user to grab the red envelopebillion times, known as the most diligent of "red porter."1, [anti-title rule base]Original entire network of anti-title rule base, effectively avoidall kinds of block, interception.2, [automatic grab a red envelope]Open Auto grab a red envelope service, will closely monitor the redmessage, then do not worry about your mother grab a red envelope,and now limited free Oh!3, grab a red envelope [accelerated]New powerful acceleration grab function, under the same conditionswill increase the rate of 90% of scrambling, so you winning in0.0001 seconds, quick step, the red Shoudaoqinlai.4, [intelligent red filter]Scrambling flexibility to customize your needs, you can specify notto grab a group, a person or a red envelope contents, morehumane.5, [automatic reply]If everyone ran to grab a red envelope, there are people in thisworld would send red envelopes it? ! For the maintenance of worldpeace, we automatically help you to say thanks.6, [red record]Grab it always have to repay! Here scrambling to provide detailedrecords, the number of red envelopes sent to whom, you will clearin mind!7, [safe]Micro-channel system aids grab a red envelope, never contain anysecurity vulnerabilities and risks, and by other security softwareTencent mobile housekeeper rigorous testing, safety andreliability, ease of use.
Codeboy聊天机器人-聊天助手 2.3.0
Codeboy聊天机器人是一款可以自动回复好友的工具,也可以自动确认添加好友,整个过程不需要root权限,原理是通过Android原生系统的AccessibilityService服务实现自动模拟回复操作。而回复的内容可以自定义,比如在本地添加关键词规则然后选择根据部分匹配、完全匹配、正则匹配关键词,也可以通过服务器接口响应回复内容。主要功能如下:1、自动回复好友消息;2、好友红包与转账自动收取;3、自动确认好友添加消息;4、支持锁屏下回复好友消息;5、支持自定义关键字回复;6、支持服务器接口回复;Codeboy chatbot is a toolthat automatically reply to friends, can also be automaticallyconfirmed add friends, the whole process does not require rootprivileges, works by AccessibilityService service Android nativesystem of automatic reply analog operation.The reply of the content can be customized, such as local rulesand select Add keywords based on a partial match, exact match,regular match keywords, you can also reply to the response by theserver interface.The main functions are as follows:1, the automatic reply message friends;2, friends and transfer envelopes automatically charged;3, automatic confirmation message add a friend;4, with the support lock screen buddy reply message;5, support for custom keywords reply;6, support for server interface to reply;