CodeCube Brothers Partnership Apps

Christmas Smasher - Snowflakes 1.0
Awesome and fun smasher game. Smash all thesnowflakes before snowflakes falling too down. Great casual game tochallenge your friends to short battle. It not so easy to smashevery snowflake, so you have to quite accurate when you touch tothe snowflakes. It's weird that smashing can be so FUN!Just a great Christmas game!
Color Line Crusher 1.2
Amazing simple speed color match game and itis almost hard to master. Crush all the color lines, before thesefalling down to border line. Game will end when line collide thebottom border. If you hit the wrong color you loose a point andheard ding sound.All the lines must be crushed before border line all game willbefore it really started. When color of line and block will match,then colorline breaks up into tiny bricks. Bricks drop down and youneed to matching next color.How do speedup your game play and rise up to the results. Answeris really simple, you just need to play more and more. Game can befeel tricky and too hard at first, but you need to remember colorpositions at first and then you can start to compete and startmatching colors much faster. Only training make a masters.Brilliant game with a new original game idea. Game is so easythat everyone on family can play it. Yeah, it's so easy that evenyour parents can play it. So this game is great for kids andadults, even boys and girls. Girls may be love this kind of games.Maybe speedtest battle girls versus boys, not a bad idea. Maybe youcan beat my scores.Historically there is huge fan base on reaction games, where youcan test your reflex and tests whether your mind is superior thanthe others. Everybode chase of glory and what is better than ownextraordinary brains. So, do you belong fans of reaction games?So beat your friend and test now your finger and brain speed nowand become number one. This game is really mind blowing. Just clickit buttons and rule the world, is it your destiny.[ Compare your scores ][241-999] Superior brain activity[221-240] Fantastic result[201-220] Great result[181-200] Above normal[161-180] So normal[141-160] Still under normal[121-140] Are you still trying[101-120] Can't be so good[76-100] Still really bad result[51-75] Your brains is frozen[0-50] Something is brokenIf it's hard to rise up on score, this means that you practiceyour brain more. Every muscle need practice, even you brains. Ifyou use internet then you can compare results via play service andalso earn achievements. Now rush to make your best result tohi-score list. Are you aiming to top or just kidding.[ How to play ]Color lines falling down to the top screen and you need givemore focus on lowest colorline, because you can break only lowestcolor line. You can do that by touching block which is colored samecolor that the colorline. Blocks are placed bottom of the screen.Game area is rectangular.There is only five color used in game (red, green, blue, yellow andorange) so it not seems so hard, but how wrong vision that givesyou. Take a good grip on phone when start to play, so you don'tdrop out a phone when real action will began, it is so hectic whenlines falling down high speed.[ Our vision ]Our vision was made simple and fun speedtest game. Game whichhave great potential to be addictive, succesful and funny to play.Game which will be easy to play with a phones or tablets and can beplayed anywhere even a bus or car trip. Easy to crap a hand in bedat late on evening. No, no, not a school in a class.[ Features ]- simple and easy gameplay- impossible hard to master- fun and very addicting- simple color graphics with a colored box and lines- beautiful crush effects- easy finger touch control (tap to screen)- amazing game for kids, even boys and girls
Stay In The Tunnel 1.2
This game have one important rule, stay in thetunnel line and don't touch on the wall with your flying dot.Experience yourself now with this new kind and exciting tunnelflying game. Control your dot in tight corners and go further andfurther in the tunnel.This game is really fast paced and crazy top down scrollingrunner game, implemented with simple and clean retro stylegraphics, where you have to fly in tight cave line with your fastdot.Easy and fun controlling system and smooth frame rate gives yougreat gaming experience. Screenshots don't make any justice forthis game, this game need to feel, then you get best of out ofit.Your task is control little dot in the cave and follow thintunnel line, avoid every obstacles and keep your dot out of walls.This cave is just like a pipe line that winds deep underground.Tunnel will rolling down faster and faster when time past, so youreally have to keep speed up, fly and avoid all the walls. This isreal sharpness test for your brains and test fully for your skillsand reflex.There is thin line between are you poor or great tunnel racer,so be careful and don't hit the walls and smash your precious dot.How deep you can survive in this dark tunnel?Little practice and you can become master of tunnels and can behit the top of the leaderboard and beat your friends and maybecoming a best tunnel player in the world. Only one player can benumber ONE.[ How To Play ]- Control your dot with accelerometer control- Tilt your phone left, right, up and down[ Features ]- 60 fps- Achievements- Leaderboards- Fun and hectic gameplay- Great music- Awesome tilt control- Sensitivity adjustmentHave you played any better runner game ever? Test your mindspeed and reflex now! This game is really INSANE.
Earth Invasion - Galaxy Aliens 1.0
[ Storyline ]Once upon a time, there was a... No, no, no, this is not a anyfairytale, this is true story of alien beast invasion to the earth.Mothership is landed on mars and huge population of alien troopsattacks to earth planet and your goal is to guide and lead UnitedAlliance to victorious battle and wipe out aliens out of galaxy.Aliens have conquered galaxies and planets one by one, but now it'stime to stop them finally, before their actually reach our precioustellus planet.People in earth are huge danger, alien troops have big technologyadvantage and huge waves of soldiers. Aliens are also really nastycreatures, their have big teeth and poison tentacles. Only goodstrategy and great logical moves can save our planet middle on thisinvasion. Try to kill as many enemies as possible with a singlemove, you don't have afford any mistakes. Because you are fight infront line, you have to plan your and Alliance battalion movescarefully and hit back at full force. Now it is time real waraction and you need to kick them butt out of world and free us. Youspecify the path to the fate of the human race...[ Aliens background ]Alien race is more or less a hybrid cross between a spider andoctopus. They can move really fast using tentacles. Alien queen canbirth alien eggs really fast and they grow to adults quite shorttime period, so their number is growing rapidly. Aliens are fromSirius Nebula and they conquered lots of planets. Their technologyis a few hundred a year ahead of us and they have already developedteleportation. Luckily our latest laser guns, photon torpedoes,nuclear missiles can destroy their star ships and blow their slimybodies away.Aliens started their journey couple hundred years ago and startedto conquer the universe. They have been victorious when theytravelled around universe and their number has grown to billions.They seem to think that there is no race that can fight back andthey are superior race in the Universe. Maybe this is their onlyweakness.[ How to play ]You control strikes by selecting alien or group of aliens byyour finger. This will destroy aliens which are linked togetherwith a telepathic link. Alien telepathic link is connected whenaliens touching others horizontally or vertically and their arecoloured at same colour. There are six different coloured alienorcs (red, blue, green, yellow, purple and oranges). So you have toplan strikes well so you could make huge link between aliens. Youhave two rounds to make a strike before new wave is coming closer.If aliens reach the earth, it's end of mankind living on globe. Youreally need to grow your experience and intelligence to finallyreach the victory of the battle.Are you ready on this battle and rescue world nations globallyand protect our beautiful planet. There is no longer room for jokesor games, only heroes, so stand up and take a faith on your ownhands, last man standing![ Identity of Orcs ]Red Orc is Lurker Soldier which trying to sneak attack you frombehindBlue Orc is Tower Warrior which attack with using terrific forceand can reap you to piecesGreen Orc is Mind Reader which scan your brain with a telepathicmeansYellow Orc is War Lord, which burn his enemies with a flamethrowerPurple Orc is War Captain and using his poison tentacles andrecover really fastOrange Orc is Tactic Wizard, which is responsible for equipmentfunctionality and can reset earth defence system and weapons.[ Alliance Forces ]You are the commander of the United Alliance and lead the army. Ourvaliant squads are equipped with the latest weapon technology.[ Features ]- Hiscore tables (best scores, killed green orcs, killed blue orcs,killed red orcs, killed yellow orcs, killed purple orcs and killedorange orcs)- Logical puzzle (almost like a one man chess game)- Easy touch controls- Easy gameplay- Hours of fun- Highly fun and addictive game- Easy to play anywhere and anytime- Automaticly save game state
Gems & Jewels - Break Locks 1.01
Fantastic match 3 game with new elements, morestrategy, more fun.Your goal is to break all locks on the level before you can moveon next level. You have to match three or more jewels together withlocked jewels, this is how you can break locks. It's also possiblebreak lock with special jewels, which can break whole row or columnor both at same time.You have to possibility earn 10000 points at every level or atleast near 10000 points, but for every braked jewel you losepoints. So you have to break locks less possible jewel breaks toearn more points. Lock count increasing when you go further onlevels, so it's harder and harder to solve levels.This game using continuous levels, so you don't need to start fromthe beginning of the game, but you can continue game from lastplayed level and try to solve it again.Really fun puzzle game for everyone who love great puzzle games.Beautiful gems, jewels and great effects give polished look forthis game.If you really like gems and jewels games, this is perfectmatching puzzle/strategy game for you.It's fast, fun and challenging puzzle game and with new elementsthis game is totally new experience for you.Sharp eyes and intelligent moves can rise you top of theleaderboard, it's always fun to beat your friends or other players.One of the best free jewel games, we are almost sure, that you arelove it![ How To Play ]- destroy locks matching 3 or more jewels- touch and swipe control (left, right, up and down)[ Features ]- easy game play- beautiful graphics- responsive controls- achievements- leaderboard
Blocks & Dots - Color Match 1.2
Fantastic match 3 game with new elements, morestrategy, more fun.Your goal is to match jewel colors on background colors of thetable. You have to match three or more jewels together to getothers jewels drop down. It's also possible jewel lines withspecial jewels, which can break whole row or column or both at sametime, but this breaks more jewels and you lose more points, so youshould avoid this type of moves.You have to possibility earn 10000 points at every level or atleast near 10000 points, but for every braked jewel you will losesome points. So you have to match colors less possible jewel breaksto earn more points. Color match count per level increasing whenyou go further on levels, so it's harder and harder to solvelevels.This game using continuous levels, so you don't need to start fromthe beginning of the game, but you can continue game from lastplayed level and try to solve it again.Really fun puzzle game for everyone who love great puzzle games.Beautiful gems, jewels and great effects give polished look forthis game.If you really like gems and jewels games, this is perfectmatching puzzle/strategy game for you. It's fast, fun andchallenging puzzle game and with new elements this game is totallynew experience for you.Sharp eyes and intelligent moves can rise you top of theleaderboard, it's always fun to beat your friends or other players.One of the best free jewel games, we are almost sure, that you arelove it![ How To Play ]- match jewel colors with a table background- touch and swipe control (left, right, up and down)[ Features ]- easy game play- beautiful graphics- responsive controls- achievements- leaderboard
Ace Combat - Tiny Plane Wings 1.3
Last battle begins, now it's time to shoot allenemy planes and win this war. Your job is fly to tiny plane in thesky and avoid all obstacles, shoot all enemy planes and become ahero.This game is really addictive and fun to play. This is great gameto test are you better pilot than your friends and can you becomebest player in the world. Can you earn wings of aces with thislittle game with planes?You have to avoid all towers and fly like a master, then you canbecome a champion of this battlefield. Remember don't smash yourplane on the tower and don't hit with other planes or you aredoomed to die.[ How to play ]• tap to shoot• touch to fly• avoid towers• shoot enemy planes• collect medals[ Features ]• Easy two finger control• Unique gameplay• Simply and clean graphics• Very addictive• Really fun
Beach Balls vs Red Ball 1.1
Beach Balls vs Red Ball is amazing new actionarcade game and it is almost impossible hard!WARNING! Highly addicting!!!Funny little red ball is trying to avoid beach balls and youneed to jump over fast rolling beach balls or roll under bouncingbeach balls. This game is based on real 2d physics and 2d geometry,this make this game really fun and addictive game to play. Easygame play with easy controls gives you great gamingexperience.Simple and colorful graphics makes game looking very clean andbeautiful. Even though this game is so hard and rush, but same timeit’s so amazing game test your brain reflex and finger speed.This game is working great on both phones and tablets.Accelerate and brake your ball rolling speed and then jump orroll under at right time and remember you can’t hit any other ballsor your tiny red ball is doomed to die, but no one dies if you nottouch to the beach balls or fall too down on the line. You can’talso climb too high on the line, because this make your ball toexplode.So keep your mind really sharp and finger speed super fast, thismakes you survive very long time. This game really practice yourreflex and your finger coordination.Did you need more than 2, 3 or 4 attempts to climb to the top ofthe hi-scores and also open achievements. Good luck![ BASIC RULES ]- stay on the line- jump and roll on the line- avoid all obstacles (beach balls)- stay happy[ WHAT YOU GET ]- easy game play (tappy control)- beautiful clean graphics- fun and really addicting game- this game makes you happy- amazing and same time almost impossible game- practice your brain and finger speed- real 2d physics and 2d geometry- lot of jumping and rolling bouncy balls :)Challenge your friends now and spend some amazing moments withyour buddies, just play and enjoy! So now it's time to jump andstay on the line.
Flick & Swing vs Red Ball 1.1
Flick & Swing vs Red Ball is amazing newaction arcade game and it's almost impossible hard!WARNING! Highly addicting!!!Funny little red ball is trying to avoid falling down, try tokeep your balance and stay top on the swinging box which isconnected with a stick. This game is based on real 2d physics and2d geometry, this make a game really fun and addictive game toplay. Easy game play with easy controls gives you great gamingexperience.Simple and colorful graphics makes game looking very clean andbeautiful. This game is so hard and rush but same time it’s sofantastic game test your brain reflex and finger speed.This game is working great on both phones and tablets.You can only control ball rolling left or right and you have todo this correct timing in the correct direction or you drop down onthe box and falling down to the death.Game may feel little bit a hard at first, but you will stay longerand longer on the box when you get more practice and experience.You will get more and more points when you stay longer time on thebox.This game is so simple, but still so fun and addictive, so thismakes you wonder why no one has created this kind of game for longtime ago.Did you need more than 2, 3 or 4 attempts to climb to the top ofthe hi-scores and also open achievements. Good luck![ CONTROL ]- tap left side screen (roll left)- tap right side screen (roll right)[ BASIC RULES ]- stay on the moving box- don't fall- stay happy[ WHAT YOU GET ]- easy game play (tappy control)- beautiful clean graphics- fun and really addicting game- this game makes you happy- amazing and same time almost impossible game- test your brain and finger speed- practice your balance- real 2d physics and geometry- lot of crazy falls- holiday feelingsChallenge your friends now and spend some amazing moments withyour buddies, just play and enjoy! So now it's time to roll andstay on the box!
Circle Runner vs Red Ball 1.1
Circle Runner vs Red Ball is amazing newaction arcade game and it is almost impossible hard!WARNING! Highly addicting!!!Funny tiny red ball is trying to avoid falling down, try to keepyour ball balance and stay top on the circle.This game is based on real 2d physics and 2d geometry, this makethis game really fun and addictive game to play. Easy gameplay witheasy controls gives you great gaming experience.Simple and colorful graphics makes game looking very clean andbeautiful. This game is so hard and rush but same time it’s sofantastic game test your brain reflex and finger speed.This game is working great on both phones and tablets.You can control only your ball rolling speed and what make thishard is that this make a big circle rolling too. So you have tokeep correct rolling speed and rolling direction or you start tofall down on the circle.This game may feel a little bit hard at first, but you will staylonger top on the circle when you are keep practicing more andmore. Finally when you become much more familiar with a controls,you become balance master. You will get more and more points whenyou stay longer time top on the circle.This game is so simple, but same time it's really fun andaddictive, so this even makes you wonder why no one had createdthis kind of game a long time ago.Did you need more than 2, 3 or 4 attempts to climb to the top ofthe hi-scores and also open achievements. Good luck![ CONTROL ]- tap left side screen (roll left)- tap right side screen (roll right)[ BASIC RULES ]- stay top on the circle- don't fall and keep your balance- stay happy[ WHAT YOU GET ]- easy gameplay (tappy control)- beautiful graphics- fun and really addicting game- this game makes you so happy- amazing and same time almost impossible game- practice your brain reflex and finger speed- real 2d geometry and physics- lot of crazy fallsChallenge your friends now and spend some amazing moments withyour buddies, just play and enjoy! So now it's time to roll andstay on the circle!
Impossible Cube - DTRB 1.2
Impossible Cube - Don't Touch Red Boxes isamazing new action game and it's almost impossible hard!WARNING: Highly addicting!!!Your goal is to avoid all obstacles (red boxes and wall spikes)and jump and dance all around like crazy. This is just awesome gameto test your brain reflex and your finger speed. You have to makeyour best when you try to avoid collision with a wall spikes andflying red boxes. Game is made with a real 2d physics and 2dgeometry, so it's really fun to play. How long you can get your boxflying around?Game is build up with a beautiful clean and simple graphics andcolors, with a white background, small boxes and dangerous wallspikes. Easy controls gives you great gaming experience and alsoeasy learning curve, in no time you'll become a master to avoidwalls and red boxes, because timing is everything.[ GAMEPLAY ]Funny small cube falling down when you don't tap a screen. When youtap the screen your cube jump left or right, depending side ofscreen you tap. So, you must jumping and dancing all around andtrying to avoid all obstacles. Remember you can't fall down to thefloor or hit side walls or even touch on ceiling, because thiscrash your cube. Most important thing is avoid red boxes. So don'tsmash and break your happy tiny cube, because this make it's sosad.Easy finger tap control - tap left (jump left) - tap right (jumpright)[ WHAT YOU GET ]- amazing new game idea- easy gameplay (tap control)- beautiful graphics- colorful bricks and tiles- dangerous spikes and boxes- fun and really addicting game- this game makes you smile- amazing and same time impossible game- test your brain and finger speed- real 2d physics and 2d geometry- lot of tight and crazy momentsChallenge your friends now and spend some amazing moments withyour buddies, just play and enjoy! So now it's time to jump anddance all around with your happy tiny cube!
Geometry Jump - Real Physics 1.1
This is awesome action game which containssomepuzzle elements. Your goal is control blue block and break allthegreen blocks. You play inside 2D gravity field on this simpleandfun physics game.Control is very easy to learn, touch left and you jump left ortouchright and you jump right. You can jump around by changingjumplength and this crucial, because this is only way move a roundingame field . Remember you can't touch any game field borders oryoucrash yourself, also game field may contains blocks that youcan'ttouch. Easy, challenging and fun game.Game contains lots of levels and three different kind ofgamefield type. All the maps have different kind of obstacles, sothesegive you different kind of challenge. Can you solve alltheselevels?
Gems & Jewels Quest Star Mania 1.1
This brilliant and shining puzzle game isgreatgame for you, if you like real brain challenge and test youriqskills and how smart you are!Queen's jewels are built of valuable metals, such asaluminum,silver, gold and platinum.They are embedded with precious stones such as opal, topaz,rubies,emeralds, amethysts, sapphires and diamonds.GAME USED IN JEWELRY AND PRECIOUS STONES- OPAL is a milky-white bluish gem.- TOPAZ is a deep yellow and shining in the sunlight.- EMERALD is beautiful green of the sea and beautifullyshimmeringjewel.- AMETHYST is a truly versatile stone and its color varies fromredto blue and even dark purple.- SAPPHIRE is dark blue and shines like a cat's eyes- RUBY is really a brilliant deep red gemstone- DIAMOND is a transparent glassy really hard gemstone.GAME BOARD- beautiful granite background- jeweled outer edge- tiled 8x11 game areaCROWN JEWELS look great in this game against a backdropofgranite and flashy and brilliant sun is shining.Play now with these fabulous precious stones, excellentpuzzlegame in which you need at least three pieces the same witheachother.You need to get connected to the stones, either horizontallyorvertically.are you able to combine these gems with each other and make thebestresult in the entire universe.if you like precious stones, such as opals, topazes,emeralds,sapphires, rubies, amethysts, diamonds, etc., this game issuitablefor you.This golden, silver and platinum game will make you enjoyeverymoment, try it now, you will not really be disappointed.brilliant game needs brilliant players are you ready toplay!
Power Stepper vs Red Ball 1.0
Red ball workout with power stepper. Redballgoal is jump to the stepper pedal and then other stepperpedal.Power stepper pedal go down always when red ball is top onthepedal, so you need to hurry up because you need jump to theotherstepper pedal again. Power stepper pedal resisting forcedecreasingall the time, so you have to be faster when timepast.
Fancy Stairs vs Red Ball 1.0
Fancy stairs sink down bottom of screen andredball can't touch the bottom of the screen. So red ball need toclimbthe stairs up quickly enough to hurry to the next step andit's notvery easy task to climb the stairs when you have so littleof time.Fancy stairs sinking faster and faster, so you need to befastertoo.
Brain Blocks Flow Word Search 1.2
This is quite traditional word searchgame,where your goal is to find all the hidden words. Words are setlikenormally row, column and diagonal directions, but word also canbeset multiple direction at same time. This make much harder tofindall the words. Great game to spend some spear time! No needtoworry sign up or other additional stuff. Just play and keep fun![ FEATURES ]- Easy controls- Save game state automatically- Relaxing- Working great on phones and tablets
Big Circle Eat Small DotX 1.1
Your goal is to control hungry big circle andeat small sweet dots, exactly what game name tells. Game containssome puzzle elements, because your hungry big circle is growingevery time, when you eat small sweety dot. Game field containsmultiple red dots and you can't touch any of these dots. Your onlygoal is to eat every tasty green dots on game field. Simple and fungame to spend some time with it.Game contains 120 levels, so there is plenty of fun playingbefore you reach end of game.Game control is very simple, your horrible big blue circle movesame direction than you move your finger when you touch the screen.So game don't need big learning curve, but will need some skills tocontrol big circle for tight places. Show your skills and solve allthe levels.
Color Rush - Octagon 1.0
Color Rush - Octagon is a game where yourgoalis match box color and color of octagon together. You cancontinueas long you can match colors. You simple touch left orright sideof screen and this make coloured octagon rotating left orright.You can turn only one time at every round, it's so easy turnwrongdirection. Color box color is always color of left or rightside oncurrent octagon color. You have keep rush all the time,becausecolor boxes moving so fast...
Amazing Circle & Brick Pillars 1.0
Amazing Circle goal is travel forwardjumpingtop of the brick pillar and then jump top of next brickpillar andso on. Amazing Circle can't collide any of pillar sidesor pillarroof, circle can touch only top on the brick pillars.AmazingCircle get more speed when rolling down top on the pillar.Easy onetap control guarantee easy gameplay. Timing iseverything.
Brain Blocks - Mix & Search 1.1
Mix & Search Words is totally new waytoplay word games. Your goal is to find all the given words inthefield. But what make this game so special is that you have tobuildthose words by yourself. There is all the needed letters inthefield and your job is build the words. First levels are quiteeasy,so you could easily learn the game rules and getstarted.This game can really challenge your mind and brain, becauselaterlevels are coming more challenging when you go further ongame. Howwell you can find the needed letters and can combine themto buildwhole words. Also further on levels words are combined toothers,so job is much harder. This game really challenge yourbrains, butit's also relaxing and great game to time spent, whenyou have somespare time.Because of game type is fit great on phone and tablet, so youcanchoose what device to use for playing the game. Happy momentswitha game!Word game can't be more enjoyable and fun than this is.Greatgame for everyone who loves word games![ FEATURES ]- easy controls- easy to learn- fun and relaxing- really challenge your brain- working great on phone and tablet
Snaggy Bird Tiny Wheel Runner 1.0
This time Snaggy Bird driving with a onewheelbike on the top of skyscrapers. So, it's really obvious thatthisis really dangerous place to drive with bicycle. But SnaggyBirdhave enough courage to his dangerous hobby.This tiny snaggy bird living in big city and he had lotofhobbies. This small bird can't fly, but he have strong legs andhecan make massive jumps, so he is using this advantage onhishobbies. Snaggy bird also loves speed and action, so he haslearnedto drive one wheel bicycle. Your task is help bird getthrough ondangerous trip on the roof of skyscrapers.The task is to jump from roof to roof, not so easy task becauseyouneed to make precise jumps or you hit the skyscrapers walls ordropmiddle of skyscrapers.Are you best one wheel jumper on the world and can you set anewrecord?[ How To Play ]• jump to roof to roof• touch & release (longer touch = higher jump)[ Features ]• fantastic little bird• retro style graphics• easy one finger touch, keep & release control system• really addicting game• unique gameplay
Snaggy Bird - Wings Of Streets 1.01
This is real roller skater game... HA HAHAthis game is so EASY, but same time it's so HARD!!!This tiny snaggy bird living in big city and he is real citybirdand love to spend time with his hobby. This small bird can'tfly,but he has strong legs and he can make massive jumps...Because this tiny bird love speed and action, he has learningrollerskating. Your task is help bird get through on dangerousroad tripon streets.Don't hit or smash your bird with any boxes. So help him avoidallthe obstacles and jump over every boxes. This is really fun gametoplay alone and even greater fun with your friend.Are you best bird jumper on the world and can you set anewrecord?[ How To Play ]• jump over boxes• touch & release (longer touch = higher jump)[ Features ]• fantastic little bird• retro style graphics• easy one finger touch, keep & release control system• really addicting game• unique gameplay
Battle Circle - Beat Your Boss 1.0
Now you have great opportunity race withfingerbicycle. Your goal is get wheel rotate as fast as you can!Soundseasy, but not so easy as you first think of. You need keepyourfinger touches synchronised all the time if you going to keepspeedup or accelerate your speed even more. Very easy gameplay letyoumake great result very soon.You have four awesome game modes, where you can competeagainstothers. Can you rise top of Hi-score.[ GAME MODES ]100 mYour goal is race on 100 meters.400 mYour goal is race on 400 meters.Max SpeedYou'll have 20 seconds accelerate your speed.0 - 100 mphAccelerate your speed to 100 mph as fast you can.
BlocksDrop - Connect Square 1.0
Blocked and boxy color matching game.Blockytiny box drip and drop if you get three same colored blocksmatchtogether.Pusher swirl up new line of tiny boxes after every touches andmakecolor matcher game almost impossible hard to master.- Rectangular 7x12 squared game field- Six different colored blocks- Simple game play- Using Unity game engineBrilliant game needs brilliant players are you ready toplay!
Dude Shake It Now 1.0
Game itself is simple and really funnyshakegame, your goal is shake your phone up and down and get thisdoneas many times you can in half minute. Be sure to take a goodgripon the phone or tablet, so you don't drop it in middle of game.Trythis few times and you notice how fun and also great exerciseforyour hand muscles.Play and get a physical exercise at the same time, if youwannamore intense workout, get a heavier phone. You can alsoexerciseyour both hand with a same device. =)So this game is INSANE. Are you ready exercise your handswithyour phone? LOL
Crack & Pop Color Tile 1.0
Simple, fun and colourful strategicpuzzlegame.This game is popular classic colour match game combinedwithexciting strategic elements. You can break any color tile ortilegroup by touching a tile. Touching a tile will break a tile andalltiles that are connected by side to the tile and are samecolorthan the braked tile. This is also a time to try match 3moretiles, because now 3 or more matched colors will bebrakedautomatically. When you try to match the 3 or more colortiles,there have to be at least 3 in a row, horizontal orverticaldirection before group is automatically destroyed. Aftereverybreaking round new color tile line added bottom of the gametable.So, this behaviour make a game very strategic, because youhave tobreak all tiles, before any of these touch to top of gametable.Game will end if any tile touching top of game table.Game contains three helper elements, which you can use onlywhenbutton is blinking.[ Free Break ]You can break color tile or group of tiles without new tilelineadded to the bottom of the game table.[ Line Break ]You can break whole horizontal tile line regardless oftilecolours.[ Bomb Break ]You can break group of color tiles regardless of tile colours.Challenge your brain with this simple and fun logicalcolorbreaking game and rise top of Hi-score.
3 Second Time Test 1.1
This is awesome game to test yourbraininternal clock. In game your goal is to press screen everythreesecond, you will be punished over or under time. You haveprovidedtime the margin of error, when it's reached then game isover. Veryeasy game to play and surprisingly fun to play with yourfriends.Try it now and rise to the top of leaderbord, show yourtimeaccuracy. Is always good to challenge your brains ondifferentways.[ HOW TO PLAY ]- game start when you touch screen- then touch every three seconds- game ends when error margin is reached[ FEATURES ]- easy gameplay- fun with friends- leaderboards- achievements
150 Brain Quiz: Guess Pixels 1.1
With this easy and fun pixel memory gameyoucan now check how good is your short time memory. So, how wellyoucan can remember pixel figures which are placed inside to the7x7pixel board. Even that figures are not very complex, you goingtodiscover that it's quite hard to remember any of thesefigures.Game start with very simple pixel figures, so you will geteasystart to the game and same time get more training to yourmemory.Levels is changing harder and harder when more colors andshapesare included to the figures.Really fun game for all who like to challenge theirbrains,especially those who like memory games. Do you havephotographmemory? Well, this game is great for brain training![ FEATURES ]- 150 pixel figure puzzle levels- easy controls- clean and simple beautiful graphics- relaxing gameplay- brain training- 7x7 pixel board[ HOW TO PLAY ]1) Watch pixel figure (can be seen few seconds) and trytoremember current figure2) After pixel figure disappearing, select color in a row andsetpixels to the table3) Press check, when you think that you are solved puzzleWell it's even easier than it's sound! :)
Amazing Christmas Gift 1.0
Blocky twit Christmas Gift dancing andjumpingwith snowflakes.You can't touch snowflakes, so jump and dance NOW!This game is real jumpy and dancy game!
Brain Blocks - Number Test 1.1
Number test is really fun way to test howfastyou can remember number key code. In game there is key codepanelwith a nine numbers and your only goal is remembercorrectcombination of numbers. This memory test will start with aonenumber, then continuos with two numbers, and then three numbersandso on, until you press a wrong number. You will get one pointofeach remembered number on key code. This game is surprisinglyfun,despite the simple idea and great way to test your shortmemory.Try it now and make your best performance and see how highyoucan rise up on the leaderboard. Great game to compare yourresultswith all your friends.[ FEATURES ]- easy gameplay- leaderboards- achievements
Antenna Guy 1.2
Antenna guy have really dangerous work. Heisfixing antennas on high link towers. Unfortunately he madeacontract to fix all antennas, which much be performed withaspecified time. He have only limited time to climb on veryhighlink tower, so he has a big hill to overcome.Your goal is to climb to the link tower as high as you can,verysimple task, but it's not so easy that you might first thinkofbecause you have to do this hurry or your working time isup.Gameplay is very easy, you have to only tap to the left orrightside of screen and antenna guy climb higher and higher onlinktower. You can't hit any satellite dish or you fall down, soyouhave change side of link tower always when satellite dish is ontheway.Really great game to test your brain and finger co-optation.Howfast you can move your fingers and decide which side to climb.Thisgame is really very fun and addictive. Try it yourself.This is also great game to challenge all your friends tosmallbattle, because there is no need for big learning process forthegame, so everyone can participate. Imagine yourself as thewinnerand top of the leaderboard.[ FEATURES ]- leaderboard- achievements- easy tap control- retro art style graphics
Hypnotic Dual DotX Matcher 1.2
Really simple and unique dots game,realcombination of puzzle and fast paced action game.This is retro style game, where you have to avoid everyobstaclesand don't smash your balls wrong objects. Balls dropsstraight lineto down faster and faster, so it's make your job veryhard.Your task is to control two dots and collect same coloreddotsand avoid different colored dots. So you need to match dotcolors,otherwise you break your balls. Game is really simple tocontrolwith your finger, only swipe left or right and this turnyour dotscontroller. Game is really fun, challenging and highlyaddictive,so you have been warned.Really fun and addictive game to play alone or with yourfriends,test and see, we are almost sure that you love it.Little practice and you become master of dots and you can behitthe top of the leaderboard and beat your friends and coming abestplayer in the world. Only one player can be are number ONE.This game is real time runner, test your skills andfingerspeed.[ How To Play ]- touch screen and swipe left or right, that turn your twoballswith a big control circle.- match ball colors together- don't hit or smash your balls other colors- controller 2 dots (orange, green)[ Features ]- 60 fps- easy swipe control- retro style graphics- achievements- leaderboardReally fun and exiting puzzle action game, test your mindspeedand reflex now!
Droppy Dotty Swipe Matcher 1.2
Droppy Dotty Swipe Matcher is highlyaddictiveand fun tactical color matching game. You have to try amakebiggest dotty blocks as you can, so you can break lots of dotsatsame strike. When you select color blocks which are linked atsamecolour then dot linker will drop down coloured dots out ofgamefield. Pusher push up dot heap and these will rise up ateveryother round and if any of these heaps touch to top of thegamefield then game is over. Game tension rising up when heaps arenearthe wall. Basically you need to break seven dots before everypush.You are aiming to break lots of coloured dot chunks ateverytouch, but you really need to be a great brainer and thinkerwhenyou try to clear tiled game area. Do not get jammed. Keepyourfocus on game or you can loose at blink of the eye. What isyourplan?If you aim to top of hi-scores, you can't be a chump, you needtouse your brain and common sense. The gimmick is to break asmanydots as possible at once. It is embracing if you get caughtoncheating, you will be kicked out of list. You just need to useyourskills or have to be great guesser. Play more and more thiswillboosting your result up of charts. The road may seem likecurvybumpy road when you fight your way up.Our vision was made simple endless color linking andbreakinggame. You are armed with a magic touches, which breakingdots witha tap or linking sweep. This game gives you linearlearning curveand really bright moments, when you climb wavy lineto the top ofscores and finally beat your friends. This game issimple classyelegant puzzle game and gives you brightest momentswith a puzzlegames. Game is well balanced and it's not as tricky asyou mightthink of. Game flo is peaceful and smooth, even game iskinky atbefore you learned the rules. This game is targeted towhole familyand if you youngest one of the family and get stuckthen you canask help for your parents.Are you best friend tactic beater, show them yourlogicalintelligence. They might be bitter at first, but this issalt ofthe game. Make sure that you are shine on this game, thenyou justfeel like a reborn. Can be whole maps to be solved.When you are first affected on this game addictions, youcan'tput it down at long time. This might seems little awkward andyouare now blasted, but this is just normal when you like the gamealot. Crap it now and play one of the simplest best colormatcherand breaking game ever. Your joy going bigger and biggerwhen youplay it more.If you make a new hi-score you can enjoy of fantasticbubblefirework show. So, good luck for every one whose are braveenoughto take up the challenge. This is real brain booster andmindchallenger. Joyride just began.Hurry up so that you are among the first to solve thepuzzle.[ Ranking with scores ]1000+ Dotty Block Master751-1000 Magic Blaster501-750 Wizard Blaster251-500 Sweep Master101-250 Tappy Master51-100 Is it your IQ0-50 Sorry, broken mind[ Game controls and features ]- easy on finger touch controls- tap to break one dot- swipe and connect dots to break chunk of dots- don't make a mistake when selecting dots, you can't fix it- automatically save the game state- schematic gameplay (easy to learn)- every breaked dot means one point, so it's straight forward togetpoints
Word Pirates: Word Puzzle Game 1.2
World's best words puzzle game Word Pirates: Word Puzzle gameforadults, kids and families. STORY Help pirates to find all thelostwords. Evil King has stolen all the fancy words from the worldandyou have to help pirates to return all smart words to back onthepeople. Fun and addictive word game for all ages. Includesfunnywords and weird words. Levels are built to minimizerepetitivewords, so every levels are giving new and fun challenge.Easygameplay and beautiful atmosphere make the game one of thebestword game in the world. Do not miss this game! CHAPTERS •ChapterOne - Home Harbor • Chapter Two - Deep Sea • Chapter Three -GoldenRiver • Chapter Four - Secret Land • Chapter Five - HiddenTreasureFREE PLAY Word Pirates has a funniest shuffle words, oldwords andtricky words and you can play it for FREE! Incredibleadventurewith letters, featuring the best, fun and exciting words.Best wordpuzzle 2018! The aim of the game is to find all the hiddenwords.Just think hard or get stroke of wit and swipe letters. Withthisgame you can easily improve your vocabulary skills,focus,concentration and spelling skills. The KING of BRAIN TEASERS!Doyou enjoy the word puzzle games? Do you like pirates? Do youlikebrain challenge? Test now how your brain works! If you likewordfinder and want to find all the simple words, fun words,magicalwords, wonderful words and love words. Then here comes theperfectword of charm searching game for you, Word Pirates! Simpleandamazing word trainer! HOW TO PLAY • Words can bevertical,horizontal, diagonal and even backwards. • Simply swipeyour fingerover a word to select it. Very easy! • If you've found avalid wordit will remain highlighted and marked on the word list asfound. •You can't cheat, but you can pick up hints by virtualcoinsFEATURES • Fun letter swipe, word collect and word training •Easyword searching & word finding game for adults • Discoverhiddenwords from mixed letters. • Find derived words from mainwords anddevelop your brain & vocabulary skills. • Fantasticgame toword hunting and missing letter finding • Detect dailybonusrewards and rewarded words • Beautiful wood letters and canvas•Easy to play with one hand on phone • Scout alone, withfriends,with family and find missing words • Exercise words andvocabulary• Look, seek, find and pick up hidden words and goldtreasures •Support word finding for both Phones and Tablets •Incredible wordpuzzler and ton of word puzzles • Tease, train,improve, elevateand wake up your brain • Wording game foradjective, verb, pronounon the one line • Word training is noweasier than ever • Teach youto focus and to perceive words • FREEUpdate! EASY AND FUN PLAY •Easy to learn words and fun way tobecome a word master NO TIMELIMIT • Enjoy word game for any time,anywhere and a short time. NOWIFI? NO PROBLEM! • You can playoffline/online in anytime. TONS OFUNIQUE LEVELS • Over 2500+ levelsand 50000+ words, unique wordfinder! Updates will be continued!NOTES 1. Word Pirates is free toplay, but you can purchase In-appitems like AD FREE and packagesfrom the shop. 2. Enjoy the gamewith various devices (Phones andTablets). Word train and word scoutis fun with every devices. 3.Searching words and finding words hasnever been as fun as it isnow. 4. Word searching and word findingis great brain training forevery day 5. Game trainer teach youbecome a word king or wordmaster and control all the words andalphabets. 6. Great wordchallenge game for kids, adults and familyto play even together.GUARANTEE Genuine and original Word Pirates
Spider Solitaire Hearts & Spades Patience 2.3
Famous & classic Spider Solitaire & SpideretteSolitaireclassic card games is one of the most popular card game intheworld. Play now this new favorite & traditional patiencecardgame on the market, now it's better than ever. Change youroldretro patience to new one and play the best free solitaire ontheandroid market for this moment! Easy and quick gameplay,amazingcruel artwork, daily challenges, beautifully animatedpatience,simply the best free solitaire on the market 2017. New&brilliant, but classic Spider Solitaire Hearts &SpadesPatience is old Kingdom favorite board game, it's great onedeck& double deck card game. Play now BEST FREE SOLITAIRE cardappon android, fun & easy just like old classic WindowsSolitaireon the PC. Earn different trophies, jewels, crown, swordsandshields, build your own epic solitaire saga and collect newkingdomtrophies. Crisp and clear graphics, brilliant & magicsolitairecollection, epic gameplay, quick and beautiful eternalgamingexperience. Unlimited Daily Challenge gives you manyinterestingand relaxin moments for a full lifetime. SPIDER(TARANTULA)SOLITAIRE COLLECTION ♥ Spider Solitaire - 1 suit (easy)♥ SpiderSolitaire - 2 suit (medium) ♥ Spider Solitaire - 4 suit(hard) ♥Spiderette Solitaire - 1 suit (easy) ♥ Spiderette Solitaire- 2suit (medium) ♥ Spiderette Solitaire - 4 suit (hard) ♥FantasticUnlimited Daily Challenge SOLITAIR SPIDER BASIC RULES ♦Twostandard deck (52 cards) of playing cards (no jokers) ♦ Twosuitcolors, red cards (Diamond, Heart), black cards (Spade, Club)♦Four suit Hearts, Spades, Clubs & Diamonds ♦ Rank of cardsisK(King), Q(Queen), J(Jack), 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, A(Ace) ♦8Foundation piles build up Aces to Kings ♦ 10 tableau piles ♦Buildfull card sequences Kings to Aces on the tableau ♦ Match endswhenall cards are moved to foundation piles ♦ Regular pointsSPIDERETTEBASIC RULES DIFFERENCES ♣ One standard full deck of cards♣ 4Foundation piles build up Aces to Kings ♣ 7 tableau pilesHILIGHTS♠ Unlimited Daily Challenges ♠ Unlimited Undo ♠ One of themostpopular patience in the world ♠ Very high quality apps (FiveStar)♠ Original clean & big cards ♠ Brilliant & simplenewsolitaire plus much more ♠ Classic one or two full decksolitairematch ♠ 10 Fresh & modern collection of boardbackdrops (gold,crystal, marble, yt..) ♠ Awesome designed colorfulgame arena ♠ Onetouch to place a card or drag and drop ♠ Brillianthearts, spades,clubs and diamond card themes. ♠ 4 amazing Queens& Kings cardface themes. ♠ Optimized Super Solid HDR &Sharp HD colors ♠Beautiful isometric 3d gameplay ♠ Great livestatistic ♠ Quicksolitare Rules & Help ♠ Smart hints ♠ Lefthanded ♠ Kingdomtrophies (jewels, diamonds, rings, crowns, swords,yt..) ♠ Smooth& clever animated playing cards ♠ Designed fortablet ♠Designed for phone ♠ Perfect harmony & relaxing games ♠Show& hide clock & points ♠ Setup your favorite themes ♠Solverandom deals ♠ Play offline or online game ♠ Possible tochange adfree premium version ♠ Best free solitaire game year 2017in theworld ♠ Super solid solitair tarantula moment :) The old daysbestgrandma games and grandpa games, it's amazing one player gamesforsmart girls or boys. This is number one card game, if you tryingtofind new games 2017 for you. Basic version it's no adsfree.Because ads are 3rd party ads, we can not guarantee theexcellentsmooth functioning. Sorry! Change it totally ad freesolitaire forlow cost and get even more cards & solitarythemes. Ad freePremium version is perfect and most awesome withoutanyinterference factors. Real new solitare is so fun that you cannoteven believe it to be true. If you love card games then this isthebest option for you. Relax and keep your solitary moment now.Oldpeople vintage games is still great for year 2017 and 2018.
Pandora's Solitaire Collection 2.4
Pandora's Solitaire Collection is one of the best classicsolitairecollections on the world. Play all the best solitaire cardgamesfor free now with your Android device. Pandora'sSolitairecollection contains all the most popular classic solitairegamesplus awesome amount of other most interesting solitaire cardgames.You don't need multiple solitaire card game apps any more,becauseyou can find all best classic solitaire games in samesolitairecollection. Solitaire card games are now better than everbefore.Get now Pandora's Solitaire classic collection and learn andplayevery day most popular card games. Our Solitaire classiccollectionhave many variations of classic solitaire games. Mostpopularclassic solitaire games are Klondike solitaire classic,Spidersolitaire classic and Freecell solitaire classic and withtheseclassic variations make this solitaire collection evenbetter.Solitaire easy games are Pyramid solitaire classic andTripeakssolitaire classic. Learn classic solitaire easy way, it'swatchingPandora's Classic Solitaire Collection demo games. We havedemo onmost of classic solitaire games, so it's never been so easytolearn new solitaire games. Play now classic solitaire gamesandbecome solitaire master. You have premium option to becomepremiumplayer and play solitaire ad free games. Solitaire no adsforpremium players.
Color Sudoku Mint Pastel 1.0
Color sudoku Mint Pastel is fun and easy coloring puzzle foradults.Sudoku is classic logic game and now you can play it withcolors.Empty slots are free for a coloring, only locked slotscan't befilled. Fill empty slots with color blocks and fill full9x9 gridwith different colors. Change colors by tapping differentcolorblocks on the line and then set colour on the slots. Gridlinesevery boxes has to been filled a different colours. Colorsudoku usecolor by number and every colour present a differentnumbers. If youare used to playing sudoku on paper and pencil,this is even better.Fantastic free Sudoku with unlimited levels,so you can play itdaily. These levels not ending. Thisprofessional Color Sudoku usesimple pixel art and mint pastelcolors, so it's look verybeautiful. FEATURES • User-Friendly •Easy to learn and play •Simple and fun to use • unlimited puzzles• Classic game with newelements • Pencil marks a.k.a. notes • MintPastel colours • Blackor White background (great for differentlights) • logic 9x9 gridpuzzle • Easy levels for beginners •Normal levels for every people• Hard levels for professionalplayers • Totally different kind gamethan Sudoku with numbers •Minimal in puzzle, but brilliant gameplayPlay now the best ColorSudoku in the world year 2018 and enjoy thisclever puzzle game.
Rope Heroes - Hole Runner Game 1.0
Now it's here!!! Toughest and most dangerous rope and fly gameyouare ever played!!! Tiny SWING HEROES needs iron nerves, boneheadsand steel pants. Really fun single and local multiplayer gamewithincredibly relax touch. Amazing new party game to play withyourfriends. The legend is ready to be born. Can you rise up zerotohero!!! Are you the best rope hero 2018 and 2019? WARNING Donottry these tricks in real life!!! SWING JUMP Get tough hitsandknocks, get the rope and fly 4 fun in the sky and make coolflipsand cliff jumps. ENDLESS RUN • Crazy and dangerous ropeadventurein the cave, avoid to touch the dangerous tabs and walls.Panic anddanger are near for every moment! • Make incredible frontflips andback flips, the best players are able to make up to doubleor eventriple flips. Dangerous new survival and endless runner gamefor2018/2019! SWING FIGHT • Make stunning tricks on the rope andtryto strike the opponent's head off his shoulders and become atruestick fighter master! EXTREME RUN • More SPEED, more DANGER&more FUN. Incredible and insane new cave racing!!!LOCALMULTIPLAYER GAMES (1-6 Players) • Swing Jump - Crazy jumpinggame •Endless Run - Flip, spin, dive and climb up a cave • SwingFight -Insane ragdoll fighting game with the rope • Extreme Run -Crazycave running game • Time Runner - Be fast and brutal ONETOUCHCONTROL • Touch Screen : Climb up with the rope • RemoveTouch: Cutthe rope and fall down • Repeat Touching: Move forwardand get morespeed DAILY CHALLENGE • Challenging and crazy caverunning tracksfor every day, do not break your bones! SKY RACERSSWINGING JOE ishardest new flip master and he likes skydiving up acave, ironmanracing & rock climbing games. SPIDER BOB is afantastic cavemanracer & base jumper. He makes cool basejumping stunts and rockclimb like a super hero. ROCKABILLY ELVIS isa rope hanger &rock climber. He loves parkour games and basejumper games.GRANDFATHER OSCAR is rope hero hunters sport veteranand extremesport skydiver. Mr Oscar is legendary hero hunters.WORKER TIMworking in high skyscrapers and hanging out with friends.Fast andinsane base jumper & crazy skydiving skydiver.GYMNASTIC KIRKis old gymnastics world champion, this tiny stickmanwarrior isreal master for base jumping. PRISONER OLLY excellentcave digger& wall breaker, he is legendary flip master. Hardrope herorock climber and wingsuit flyer. SERGEANT MIKE is armyveteran wholikes high diving and speed running. Swing hero is greatforskydiving & base jumping. TOURIST PETE is mad freerunnerstuntman & crazy freestyle stunt driver. He istrainingfreestyle bungee jump & rock climbing. CAPTAIN IRVINGis a oldsea captain who is flip diving the amazon river &jungle. Helikes dangerous cliff diving and up hill base jumps.FATTY NINJA isa tiny american kung fu fighting warrior who makeamazing ninjajumps and like skydive & climbing ropes. LIFEGUARDTED islifeguard rescue team most popular rope hero. He keeps a lotfreerunning & flip diving jumps. SANTA CLAUS is real skydiverandflip master and he likes Christmas and snowboarding. Basejumpinglegend and cliff hanger master 2018. FIREMAN DAN isamericanfirefighter & amazing hero. Toughest & strongeststuntmanand make cool ragdoll stunts. CLOWN DONNY is funny ragdollwholikes crazy stunts games. He is dangerous road runner andridingunicycle. COWBOY BILLY likes bull riding & flip diving.He isbungee jumper, epic cliff hanger & rope hero 4 fun.SUPERHEROCLARK has always wanted to be a ragdoll rope hero and healwayswears red pants & a blue costume. LIFE COACH ARMAND ismega skyjumper & crazy cliff hanger. Bungee jumping &skydivinggive him real adrenaline boost. Legendary heroes are readyforskydiving and flip diving, are you ready? Pick your favoriteheroJoe, Bob, Tim, Mike or any other amazing hero and play!
Stick Man Games - Stick Robot 1.0
Play unusual stickman game on your mobile phone or tablet,stickrobot game is simple physics simulator where you can controlasimple stick with tapping a screen. It's so fun andchallenging!!!Stunt stick run with a real physics, you can go fastor slow and itdepends how you control your stick. Spin a flip andwhirl a flop,this game can make you crazy. Stunt Stick Man is tinyrobot whichspinning with a gravity. It's totally different kindstick mangames with a magnetics legs and fantastic simple physics.You haveto use all your brain power and brain physics when youcontrolremote stick with your finger. Stunt stick man games forfree isone of the best physics games ever and it's fun finger taptapgames which using simple physics and easy controls. Canyouoverthrow the laws of physics? Stunt stickman can makeunbelievablephysics stunts and hanging around a field. GAMEPLAYStunt Stick runslow or fast when you take a small steps or largesteps. You canalso stop the swing of a stick when you hang on oneleg. You arefalling down with a gravity. Stick spin left and right,find a wayout of the block worlds. Avoid all enemy blocks and solvealltricky blocks world. All levels includes static blocks andfastmoving blocks. Energy block gives your extra power to breakenemyblocks and make your gravity control and road trip to mucheasier.You need a more and more training. Become a master of thegravityand the stick. Can you take a one step, two step, three stepormuch more steps... HELP THE WHITE STICK BETWEEN THE LEGS GOESOVERTHE BLOCKS, ONLY THE FEET HIT THE BLOCKS!!!! HILIGHTS - HardGame -Easy Tap Tap Tap Control - Simple color block graphics -RealPhysics Simulator - Tiny Robot Hero With Incredible Stunts -Realhanger with one leg - Red Blocks and Green Blocks - CrazyBlocksworld - Twisty and Tricky Road To Run - Great Progress Steps- Youlearning more every day - Endless Run - Level Challenge -DailyChallenge Stick Robot Hero is really fun and perfect stick mangameeveryone who likes swing games and simple physics games, areallyfun and rewarding game. Try now!!! The best Casual and Indiegamefor free 2018!!!
Math IQ test + Brain Training 1.0
Are you interested in knowing how well your brainsolvesmathematical puzzles and formulas? Math IQ Test really testyourmathematical skills. Math IQ Test contains several puzzle testsandspeed tests and same time train your brain to solvemathematicalformulas. Math IQ Test contains many different kind ofmath puzzlegames which give you best brain training and fun timewith mathproblems. All included mathematical IQ games and puzzlesare greatfor adults, but easy enough for kids too. Math IQ Testwillchallenge your mind in different kind of areas, you can needfastthinking, logical thinking and quick reflex. Also fastfingersrequired in one game. Are you ready challenge yourselfwithmathematical formulas like additions, subtractionandmultiplication. Game will teach and training you solve easymathproblems quicker than before. Educate your brains to workbetter.Exercise your mathematical skills and become faster mathsolver.Everyone needs to solve mathematical problems in everydaylife.Math IQ (true or false) Your goal is to check ifmathematicalformula is correct or not. You have limited time tosolve everyformula. Wrong answer decrease your time, correct onegive you moretime. Puzzle IQ (puzzle game) Fill the mathematicalformulas withcorrect numbers and mathematical signs. These containsadditions,subtractions and multiplications. Cross IQ (puzzle game)Correctmathematical formulas switching numbers. Speed IQ (true offalse)You have 60 seconds to solve mathematical formulas. Thesecontainsadditions, subtractions and multiplications. Battle IQ(quickthinking) Compete against your friend. The person who answersthefastest gets a point but if your answer is wrong then theopponentgets a point. Memory IQ Test your memory with this colorpatternpuzzle. How complicated patterns you can remember. Tap IQ(fastfingers) You have 10 seconds to tap to screen. How many timesyoucan tap the screen? Path IQ (puzzle game) Fill the line withonetouch. Your goal is to connect all the blocks with onetouch.Rotate IQ (puzzle game) Rotate 3x3 areas and make a correctcolorpattern. This is really challenging logical puzzle game.Letter IQ(search game) Find the incorrect letter from the screen.Easy findand seek game.