Codechime Apps

Money Tracker - Track Your Income & Expenses 1.0.3
Features:- Enter income & expense very quickly.- Category ofincome & expense- Sub-category of each Category- Track multiplesources of income- Transfer money from one source to another.-Quick view of current amounts for each sources.- Reports and linegraphs- Categories & sub-categories in pie chart.Install &share!
Alarm Clock - Sure Wake Up for Heavy Sleepers 1.1.2
If alarm clock apps doesn't wake you up, trythis.Straight-forwardalarm- Set the alarm and then sleep.- Noset-up hassles.Loud alarmsound- The app produces an alarm sound tosurely wake youup!Guaranteed! You can wake up even at 4 hours ofsleep!Install now& share!
Customer Manager - Track orders, deliveries & more 1.1.1
This app helps you manage your customers well: 1. Addcustomerorders - mini-POS 2. Receive their payments - trackcustomer debts(or receivables) - multiple partial paymentssupported 3. Delivertheir orders - track undelivered orders(deliverables) - multiplepartial delivery to customers supported 4.Transaction History -see customer orders so far 5. Newcustomer-lead tracking - tracknew customer/client prospect 6.Customer status update - contact acustomer who did not order fromyou for a long time - add customerupdates (e.g customer cannotorder yet, out of town, etc.) 7.Reminders - set reminders forcustomer debt due - set reminders forany updates (e.g. remind tocall customer next week) 8. And more... More features to come.Please stay tuned. For suggestions andfeature requests, pleasecontact us on the email provided below.Thank you.