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Learn Python Offline- Tutorial and Interpreter 7.0
Learn Python Offline is a an easy to use, user-friendly platform tolearn Python. Get started in Python with precise and to the pointPython tutorials that are easy to grasp and understand. It is afull package for Python programming. Its contains tutorials tolearn, mcqs to test your knowledge, coding questions to improveyour logic and get used to the Python style of coding and last butnot the least a lightweight Interpreter so that you can practicePython programming as you learn. This app not only focuses oncoding, but also helps to strengthen your logic by going throughdata structures and algorithms and how these data structures areimplemented You learn from basic concepts to more advance concepts.i.e. algorithms and data structures using Python programming LearnPython Offline- Tutorial and Programming provides a unique codingground for you, where you can test your own coding skills as youlearn The tutorial lessons are divided into comprehensive sectionsfor fast and easy learning. No prior programming experience isneeded ◘ Learn concepts of Python and basic data strucutres ◘Advance data structures ◘ Practice with offline Python interpreter◘ 250+ MCQs with detailed explanation ◘ Many types of Pythonprograms with output ◘ Regularly updated conceptual Pythonquestions Content is updated regularly and if you have any feedbackor any feature request, just mail us and we'll be happy to helpBecome the coder you always wanted to be with "Learn Pythonoffline" and learn to code in days. Topics covered: Variables andTypes Lists Shallow and Deep Copy Operators Global and LocalVariable String Formatting Basic String Operations Conditions LoopsFunctions Recursive Functions Decorators Classes and ObjectsDictionaries Modules Data Structures and Algorithms Linear SearchBinary Search Bubble Sort Selection Sort Insertion Sort Shell SortStack Queue Trees Trees Representation Trees Traversals GraphsGraphs Representation Graphs Traversals
Java Quiz: 700+ Java Questions with Explanations 2.0
* Java 700 provides you with an offline library of Java andadvancejava questions, carefully chosen for learning. * Java700application covers all the major topics of Java and can be usedforadvance Java tutorials as well. The questions are challengingandpromotes learning Java while having fun. * Java 700 hasquestionsthat are important and help programmers to learn Java andcrack topinterviews, for both freshers and experienced programmers* The appcontains a rich library of questions with clearexplanations thatare updated regularly * It helps new Javadeveloper and Androiddeveloper to increase their programming skills* Anyone can make aquiz with the quiz builder and test their Javaprogrammingknowledge * you'll find most commonly asked Core Javaquestions inthis app Practice Java by doing and get yourself a highpaying Javajob !