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Invaders - Classic Retro Arcade Space Shooter 1.85
nspired by the classic 1978 arcade game. Defend the Earth againstwave after wave of Alien Invaders from space in this intense alienshooter! Recent updates increase alien speed as you kill them andtweaks to make it more faithful to the original, but with slightlybetter graphics Compete globally or against friends using globalleader boards Two difficulty settings - Normal and HardConfigurable controls Any feedback for improvements is appreciated.Control your spaceship with either on screen buttons, dragging yourfinger, or using a gamepad, the invasion keeps coming and yourchallenge is to rocket up the highgscore table to save the galaxy.Relive those early 80s memories with this classic retro alienshooter game! When arcade games were simple, fast and addictive.Faithful to the original gameplay style Arcade games don't comemore classic than this. Destructible bases, bombs blow them apart,bullets shoot up through them for extra protection! Easy touchcontrols, buttons or drag control, also supports bluetooth gamepadsRetro Sound Effects and music Toggle for sound effects and musicTop 10 High Scores for Normal and Hard Difficulty Classic greenarcade style graphics Smooth scrolling starfield background Supersmooth gameplay even on older phones! Shoot alien after alien afteralien, faster and faster, avoid the bombs, or shoot the bombs, hitthe saucers, clear the level, keep going, in your desperate attemptto save mankind. The alien attack keep coming wave after wave,level after level, chase that high score, challenge yourself. Ifnot the Earth, then Galaxy depends on you, the Galaxy is at stake,save it now! Listed as one of the first results when you Google forgames of this genre! Now over half a million downloads! For moreextreme action make sure you check out our deluxe version.
Orchard Crush - Smash Fruits! 1.06
You have 60 seconds to clear as many fruits asyou can!How many fruits can you pop in 60 seconds?Group fruits together for higher scoresSimilar to other fruit or candy popping games but easier and onlylasts 60 seconds.
Romance Reminder Release 1.1
The app for the forgetful boyfriend (orgirlfriend!)!!!List important dates, list your partners likes and dislikes.Never forget a birthday, or your anniversary, or even theirfriends birthdays!Make it easy for yourself when buying presents or rememberingtheir birthday, or your anniversary (or any other date that'simportant!)Likes and Dislikes are listed by categories, add as manucategories as you like and as many items in each category as youlike too.Items are removed easily by simply holding your finger on theitem and pressing okay to delete.
Piggy Bank Toss 0.4
New finger flicking fun game! Flick coins into your piggy bank tobuild up a big bank balance! Keep trying to beat your high score!Be careful though, that pig doesn't stay still!
Twin Stick Shooter 0.09
A smooth easy to play space shooterwrittenusing the brilliant Basic4Android language and the LibGDXgamesengine library.Multitouch onscreen twin stick controls, full 60 framespersecond graphics on most devices. top ten high scores.Download the full source code at
Invaders Deluxe - Retro Arcade Space Shooter FREE 1.30
The Invaders are coming! Defend the Earth from a never endinginvasion of space aliens and flying saucers! Full HD 1080p 60frames per second graphics Awesome music during gameplay Extraweapons! Double shot and triple spread shot Rapid Fire Mode Shieldbonus Totally Free Smooth scrolling beautiful backdrop Collectweapon power-ups to increase your fire power. A game inspired byold school classic arcade shooting games A great retro shoot'em up(or SHUMP if you prefer) that stands the test of time Battle yourway through never ending levels that just keep getting harder andfaster A fast paced modern update on the classic 1978 arcadeshooter Normal and Hard Game modes selectable Top ten high scoretables for both game modes Bluetooth Gamepad support 3 on screencontrol modes selectable Share your best score and highest level onour Facebook fan page! Each space invader kill counts to get thehighest score you can,
Invaders Mars Defender - Retro space shooter 1.101
Inspired by the classic 1978 arcade game. Defend the Earthagainstwave after wave of Alien Invaders from space! Battle tourway tovictory in this fast paced shoot em up (or SHUMP if yourprefer!)Earth has dispatched you to Mars to take on the Alienonslaught,take control of your powered up battle tank, use multipleweapon toclear wave after wave of alien attacks. Face off againstthreedifferent boss types with different and challengingattackpatterns. Use three different on screen control methods oraseparate gamepad to control your battle tank. Based on theclassic1978 arcade game, this modern interpretation introduces 3newweapons, bosses and powerups. Collect gems to upgradeweaponpowerup times and shields. Blast through an endless onslaughtofaliens intent on invading Mars. Full HD 1080p graphicsAwesomemusic during gameplay Extra weapons! Double shot and triplespreadshot Rapid Fire Mode Shield bonus Smooth scrollingbeautifulbackdrop Fight back against the invaders in this classicarcadeinspired space shooter. Collect weapon power-ups to increaseyourfire power. A game inspired by old school arcade spaceshootersConfigurable controls Any feedback for improvements isappreciated.Defend mars against wave after wave of space invaderaliens bent ofyour destruction. The battle of Mars has begun!Relive those early80s memories! Classic update on the arcadeoriginal, retro feelwith modern graphics. Mars being invaded byhordes of invaders fromabove!
GemDrop - Block Puzzle 1.03
The gems are falling! Line them up into complete lines to scorebig,complete up to 4 lines at once for even higher scores!Inspired bythe classic block dropping classic Controls: Dragfinger left andright to move blocks left and right Tap on screento rotate pieceSwipe down to drop piece instantly Don't let theblocks of gemsstack up to the top of the screen or it's game overEvery 10 rowswill see an increase in the falling speed! How farcan you go? Scorebonuses for multiline combos.
Asteroid Sprint 1.4
Speed through an ever growing asteroid field, blasting yourwaythrough or dodging around multiple sized rocks. Collectshieldpowerups to keep yourself protected. Rapid-fire power up totakeout those rocks even faster. Easy drag finger controlscheme.Tracks your best high-score Smooth 60fps graphics
Block Stacker 1.2
Enjoy this simple to play game, all about stacking blocks.Relaxingcolours that gradually change as you play. Required goodtiming.Features coming soon: Achievements Leaderboards Relaxingmusic