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Ninja Assassin : Castle Heroes 2.2
The Ultimate super Assassin ninja is on huntthrough the castle !!!Ninja assassin is story of a super Hero helping every innocentsoul and punishing every dark souls !!But getting rid of evil is not so easy this time !!! fight theepic Boss with magical ,illusionist and super strength powers!!!And just like every boss ,this boss has incredible ZombieMinions crawling in the castle !! you will get tired of destroyingthose zombies but they keep coming back for more !!!Hide in shadows,wait for the right moment, and destroy yourenemy,use super powers skills to survive, stay in stealth mode inthis endless battle against super evil !!So Save your castle,help innocent, buy more amazing healthpotions,weapons ,and destroy the ultimate Evil lord !!!
Paint & sketch - Coloring Book 1.0
Start painting on your device today with glowdoodles, Normal pens and create your own awesome paint book !!!inspire your and your kid's inner artist and start sketching anddoodling on your device !!Awesome Effects like emboss,magic pen,glow brush..Best Painting application for your device , with functionalityof saving ,sharing ,creating magic doodle sketching and createAwesome Glow Paint books !!!Easy to use even for toddlers and definitely small kids startingto learn sketching and painting at school !Optimized to run on all device and all resolution !Be the master of photo shop !!Sketch with your finger , create your visual galaxy with justsimple doodling!So download now and start being an Awesome Artist !Save the Imges you create and find it from "my paint book "folder and share your creativity to the world!
Downhill Moto - Traffic Smash 1.0
Get ready For best and most addictive highwaybike racing game on Ultra highway speed action !Welcome back and get started with top rated and most ultrahighway speed racing game where racers fight hard and race harderto stay on top of leader-boards !Challenge your self now and start the most amazing race of yourlife, where you can stunt,,hit ,get beaten , race against trafficand can do much more ! it gives you two game plays to race on hillhighway and clean city roads, both game play has obstacles and youwill have to overcome them to stay on top and buy new bikes,improve your garage and modify your bikes and also many more bikeswill be given soon free !Wrestle through the super cars,coming your way to top the charts,speed will vary on your controls so be wise and control the bikewisely or else get ready for nasty crash on the Run !!!show off your motorcycle driving skill in this Ultra Moto racinggame and be respected !Perfect and easy controls to bike make it more exciting ,justtilt your device to control your bike and boost the nitros ,buymagnets to get more coins and buy more bikes !!!
Bus Rush - Hill Climb Dash 1.1
Race Through the Mountains and climb the dizzyHeights ,Rush The caravan !The best and top racing caravan game , and ultimate Hillclimbing action with easy to play controls !Coolest Caravan Drive through the snow mountains , drive likecrazy but do not fall !!Awesome physics based game play with racing action ! just tap ongas pedal and race on Turbo speedy fast lane !!Fastest racing game with easiest controls but Hard to drive onthose broken and hardest mountain roads !With awesome HD 3d graphics and fun cool game ! download today!!
Happy Restaurant-Kitchen city 1.1
Start Managing your Restaurant Like Boss !!Ultimate Restaurant Game where you can learn to cook !So have you ever thought Of Running your Own Restaurant ? thethis Might be the right place to start or even you can simply enjoythe fun of being in a busy restaurant kitchen !!!In this game Many kind of restaurants you can work in and havedifferent goals to run that kitchen !Make burgers,pizzas,salads, deserts,ice creams and so much more, but remember don't take too much time or the customer gets grumpyand you loose your mission !!So get started to learn to run your small little busy restaurantwith your burger queen and Specially designed and Made for kids wholove being creative and make stuff that actually matters in theirfuture !!
Goal miners-Real soccer Heroes 1
Ultra modern Soccer Game with Most innovativeGame play !!Be the Best Goal Miner and get the Every Impossible and possibleGoals for your Team !!!One of the most Awesome New era Arcade Games of this year withUltra smoothness ,new players,Teams and much more to Play Around!!!Best endless runner action on soccer Field toughest playerscoming your way to destroy your dreams of being the ultimate goalminer !!! fight to stay on top of the leader-boards !!++++ GAME FEATURES +++++-- Best Endless runner game with Action and arcade mix-up-- Easy to pick up and play-- players Fighting to stay on top of the leader boards!-- Get most coins,buy new players and teams !-- single tap to shoot and kick soccer balls and control the playerwith your device !-- Get most goals,coins,players and stay on top of all leaderboards !!!
Mini Digital Piano For Kids 1.0
The Purest Virtual Piano for yourDevice!Get the Best and smallest sized Piano app ever !Start learning Piano keyboard today on your Palm! The most funfilled Music and entertainment app!Start learning the best Music instruments ever!!Application features :--- 6 Instrument Sounds-- Two different Piano styles such as* Piano, Banjo, Toy Piano* Sine, Square, Triangle-- Multi touch support-- Tablet Support-- 88 Keys-- 2 Themes-- Optimized for every device-- MIDI ,karaoke, Learning piano for kids-- Cool Sounds EffectsAnd much more in this completely free Piano designed forkids
Shadow Ninja Fury 3D 1
The Super Shadow Ninja Fury is Hunt in adungeon ,and he will not stop untill every mutated assassin isdestroyed !Shadow Ninja Fury is story of a super Hero helping everyinnocent soul and punishing every dark souls !! \Hide in shadows,wait for the right moment, and destroy yourenemy,use super powers skills to survive, stay in stealth mode inthis endless battle against super evil !!So start playing this now with amazing RPG multiplayer action,bossfights in bladelords dungeon environments and discover much more inthis ultimate fighting game !Find the Hidden Passages in the Cave , Teleport your shadow toparallel Dimensions ,and even destroy their evil warlords !Features : --- 3d sharp graphics,castle dungeon 3D environments-- endless 3d , 2.5D platform game play-- Awesome Boss Fight,many enemy obstacles-- Optimized to run on all Device-- Entertaining Game play
Tap Robots ! 1.1
Mr.Q is headed to destroy your main base withhis ultra cute army of dumb robots ! just keep tap the thedrones!but be sure to shoot right robot with right color lifeline pill !Ultra paint ball Fps fatal fight begins,tap dash,targetacquired,implosion,destroy The Invincible drone Forces anbd neverlose hope!The Pit is filled with dangerous and funny robots,its upto you toclear them all out from your land so get started , ready yourfinger and start the war of tap ! tap as fast as you can cause theywill be coming from all the directions , ohh and don't forget aboutthe bigg boss robot !! boss is always behind you watching yourevery move , and he will not leave a single chance to destroy yourfriendly E.T like wall E robot!So do not be afraid ,ready your tap gears and tap every robotsyou see !!*** game features ****-- funny robot theme for your kids to enjoy-- simple and easy one tap one touch game which you can play withease while doing anything-- addictive game play with over 100 levels-- just tap and move ahead on levels-- compete with your friends-- Cool 3D environments and robotsSo,Lets see how fast you can Tap , Get it now and Play !
Rush Ninja Shadow Lands 1.1
Dark Lands are Shadows of Lights thatdisappear in darkness in lack of Heroes standing up against whatsright !Super Hero Ninja assassin has taken the challenge to collectthose lost souls and fight the ultimate evil eye in shadow lands !!but fighting this battle will not Be easy !!A Super Soldier is jumping,slashing , and destroying those evileyes in an ultimate war of ninja souls !Game Features --- Action platform game with ultimate stunts of ninjas andsouls-- 2D hd Graphics ,-- Easy to play with on-screen joystick-- optimal size and designed for all ages from kids to oldiesloving ninjas !Get this amazing game now !
Air Raiden Phantom Combat 1.4
Best and the Most Modern Air Fighter Game isHere wait no Further !!Specially made for Arcade Dog fight War Jet Flying action GameLovers !!!You are stranded on a phantom zone surrounded by every enemy jetplanes you can possibly think of , Only hope of survival is tofight and keep fighting till you lose !!But Never Lose hope Gold Medal and Dream Life of a fighter jetpilot is just waiting , Player Fighting to be on top of theLeaderboards and The most scores will be on top only for few hoursor seconds !!!Many More different planes to Buy From and Keep your battle On!So Get the most intense and Awesome Jet Flying Battle Air AttackGame ever and get ready for the Ultimate Rage Raiden Air BattleGame in Most dangerous Phantom Zone !***** GAME FEATURES ******-- Easy to pick up and play controls-- control your Plane with your device and tap to shoot !-- Buy 15 different planes With your Hard earned money !-- Amazing HD graphics with Cool Physics and Most Addictive Gameplay ever !
Traffic Racer - Highway Nation 1.3
Get Ready For the Most Action PackedHighwayTraffic Car racing Game with Best Special Effects,Cars Flying everywhere and The best past cars are most easytoControl without even touch just use your device and go Crazywithaccelerometer effects and drive your best cars on highwayathighest speed ,Get New cars like School Bus, ice creamtrucks,SUV's , Tour Bus Simulator ,Cop (Police) Cars , CoolLimousine andMany more you can Buy !!**** Game Features *****-- The best And coolest Racing Game with accelerometer controlcarsand Nitro Cylinders to Boost Speed !-- Many cars Like SUV's , Tour Bus, School Bus, Limousine ,Icecream Truck to Buy from with tottaly Free in-game currency ! soifyou want it ,earn it like Old school not Buy It !!!-- Two different Game Play with Huge highways and compact StreetsofDubai,Europe etc !-- Easy to pick up and Play but Hard to stay top onLeaderboards!-- HD 3D Graphics that Everyone Loves!So get it Right now and start scoring high to stay on Top !
Hero Strike-Clown City Attack 1.1
This Year's Best Action Platformer Game IsLiveon Play store !! Captain Attack is Stuck In Enemy Evil LairsandCrazy Monstrous Enemy are coming towards Him , Most Dangerousclowns, Zombies, Space men and Many More !!Captain attack is much like Captain america,batman ,spidermanaccept He is more awesome and without even Super Power Heisfighting the Ultimate Evil ,Don't Go crazy Fighting CaptainAttackis Here !!!Storm Rider Features --- Best Level Designs and many Free to Play Levels , ClearThemAll and it will Come Up with new ones !-- Amazing Feature of Mixing 3D, HD , 2D and 8-bit Dos baseGameGraphics in one single level based Game with All levelsfeaturingdiffrent environments and Graphics-- Easy to Pick up and play game but Hard to clear AllLEvels!!-- Cool Joy stick based Easy controls ,physics ,sci fi genremixedtogether !-- Epic League of evil will be defeated and Captain Will Win !canyou Do it ?-- Big Game in Small Size !-- Best Retro based Platformer with New and innovative 3DHDgraphics Added to it !-- Best Action ,adventure and Arcade genre all together inoneawesome Ultimate Game !So Get it now and clear all levels ,defeat all clowns thatcallsthem selves evil !!! and New levels will Be added Soon.
School Bus Drive : Rainy Day 1.1
Best school bus simulator and endlessracergame for kids!!Endless Runner with twist of traffic Racing ,gets you coolestandcutest school Bus ride game!!Test your reflexes with swiping and dodging throughmanyobstacles and cars parked through out the town, not swipe leftandright jump up and down and get the most awesome power ups tootomake your ride smoother !!Specially designed for school loving kids!! sometimes allyouremember about your school is your bus rides to the school,manysweet memories took place there!! your first love, firstfight,first chorus song, first tour to nearest zoo ,and muchmore!So Reignite those memories with us and get on the Bus!!
Sea Fury - Jet Boat Racer 1
Jet boat game comes with awesomeaction,adventure and lot of high speed River thrill chase !you have to save your boat from oncoming enemy boats ,maintainyour speed and also navigate your way through small islandsor yourjet boat gets destroyed in seconds !!Game is relatively easy to play keeping small kids in mindandgive them the flavor of speed and chase as per their age ! ithasawesome old school Top down graphics but 3D and HDresolution!!Smooth game play, cool boats and awesome Sea fury is waitingforyou to take on extraordinaire challenge !!! So conquer the sea,and be the legendary sea master , Compare your scores withyourfriends and beat the best scores and get your Name on topscoreleader boards !!!So get it now and Enjoy the Sea fury !
Highway Rally Bike 3
Get ready for best And most addictiveBikeracing action on Ultra Highway speed.Welcome the top rated and most addictive Bike racing gameeverwith racers fighting hard to stay on top of the leader board!!Challenge your self and Start Playing bike Action and be thebestracer on the Roster !Wrestle the Ultimate super cars coming your way and dodge themtocross every amazing levels and much more !!Easy and exciting controls ,race the bike with tiltingyourdevice left and right ,boost the Nitro !!
Ninja Shadow -Assassin Revenge 1.0
Shadow Ninja is out for revengeeveryonestanding or running in his path or even flying in his pathwill getcut down or bat down !Night is still young run as fast as your gun !!! bulletswon'tstop you ,shoot your shurikens to destroy the evil and be thesuperpower ,savior of mankind and get the super powers of humilityandstay in shadows !!Hide in shadows, destroy your enemy,Run for the revenge and takeitor beat it out of someone !Run on the moving train do the most unimaginable stunts everanddestroy those evil zombies and dragon birds !!shoot your shuriken ninja weapons and attack at the rightmomentto destroy every enemy walls !!Shadows do not betray their masters so go be the shadow andobeyyour master's every commando free the fast moving train fromundeadmonkeys and flying undead dragon birds !!!
Magic Toons Jigsaw Puzzle 1.0
Magic toons Jigsaw puzzle is an Epicjigsawpuzzle game with over 500 beautiful HD pictures that willjust fallin love with the moment you lay your eyes on it !Wonderful Magical Creatures, like princessmermaids,angels,toothfairy,cute pony unicorns,powerfulanimals,funny slugs ,off courseawesome Super Heroes too, and somany more !Game features many incredible and innovative game plays forjigsawpuzzle games ,- choose from different difficulties- puzzle pieces- image categories- Creating your own puzzles- daily gifts,bonus and so on !- Challenging goals,etcSpecially designed for kids to learn aboutdifferentanimals,storybook creatures and off course have fun whileyou learn!
Township Estate Trading 1.0
Best Virtual City Trading game on store!Buildyour dream city,be the Men you always wanted to be !!!Get this game for you and your kids , learn the basicsofbusiness , buy and sell stuff and earn virtual money andcreateyour empire and be the millionaire you always wanted to be!!This game can teach you basics of business , like do notbegreedy, buy n sell at exact time so you can earn most of itandnever have any loss !
Bullet Train Ninja Dash 1.0
Get ready for one and only DetectiveNinjaMr.Denger ! He will fight injustice , he will be the ultimateSuperDetective and destroy every super villains !Ultimate 3d isometric Bullet Train running game withcoolestgraphics and hardest game play !Forget all superhero ,Detective 'Denger' is Here !Ultimate agent spy and ultimate ninja combination runninggamewith one touch game Controls that gets you addicted to the fungameplay of Bullet train Ninja Run !- Easy to play, Hard to master !- Simply run and jump on trains ,avoid obstacles on rail roadandGet the top score on score boards !- Fun isometric graphics with new and most innovativeandsophisticated Super hero game ever!So download now and Have fun playing it for Hours and hours!
Artifact Temple:Hidden Mystery 1.0
Uncover the secrets of east templeofartifactia , in this amazing out of the world hiddent objectgame!simple game play ,no energy,no time ,no paid in-apps !simpleawesome story and cool graphics !play for hours and hours and clear over 81 levels ofhardestpuzzles ever ! find secret doors,objects in ruins,mysteriousplacesand magical lands !So plunge right now in this fascinating journey of east andsolvethe mystery that no one can solve , be the first one to cleareverylevel !Artifact Temple Features-- Nine Mysterious worlds-- every world has Nine levels-- Score higher and higher for every level ,if you want to levelup! so simple tips,trick would be to solve the level first timewithbad score and then solve the level faster !! Don't forget to doitor play again !! Let us know if you like more hidden objectgameslike this and we will get on it to make more !