Cold Water Daemon Apps

ProtoMech 1.1
As an up an coming military cadet, you have been selected for amission of utmost importance. The battlefield is constantlyevolving and victory belongs to the side with the mightiesttechnology. Research and Development has produced a radically newwar machine, code-named ProtoMech. Your mission, should you chooseto accept it, is to field test this powerful new robot in a seriesof top secret assignments. We're relying on you, Cadet. Join thebattle today!Genre: Retro Action RPG Mecha
Arcade Hoops 1
Arcade Hoops is an easy to play, toughtomaster basketball shooter game where the player aims to setnewhigh scores by swiping to shoot basketballs at a movinghoop.Players can choose from one of four play modes with eacheffectingthe behavior of the hoop differently. For every ten pointsthat arescored, ten seconds of bonus time are added to the clock.Newbasketballs can be unlocked and added to your regular selectionbyreaching or beating certain scores in each play mode.