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Galactic Blaster Space Shooter 1.0.4
Fire up your Blaster - enter this spaceshooterto defend your galaxy!Fight against heavy bosses. Use bullet time to dodgeincomingrockets!Join the war in this fast paced galactic shooter!Features:• Defend thousands of enemies with your upgradable blaster• Activate bullet time for tactical maneuvers• Customize your space ship with powerful upgrades• Test your strength in 4 rewarding difficulties• Explore a galaxy with a unique art style• Colorful retro space shooter• Battle heavily armed bosses• Experience a galactic shooter with a wide range of blasterandrocket systemsPLEASE NOTE! Galactic Blaster - Space Shooter is free todownloadand play; however, some game items can be purchased forreal money.If you do not want to use this feature, please set uppasswordprotection for purchases in the settings of your GooglePlay Storeapp. Also, under our Terms of Service and PrivacyPolicy, you mustbe at least 13 years of age to play or downloadGalactic Blaster -Space Shooter. Requires an internet connectionto play.
Idle Dungeon Manager - Arena Tycoon Game
Idle Dungeon Manager EARLY ACCESS Get to be a part of thisjourneyby helping us with your feedback and suggestions. With morenewmodes and gameplay elements coming regularly, you get to shapethefuture of this game. Will you be able to manage variousdungeonsand become a successful dungeon manager? Take control ofnumerousdungeons and become rich looting evil monsters. Startexploring asmall dungeon and fight your way through the dangerouslevels toget even better loot. Summon brave heroes to fight for youandlevel them up to deal with the stronger becoming monsters.UPGRADEAND COLLECT RARE HEROES: Use summoning scrolls to unlockrareheroes through the summoning portal and gather experiencepoints toupgrade their levels. Try to unlock the legendary heroesof IdleDungeon Manager to unleash your full potential. Collectdifferentclasses like warrior, archers, mages, and many more.COMBATMONSTERS WITH DIFFERENT STRATEGIES: No battle is like theother.Try to find the best strategy and hero composition for everyone ofthem. Analyze the weaknesses of the monsters and choose therightclasses and positioning of your heroes. EARN EXPERIENCE POINTSINTHE VILLAGE SIEGE: Monsters continuously attack thenearbyvillages. Besides exploring new dungeons you also have toprotectthem. Test your skills in the village siege mode andearnexperience points needed to level up your heroes. MANAGEYOURRESOURCES EFFICIENTLY TO SUCCEED: Invest your money and idleincometo upgrade your dungeons. Decide wisely in which hero toinvestyour experience points and rare valor to become stronger.Fuseduplicate hero cards to make them even more powerful. Features:★Easy to play the game for all players ★ Combat evil monstersandadjust your strategy according to the battle. ★ Unlocknumerousdifferent heroes and upgrade levels. ★ No Internetconnection isrequired. Play offline anywhere, anytime, and get idleprofits! ★In just a single tap, you can make important decisions asa tycoonmanager in this clicker simulator. ★ Be the biggest dungeontycoonin the world and become rich by looting the hidden treasuresof themonsters. Become the biggest dungeon tycoon the world haseverseen! What are you waiting for? Play one of the bestidlesimulation games now! Do you have any ideas, praise, orproblems?Just send us a message: OrthroughFacebook: Join Your Idle Dungeon ManagerTeam 😍
Idle Space Tycoon 1.5.4
Become a rich idle tycoon in Idle Space Tycoon - IncrementalCashGame. Build up your own idle company by managing yourspaceshipsand collecting idle cash. Be the manager of your spacemarket tower& automate your tycoon processes by researchingbigger shipswith bigger loadout to boost your income. Thespaceships alsotransport your goods when you're offline from thegame rewardingeven more idle cash! 💰😍 Features: ★ Manage a fleet ofspaceshipsand their hangars to earn idle cash. 👨‍✈️ ★ Upgrade thehangars ofyour incremental tower and boost their income. 🏙️ ★ Thecrew willlaunch your ships even when you are offline from the game.👨‍🚀 ★Invest your idle cash to become the richest tycoon and boostyourincome. 🤑 ★ Research cool new spaceships and manage them, andtheircrews. 🚀 ★ No internet connection needed. Play offlineanywhere,anytime. 📶 ★ Expand your tower and build your way intospace. ☄️💰💰💰 Become the biggest Space Tycoon the incremental galaxyhas everseen! 💰💰💰 What are you waiting for? Play now! 😎 Do you haveanyIdeas, praises or problems? Just drop us a Or viaFacebook: Your IdleSpaceTycoon – Incremental Cash Game team 😍
Idle Casino Manager - Business Tycoon Simulator 2.5.2
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be themillionairebusiness manager of a casino? Become an entrepreneurialcapitalisttycoon and manage all of your idle profits. Earn enoughmoney andcash to become a rich businessman! Start with a smallcasino andwork hard to make your business grow and become acapitalisttycoon. Add new games to create an exciting experiencewherevisitors can play poker, roulette, blackjack, or try theirluck atthe slot machines. You have to run your cocktail bar andtrade thebooth wisely to make cash. Expand the casino with newfloors,increase your idle money, upgrade and unlock the salonlevels andconsider expanding your millionaire empire all over theworld bybuying, building, and upgrading your establishments. As anowner,the strategy you use in the business world is very important.Youwill have to know how to manage your finances in order tomaximizeyour cash quickly to grow and become the best businessmanagersimulator. Take advantage of your idle activity and reinvestyourearnings to get an incremental profit and reach the top withyourCasino Inc.! You get to choose the strategy to improvetheproductivity of your business and decide how to invest themoneythat you have earned: - Increase the number of employees?Themanagement decides! - Accept gold from investors? - Investtheimprovements of your casino's attractions with a new pokertable, agolden roulette ball, or new games for the gamingequipment? -Expand your parking lot? - Launch marketing campaignsto get evenmore visitors to your gaming center? Choose what to doin only afew taps! You're the manager! There are other decisionsthat youneed to make as a gambling tycoon owner. You have to hirenewemployees or increase their salaries as your business grows.Youwill be the general manager of your business and the decisionofwhere to invest your hard-earned money is all yours. Therearedifferent ways to achieve glory, but which of them is the bestforyour store? Even if you're not online, clients will still cometoyour store and your workers will still work at yourcompany,thereby getting your business going. This is not a clickergamewhere you need to continuously tap as in the other onlineclickersimulators. If you like time management and idle games,you’llenjoy Idle Casino Manager. Although it's an easy-to-playgame, ittakes all of your strategic decisions into account. Investyourgold wisely and transform your small business into a hugeLasVegas-like casino! You're the idle tycoon boss of your ownCasinoInc.! Are you ready to run a huge gambling complex and becomearich tycoon? Upgrade your organization right now! Features: ★Easyto play game for all players ★ Make important decisions as atycoonmanager in this clicker simulator ★ Many different gamesandupgrade levels are available ★ No Internet connection isrequired.Play offline anywhere, anytime, and get idle profits! ★Makeimportant management decisions to expand yourcorporationincrementally in short taps. ★Be the executive boss andmake theimportant decisions in the market. Become the biggest andrichestgaming tycoon that the world has ever seen! What are youwaitingfor? Be the best gambling corporation owner! Play one of thebestidle manager simulation games now! Do you have any ideas,praise,or problems? Just send us a Orthrough Facebook: Your CasinoIdle Management Team😍
Idle Space Clicker 1.9.5
UPGRADE your spaceship, FIGHT thousands of enemies and EARNbountieson your journey through an ENDLESS universe! 🚀💥💀 IdleSpace Clickeris an action packed space bounty hunt where you fightagainstthousands of heavily armed enemies. Unlock weapons andupgrades andcustomize your starfighter with dozens of ship partsduring yourjourney through the universe. Use your devastatingspecial techs todestroy your opponents. Get stronger as you travelthroughdimensions and upgrade your weapons with dark matter. Beattheever-growing enemy forces in this exciting idle clicker game.~~~FEATURES ~~~ ✓ UPGRADE your weapons, FIGHT thousands of bossesandEARN bounties! 🚀 ✓ RESEARCH new Technologies and Abilities!✓CUSTOMIZE your spaceship - Thousands of possibilities 🎨 ✓ EVENTS-Play daily events and collect valuable minerals 💎 ✓ PRESTIGE -Jumpthrough dimensions and collect Dark Matter ✓ 50+ differentenemiesand environments 💀 ✓ WOW! Amazing 3D graphics and explosions💥 ✓EASY CONTROLS - Play with just one thumb! 👍 ✓ LEAN BACK,theautopilot takes control of idle progress ✓ PLAY ANYWHERE! -Nointernet connection needed What are you waiting for? Play now! 😎Doyou have any Ideas, praises or problems? Just drop us amessagevia: Or viaFacebook: Your Idle SpaceClicker Team😍 PLEASE NOTE! Idle Space Clicker is free to downloadand play.This game includes some items than can be purchased forreal money.Please disable in-app purchases in your device'ssettings if youdon’t want to use them.