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Quick Sudoku (Number Place) 1.0.2
A Sudoku(Number Place) app focused on usability, Quick Sudoku.
■About Sudoku(Number Place) 
 Sudoku(Number Place) is a puzzlegame where you fill in a 9x9 grid divided into 3x3 blocks with thenumbers 1-9. You enter the numbers in the vertical and horizontalrows and in each 3x3 grid making sure to avoid entering the samenumber twice. 
 ■Smooth Usability 
 This app employs a unique inputmethod. Numbers can be entered by just touching the block you wantto put a number into and sliding your finger. Play is smoothbecause you don’t have to take your eyes away from the board whenentering numbers. Also, if you use the NumLock feature (iPhone5 andhigher or iPad only), repeatedly entering the same number is madesimple. It has been perfected into a Sudoku(Number Place) app withstress free input. 
 ■About the puzzles 
 As well as 3 levels ofdifficulty, each including 1000 puzzles, a simple to play 6x6 gridMini Sudoku is also available. Also, in the Special Mode which canbe played by collecting points, a choice selection of problems suchas Diagonal Sudoku and Jigsaw Sudoku have been included! Points canbe obtained by clearing problems in other modes and by Tweetingyour score.
Quick Reversal - Reversi 1.0.6
The classic board game, also known as Reversi, is a strategy boardgame. Quick Reversal has very strong and fast AI engine. Competewith your family and friends. FEATURE - Beautiful graphics andexciting sound effects. - Five Themes. - Four players match. - Fourgame modes. - Sheke gesture to replay. - Undo/Hint. Game Mode -Time Trial  Push your speed to the limit!  This is a race againsttime. - 60sec  Aim for a high score!  Get as many pieces aspossible within 60 seconds. - Challenge  Push your skills to thelimit!  The more you win, the cleverer the artificial intelligencebecomes.  Enjoy the game in line with your skills. - 2P  Competeagainst another player by taking turns on one Smart Phone. AboutUNDOs/HINTs - If you play every day, you can use 3 per day.
英単語の学習ゲーム - ゾンビ単 - 中学英語編 - 1.1.0