Community Development Authority Apps

Sanad Relay Centre 1.4
SANAD Relay CentreIt is a communication system initiated by the CDA through anapplication that can be downloaded on PCs or smart devices and thatoffers the following services :Communication service: enabling people with hearing disabilityor speech difficulties to communicate with persons or entities inthe community to receive the service they need in their daily life. Often persons with hearing and speech disabilities cannotcommunicate by telephone because the person they are calling cannotunderstand their speech. With SANAD Relay centre, a CDA signlanguage specialist will serve as a communication assistant andconnect the person with disability with the person he needs usingthe communication channel that works best for him ( text message,or sign language via video call ). For example , a person withhearing disability can now directly communicate with his doctorthrough the communication services of SANAD Relay Centre.Consultation service : answering queries addressed by peoplewith disability and their families and providing them with theneeded information and guidance by specialists from the CDA aboutthe available services in the community , as well as the rights,laws and regulations related to the people with disability.News service: The app will bring you news about new servicesfrom CDA and results from local surveys.Objectives :With the launch of SANAD Relay Centre, CDA aims to achieve thefollowing :Empowerment of people with disabilityEstablishment of a governmental local centre as a reference andfocal point for the people with disability and their familiesAdvocacy and support for the rights of people with disability.
My Rights 1.1
تعرف على حقوق الأطفال من خلال ثلاثةألعابممتعة! أنهي التحديات و حاول الحصول على جميع النجوم لتجمعالمملصقاتالمتحركة و معرفة المزيد عن حقوق الأطفال.خصائص اللعبة:- ثلاثة ألعاب ممتعة و تحديات مُختلفة- رسومات كارتونية متحركة- ملصقات و أعمال فنية- تعرف على حقوق الأطفال بطريقة ممتعةExperience three exciting games and get to know more aboutChildrenRights in a fun way. Collect the starts to help you unlockhiddenstickers and animated artworks!
CDA Dubai 6.6.1
Community Development Authority is proud to launch CDA Dubai. Usingthis App, you can access all community services including SocialBenefits, Human Rights Complaints, Social Studies and Research,Media Centre, elderly services, CDA Events and more from your Smartdevices.
Dubai Volunteer 3.6.0
CDA volunteers App providing all CDA volunteering E-services like(registration management, event management, group management,communication management … etc.) over the smart devices frameworks.Main features of the App: 1. Attendance management 2. Calendarmanagement 3. Event management 4. Group management 5. Registrationmanagement 6. Recognition management 7. Communication management 8.Customer Feedback management 9. Profiles management
CDA Sanad RV 1.0.4
CDA SANAD RV application is a uniquelydesignedapplication to track Community Development Authority’sRemoteVehicles moving across Dubai and book activitiesappointments onthose vehicles, the app provides full accessibilityto RV servicesprovided by Community Development Authority’s EarlyChildhoodDevelopment Centre near to clients.CDA SANAD RV provides the following activities booking:Speech & Language Therapy (SLT)A speech and language pathologist is a professional whoconductsassessment, evaluation and intervention addressed tochildren andadults who have difficulties or disorders related tocommunication,speech, language and/or swallowing.Occupational Therapy (OT)The occupational therapist is a professional whose goal is toenablethe child to perform tasks and activities in the environmentwherethey take place, i.e. in the home, the school and/ortheplaygroundPhysical Therapy (PT)Physiotherapists are professionals that have the capabilitytodetect, diagnose, treat and manage health problems early on.Theirtreatments focus on improving gross and fine motor skills,balanceand coordination, strength and endurance as well ascognitive andsensory processing.General ConsultationThe general consultation team comprises of professionals playingtherole of the family advocate while surveying the community forneedsand gaps in the area of early intervention. Theseprofessionals arethe focal point of contact for families. They areresponsible forensuring a collaborative process of assessment,planning,intervention, facilitation and advocacy to meet the childand thefamily’s needs and to promote quality outcomes throughcommunicationand available resources. They also ensure a fruitfuland productivecommunity involvement in all levels of theeducational, social andhealth care services available throughcommunity associations andorganizations. Additionally, theyorganize awareness and trainingprograms according to needs inaddition to supervising internshipprograms within CDA.Group TherapyA Series of activities given by 1 or 2 therapists to numberofchildren with disability , this number will be ranged between 3and10 based on the severity of the cases. Usually children inthegroup therapy have similar level of development and the aim ofthegroup is to enhance one developmental area or more like(communication , physical movement etc…) .