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AGRI HUB 1.0.2
We are feeling heartily gladness to welcomeyouin TULSI ONLINE SHOPPING PVT.LTD. We thankful to all of youandappreciates, that you have selected the Our Group as abusinessPartner. We have a commercial & all branded productconceptwhich is for our Business Partner to get healthy &betterincome with financial freedom.The idea of marketing as practiced in Our Group is animprovementon other organizations that suggest Online shopping. Itis based ona systematic practice of specific skills that raisesOnline Shopping& Bidding to a fine art. This instills aphilosophy of businessand even a way of life that all butguarantees an enjoyable andpotentially profitable experience.Having an Experience of Running a Big tradingCorporateBusinessHaving an Experience of 15 to 20 Years ofTraditionalMarketing.Having an Experience of 10Years in ProductSupply inTraditional Market.Having a fast Online EarningSystem.Having aPerfect Management System.Having a Strong Team forTechnical andWeb support.Company is being engaged in product marketing business. Companyhasstarted her new adventure with the support of theirbusinessassociates and business partners
Lucky 1.0
“LuckyO App” is an application forAndroidwhich offers information on Lucky Trading Company's businessandproducts by easy access. It facilitates smart business stylebyproviding various functions and easy Operation.Niti • 30 mins
Hope Entrepreneurs Pvt. Ltd is the result ofbusiness and life experience of our founder. He has a spectacularlife story that involves unrelenting rigorous work, the work thatinvolves interaction with many sides of human activities. Thatgives the ability to know and understand the aspirations, needs anddesires of people not only of our native country, India, but alsoin all places where our business requires us to be present. Quitenaturally, being in the forefront of modern business, it isimpossible to ignore all the rapid changes that global society isexperiencing at this time, first of all technologic advances thatare bound to successfully and significantly change the people'slives. The direct selling and MLM techniques could not be omittedwhen thinking of new ways of making business. However, thisrequires a new and fresh approach, finding a good balance betweensuccessful implementation and scaring the people away.Countless hours were spent thinking about opportunities andpossibilities, recruiting associates and partners, brainstormingand as a result: Hope Entrepreneurs Pvt. Ltd - a structurede-Commerce retail company was formed.
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DNShoppee version
Welcome to the "D N Shoppe" (MarketingConceptby Congratulations for having taken a right decision in yourlife.You are joining the Company which is going to create HISTORYIN THENETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS. We have brought about aLOW-COSTCONCEPT that has the power to radically change yourLIFESTYLE. Thiscompany management having more than 15 yearsexperience inmultilevel marketing